Boxer Carl Froch goes toe-to-toe with SmartWatch 3

by XB on 4th December 2015

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SonyCarlFroch_Alex_Wallace_Photography_0190The Sony SmartWatch 3 has been put through its paces by former four-time super middleweight world boxing champion Carl Froch. The new campaign from Sony is part of a new European fitness campaign where Froch shows how the SW3 can track and encourage fitness use. The video below shows Carl Froch speaking to Carly Rowena, a fitness vlogger and personal trainer, to see how he trains and analyses his fitness over a week using the SW3 and dedicated apps such as Sony Lifelog and Endomondo.

In particular, it highlights the Android Wear-powered SmartWatch 3’s ‘smart running’ capability i.e. being able to exercise without having to lug around a smartphone with you. This is achieved by using the native GPS in the SW3, as well as on-board storage for music playlists and the ability to sync with a Bluetooth headset. In addition, the inclusion of IP68 certification for water and dust resistance results in the SW3 as being a great all-rounder when it comes to Android Wear devices.

Carl Froch had this to say about the partnership: “When Sony Mobile asked me to be their European fitness ambassador on this campaign I had to say ‘yes’. My fitness has always been a crucial part of my daily life – when I was a pro boxer and even now that I‘m retired. Since stepping away from the sport, I’ve been looking at new ways to stay fit, and SmartWatch 3 is a great piece of technology that I’ve built into my regime to track my training and help me prepare for any comeback I may have in the near future.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • ChilliPSco

    Ooh, I better go out and buy one. Especially, if Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch likes it!

  • smartuser8

    That face when she touching him… We all know that face :)

  • smartuser8

    That face when she touching him… We all know that face :) (0:10)

  • smartuser8

    Little difference : You will give money to Sony for wear it. For him, Sony give him money for wear it… in this case it’s much easy to love a product ;)

  • Geese Howard

    She even touched him twice and those touches were not short ones… She’s thinking dirty :p

  • azzido

    very good Sony
    right people in right place :)
    Finally communication and marketing is changing.
    Would consider to buy it but seems it is not available in my country, only SW2.
    Still waiting for SmartBand Talk2 with pulsometer and other improvements like battery ;)

  • kanazai2001

    interested!!! it comes with WiFi too…
    so… does SW3 support playmemories mobile – QX cam?!

  • IskiUski

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