New Sony Camera app with refreshed UI rolling for Xperia Z5 series

by XB on 16th November 2015

in Applications, Featured Content, Imaging, Videos, Xperia Z5 series

Sony Camera 2.0 Xperia Z5_1Sony Mobile has begun to roll out its refreshed camera app for the Xperia Z5 series as promised at launch. Sony Xperia Z5 owners will find a new update in their “What’s New” application this morning, for the Camera 2.0.0 update. The update includes a new user interface and some new features such as the ability to switch between camera modes by a swipe on the screen and easier operation in portrait mode.

The settings menu is also more accessible and photos can be customised using on-screen sliders. The update is currently rolling to owners of the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium. The APK is available to download below, but it will only work on the Xperia Z5 series as well as the Xperia Z3+/Z4. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Sony’s new camera UI in the comments below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Sony Camera 2.0.0

Sony Camera 2.0 Xperia Z5_1 Sony Camera 2.0 Xperia Z5_2

Sony Camera 2.0 Xperia Z5_3

Via Sony Mobile Blog and XDA.

Thanks Chaturanga, KubsiJack, Patrick, Sadman and Tony!

  • Sergio

    Now we need someone to port it for the rest of the Z series ;)

  • nfs2010

    Here’s the new UI in case anyone is interested

  • nfs2010

    & Manual mode

  • Winter Soldier

    not working on Z2
    Flash Light may be used in another app. close and try again

  • Marinko Agic

    Not for others!!!
    Only for Z5 series!

  • Marinko Agic

    Is it photos better?

  • Matt

    dedicated update ? nice, i thought it will come included with OS update.

    my z3 is waiting for this

  • Matt

    err duh, its says it right there . . =,=

  • Ming William Lee

    How about setting options for Manual mode?

  • Winter Soldier

    i think new UI coming with marshmallows Update for Z2 and Z3

  • deekbee

    Maybe it’ll take a while to get used to, but this really isn’t much of an improvement. The swipe up/down to change between modes doesn’t accept swiping on the actual mode part – you can only swipe in the main viewfinder.

    No improvement in camera performance – either image quality or speed (its still sluggish at times on my Z5C).


  • nfs2010

    Not much change, just new layout – I guess. ISO still can’t be changed over 8mp :(

  • fried_egg

    weird… increases the chance of changing mode when you think you are lining up a shot

  • Sadman Khan

    But it opens faster though

  • deekbee

    So it does. That is most welcome.

  • Matt

    muhh i Disappointed because sony didn’t reinvent camera on every update.

    they just gave me a new camera UI, NEW camera UI? muhhh im so miserable

    that it all i hear.

  • Simone Yue

    It seems that they have reduce overheating while using camera (my Z5 gets only warm after 10 minutes of shooting, previously it got very hot)

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  • Malih

    Based on what I read on XDA forum. there’s still no Manual ISO, Focus and Shutter Speed. So far it’s simply a change of theme/skin.

  • Malih

    at least they added Grid Lines, I needed that

  • Svnjay

    Are images less noisy with this app?

  • ramon blok

    It also works on the Z3+ if you installed the APK.

  • ramon blok

    It already works on the Z3+

  • ChilliPSco

    Will this fix the blurring issue? I doubt it.

  • fluxx

    Did the startup time improve?

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  • Joe Black

    Opening time is greatly reduced
    Z5c here.

  • Musharab Khan

    Not Working on Xperia Z2 (D6502)

  • Wozn2

    Super fast now here. 1 second to open from a cold boot, sub second loading time after it’s been loaded once.

    Combined with the recent update that makes the Z5 series smoother, my Z5C is now the phone I hoped it would be, a class equalling camera, with stellar battery life and great performance.

    Bravo Sony!

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  • Lukáš Pávl

    Works only on: Z5, Z5c, Z5p and Z3+. Other phones have to wait till somebody port this. If you install this for example on Z2 or Z1 you’ll get error message (even when you have root and Superuser mod) and you will not be able to use your Camera so before you try to install/replace this apk backup your stock Camera app.

