Video update (9.4.A.1.6) adds screen rotation button to player

by XB on 27th October 2015

in Applications

Video 9.4.A.1.6_2Sony Mobile has released a small update to its Video application, moving the build number to 9.4.A.1.6. The main new feature is the addition of a screen rotation button that appears in the player. A quick press will change the orientation of the video.

Sony has also released a very small update to the Podcast app moving it to build number 2.1.A.0.12 (from 2.1.A.0.10). We noticed no new changes to the update. Both updates are now rolling through the “What’s New” app or you can download them from the links below.

Video (9.4.A.1.6)
Podcast (2.1.A.0.12)

Video (9.4.A.1.6)

Video 9.4.A.1.6_1 Video 9.4.A.1.6_2

Video 9.4.A.1.6_3 Video 9.4.A.1.6_4

Podcast (2.1.A.0.12)

2015-10-27 09.04.50

Thanks Aditya, Abdulghani, Himath and Johnny P!

  • jxPerience

    the best android video player to date

  • Jon Crawford

    Wonder if Sony will update the Xperia Lounge app to support landscape on a docked tablet like my Z4 & keyboard…?

  • Unknown

    Sony Should adds to the small apps button to player

  • I just downloaded both to my Z3 in South Africa.

  • @disqus_xSkNWWfZpl:disqus Hmmm… Your name looks familiar. :-)

  • Jon Crawford

    @AndrewJacksonZA:disqus – wow, the original Andrew Jackson? :)

  • Alain Leed

    A small app button for video or the button small app in video app?

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  • Unknown


    To allow you for example to using the WhatsApp and watching a video

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