XB Xmas Competition: Win a DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Xperia Z3+ and Z5 [Update]

by XB on 22nd December 2015

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DevilCase Xperia Bumper CompetitionChristmas Day is fast approaching and to celebrate we are giving away a prize every day thanks to our generous partners. Today’s prize comes courtesy of DevilCase, manufacturer of some of the best Sony Xperia aluminium bumpers around. We are giving away two DevilCase bumpers for the Xperia Z3+ (Copper and Silver) and one bumper for the Xperia Z5 (Red).

To enter the competition, please use the relevant widget below (it is open to our readers worldwide). There are various options to provide your competition entry, each giving you an additional chance to win. The competition closes on Thursday 24 December at 15.00 BST. Good luck!

Update: The competition has now ended, thanks to everyone that entered. The lucky winners are listed below. Many congratulations!

DevilCase for Xperia Z3+ winners:
– B. Marti from Germany
– S. Masiulionis from Lithuania

DevilCase for Xperia Z5 winner:
– Y. Higri from Israel

Win one of two Xperia Z3+ DevilCase bumpers

XB Xmas Compo: DevilCase Xperia Z3+ Bumper

Win a Xperia Z5 DevilCase bumper

XB Xmas Compo: DevilCase Xperia Z5 Bumper

  • bilomar

    Nice one, hope I’ll be lucky enough

  • Kefalin


  • It would be a great option for my Z3+!

  • LancerEX

    Would love to have that cool bumper for my Z5! :)

  • Patrick Bateman


  • Gambi

    Not available for Z5 compact?

  • juan pablo londono

    good i need one

  • Albert Fernando

    Hope to win z5 case

  • Matt


    Samsung opening marshmallow public beta program. I wonder where the idea come from

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    My Z5 can only be complimented by the devilcase

  • Hao Kuang

    Good luck everyone. Hope i win. Merry christmas!!!!

  • Casey Sturgeon

    They’re so nice

  • Sami Dawood

    I want one of these

  • thefaze

    pick me!

  • ChilliPSco

    Good luck everyone!

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    I’m hoping to win one of the Z3+ one..

  • Joonas Hiltunen

    My Z3+ would be protected again since my last cover broke down..

  • Sadman Khan

    I wonder XD

  • Winfried Schueler

    Wanna win pls

  • Give me red.

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    I want

  • James Neuburger Gaston


  • Bounty Hunter

    Perfect for my Z5!

  • Tsakane

    Another competition I’m not going to win

  • Phatty

    hmm went to the store and they actually have nice cases. Would like to try one out and maybe will switch from the otterboxes for my other devices

  • a.hamameh

    Like always -_-
    Copy, paste and add Samsung logo -_-

  • yogiraj kinekar

    hope to win DevilCase bumper for my Z3+..

  • Shehab Skull


  • ShiroiTaka

    copper would look great :)

  • I hope i win.

  • alrmad

    May the Force (or his aluminum bumper) be with my Z3+

  • Jacky


  • TimmY

    Where can I find the bumper for Z5? I don’t believe I can win it and I cannot see it on Amazon UK.

  • emmanuel david

    The xperia Z3+ is the sexiest among xperias!!!

  • Karlo Sudec

    Xperia blog is on fire :)

  • Marcel

    omg that looks mint

  • Ridwan Ahmed

    I HAVE A Z5!

  • HiengOng

    Who will win …

  • artrosoft

    I´d like them both!

  • BarKohba

    z5 4 me 10x

  • bilomar

    Good luck everyone

  • jag

    2 days to go! Merry Kurismasu!!! Goodluck guys! And thanks Xperia Blog for this wonderful blog for this year

  • Yi Ming Teo

    That is one stylish protection for my new Z5 Premium

  • iia3ezu

    ‘Competition’: whoring for social media exposure.

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    It’s me again..

  • Arturo Pastrana

    Hello again! XD

  • I want it

  • emmanuel david

    Must.. Have.. This.. DEVILCASE!

  • Paul Obee

    It won’t fit the Z5 Premium. It’s for the regular Z5.

  • Karlo Sudec

    I want it:)

  • M Usman

    Would love a case for my z3 plus

  • alrmad

    Can’t buy it in Spain, need to win it

  • I hope i win, plzzz

  • Brian De Guzman

    Comment! :D

  • SONY only

    Samsung sucks

  • XperiaBlog

    It hasn’t officially launched yet, it should do very soon though.

  • Bumperrrrrrrr! ;)

  • SteBer

    Great Bumper indeed

  • Sanjeev Rai

    On OS front, Samsung is not gonna go much farther due to its such laggy TouchWiz. And it should first work on it and then think about opening such program.

  • ChilliPSco

    Good luck again people.

  • chancortes

    happy holidays!!

  • Battal
  • Matt

    nope , their touchwizz is already good enough :P

  • ShiroiTaka

    Bump Bump Bump Bump it up!

  • Matt Krushon

    Will Z3+ bumper fit Z3?

  • TimmY

    *prays to fortune gods*

  • Blake

    Would lovveeee the bumper case for my z5!

  • Marcel


  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    This is the case that I’m looking for..

  • alrmad

    Come on…

  • redX

    I want one for my Xperia Z5 dual

  • fsrkewd

    in for one!

  • Karlo Sudec

    These competitions are great :)

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    Copper one for my Xperia Z3+ plz.

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    i really hope this competition is not a fake one ! :p

  • Eldair

    If I ever drop my phone, I hope to have this for it

  • James

    Looks awesome. Want to put it on my xperia)

  • Sigis

    Yahooooo, i will get the bumper for my xperia :-P

  • Adrian

    Cant believe i won, never have any luck in these kinda things, made my day ty XB :)


  • bilomar

    Great, will we get a mail or what? Wouldn’t think I win something out the Internet :D

  • bilomar

    Well shit, thought it said z3 and not z3 plus. Fuck my life

  • Peter Harwood

    Can anyone tell me when devil case bumper for a z5 be available to buy in the UK

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