Xperia Z5 Premium owners – Can you tell the 4K difference?

by XB on 15th December 2015

in Xperia Z5 series

Sony 4K differenceMuch has been made of the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium’s 4K resolution display. Sony Mobile garnered many headlines on being the first smartphone manufacturer to release a phone with 4K resolution (2160 x 3840 pixels) and 806 PPI pixel density. But since then, some have questioned the need for such a resolution on a 5.5-inch screen and whether the human eye can actually notice the difference.

We wanted to put the matter to rest by asking actual owners what they have experienced on a day-to-day basis. If you own the Xperia Z5 Premium, can you notice the 4K difference when viewing higher resolution images or videos? If you can, how big is the difference to your eyes? Or, do you think 4K is just a gimmick with little ‘wow’ effect? We’d love to hear your comments below.

  • Alvin

    obviously, they can… but still, only for 4k compatible contents. if not, they’ll just look at the same way they always look at a full hd phone.

  • Christian Kogler

    I never saw any difference between the Z5 Premium and the Z3 in terms of picture or video quality. What I see, however, is the battery dropping quickly on Z5 Premium whenever the screen is on…even though the brightness is much lower compared to the Z3.
    In my humble opinion, I would like the Z5 Premium more with a normal 1080p screen and better battery life.

  • rygarto

    From what I’ve seen in the side-by-side video playback demo in a Sony store nearby, my eyes can’t tell the difference between 1080P on the M5 and 4K on Z5 premium screen, unless I hold them10 cm from my face.

  • DBS

    I defy anyone who says “yes” to present medical and scientific evidence that they have super-human eyes that can notice 4K on a 5.5″ screen.

  • Invar

    You also will see a difference. Human eye can see 900PPI. So this people are saying the truth. Don’t belive them? Try it.

  • Lorenzo Cianchelli

    I have both the z3 and the z5 premium. before buying the Z5 premium i was a little skeptical. then I had to reverse. the difference is not clear …. IT’S EVIDENT. You can perceives clearly the best definition. Also in the home and in the app that have “only” the upscaling.

  • DBS

    I have tried. There’s absolutely no difference.
    And that’s because the only way the human eye can notice such a resolution is if you are looking at the screen 4 inches from your eye or less, and assuming you have good vision. In perfect vision, the human eye can see up to almost 2200ppi. The thing is…that’s just a scientific number. At 4 inches at with a perfect 20/20 vision, the human eye can see 876ppi at best.
    AND no one looks at their phones at that distance because for your to be able to notice a 2K or 4K display on a phone you’d have to actually jeopardize your vision since the effort your eye would have to make to watch that so close to the screen would actually hurt it.

    So, again, unless those people are putting their phones to their faces or using magnifiers, they will NOT be able to see the difference as the normal human eye, at normal distance, can not notice it.

    So, again, people who claim they notice it at normal distance should present scientific evidence that they have eagle-eyes and go see a scientist because they’ll probably want to study those super-human eyes.

  • SirDigby ChickenCaesar

    Went to see it in the Vodafone shop. When the 4k kicks in it’s obvious from further than arm distance.

  • crazychef83

    Well as a Z5 Premium owner I must say that I may not tell the difference at 100% but it does look great. you have to tweek the screen a bit because it has the x-reality for mobile and the super enhanced mode then it has the adaptive screen brightness and it also has the matte finish or style screen protector.
    I applied the screen protector before I even turned the phone. but it does look great.

  • Zeoxzy

    So if someone has better eye sight than you, you’re basically disregarding their views. Very scientific indeed!

  • Raymond Daanen

    I also own the Z5 premium and I only noticed a bit more detail when I play some video or when I watch a serie like Jessica Jones @ 4K, and I tried the video’s they made @ gsmarena. I’m curious what it will do in Android M with native 4k support.

  • Battal

    Sonymobile has false believe that more “NUMBERS” means much better !

  • Kunal Shukla

    you should opt for Z5 then

  • jokensy

    DBS is the new Timel.