  • Waiting for D6603 Z3… :-)

  • Alvin

    now let’s see the rage… “WHEN WILL IT COME TO MY Z2!!!!!????” or “I WANT THIS THING TO BE IN MY Z3 NOW!”

  • fluxx

    Horray! :D

  • fluxx

    I you are talking about the corner blur, that is an optical problem that can’t be fixed by software. (Software can only slightly reduce those problems by recalculation and sharpening, but you can’t fully restore what isn’t there.)

  • fluxx

    I hope this isn’t due to some new components on the Snapdragon 810, because that’s the big difference between the devices.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    I don’t think so. There are not any new hardware specific functions, only some software functions/tweaks. I’m trying to find something useful in libs but apart some new lines of code there is nothing new. So by my opinion it’s only software restricted compatibility.

  • deekbee

    Still appears to have the same compression/algorithm on that side, but startup time is much improved.

  • deekbee

    Grid lines were already there ….

  • jokensy

    Ok, thanks for the info :-)

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    Are you sure it’s working on the Z3+ ?? Installed it on mine and cleared data but camera stopped working..

    EDIT: Ahh nevermind.. Rebooted the phone and now it’s working..

  • Look » [EXRxTHS] {Z1,Z1C,Z2,Z3,Z3C} Xperia Z5 New Camera 2.0 port

  • Svnjay

    That is disappointing.

  • deekbee

    Aye, but the startup time appears to be consistently much faster – so much better chance of capturing “the moment”.

  • ChilliPSco

    Without sounding confrontational, which I am not being, are you 100% sure it’s an optical/hardware problem? I only ask as Sony are well aware of this as there are posts everywhere: – Sony Support Forum – Reddit

    and Sony haven’t said anything. Nothing at all from Sony.

    Even XperiaBlog has tried to get an answer from Sony and yet Sony still remain very tight lipped about the issue.

    I have often wondered if it was a decentered lens/optical problem/ other hardware issue that was/is causing this, but the fact Sony has said jack shit about it has left a lot of Z5/Z5C users wondering. Odd that the Z5P doesn’t suffer from the corner blur as well. I’m surprised at Sony not saying anything and/or offering a fix.


  • Patrick
  • Rahul Dhawle

    hey sony team
    what about sony xperia m2 & m2 dual camara.
    we user are frusteted for camara problem. please solve the problem……..

  • raju

    Yes. And it official… So Please wait


    need root ?

  • fluxx

    Let’s say I’m 99% sure. You just have to look at the pictures to understand what went wrong: Sony opted for a wide angle lense. On such a slim device that demands a really good and well adjusted optic. I’m not sure if it is the quality of the lenses per se but at least the adjustment of the lenses is not perfect. That leads to blur in the corners and that’s an optical problem. You can try to recalculate the distortions and sharpen the image, but that can’t restore image informations that are lost before the light hits the sensor.

    The blur differs if you are shooting 4:3 or 16:9 which supports this assumption: Sony does not simply crop but uses the best rectangle on the sensor (which is good) so the critical corners are different.

    As said, it is just my assumption, but I have some semi-professional background (but far from professional to be fair) in this area, so I’m quite sure about it.

  • ChilliPSco

    That’s good enough for me and actually makes a hell of a lot of sense. Shooting in 16:9 does make the blur worse.

    I’ve read about people having 3 or 4 replacement handsets and all of them had the same problem. However, some people have had one replacement handset and the issue doesn’t present itself.

    It doesn’t help when Sony remains silent about the issue. I am sure we’d like to know how big the issue is in terms of number of handsets affected, the actual cause and what Sony are going to do about it.

    Thanks for your reply though fluxx, much appreciated!

  • Miika Salmi

    Newer had any temperature crashing issues with old software but with this one they started showing. How can I just roll back to the old software?

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  • Malih

    I forgot to mention I was talking about the difference with the device I’m using, the C5 Ultra, hopefully Marshmallow update next year also include an updated for this device.

  • Alvin

    Yes it is

  • Alvin

    But some of the users said that they experienced overheating or have overheating warning that they haven’t experienced before..

  • Patrick


  • peltruquin

    WOW WOW WOW! Camera opens super quick from the Locked Screen, low light has way less noice also!

