Music Beta update (9.1.4.A.2.0beta) adds scrollable play queue and support for Marshmallow Concept

by XB on 21st December 2015

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Music 9.1.4.A.2.0beta_1Sony Mobile has updated the Music Beta application to version 9.1.4.A.2.0beta, which adds a new landing page with a scrollable play queue. The other changes include greater Marshmallow Concept support with Edit Music Info 2.0 and a few design changes (“My Library” is back in the drawer and the “Throw” functionality has moved to the Cast menu). All beta users will be available to download the update via the Google Play Store, otherwise you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.1.4.A.2.0beta)

Music 9.1.4.A.2.0beta_1 Music 9.1.4.A.2.0beta_2

Music 9.1.4.A.2.0beta_3

  • Arian Hajiakbar

    anyone knows if its possible to download music information with Marshmallow concept?

  • Andrea

    in this app lacks the ability to sort the songs of albums, as many times the order spread

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  • Brick

    Thank the gods that horrible woman is gone. Getting this apk just because I couldn’t stand her anymore.

  • iia3ezu

    Good luck to those being unpaid beta testers for Sony Mobile.

  • Brick

    We get to try new features and mess with the app earlier, Sony saves money on beta testers, everyone wins.

  • hyper0926

    does this work in non sony devices?

  • thew01

    Yey!! Finally the default women has gone forever from home library ! Thanx sony

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