  • Geese Howard

    What about the battery life? Is it holding up while viewing things in 4K?

  • Raymond Daanen

    Battery is still draining while playing video’s in high quality, like 4k or upscale. And the phone is getting hot.

  • Christian Kogler

    the Z5 was my first idea, unfortunately the battery is too small so lifetime is also too short.
    I would love the Z5 with the Z5 Premium’s battery…and the Lumia 950’s camera, but that’ a different story :D

  • DTYK

    It’s clearly noticeable when you have true 4k content. Otherwise, not so much. Screen is great though.

  • DrKrFfXx

    That’s due to the better contrast the Premium has vs previous Xperia.

  • DrKrFfXx

    No difference. At all.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Battery drains rather fast when viewing any multimedia, can’t tell if it’s because 4K or any other reason, but it is noticeable vs just browsing or whatsapp.

  • Geese Howard

    So aside from 4K and upscale stuff, other media stuff such as music and movies and viewing photos are all good? Thanks Santa :)

  • Geese Howard

    Ah, I see. So aside from that, everything seems to be good I assume? Really contemplating whether to get Z5 Premium or just the Z5. Thanks for the input though.

  • Bur

    Except that you’re wrong. It has seemless upscaling. You will notice the difference even with 1080p content. Will you notice it without comparing it to something else? Depends on the user.

  • azzido

    I do not care about the resolution in screen. For this size 2K is max ans should reduce impact on battery. 4K for over 6″ like Ultra.

    I do care about brightness, contrast and colors.
    Also would be nice to use predefined settings and X-Reality and other modes should be available all the time, not pics/movies only.

  • Raymond Daanen

    Yes, only thing… in low light environment there are some problems with getting some good photo quality.

  • Nuno

    As an owner of both the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium i can say that on the apps that support the 4K resolution and especially on the video apps you can tell the difference right away. The video quality is excellent, its colors and the sharpness stand out. YES there is a noticeable difference on the display.

  • jokensy

    …and hTC’s Boomsound and samsung’s chipset and iphone’s force touch…

  • DBS

    No one has better eyesight than 20/20. It’s not about my experience. It’s about my experience which is backed by SCIENCE.
    And if someone claims to notice it on normal circumstances, then they must present themselves for scientific research because those “special people” go against what science claims.
    Which won’t happen because only stupid fanboys will claim such a thing but they’d also claim elephants fly if Sony told them to.

  • aseuss

    Don’t have an Xperia Premium. However, it was brilliant of Sony to make a 4K phone, because it was essentially free advertising for a company that refuses to market or promote its phones outside of Europe. In a word, it got everyone to talk about Sony phones. Sure, a lot of the talk has been dismissive, with people complaining that no one needs a 4K phone. But I’m sure a lot of Americans said, “Hey, wait…Sony makes phones?” That reaction is priceless. So then they’ll have Sony in mind in the future: “What’s the next thing they’ll do–make a 4K phablet-tablet hybrid?” Sure enough, sources say that the next Xperia will be a 6.4″ 4K device.
    But all this just goes to show that Sony needs to shore up its marketing and promotions in the Americas. I take it that most XperiaBlog fans are British or European and don’t care about the North American market. Well, you should, because the N American market is huge and wealthy and sets trends that become global, like the preference for iPhones and Galaxy phones. By ignoring this market, Sony leaves tens of millions of sales on the Tablet. Which explains why its Mobile division has been losing money for years and may be shut down after 2016. So, no Xperia phones for anyone, even Europeans.
    So Xperia and Xperia fans should contact Sony. Twitter @SonyXperia and @sonyxperiaus and tell them Sony needs to work with carriers-just like everyone else-to put their phones on US networks. And also market and promote, so people actually know that Sony makes phones. Actually, this is what Wall Street Journal and many tech writers have been saying for a long time. Their Twitter people are receptive, but the sense I get is that they want to know that it’s worth getting into the market before putting in the resources. The more people contact them, the more they will see that there’s actually demand for Xperia. (Sony might point to the fact that they did have phones on TMobile and briefly on Verizon, but it was never backed by marketing so one had to know about Sony before shopping on the website, because the Xperia model was always hard to find.)