  • Still took five seconds to open on mine. :(

  • Mathias Gran

    Can i get it on my z3 somehow?

  • MB

    I found that a bad sd card was causing the delay in opening the camera app and album, even when pointing to store pics to the main memory. Removing the sd card resolved this issue completely.
    I will be buying a new sd card for extra storage.

  • Synthes

    Did they add a HDR mode in Superior Auto?

  • Liam


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  • SpcyChicken

    Ill bravo them when they fix all the z3 camera app issues.

  • SpcyChicken

    What does that have to do with the z1, z2, and z3?

  • Joe Black

    Opens almost instantly for me (1 second, or less).
    I’m quite surprised to be honest.


    How can I roll back to the old app

  • Lukáš Pávl

    What phone do you have? Are you rooted?

  • Zoltan Hegedus

    I can’t seem to find the image stabiliser option in manual shooting mode.

  • Dhiraj Kumar Gupta

    Sony should provide this update for Xperia M2 users who are facing problems with camera after getting lollipop.

  • jag

    Buy a class 10 sd card.

  • jag

    Good thing it works with Z3+ too!!! I’m about to go sulking here already! haha

  • jag

    I can’t find this additional settings in z3+ as seen in your photo above. Is it for Z5 series only? TIA!

  • nfs2010

    It is for Z5, but also works on Z3+ ;) Just dl/install the apk from the link XB posted ‘and’ reboot :D

  • nfs2010

    Settings – Apps – All – Camera – Uninstall Updates

  • jag

    Yep, I have it installed in my Z3+ but the one I’m asking is about the brightness and contrast slider shown in your photo during in the superior auto mode.

  • Ziggy

    Lets hope that at least Z3 and Z3C get the update also.

  • Lorenzo Cianchelli

    On my z5 premium still not update )

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  • deekbee

    I’m not sure that I’d describe the camera as “class equalling”, I’m still waiting for something that approaches Nokia 808/1020 image quality – and the Z5 is still way behind those two on imaging.

  • I miss a lot of settings. Only a few found in the Panorama mode. uninstalled update restored the old apk! :(

  • kido

    Wait those phones still exist?

  • Wozn2

    Are you sure it’s _way_ behind?

    I would say it’s “fractionally” behind. And a much of that fraction is due to the lack of a Xenon flash. If you want to carry an out of date / Windows Phone around with a huge bulge on the back, you’d be better off with a dedicated camera IMO.

  • deekbee

    Yup. Way behind.

    Steves comparisons don’t match my experiences with the 3 of them – the 808 is definitely way ahead on all areas of image quality. The 1020 is generally too slow to be usable, but image quality is excellent.

    And the one thing that the 1020 has a huge edge in is camera interface – the interface on it is rather excellent. The Z5 camera application feels like a clunky mess in comparison.

  • deekbee

    “Huge bulge” – except it isn’t huge.

    When I’m travelling around, I tend to travel light. I do have a DSLR, but that tends to be for rather more special occasions.

    Personally loving the Z5C, but the camera is not its strong point.

  • fried_egg

    buy a class 10 U3 card and you will find all transfers from the pc to the phone are extremely fast

  • Max Power

    and the manual controls??? manual camera doesn´t work properly

  • Max Power

    what about manual controls?? :((((

  • Hyung-Woo Jung

    When the scene mode switches to ‘Backlight’ in Superior Auto, HDR is enabled. If we want to turn it on ourselves, well, I guess Manual mode is the only option.

  • Tim Austin

    It’s absolutely HILARIOUS how 808 owners react to any phone beating their beloved, ancient “champion”. They’re the biggest, moaniest and whiniest fanboys in phones. I had a troll 808 owner come to my Z5 Flickr feed: he could not accept any argument and didn’t bother to actually look at any of my shots before roundly dismissing the Z5 as junk. It’s not junk: it’s very, very good.

  • Luiz Fernando Lima


    I installed in my Z3 and the camera reports an error when I open it!!
    Anyone know how can I downgrade to Camera 1.0?

  • Denis Sobol

    Is it better to wait for the update from the “What’s New” app or just install it manually?

  • Kunal Shukla

    is it just the camera UI changed or are there any change for image processing as well.

