What’s New update (3.3.A.0.0) permeates white theme in rest of UI

by XB on 23rd October 2015

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What's New 3.3.A.0.0_2Sony Mobile has updated the “What’s New” application to build number 3.3.A.0.0. The main addition is that it takes the previous light theme (mainly prevalent on the side menu) and infuses it into the rest of the user interface.

For those that prefer the dark theme, it looks like you are stuck with the new white theme as there is no toggle to revert back for now. The new update is available via the What’s new app or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: What’s New (3.3.A.0.0)

What's New 3.3.A.0.0_1 What's New 3.3.A.0.0_2

What's New 3.3.A.0.0_3 What's New 3.3.A.0.0_4

Thanks Abdulghani!

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