  • zetoze

    I don’t really know if people can see it all, what matters is that content looks great on that screen.

  • I have reviewed all z5 trio in and even compare the prem to note5 nexus6p. I can say that there is a little visible difference in sharpness when putting side by side. What makes the z5 premium display better than these quad is not all about the sharpness, but the overall display quality: saturation, contrast, which are top-notch on z5 prem. I lovin’ how crisp and punchy the screen is and very pleasing like on Super AMOLED.

    To notice the difference, you will need to use 4K pics and videos. Also, try zooming in on each pic and you will clearly see the difference. Again it is not all about sharpness that matters, z5 premium has the best LCD display I have seen.

    Check the mass comparison here:

  • ludimilojko

    So, to sum up the comments. For some, there is a visible difference. For others, there isn’t, except better contrast and definition. And when they use it in 4K mode. Conclusion?

  • Gary Ohanian

    I don’t think looking at pictures on a website is what this post is about. It’s about how it looks in your hand in real life.

  • Alvin

    Yes, that is what I’m saying.. What i mean about “4K supported contents” is like when you’re viewing something in video and album app, even with 1080p, or even 720p contents, the z5p will upscale them to make them close to 4K, or at least make the details look about the same to 4K.. But it will not work for like on youtube, netflix, or something like that, and also browser, etc.

    But no matter what, everything looks great in that beast screen. Period.

  • Alvin

    Crazy hot or just plain hot? Did you measure the temperature?

  • Akand

    I agree that there isn’t that noticible difference. But human eye/ every living thing has adaptive power. Now 4K is too much, but if they keep pushing higher resolution to us, one day our eyes will adapt it.
    Do you remember first 240×320 display from Nokia? At that time that resolution was great and sharp to us. When 480×640 came, we then thought 240×320 is poor. This is how we adopt higher resolution. Don’t you think human bodies are also developing to adopt the surroundings?

  • DBS

    I understand where you’re coming from but even though human eyes may evolve with time, they don’t evolve in a couple of years. Human evolution takes generations. 100 years from now, yeah who knows. But I don’t think we’ll see our own eyes evolve in your lifetime to the point of being able to see better.

    The 240×320 resolution is sharp still…if you consider the sort of graphics you were seeing in those screens =P Even today, if you buy a TV that’s say 55″ or 65″ and the resolution is only 1080p, you will notice it’s worse than the same TV with 4K. But that’s normal. I like to explain these resolution things using the image of a tray in which you’re pouring sand. The more sand (pixels) you pour in the tray (screen) the more compact the sand will become and at some point you’ll have the tray covered in a layer of sand and you don’t see the tray bottom any more. At that point, if you keep pouring sand into the tray, it will be pointless. You won’t see any difference. Same thing goes for displays. When you have a 5.5″ display, there’s only so much sand you can pour into it until it becomes impossible for your eyes to notice a difference. That’s what happens with 4K displays on phones (and even 2K displays for that matter). The amount of pixels becomes so much that your eyes can no longer notice it.
    Of course, some people (namely fanboys) will swear they notice it. But then enters the placebo effect. They aren’t noticing any difference, their brain is creating that difference for them to meet their own wishes. That’s the amazing thing about the human brain. If, for example, I convince my brain that the latest update to my Z3C made the screen a 2K screen, I will eventually start “noticing” a difference in the screen. It’s not there, actually, but your brain creates it for you.
    It’s the same thing when you think an app, after an update, “feels faster”. It can be faster…or it cannot but you want to think it is. So it is.

  • DBS

    And you are the new nobody. Because nobody cares.

  • 98kuroneko

    I own a Z5 Premium and yes there are notable differences. When viewing 1080p, I can see clearly the pixels of the letter A being pixelated. But then, when you turn on X-Reality for Mobile or Super Vivid Mode, it’s magic witchcraft started and clarity and sharpness is boosted taking advantage of that 4K. At some point, when looking at a white background, I saw very tiny zigzag subpixel arrangement.