  • Vlado

    View video Sony Camera 2.0 from youtube XPERIA CZ

  • Wozn2

    In what regard?

  • Wozn2

    Something tells me that nothing will “match” your experiences, partly because it’s more belief than fact based ;-)

  • Wozn2

    Do tell us, what is it’s strong point?

  • Wozn2

    I find it more sad than funny now. Especially when composition and understanding light are much bigger factors in taking a decent photo than whether you can losslessly crop or something being 5% sharper.

  • deekbee

    Based on the facts of having used, owned and compared the image quality of them. It is purely based on facts, not belief.

    The Z5C is a better all round device, it just doesn’t have a camera that justifies the current marketing – if Sony finally implement a decent camera application and jpeg compression, then it will likely whup the 808 and 1020 on imaging. But for the moment, it doesn’t.

  • deekbee

    Its a fairly unique device – nothing offers the level of performance and features in such a relatively small package.

    I love the Z5C, but the camera does need work – it has huge potential that Sony currently seem incapable of releasing.

  • deekbee

    The Z5/Z5C do have good cameras. They just are not as good as the 808. JPEG compression on the Z5 is dire. Their “pureview” type processing at 8mp mode is useless.

    The only point where the Z5 comes up with truly “good” results are DXOMark – who are demonstrably incompetent.

  • Tim Austin

    An example of what I say ^^

    8MP supersampling is far from useless on the Z5: 8MP images come out with almost identical results to 20mp+ but with less noise. That’s what it’s meant to do. It also allows for very high ISO when needed, without the tonne of digital noise you’d get with competitors (see the terrible ultra-low light performance of the iPhone 6s, for example).

    Is the Jpeg algorithm as good as it could and should be? No. But Colours are outstanding, detail is very high and dynamic range is superb. It even allows for half decent digital zoom (5x is pushing it but 3x is very acceptable indeed).

    The only failing is that it’s merely “okay” in low light – detail retention is very high and it can brighten even the darkest scene to the point of usability but shots tend to be grainy compared to, say, a G4.

  • zplendora

    What steadyshot mode do you guys use? I don’t really impress with the intelligent active mode. Any advice?
    See my camera test here.

  • Wozn2

    No, the camera is definitely a strong point.

    A camera that compares to the Nokia Pureview cameras (i.e. AAS felt they needed to compare it), but with faster autofocus, in a pocketable, stylish package running Android and with great battery life – it’s no wonder you have to troll these comments!

  • Wozn2

    Hmm, I think you need to look up “facts” in your dictionary and check that you’re not reading the page for “opinions” ;-) I take the opinion of a man who doesn’t think this is a huge bulge on a mobile phone with a pinch of salt:×301.jpg

    Sony HAVE implemented a decent camera app. That’s what we are discussing here. The JPEG compression is just fine in about 95% of cases, this is after all a mobile phone with a camera, not a camera with a mobile phone attached.

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  • MB

    Thanks jag. Just ordered one.

  • MB

    I ordered class 10 micro sd xc1. Is this good?

  • fried_egg

    im sure it will be fine… i cant give a direct comparison i had sandisk 64gb c10 in my z1 that failed.. replaced it with a samsung evo c10 uhs-i card ( “upto 48mb/s” claim) but in my z5 put a sandisk extreme uhs-i u3 (“upto 90mb/s” claim) which using the same lead from the same pc and the same pc companion is noticeably faster than the z1, but it could be the phone not the card..

  • nfs2010

    Ah, I see. Those are only for Z5 now – I think. But I’d get mad if those don’t show up on Z3+ soon :P

  • azzido

    Me too!:(

  • Shamoy Rahman

    You tell em!

  • Shamoy Rahman

    You can just root your Z3 and flash the zip file now and enjoy the new camera. I’m already enjoying it on my Z3.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Yes, you need to root it and flash a zip file of the port. Then you can enjoy the new camera UI.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    M2 is old. No one is gonna update a 2 year old phone’s software.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I’m already running it on my Z3 ported.

  • Sunny Boy

    Sorry for my english, i’m french.

