Change Icon appearance in new Home launcher (10.0.A.0.4) from Marshmallow Concept

by XB on 4th December 2015

in Applications, Firmware

Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_4_FramedSony Mobile updated the Xperia Marshmallow Concept to the newest build yesterday (read here). In amongst the changes is an updated home launcher with build number 10.0.A.0.4. As well as now allowing you to uninstall/disable most preinstalled applications, one change we didn’t notice yesterday was the ability to change the icon appearance.

A new option in the Home settings menu will allow you to use Framed, Glass or a Round icon appearance, a nice additional customisation option for those that like to tinker. See the difference between all modes below.

New option in Home settings to change icon appearance (version 10.0.A.0.4)

Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_1 Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_2

Framed Icons

Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_4_Framed

Glass Icons

Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_5_Glass

Round Icons

Not all of the icons here are changed, only the five listed below left. You can see how these compare to the default setup at the bottom.

Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_6_Round Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_7_Round

Default Icons

Xperia Home_10.0.A.0.4_3_Default

Thanks DarkDragon!

  • Min

    I saw the Walkman logo is back!! OMG! I CANT WAIT FOR IT!

  • foxy

    Omg. It’s so ugly to make all the icons the same. Yes I am talking about ios.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I’m glad there is a ‘default’ option. I think they look really ugly when framed and with the ‘glass’ effect.

  • mrninko

    perhaps someone used app to change icon… they wont back it!

  • Min

    But at the round icon list, it did showed the walkman logo

  • Sadman Khan


  • serendipity1002

    Well, that looks horrible and pointless..just implement a way to apply 3rd party icon packs and be done with it..

  • mrninko

    it wont come back, no one cares anymore about that. if you just wanna walkamn logo, change it

  • Joe Black

    Nice addition, better to have the option to customize the icons a bit than not having it.

    That aside, I want them to give us an ETA of Marshmallow release for at least Z5 series.

  • Ambitious Man

    Buy a walkman – I mean real walkman. U don’t need a icon or app.

  • Shehab Skull

    This gonna rock hard in themes :D.. Maybe I will support it in my next update for PRO PalAtial theme.

  • Bashar Shehab

    ?????? ? ????? ??? :3

  • glass look of the old whats new thats what we want

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  • Shehab Skull

    ????? :3 ?????? ??? ??????? ??? ????? ???? ??????

  • Bashar Shehab

    ??????? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ??? What’s New ??? ????? :3

  • Bashar Shehab

    According to this leak, next month is the date

  • Will Komba

    Why not just let us use custom icon packs?

  • Alvin

    default and round are my favourite… oh and that glass one looks like a piece of crap like some bad chinese manufacturers…

  • Alvin

    YOU buy that walkman… I love my sony phone…:D

    that design is cool though, but that’s not a phone, so yes, if I buy that, I would probably just use it rarely

  • Alvin

    chill mate, I got shocked too but I don’t expect very high so if it doesn’t happen, i will not get that butthurt… lol:D:P

  • Alvin

    Q: so why hundreds of millions of people bought ios powered devices? /rhetoricalquestion/
    A: Fanatics, mate… Fanatics that interested in brand names without considering Price to performance ratio

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    I want/wish to bring back theme and icon for that.
    I loved my SE K850i theme and icons (because i’m photgrapher, and now 32GB but max 6 class MicroSD supported on K850i was released 2007’s :D)

  • PoweredBySony

    #xperiablog the new update for Z1 ZUltra and Z1Compact is here Links in video description

  • Sadman Khan

    Well atleast give me the icon pack with a launcher update :’|

  • cicababa

    q: why people buy ios devices?
    a: because it works. because an ios device get updates & new firmwares after years. because its camera doesn’t sucks.

  • Svnjay

    Walkman > Music

  • Vlad

    changelog please?

  • Sadman Khan

    Updates that totally screw up the phone. I’d rather not have that. Maybe you should see the older iOS devices under the latest firmwares. You’ll be far from impressed. And as for “works”, well…..something that requires itunes for the simplest of tasks is not something that works. Too much hassle.

  • Sadman Khan

    When you type in arabic and ” :3 ” becomes ” 3: ” :D

  • Sadman Khan


  • PoweredBySony

    there is no changelog iet

  • Timel

    Sorry but the whole iOS UI is much gorgeous that the lame cheap Xperia UI

  • PoweredBySony

    The launcher is working great on other sony devices

  • Matt

    i did , and it is awesome ! with s master amp within :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I actually love the circle option, would like to see this feature and ofc more options in an upcoming version of Xperia home :) They should make the same thing with this icon settings as with their themes, open it up to the community to create their own special themes for the app drawer

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well for me iOS have always seemed like a UI from back in the 90s compared to the lovely Xperia UI :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I juste have to add one more negative thing about the updates for iphones, it is very common that the older iphones don’t get all if any of the new features of the new IOS. Most of the time the new iOS updates just make your phone slower. Think about that and compare with for example my Xperia z that is working better now on latest firmware from Sony then it did when I bought the phone almost 2.5 years ago

  • Matt

    dont feed the troll, ignore him and let him die of boredom

  • BarKohba

    The glass effect is REALLY UGLY and doesn’t work with android’s flat look. Round Icons for absolutely any app, or if that can’t work, framed ones with no glass effect please. 10x. I know Sony is gonna read my comment and do exactly what I want because I’m always right.