    All and all it really has 2 Day battery life if you occasionaly use it for mail, calls, music, short videos and not playing 3D games.

    Using heavily on Stamina Mode can last for a full day in my usage. 60 mins of gaming, 3 hours of YouTube and 3 hours of web browsing apps

  • Niels d. G.

    It’s probably only noticeable with thin lines/ small details where there is no anti-aliasing or other form of edge softening.
    Or, obviously, when using Google cardboard or similar smartphone VR goggles.

  • xAntifreeZe

    z5p does upscale content in youtube, chrome etc… it is quite noticeable when playing back 720p or lower videos, esp when comparing with other phones side by side :)

  • J@S0n

    I own Xperia Z? Z1?Z2?Z3 , tablet Z, tablet Z3 compact, tablet Z4 and z5 premium, I have to say it is of great pleasure to see the perfection of Z series. I can actually see the difference when looking at higher resolution image and video; although I cannot tell how different pixel by pixel, but the detail, the color make me feel that 4K media is better.

    PIC below, left 1: Z5p left2: a 2k mobile and left 3: xperia Z3

  • mixedfish

    1:1148 vs 11290, if you can tell the difference of 100 points of contrast when already above 1:1000 that’s even more amazing than seeing 4k.

  • Bobbified

    >> one has better eyesight than 20/20. It’s not about my experience. It’s about my experience which is backed by SCIENCE.

    That is not correct – there ARE people who has better eyesight than 20/20! 20/20 is only an arbitrary figure that is used to describe “normal” vision based on the Snellen chart. Lots of people have vision better than that and I am one of those people.

  • Bobbified

    >>No one has better eyesight than 20/20. It’s not about my experience. It’s about my experience which is backed by SCIENCE.

    That is not correct – there ARE people who has better eyesight than 20/20! 20/20 is only an arbitrary figure that is used to describe “normal” vision based on the Snellen chart. Lots of people have vision better than that and I am one of those people.

  • DBS

    Sure you are. You have the eyes of an eagle and better vision than the maximum in the scale.
    I’m also sure you can shoot lasers out of your eyes and fly…

  • Kunal Shukla

    forget about the camera I dont think it will ever get there. Sony loves it’s tiny pulse LED flash too much

  • Bobbified

    stop sitting here like a know-it-all and spouting out crap!

    20/20 is NOT the maximum in the scale.

    Read this:

    and this:

    and this:

    Plenty more references if you actually check your facts before coming here and talking sh!t.


  • Alfred Abraham

    I own a Z5 Premium Dual. Really disappointed with the Poor RAM management. The remaining RAM is ~300 MB out of 3 GB! My phone is already performing slow like 2011 Xperia series. If Sony does not refine it’s software I will be moving to another brand (which i hope should never happen. Been using Sony since my first phone)

  • DBS

    Maybe you should get your “education” from a medical school instead of the internet. Or at least from credible sources. But for that you’d have to graduate from kindergarten which it’s abundantly clear you haven’t.

    So go back to play with your ActionMan.

  • Bobbified

    you should actually pull your finger out of your ass…

  • tony

    Hi Jade, I really like your reviews on Manila Shaker. Keep up the good work.


    Yes, I can tell. I can tell that it’s not using the normal pixel arrangement and I can tell that it does not render as smooth because of the new pixel layout. A straight single pixel line isn’t straight. It may have more pixels, but in my eyes, I prefer the screen on my Z3+.

    On clear single coloured backgrounds/images, you can see the annoying wiggly lines of the pixel arrangements.

    Sony, stick with standard pixel layout please.

  • ZXcorr

    I just want better camera sofware/results.

  • subm

    Own it for 2 weeks
    The screen looks better probably due to contrast

  • hansip

    i have tried it on the showroom and when viewing sample pictures it does feel sharper and the color is spot on in varying viewing angle (definitely the best IPS viewing angle i’ve seen yet). but something that disturbs me, when viewing the screen on home app, the zigzag nature of the pixel is rather visible on close observation? nitpicking though but can be observed by myself.

    for brightness level, surely not as bright as standard Z5 but it’s slightly brighter than my Z Ultra so still adequate for sunlight reading.

