Circus AR Effect released by Sony

by XB on 16th November 2015

in Applications, Imaging

Circus AR Effect_1_resultSony Mobile has released a new Circus Augmented-Reality Effect for Xperia devices. As you can tell by the name (and pictures below) this is all about the big top – clown faces will be superimposed onto your face, whilst you watch a tiger jumping through hoops or an elephant balancing on a small podium. There are also effects for juggling and balancing objects. You can download the Circus AR Effect on the Google Play Store.

Circus AR Effect_2_result

Circus AR Effect_3_result

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  • Alex Norris

    Ohhh, Sony it was so necessary for us. XD You never really do what people want ( good camera soft), so why you’re in deep shit …?

  • Chan Kin Cheung
  • Matt

    because people like you existed ;)

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I am very certain that the team making this has nothing to do with the camera team

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    wow i am surprised…moderators didn’t do anything

  • Malih

    C’mon Sony, have you looked at what LG has done with the V10 Camera app, please catch up to that on Manual Mode, especially because you can never create an Auto Mode camera algorithm as good as iPhone.

    Of course I’m not gonna complain if Sony can make both modes better.

  • ????????? ????????????

    Sony makes world better

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