TrackID update (4.3.B.2.4) brings new changes to Track Detail and History Feed

by XB on 26th November 2015

in Applications

TrackID 4.3.B.2.4_1Sony Mobile has released a new update for the TrackID application with build number 4.3.B.2.4. The new addition includes a design change to the history feed, which condenses all of your past tags making it easier to browse your full feed.

The other main change is to the song page, with the text buttons replaced by icons instead for play preview, adding a song to a playlist, share and YouTube search. This update hit beta users around three weeks back, but it is now live for all.

TrackID 4.3.B.2.4_1 TrackID 4.3.B.2.4_2

  • Raj Singh

    Good update. The only shitty thing is the ad banner at the bottom of the screen…

  • Ambitious Man

    Free app – Ad earned money.

  • Raj Singh

    Don’t care. Offer a paid version and I’ll pay for it. But if I buy an Xperia I should not be subjected to adverts by Sony or Sony Mobile on an Xperia device.

  • Matt

    Calm your tits, it’s just a banner ad and it’s not obtrusive and I do not have it. it might be region specific

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  • Raj Singh

    I don’t care if it’s not obtrusive; I don’t want to see it there, especially when it’s advertising an app that I already have installed.

  • Matt

    Ever heard of shazam? ;)
    Either that or revert the update. No need to be an anorak on this

  • Raj Singh

    The comments section is the perfect place to voice my opinion, kinda like you just did right now.

  • Matt

    okay okay . . sheesh

  • Lorraine Dorman

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  • Roh_Mish

    I get it on my nexus and other devices but haven’t seen any ads on my Sony devices.

  • Roh_Mish

    Like TrackID over others because it is fast and lightweight but I would love if they added option to show lyrics

  • Román Rodríguez

    I also hate that ad banner, but I guess the only way to remove it, is by rooting the device and installing AdAway.

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