Lifelog update (2.9.A.3.4) adds Marshmallow support and Entertainment tile

by XB on 2nd December 2015

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Lifelog 2.9.A.3.4_1Sony Mobile has updated the Lifelog application to bring support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The move could indicate that Sony is readying the release of the official Marshmallow update for its premium handsets. Apart from Android 6.0 support, the new update has added a new “Entertainment” tile. The update with build number 2.9.A.3.4 is currently live on the Google Play Store or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Lifelog (2.9.A.3.4)

Lifelog 2.9.A.3.4_1 Lifelog 2.9.A.3.4_2

Lifelog 2.9.A.3.4_3

Thanks Greg!

  • aman ansari
  • bubimir13

    If im not mistaken, most of Sony’s core apps had been updated for MM support in last month or two, means MM is around the corner :D

  • iia3ezu


  • Matt

    phonearena are just clickbait and spam.

  • aman ansari

    But this one is legit you can check the twitter account of the leaker. He has a good reputation of leaking.

  • DarkDragon

    A little Ot
    New update for Sony Concept
    Here are the changelog

    SW version: Sony/aries/aries:6.0/MDB08M.Z1/2178-somc:user/release-keys

    Updates in MDB08M.Z1.2178

    * Fixed WIFI power stats problem
    * Power optimization of backlight
    * Power optimization of proximity sensor
    * Improved German text in camera UI (Thanks Markus)
    * Fixed BT routing problem (Thanks Stueee)
    * New version of Sony Email 11.0.A.0.4
    – Fix for badge count not updating
    – Fixed deleting email with ‘Back space’
    – Fix for a crash when adding attachments in email
    * New version of Home 10.0.A.0.4
    – Most apps can now be uninstalled/disabled
    – Lots of minor improvements and bugfixes
    * New version of Sony Album 7.4.A.0.12
    – Fixed for screen mirroring
    – Fixed a color bug (Thanks Lars)

  • Ashley Hong

    Sideloaded the app apk from here. The app isn’t available in my country. The app could be much better as it Doesn’t show the stats regarding time spent on browsing, playing games, or on social network.

  • James Polcan

    Got this for my new device just by few clicks. Thanks buddy!

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