  • Timel

    Oh c’mon

    Stop lying yourself, the current Xperia UI looks really outdated and cheap and it’s also the ugliest modified version of android so far. Even Xperia wallpapers, they are also ugly!

    Sony used to be the best about UI, now Sony phones have nothing left, No wonder at all why there’re only people like Sony fans that still buy Xperia phones, normal people really don’t care about Sony phones, this is the truth!

  • Timel

    Pity you so much, you are just an asshole who can’t even accept other opinion

    You called me a troll, just because I said iOS UI is more beautiful than Xperia UI, lol, what a human!

  • Timel

    Why sony don’t combine their amazing dac/amp of walkman to Xperia flagship phones

    Sony must collapse their old vision and bring all their best to Xperia flagship smartphones, why Sony still don’t understand this!

    Sony hasaby advantages over Samsung but Sony fail to make the best flagship smartphones, this show how ineffective sony is.

  • Zeljko Kovacevic

    Man you are insane.What a bullsiht omg.Go play with your iphone or whatever.

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  • Alvin

    Yes :”(

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  • stuck_788

    love it! and hopefully they will give the possibility to change the number of icons…. now there’s too much empty space

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    ‘Apple/iOS’s UI is much more gorgeous than Sony’s UI’
    No problem, I respect your opinion.

    “Sorry but the whole iOS UI is much gorgeous than the lame and cheap Xperia UI”
    You literally called for a fight..?

  • azzido

    Like the idea this is me who can choose which ones I like :)
    First the possibility to select between big / small icons now that :)
    Hope next will be to choose animation of app drawer as it appears, disappears and pane to pane animations :)

    Good move.
    Hope Timescape will be back in updated form too.
    It was the best looking app so far.

  • azzido

    I would vote for Glass and big ones hehe
    and will switch it as will get bored :)

  • Juri Sinneral

    That’s your opinion. I like the glass look and I’d apply it all year long. Sony won’t give a shit about your opinion, because you make one, not many.
    The game is, it’s all subjective. Moreover, it’s optional, that means you can switch between the looks. So why would you demand Sony to erase the glass look just because you don’t like it? Do you have some-kind of mental problems? That’s what I see from your comment..

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    The Xperia UI looks almost exactly the same as Stock Android. Fuck outta here

  • Timel

    So that’s ugly!

    Xperia means Sony Experience not Google Experience

    If people want Stock UI, they’ll buy Google Nexus, thanks!

  • Timel


    Blur transparent + flat

  • Timel

    Of course me and millions of people really love the gorgeous and classy UI of the iPhone 6s Plus

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Pretty cool!

  • Sachin Gautam

    can you tell me whats the model no. of this walkman, m not able to find it

  • Matt


  • Emil Oskarsson

    You know why I’m a Sony fan? It’s not because of the logo, it’s because the support I have gained from Sony, because their devices have worked so well for me compared to phones from Samsung etc. And because I love the UI that is among the best one out there. If you hate it fine! But it’s not a bad UI for that.. Please open your eyes dude ;)

  • HAWX

    Dude I have to dissgree on this one. My father’s 5 years old iphone 4 outperforms my Xperia Z because of the deamn radio active bug.. i4 has better screen on time, battery life, and it’s buttons are still working quite well. My Xperia Z’s flaps are going everwhere, battery have become quite poor (poorer than iphone), lot of dirt have accumulated between glass and the phone’s frame which is not really the case with i4. My volume button has been loosing it’s colour , power button looks like it has melted a bit. And most of the time i4 and Xperia Z takes similar photos in terms of quality. And i4 takes better in low light..

    And I reverted mine to 4.2.2. Xperia Z have way better writing/reading speed on 4.2.2. Whereas in the Lollipop it has greatly reduced. And don’t forget that we had seriours battery draing problems when Xperia Z got most waited 4.3 update and stay in the same condition for 4 fuckn months.. And right now looks like they won’t fix the radio active bugs for Z and Z1 series. ?phones haven’t got that super annoying big bug once. And If it had it would be fixed in less than 1 week.
    I know the iPhones are super hyped, but there are some logical people who are seeing the real diffrence and making their desicions. And I respect them :)

  • azzido

    Please tell me how can I change the icon and the name of this app to Walkman?!

  • dinesh

    ur also not interested in sony..then y u r in this site…
    i think,that u r here to deviate the people from sony..

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I haven’t experienced anything of what you just told. My phone outperforms the iPhone 4 in every way. And my battery life is as good now as it was when I bought the phone and yes I have charged it every day :p The only bug I have had was on Android 4.4.2 when the GPS was turned on and caused battery drain something that was Googles fault from the beginning. I once lost one of the flaps for my headphone jack but Sony repaired my phone for free. I don’t use any other flap on the phone because I always use my charging dock and using WiFi connect when I connect it to my pc. And when it comes to the quality of the phone I’m astonished that I haven’t cracked it yet after all my drops on hard floors…

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  • Ambitious Man

    Walkman A20 series: A25, A25HN, A26HN, A27HN.

  • Ambitious Man

    :D I know.

  • Alvin


  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    You’re a Sony hater. Period. You don’t like anything about Xperia phones. Why are you here? You like to feel miserable every day? Go play with your Iphone and leave us alone.
    I don’t like Iphone but I never commented in any Iphone platform like you do in every news published in this site.

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