US customers can get $50 PlayStation credit when purchasing an Xperia Z3 Plus or Z4 Tablet

by XB on 24th November 2015

in Sony Tablet, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z3 and Z4 tablet US offerThe Sony Xperia Z3+ recently went on sale in the United States, it’s not the Xperia Z5 that fans were hoping for, but Sony is trying to make the offer sweeter by including $50 PlayStation Store credit with every purchase.

Sony Mobile USA’s promotion includes both the Xperia Z3+ (E6533) and Xperia Z4 Tablet Wi-Fi (SGP712) – once you purchase either device from or you will be entitled to the PS credit.

To redeem the offer you must purchase either device at any time before the end of year – the claim period started from 1 November for that recently bought these models. You then need to head over to this site to fill in your details no later than 31 January 2016. Once validated, Sony will then email over the $50 credit.

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    That’s a great deal!

  • Fuck you. We want Xperia Z5 in America.

  • Timel

    Stupid as fuck

    I have no idea what is Sony thinking now.
    It suppose to be Xperia Z5 Premium not an outdated model like Xperia Z3+

  • Timel

    No wonder at all why LG and Hauwei can surpass Sony in U.S. market, American customers can buy LG V10 one day after launched.

    I just don’t understand why Sony can’t even do the same as LG

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I agree with the Z5 series replacing the Z3+, but it makes sense for the Z4 Tablet because of the PS4 Remote Play.

  • Raj Singh

    50 dollars to buy old shit? They’re promoting the Z3+ and now the Z5 is available. What the fuck is wrong with Sony Mobile? Seriously, WTF?

  • M110

    they probably skip z5 in the US …

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I doubt this, SONY would lose a lot of the American customers if they don’t release the Z5 line in the US.

  • zip

    They probably want to get rid of unsold Z3+ stock before offering the Z5. Maybe.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    That will upset even more customers than not releasing the Z5 line in US. What would people think if they became an owner of Z3+ and SONY release the Z5 the next day? It is temporal discrimination

  • Viali17

    Wish it applied to third parties selling Z5 on Amazon since I got 2 of them a week ago lol. No regrets though, great phone, Z2’s battery was waaay better but still this is a great phone, if you want it there are ways to get it in the US so GET IT

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  • jag

    woah! I just want the Uncharted Theme for my phone!

  • ZXcorr

    Stupid move, Sony. Z5 should be released worldwide.

  • akzidenz

    lol butthurt americans

  • iia3ezu

    More like desperate as fuck.

    Let’s see how much this little freebie will boost sales.

  • iia3ezu

    Part of the reason is also because Americans like (are content?) to be dicked around by their telco mafia oligopoly. The Z4v is a good example. Nowhere else in the world would you get a telco-exclusive monstrosity. The same as the latest Windows phones exclusive to AT&T.

    It starts with the telco lobbyists and the corrupted politicians who pander to their whims. Until you get rid of this cancer, nothing is going to change.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    The fact that a SONY phone is available from Amazon but not through official retail channels puzzles me

  • Sola Hoi

    Don’t worry, Z5 probably won’t be available until the Z6 line is announced. By that time they will have another promotion to sell the Z5…

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Blame the phone operators of USA not Sony. How hard is it to understand that?

  • iia3ezu

    So… Z6 for the rest of the world = Z5+ for the US?

  • a.mubher

    How uninteresting…
    Meanwhile I’m having a blast with my Z5 premium… which came with fast charger and stereo earphones. Sony’s markets disparity should stop or at least turned down, what a wasted opportunity.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Maybe SONY would want Z5 line to launch in US, but no carrier adopts it, Z5 became an orphan

  • betatesterz

    I can understand that due to the bad publicity of Z3+ overheating, that American carriers are not willing to import the Z5 which uses the same processor that causes such overheating in the first place. Sony offering $50 playstation credit is probably an attempt at helping American carriers sell off their old Z3+ stocks.

    Still, they should at least get it out on their stores without contracts so at least those who are interested can get one themselves.

  • Who the fuck is “we”?!

  • I see what you did there! ;D

  • What’s the point? They hardly sell even in Japan! :D

  • a.mubher

    It is Sony job to build relationships with partners. There is always an opportunity in the market, no victims. no excuses.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    So, Z5 is very likely to be the terminating xperia handset?

  • I hope not, competition is always good, as well as additional options for consumers.

  • Abigail Martinez

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  • Chan Kin Cheung

    It is not “Part of the reason” it is the whole damn reason? I simply don’t understand why the US enforce the straightest free market international trade policies around the world yet US people are satisfied that their options are limited.

  • Camilo Uribe

    I will try with the data of my Z5.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I’m wondering though…why does it look like that only Sony is affected by this? Seems like all other manufacturers don’t have problem selling their phones through US telcos.

