Music Beta update (9.1.4.A.1.0beta) allows you to update music art automatically when playing

by XB on 12th December 2015

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Music 9.1.4.A.1.0beta_4A quick heads-up to those on the Music app beta, a new version has rolled out with build number 9.1.4.A.1.0beta. The key addition in this update is the introduction of the “Update as you play” feature, which as the name suggests, allows you to update your music art automatically when playing. You can enable this on Wi-Fi only or you can also include your data plan if you have enough bandwidth – the option can be found in the settings menu. The update is live for beta testers in the Google Play Store or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.1.4.A.1.0beta)

Music 9.1.4.A.1.0beta_1 Music 9.1.4.A.1.0beta_2

Music 9.1.4.A.1.0beta_3 Music 9.1.4.A.1.0beta_4

Thanks Ant!

  • mrninko

    Great feature but Gracenote downloads many times incorrect pics…

  • Souvik Das

    But, now I am unable to update artist images manually!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Sony, Please allow users to edit the playlist after saving it. I know its a simple feature but its annoying that after saving a playlist, one cannot rearrange the sequences and save it again !!!

  • mUSICA

    plzzz bring full screen for video players, the sound that i getn on video player i dnt get that sound on mx player, coz of no full screen mod i have to use mx player, so better get that

  • CmAliNXS

    Ehm, if you mean the order of songs in a created playlist: you can do that in Music. :)
    Just use the dragging slider(can’t remember if it’s on the right/left side).

  • razorg

    Why don’t you just let us to select the default view on entry Sony? I hate the Home screen in Music app. Just let me choose Albums as the default screen whenever I open the app…

  • Timel

    Incorrect most time actually

    Now I switched from Xperia music to Musixmatch and it’s far far better than Xperia Music app

    Not just I can download album cover correctly but Musixmatch can automatically show the lyrics of the songs and the app also has funny features like karaoke and and edit some catchy massage from the songs and then share it to the social network

  • Timel

    I hope Sony will redesign the UI again
    adapt What’s New app’s UI for Xperia Music app’s UI

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Yaa I know but what if I need to set it permanently? As if everytime I need to set while playing. Even When setting the playlist, I cannot go by order in albums and I have to be cautious that I don’t skip a particular song so I may add it later in the desired sequence…… It becomes irritating many of the times !!!

  • Dion

    They won’t I asked them for it one of the developers said they wanna stick with material design I don’t get it why sony follows google in term of ui/design whats new is the only app that feels premium to me

  • Utsav Shah

    Sony for life.
    Please promote your things somewhere else. and not all listen to music keeping their phone screen on. and not to forget how annoying that floating lyrics are.

  • Alvin

    And it becomes a bit less premium because ads in the app

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Z5 speaker very aweful when recieving incoming call. The bottom speaker to weak!! Pls makes sound for incoming call has an option to choose either single or dual speaker sound mode.

  • Matt

    nooooo , nope dont reply to him, just left him out in the cold.

    the comment always the same for him, just flag it and move on

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  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Md Farhad

    They should alow allow users to edit the playlist after saving it, like TinyTunes .i know its a basic component yet its irritating that subsequent to sparing a playlist

  • cristopher gomez mora

    Sony please lets you change the input image of MUSIC and tired seeing the same chick all the time nothing costs a little more customization leave the player that is wonderful.

  • even before the beta, I can’t use embedded image inside MP3, the app automatically pulls data from internet even though I didn’t allow it…

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