    I think i have see something new on this new app,
    When you take a photo with the flash in automatic mode, this one decides when its flashing and when it’s not flashing, and when he have a doubt, he flashing before take photo and decide at this moment if flashing or not for the photo

    On Z2 the flash is very badly managed, i have see the improvement with Z5, but i don’t think it’s was already at begining

  • jag

    Well I am mad right now! haha! just kidding. But at least the update works with z3+.

  • EQ

    Looks like your camera is borked and the focus system is damaged. Have you dropped your phone?

  • zplendora

    Never. Just got it 4 days ago. Maybe it doesn’t work really well in low light vdo shooting. I just realized that I expected too much.

  • Max Power

    if you select shuter speed the app closes itself for example…

  • Wozn2

    Where do you select shutter speed in the 2.0 camera app?

  • @AlvinZM:disqus See my comment. ;-)

    Also, while we’re here, WHAR IS MARSH MELLO FOR MY ZED 3???!!!!!!!

  • Faisal Armand

    Image stabiliser is almost useless. All it does is increasing the ISO and fastening the shutter speed

  • Frank Leone

    Why can’t they release it for other models? The M2 Lollipop camera looks like it should be on Gingerbread. I’m envious.

  • Leonard Giam

    Z5 here. I actually preferred the previous version with the color settings right at the Superior Mode screen without have to call it out from the menu. Other than that everything’s great.


    Z2 and i’m not rooted my phone but i make a rest for my phone and it’s work fine .

    thanks a lot for your Reply

  • A T

    Hi, does your Z5C have the camera blur issue at the sides of the photos? (been reading about it online a lot)

  • Wozn2

    No, still wondering where the shutter speed control is in the camera app though?

  • Timel

    But still slower than S6 and iPhone 6s anyway

  • Timel


    No! Even this new camera update, the Superior Auto is still the worst camera auto mode anyway

  • Timel

    Ugly UI

    The new camera UI still looks ugly, the boring navigation bar which take space too much is still here and it makes uncomfortable to use the UI

    So iPhone, LG and Huawei camera UIs are much better, better layout, better menu design, better functionality also.

  • A T

    i think there is no shutter speed control. He must’ve been referring to a 3rd party app, seen it in reviews where the reviewer said it shuts down when you select it

  • Wozn2

    So in other words, this is nothing to do with the camera app. He just had to get it off his chest!

  • Wozn2

    In your opinion.

  • Jeff

    After this latest Camera app update (to my Z5P and the wife’s Z5C), most of the camera settings menu is now invisible. If you hit the gear wheel (settings button), you can hit the down arrow, then scroll down through a now-empty screen, even though the scroll bar on the right side is moving. You can also touch in this empty space and you will randomly select the extra settings that are actually there still, but are now invisible. (Such as internal or SD card for storage, shutter sound on or off, changing what the dedicated camera button does, changing what the volume rocker does.) Basically, every setting below “Resolution” is now invisible after the update. If you uninstall this update and roll back to the previous stock camera app, the full settings menu is again visible. Anybody else experiencing this?!?

  • Tsais

    One can hope that not just the UI changed, but also the over-processing can be dialed down by users…?

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  • LancerEX

    I don’t have those 2 slider settings beside the camera shutter :(

  • Antilulu

    I have the same problem with my Z5. Only two days old and camera would take blurred pics, then the video camera wouldn’t take video, sent back under warranty, came back, camera pics now fine but still video camera freezes and onscreen message shows Camera is not responding would you like to close it yes / no. What choice do you have. Returned under warranty for the second time. Awaiting these so called Sony agents to send it back. Have now owned a brand new Sony Z5, have booted it up on start and used it for two hours in total time out of 19 days now and still awaiting my phone back.

  • Antilulu

    I have a Z5 brand new and the video camera when started comes up with the onscreen message “Camera is not responding would you like to close it yes / no” any ideas about this. It has now been sent back for the second time with the same fault, any ideas on what can be the problem.?