  • hansip

    i have Z Ultra too so i mostly agree with you, but once you start using VR though…

    In normal condition yes there’s no difference. but start using that Cardboard VR and it will improve considerably (not sure but with pixel size a lot denser than my Z Ultra, surely the screen door effect will be almost eliminated). Such a niche feature yet Very Useful for VR per se. Really hope Sony utilize this phone for , let say PS VR Remote Play perhaps? :v

  • hansip

    it’s a bragging right nonetheless. But in the end, choose on what you can afford and your size preference.

  • hansip

    try VR on the cheap (Google Cardboard) and you’ll know. not for everyday usage certainly but it’s there and useful when you need one. Otherwise, i agree 1080 is enough. it’s just that Sony should implement the contrast filter on the regular Z5 to up the ante.

  • betatesterz

    What’s “a 2k mobile”?

  • J@S0n

    It is a LG G4

  • laci_csk

    Americans living in caves? That what I understand from your post. Always after the rest of the world.

  • DrKrFfXx

    I don’t care about VR or gimmicks like that, but read tin XDA, I think, that it runs on 1080p. So probably the difference you are seeing is somewhere else.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Contrast and overall color calibration makes the difference.

    Ultra’s colors seem a bit greyed out in comparison, ever so slightly washed out when side by side.

  • Shubham

    Bro really? :/ It renders in 1080p most of the time, saving you battery! what more do you actually want?

  • DrKrFfXx

    I don’t follow you.

    X-Reality is not being used to render text.

    Plus text and other interfaces are rendered in 1080p in the Premium.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Yes we care as you are as annoying as Timel.

  • Matt

    PREACH !

  • Bashar Shehab

    He means that Sony isn’t popular in the US

  • hansip

    But even if the internal VR software still runs at the 1080 resolution, the screen door effect brought by physical pixel gap between each other will be eliminated by the 4K screen. It’s not software issue, the screen door effect is mainly a physical screen issue.

    No i have cheap Cardboard and i have tried it with my Z Ultra and the screen door is pretty much visible with it.

    Yes maybe it’s just a gimmick, but you never know. for me, it’s maybe a gimmick, but the potential to be something useful is definitely there.

  • thanks tony.

  • hansip

    Really love the contrast level on Z5P. Sony really needs to implement on lesser model.

  • Mac

    C’mon ofc you can’t see no difference..
    There is and will not be any point in having better resolution on such small screen period.

  • Matt

    way to sum it out.

  • Raymond Daanen

    Plain hot, I still can hold the phone. I should measure it the next time it happens.

  • juanitartuner

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  • juanitartuner

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  • kaostheory

    I have 20/15 and there’s better than me. 20/20 is normal but not the best. I also don’t have a dominant eye which is also very rare.

  • Actman

    Hello. I just bought Z5C. Phone is awesome, but when I play anything over the speakers (incoming call, music, etc.) the volume is good for about a second, and then it turns very low.
    Anyone experienced this, or knows something about the issue?

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I’ve been using a Dell Precision M3800 laptop with a 15″ display. Its native resolution is 3200×1800. It may be really fantastic to have a gorgeous display for watching videos and playing games, but such high-res in that physical display size is simply useless for daily use which requires a lot of text processing, such as editing documents or software development. Because fonts are so small in %100 view it is impossible to read. So you have to scale the text size to %150-200, or change the resolution to an acceptable size, such as 1920×1080. Now, if the text is unreadable at 3200×1800 resolution in 15 inches, think about how 2160×3840 would look in a 5.5 inches. I mean standard and unscaled text size of course, the devices will surely be preset to a upscaled text size and you won’t be making use of a 4K screen to its full extent.

  • Rajiv Bedi

    Yoo Yagami

  • Tommy Irianto

    I think the reason for that is because US markets their phones through network providers like Verizon, AT&T, etc.

