New premium Halloween Xperia Themes released – Scary Halloween and Hello Kitty Halloween

by XB on 26th October 2015

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Hello Kitty Halloween_resultTwo new premium Xperia Themes have been released just in time for Halloween. Sony Mobile has launched the Scary Halloween Xperia Theme, with a ghostly live wallpaper that will show an apparition randomly.

For a more lighter take on Halloween, you can check out the Hello Kitty Halloween with bright colours and cute artwork. You can check out the pictures below along with links to each premium theme.

Scary Halloween Xperia Theme

Price: £1.50/€1.50/$1.50

Scary Halloween Xperia Theme_1_result

Scary Halloween Xperia Theme_2_result Scary Halloween Xperia Theme_3_result

Scary Halloween Xperia Theme_4_result Scary Halloween Xperia Theme_5_result

Scary Halloween Xperia Theme_6_result

Hello Kitty Halloween Xperia Theme

Price: £1.49/€1.99/$1.99

Hello Kitty Halloween Xperia Theme_1_result Hello Kitty Halloween Xperia Theme_2_result

Hello Kitty Halloween Xperia Theme_3_result

  • MoYeung

    Hello Kitty Halloween is cute!

  • Alvin

    themes and themes.. everyday

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    the ghostly theme is just too spooky…the hallo kitty one is plain childish

  • mohsen

    lol, satanist theme

  • iia3ezu

    Xperia Blog now advertises shitty theme packs from Sony.


    hows my minion theme created in theme creator beta

  • this is really a scary theme…. i mean, the Hello Kitty one :D

  • Vlado

    My new theme under construction via theme creator beta. Thanks for tip :)


    hahah nice and i didnt get why they ask to put 60×60 res pic for apps side bar when its actually something about 1280x 650

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