  • AllanKafka

    Wonder why 808 users are “the biggest, moaniest and whiniest fanboys in phones”?
    Because they’re used at carrying a small, pocketable device with just a negligible hump yet they know that even in unfavourable lighting conditions they will be able to snap good pictures with unbelievable detail. They know that no matter where they go they don’t need to carry a dedicated camera in order to be sure to have the possibility to seize the moment and take a nice picture of anything they should encounter on their way. It feels like freedom, you know.
    Because there’s still no freaking phone bar the DMC-CM1 that can resolve so much detail with so little noise in mid-to-good light conditions.
    Because there’s still no phone that grants you so much freedom in framing a non-interpolated 8MP picture using lossless zoom (what Sony advertises you should be able to do with Z5) and achieve so good results.
    Because lens sharpness is best-in-class despite short focal length. Soft corners are completely unknown. You can drop the phone 50 times and optics will still be perfect when you’ll take the next picture.

    Dynamic range is not the best, but among the best; and there’s some
    distortion of straight lines. But except for this, the 808 is a great
    pleasure to use as a camera.

    That’s why 808 users are whiners. They’re used to good picture quality and find it difficult to accept that three years and a half later there’s still no uncompromising replacement for their ancient, unsupported camera phones.
    You can call people names, but it will be very hard to prove me wrong. I’m on the market for a Z5 anyway, because there are many things I like about Sony products and I really want to believe that it will make up for what I am losing with other good features.

  • real examples of images on the new camera Xperia (2.0) taken on the Xperia Z5 Compact –

  • ????? ???? ??? ?????? ????????? ??????? 0544460944

    ????? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ????? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ???????? ????????? ??? ???? ????? ????????? ?? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ??????? ????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?????

    ????? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ???? ???? ?????? ???????? ??????? ??????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?????? ???????? ???? ??? ????? ,

    ???? ????? ???????

    ???? ??? ??? ???????

    ???? ??? ???? ??????

    ???? ????? ??????

    ???? ?????? ????? ??????

    ???? ????? ????? ??????

  • sandaru

    how to fix this?

  • Zbaeia

    Xperia M5 Camera 2.0.0 :(

  • Tim Austin

    Another example of what I say.

    Bar the obvious resolution advantage, the 808 is simply not as good as 2015 flagship cameras. Sure, the true lossless zoom remains impressive but the focal length is poor, white balance is not ideal and dynamic range is pretty terrible, by today’s standards. I’ve seen comparison after comparison that demonstrates this.

    Sure, you’ll get high-res, clean shots from an 808 in decent light but it fails in so many other areas, when comparing to modern phone cameras. It’s video is downright terrible and it’s low-light imagery is no longer class-leading.

    Beyond resolution, it’s simply not at the top of the pack any more. I find it amusing that there are still those who dispute this.

    (Side note: The Lossless Zoom on the Z5 is no-where near as good as on the 808 but it’s a country mile better than the modern competition.)

  • marko68

    in mine too

  • AllanKafka

    Just to be clear, I am waiting for my Z5 to ship.
    BUT I have seen such disappointing smudgefest when zooming to pixel level even on 8MP Z5 photos that I find your attitude really inexcusable. I will let you know if my Z5 is good enough to make me change my mind. Fingers crossed – I’d really love to really upgrade rather than side-grade from my 808.

  • Wozn2

    Wow, that’s two of you. Maybe you should start a club or something.

  • Tim Austin

    My attitude inexcusable? Might I kindly suggest that you grow slightly thinker skin? :)

    I am expressing an opinion based on what I have both read and seen of a) the behaviour of many 808 fanboys and b) comparisons between the 808 and more recent camera phones.

    I too hope that the Z5 meets your expectations: it exceeded mine.

  • marko68

    In my opinion the camera of z5 premium is crap…. Sorry but for me Sony is cheating and the sensor is not a real 23 mpx but just 8 oversampled because the PICs are rubbish

  • Wozn2

    Just as well nobody cares about your opinion.

  • Vimal Patel

    Unable to mute camera shutter sound after upgrading to Marshmallow in Z5 compact,any one ? help me sony

  • Pankaj Kumar

    I download the app in my z5 compact but it is not installing.

  • Pankaj Kumar

    Hi all,
    I download the app and try to install but it says application not installed.
    I am using z5 compact
    How can i install. Plzzz help

  • Xavier Corvin Milenović

    This app compatible with xperia z ultra ?

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