    Where I live, there are smartphone retailers and they’re network providers. They’re separate and sells their products and services separately. So most people here buys smartphones in its MSRP and buy a separate mobile services from provider. The network providers do sell smartphones in bundles with their services but it is still unpopular. This allows greater freedom for phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Asus, Oppo, etc. to have their own boutiques, stalls and stores and compete with each other without the constraints.

    I might be wrong, but I think the reason why Sony isn’t popular in the US is not Sony’s fault even though we all know that Sony’s Marketing Department doesn’t seem to be doing their job well. With the smartphone market being controlled by the network providers it’s very difficult to convince them that selling Sony’s smartphones through the network providers generate enough sales/profits for them. With a market dominated by Apple and Samsung, it seems that introducing a brand that doesn’t have a large fanbase in the US (which is a chicken or egg causality) may expose them to more risks than opportunities. Hence, they like playing it safe by selling brands that are certain to sell.

    Heck, even in Indonesia where I live it’s difficult to sell Sony smartphones to stores as a pre-owned unit because they considers them to be a slow-moving consumer goods apart from fast-moving consumer goods of Samsung smartphones. Sony just isn’t generating enough hype the way Samsung or Apple does, and that’s a fact no matter how superior Sony smartphones are on paper and in reality.

  • DBS

    Well…deal with it. I don’t give a flying f*ck about what you feel ;)

  • DBS

    Well, on VR I do admit that it has use because THERE you do have people putting the screen to their faces and have lenses magnifying it.

    And if Sony was positioning the Z5P as a VR-oriented handset, by releasing it alongside something like the Samsung VR or the one from LG, THEN they’d have a very good justification for it.

    Except Sony didn’t do any of that (I guess to not conflict with Project Morpheus…?). They’re selling the phone just based on the 4K capable screen but the truth is, unless indeed someone puts magnifying lenses to the screen, they won’t see a difference.

    I mean, we shouldn’t be surprised that they missed yet another train but still…
    Maybe they’ll have something of the sort for the Z5P at CES. As they say, hope springs eternal…

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Feelings are mutual

  • DBS

    But only you are whining ;)

  • roeshak

    God the z3 really has a terrible display. Z5 premium is the only better display since z2. As for 4k on a screen of that size, total overkill but that’s where tech is heading.

  • DrKrFfXx

    The more ram is being used the better. Unused ram is wasted ram.

  • Hexsense

    Because at home screen, Your phone is running at 1080p not 4K.

  • Hexsense

    I have 20/12.5 after my eye surgery this year. (although it drop to 20/16 few months later) but still more than 20/20.
    Your claim is incorrect.

  • aseuss

    You are right, retailers and networks don’t want to carry a “slow moving consumer good”. But if a smartphone is superior on paper and reality, as you describe it, why is it slow-moving? Because it doesn’t generate hype…which goes back to marketing. Both Samsung and Apple blast the airwaves, and the press talks nonstop about Apple. That’s what I call hype. That’s what I call marketing. Most consumers just get what they hear about, because they don’t have time or are too lazy to research their options. So they don’t even bother to think, Oh there could be a phone out there that’s waterproof, has 2 day battery life and has expandable memory. That wouldn’t be the Galaxy or iPhone, that’d be the Xperia. But most people don’t even know a phone like that is out there. That’s why Sony needs to advertise. Retailers and networks probably expect the phone maker to advertise the product, before they’ll carry the model. And that’s what Samsung, Apple and LG do. But historically, Sony has refused to do any advertising, at least in N America.They didn’t advertise when TMobile carried Xperia and didnt advertise when Verizon carried Xperia. So TM and Verizon ddidn’tmove product. So I don’t blame them for refusing Sonythe second time around.

  • aseuss

    @Jade Jardinico Good points. Wonder why other gadget bloggers fixate on resolution. 4k, especially Bravia-derived tech, brings so much more to the viewing experience that they don’t even bring up. BTW, love your Manilashaker reviews!

