What’s New update (3.3.A.0.0) permeates white theme in rest of UI

by XB on 23rd October 2015

in Applications

What's New 3.3.A.0.0_2Sony Mobile has updated the “What’s New” application to build number 3.3.A.0.0. The main addition is that it takes the previous light theme (mainly prevalent on the side menu) and infuses it into the rest of the user interface.

For those that prefer the dark theme, it looks like you are stuck with the new white theme as there is no toggle to revert back for now. The new update is available via the What’s new app or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: What’s New (3.3.A.0.0)

What's New 3.3.A.0.0_1 What's New 3.3.A.0.0_2

What's New 3.3.A.0.0_3 What's New 3.3.A.0.0_4

Thanks Abdulghani!

  • DBS

    I’ve simply stopped updating Sony apps. Problem solved.

  • Alvin

    is it just me or the old dark one is far better than this pile of ****..?

    this is for the first time i will not update a sony app right after it’s update launched. and i felt disappointed by that

    last time they ruined it by ads, now they ruined it again (to me) by combining transparency and light theme

  • Patrick

    they should atleast give us an option to change between light and dark theme!

  • The light themes by Sony are absolutely horrendous

  • Timel

    Whatever dark or white, What’s New UI still looks very gorgeous

    Hopefully Sony will expand this flat+ transparent (blur background) UI to the entire Xperia UI .

  • Gabriel Andon

    superb this update,i want the whole ui of the xperia to be like that

  • Matt

    The white shall be victorious.

    Like the cleaness of the ui ;)

  • Jecht_Sin

    Fa schifo! I’m sick of this white themes garbage! I’m making a theme myself to get a rid of the white as much as possible and Sony keeps moving it in all its apps. Blurry was the way to go, not that crap.

  • Azar

    OMG! I wish Google apps were this beautiful!

  • PTmad

    The developer confirmed in google+ community that switchable themes is on their to-do list. As longs as we can switch themes everything will be ok again.

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  • Light theme is ok, but they ruined this app with ads.

  • KIMI

    Oh why Sony? Why?!
    Return the dark theme or atleast give us an option. An adaptive universal theme for all Sony app would be nice, if we choose the red theme all Sony apps will have a red background

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