  • Sameer

    Where Can I buy the z4 tablet? with US warrenty Its no where to be found on Amazon or BH

  • Camilo Uribe

    My Z5 was rejected

  • hansip

    the Z4 Tablet is one of the best tablet though. Should be a good deal.. the Z3+ though, it should be sold at most on level with original Z3 current price + maybe 50US$ tops

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Do you even think that SD810 cost the same as SD801?

  • hansip

    No it must be a bit costly, but with all the drawback, Z3+ should be cheaper to allow Sony to empty their stock. Z5 is here and the same chipset is better there so no reason to get Z3+ except some price cut.

  • Kristie Fletcher

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  • Raj Singh

    They don’t know how to run a business…

  • azzido

    What about Europe Sony?
    Why USA only???

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Finally, someone hit the freaking center spot of this entire matter.

  • Timel

    So why other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or even Hauwei don’t have problems with U.S. carriers, they don’t even need to change their products for U.S. carriers like Sony did with Z4v

  • Timel

    I really don’t see the bright future for Sony Mobile at all if Sony still do the business like this!
    There’re 4 things that drag Xperia division downs
    1. The horrible bad marketing strategy
    2. The worst camera quality
    3. The old tech mobile display that Sony still stuck with LCD and Sony’s LCD has a bad color
    4. The same old boring design

  • Battal

    Mr Hirai has flushed out Sonymobile Europe, Let’s hope so that he do the same with all Sonymobiles World Wide .

  • FermentionIt

    Logic, reason, rationale is non-existent.

    I’ve always supported Sony from XBR to Blueray to ES, but their inability to build proper infrastructure to sell and support their latest smartphones in NA has me turning to other ecosystems. This will affect their bottom line on other electronics and peripherals too.

    Lack of confidence in their product, cost control and profit margins, or simply a sign of their eventual exit from the phone market. Not sure, but it’s sad, since Sony can make a superior product.

    I refuse to buy international versions with limited warranty support since I’ve read about too many nightmares regarding part availability and warranty turnaround times. Also, the issue of no CDMA, and some limitations with GSM bands doesn’t bode well for Sony USA.

    A known heavy “heater”, that’s already a generation back, is all they offer up the US consumer over the holidays. I’m off to a competitor and I’m considering selling my PS4 and hi-res headphones.

  • FermentionIt

    I’m moving on. I’ve been hanging on since September and notes to Sony have gone unanswered.

  • FermentionIt

    You can also save on your heating bill from what I’ve read about the Z3+.

  • FermentionIt

    1. agree 2. Good camera, bad optimization and no OIS 3. Many 4K t.v.s still use LCD but back lighting tech and calibration makes all the difference. 4. agree, I asked for thinner top/bottom bezels and rounder corners and they produced same bezels and same sharp corners. Pisses me off since Sony produces some of coolest designs in other electronics divisions.

  • FermentionIt

    Z4 is a premium device but close to 700 dollars. This would be a sick Win 10 device with a 6th gen Intel atom or M processor. I’d buy one at that price if it included 4G LTE and illumination on the keyboard. The only one on Amazon with a U.S. warranty lacks LTE. Another strike against Sony.

  • FermentionIt

    Sony seeks high profit margin opportunities. The phone market is turning into survival of the cheapest slave labor and highest automated manufacturing processes.

    Sony’s only shot is a titanium/carbon/magnesium frame, bullet proof screen, built-in DAC/amplifiers, USB-C, superior performance, and maintain a comparable price. Sony can do it, they have some of best engineers, but the price will be similar to their 1200 dollar portable music players.

    Until they do something radical, U.S. customers will favor the cheapest-for-the most, or Apple 7000 series aluminum with optimized processors, apps and software. The problem is that Americans want superior simple-stupid function, or the great wall of marts(Walmart) pricing, and little in between. This is my observation.

  • FermentionIt

    I agree to a point. Sony is very stubborn on pricing structure. Sometimes justified since they consider themselves a premium brand. However, the Koreans and Chinese have turned up the heat on quality and performance. This makes negotiation a little more difficult for reason$ we know little about. Sony should still sell unlocked phones in the U.S. with U.S. warranty, but…Big money selling Apple, and others, camera sensors also plays into their financial books, and warrantying a sensor vs. an entire phone probably has them brainstorming their options.

  • FermentionIt

    You may be right. They’ve had so many opportunities to dominate with their technologies, but they seem to be content as a supplier. This may be because of Apple dominance in the U.S. and Korea’s and China’s access to cheap labor and control of the majority of the planet’s rare earth elements. In 2010, China produced over 95% of the world’s rare earth supply, mostly in inner Mongolia.

  • Ur f*cking mother, son of a bitch.

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