  • aseuss

    By the way, just wanted to offer a follow-up question to this blog post: What do readers think of the rumored 6.4″ Ultra? If the 4K display is already appreciable at 5.5″, will a 6.4″ 4K Xperia just blow everyone away?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Maybe Captain America is the only person in the world who have better vision than a scientifically proven human eye limitation, if he does exist, lol

  • J@S0n

    so I really don’t care about the “unchanged” look, for me, Z5 premium is truly the perfect Xperia phone !

  • iia3ezu

    So you like the mirror-like back which is a fingerprint magnet. Perfect? Okay then. Sony needs hardcore fans like you to keep the Xperia division afloat.

  • J@S0n

    A glass film will solve this problem. though it will take a little bit time to remove those fingerprint. to me, it’s not a big deal.

  • hansip

    Nah fine things need extra care. That’s always been that case. If you like cheap and easy that’s fine don’t buy the fine and expensive looking things.

  • kanazai2001

    simple solution…
    if u cannt c the diff… Z5 is the 1 for u…
    if u can c the diff… definitely Z5P is good for u…

    ** argument:
    when sony doesnt come out with 2K display —> HURRY!!! 2K is better than 1080p!!!
    when sony has 4K display —> human eye cannt spot the diff… NO NEED 4K!!!

    *** pix shown in is in 800X449… it really shown the diff… hope u can c the diff if u hav the set on ur hand… and pls compare it side by side with other 2K, 1080p, 720p displays…

  • shellyjmillere

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  • laci_csk

    Nope, Sony it is/was popular in US, but do not exist physically in the US, at least in the mobile market.

  • azzido

    yep, as noone sees the difference 1080p vs 4K on such a small screen.
    Better contrast, brightness and predefined modes is what I need, not resolution.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Most Xperiablog fans surely come from either India or middle east, judging by most nicknames I usually see on the comments.

  • aseuss

    Great points. Yes, most other gadget bloggers focus exclusively on pixels when evaluating the Z5P and neglect contrast, saturation and zoom-in effects. Thanks for drawing attention to those. Marques Brownlee on YouTube makes similar good points. Great ManilaShaker reviews BTW, keep it up. Please fill us in on the coming Z6 models.

  • Mario Junior

    4K in a phone is a meme.

  • Mario Junior

    For God’s sake, format your text!

  • Shubham

    But Sony can’t be sitting there stuck on 1080p screens, it’s gotta answer the competition! I think answer was with Z5P! i haven’t seen many QHD videos but i have seen a lot many UHD videos, so it made sense to add 4K screen on a phone, irrespective of you agree or not. And display tech will improve from here on, that’s what happened with cameras, they was initially a megapixel war, but slowly they focused on improving the quality! So, i just hope they focus on various aspects you listed.

  • -_-

  • Seems like the Z5P has an excellent display. Too bad it doesn’t have an (AM)OLED one. When Sony will implement OLED technology in their smartphones I will, without a doubt, be convinced that Sony makes the best phones. Until then, they make the phones with the worst displays, but best at everything else. That’s why I started liking Samsung (instead of hating it). They make the best displays ever!

  • J@S0n

    I like s6 edge plus too! It’s hard for me to choose the best Android phone within v10 ,s6 edge+ and z5 premium. I think alomed and tft have both pros and cons,for now it’s hard to make a 4k amoled screen into a 5.5 or 6.0 inch phone, but I’m looking forward to it too.

  • Akand

    I didn’t mean evolution, I meant adoption. Adoption is the core of evolution. However, this is not my point, i mean I’m not boldly supporting 4K on mobile. But in my vision 4K is better than curved edge display. 4K is better option for VR which is next generation of media+gaming.
    Now come to your point of brain’s creation: yes, brain created fantasy is the important factor. And this is the reason you always hate Sony. Because your brain always try to degrade Sony.
    I’m not telling Sony is the best. But Sony makes the standard device. They used to ignore gimmick features. But again people’s brains are amazed with gimmicks.
    No one is best in all sections. That’s why manufacturers create gimmicks to attract people. But Sony didn’t do that. As a result they sold least.
    However, if you judge your needs honestly, you can never throw Sony away from the top list.

  • Iki

    Samsung has horrible colour rendition compared to sony. Most oled are way over-saturated.

    Anyways, Sony has included a setting that replicates this, it’s in the screen settings. Change it from x-reality to vivid.

  • Eric Lam

    I cannot think of any reason of struggling with OLED…
    As I can tell it is the most beautiful display in the industry, at least for my eyes.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Yes I mean Xperia phones isn’t popular in the US. ask any US man about Sony phones and he’ll answer ” Sony makes phones? ”

  • Smartie11

    guys it has everything to do with politics and managing the markets, as you said Hype, just as many other things and views are being pushed onto people via main media, people are like sheep, just following. Yeah US and UK and their Sky and BBC, now i would say that i have seen people from US that do not even understand the concept of a mobile phone and how it is possible that he can talk to someone. Android phones can give you more freedom than iPhone, if you are technically more advanced user . But iPhone is US produced in China mainly or with Chinese parts and all i hear about US saying that they do not like china products :) RIGHT. Now US likes to simplify. iPhone is simple usage of everyday stuff on the phone. It is very easy to navigate and easy to work with. Stick an android to some people into the hand and they do not know what to do with it. Sorry have seen masses of people that can not connect their iPhone to WiFi, sorry US again for insulting but it is so easy. But what can you expect from people that have no interest and they need always someone to do something for them and if you do not, you are the worst. That is called ignorance and laziness. The worst thing on iphone IOS is that you need to connect via PC to upload music to your library and sync and tadi tadi daaaa. Android is simple I just pull out my micro SD card, load what I want onto it without libraries and … But I do not think that Sony has any issues with sales, as many of you probably do not see that at the beginning of a any movie today the big SONY. Sony cameras are mostly used in the whole world and not just that. They came up first with such amazing technologies, that they will not go bankrupt from a few less sales of their phones. Only rival is Samsung. Sorry iPhone users, that is not future you have in your hands. Just like US from history point of view. From nothing became something great. But all what was great, is fading away. Just look what happened to glory of Egypt, Romans, Russians for a time and now on the rise, European union. I do not want to be a party pooper, but the future of everything is going to … and i think this is the last of our worries :) have fun, basically US can sell to everyone and others can not because of US. I hope one day US will eventually take care of their own crap in their own country. Sorry again it has nothing to do with phones :) hate me, love me, i do not care, i have my own opinions and nothing will change them as i have seen enough people and traveled the whole world already.

  • Smartie11

    no UK as well :)

  • singh

    The problem also is that samsung and apple have the tech magazine and reviewers in there pocket, most tech sites favour apple or samsung because they get lots off freebies from apple and samsung so they will always be biased. i’ve seen this myself a few years ago , i was invited to a vaio convention in uk london , it was when sony 1st released there 1st windows 8 laptops and they introduced the 1st hybrid laptop tablet slider with a intel i5. It was a great laptop/ tablet convertible with sliding hinges. At the event there were many journalist who spent most of there time at the bar drinking and sitting at the massage chairs, these were provided free. The guy from trusted reviews spent 90% of this time at the bar and massage chairs, and when i asked him what you think of the vaio laptop, he said” i don’t know ain’t bothered looking at it , dont think its going to better then a apple mac book pro.” A couple weeks later he put up a review giving the product a 3 star rating, without even using it. I will never trust any off these tech sites. I think the usa its difficult for sony most people stick to apple/samsung. In the uk its more varied sony seems to be quite popular here.

  • Arup R. Chowdhury

    Have the ZR, Z1compact and Z5compact as well as Nokia 1020. I fully agree that its been an ownership of pride and satisfaction and the latest Z5 camera now fully matches my 1020 as the later is too slow and long in tooth for today’s use. Well done SONY.

  • Arup R. Chowdhury

    Compared to my AMOLDED 1020, I prefer SONY’s deep natural rendition of colors.

  • PoliticalBastard

    I own it, it’s crap. screen is only better than a 2k screen by a speck. not worth it.

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