XB Xmas Competition: Win a Sony Xperia Z5 [Update]

by XB on 24th December 2015

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sony_xperia_z5_greenToday marks the last day of our Christmas competition week – we hope you’ve enjoyed them. We’ve saved the best for last and what a corker we have in store for one lucky winner! Thanks to the awesome bods over at Sony Mobile, we are offering you the chance to win a Sony Xperia Z5 (E6653, Green) smartphone.

We are running this giveaway slightly different to the others over the last week. We want to know from our readers, what is it exactly that attracts you to the Sony Xperia brand? There is no right or wrong answer, we just want to hear your honest thoughts in the comments below.

Once you’ve written your comment, then please use the widget below to complete your entry. You will also be given more options to log additional entries. As before, the competition is open to all readers worldwide. The competition closes on Boxing Day (Saturday 26 December) at 15.00 BST. Good luck to everyone!

Update: Many thanks to the huge numbers of you that took the time to enter the competition. We can reveal that the lucky winner of the Sony Xperia Z5 is M. Pavi? from Croatia. Many congratulations!

XB Xmas Compo: Sony Xperia Z5 (Green)

  • Dima Sverdlov

    The design and the quality of Sony is beyond anyone in the market!

  • Z5 is really awesome phone!

  • redX

    I am totally in love with Sony Xperia, right from my first phone w700i. Every single phone from Sony wanted me to buy it on the first day of launching, and i am actually purchasing it right on the first day from Xperia Z1.

  • I would recommend Xperia over any other brand of Android phone out in the market Sony flag ship phones are just magic master piece

  • daniel

    The unbelievably amazing smartphone camera

  • xAntifreeZe

    “What is it exactly that attracts you to the Sony Xperia brand?” it is a qn that my friends always asked me and I just have no idea why. I just feels like I’m born with a link with the Sony brand – it gives me pride when I sees the brand; gives me confidence when I have a Sony Xperia phone; gives me the eXperi(a)ence that I can’t have when using other brands’ phones. To me, Sony is my love, my story, my life
    Fan of Sony Xperia, always

  • Kuti Attila Ati

    a min?ség

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Well, it’s something about to be a little aside from mainstream, something like feeling myself home after long absense. I’m with Sony (Ericsson) for 10 years now.
    And also it’s unaffordable due to currency devaluation in Ukraine ^^
    Good luck everybody and Happy Holidays!

  • Arshaa Varun

    Simplicity is Sony’s key strength. The Engineering Standards of Sony are unmatched in any product category. Not just smartphones.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Oh, the quality of everything in sony xperia :-)

  • Skurbs

    Decent hardware, awesome development community

  • chaud

    hope i win it!

  • Rob Hestar

    My Iphone is an over rated POS! thats why! I hate it so much :(

  • eagleeyes91

    I like that it has “naked” USB port)

  • Patrick Bateman

    Their suite of media apps, the build quality and battery life, these are the things that attract me and made me a loyal Xperia brand user.

  • Marinko Agic

    Love Xperia,because they are the Best!This is SONY!

  • What attracts me to the Sony Xperia brand is that in my eyes, they seem to do everything perfectly. They make well-designed phones with stereo speakers, waterproofing, fast chipsets, decent software, great battery life and they even add hardware camera buttons to every flagship. Not just that, but they seem to be the only company that still considers the smaller form factor profitable.

    At times, I really wonder why Sony Xperia smartphones aren’t any more popular.

  • Deki

    Wow! I cannot believe that you are giving us a chance to win the beast! The Xperia Z5! I still have the Xperia Z1 and I wanted to buy the Z5, but this year I don’t have that kind of budget to buy it. I know that I won’t win, but honestly, by far Z5 was my next choice of phone. Unfortunately, this year wasn’t so good like two years ago when I bought Z1, but I hope I can someday see this great phone.

    The things that attracts me to Sony mobile phones is the unique design, the quality of the sound and graphics and that they are doing their own version of Android. My phone Xperia Z1 is so elegant and so nice looking, the phone hasn’t slowed like other phones from time, but I have a great real speed phone. You know what I want to say.

    If you are asking me, if I had the money, I would definitely buy every flagship from Sony. I know that people are eager for software updates, but please, Z1 got every update till now.

    Thank you XperiaBlog for this competition. I was, I am and I will still be your reader and follower and true fan. Have a nice day.

  • Kefalin

    Awesome support,excellent build quality and handy waterproofness…

  • Aurélien Coquart

    Absolutely everything, Xperia is a masterpiece

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    Large battery, nice design, SD card slot, non-intrusive Android skin.

  • Florian Pfister

    I love the Sony Xperia Z5 :3

  • MaitieS

    Just = best Smartphone? :)

  • Snorky112

    I prefer sony over all other brands because even not perfect (no one is) its the brand that most suits my needs. The overall build quality is perfect and the software design is simple and beautiful. I can’t do without sonys apps anymore and even messaging and keyboard app are the best to me. Too bad for now I’m stuck with a nexus 5 I got really cheap I can’t wait to get money to go back to sony. Or maybe XB Santa will make me happy for christmas ? I hope <3

  • Rafael Nunes


  • Alexey Esenin

    I’m in!

  • Definitely bcoz of the camera and classic design and rugged build

  • Richard Forrest

    Never let me down

  • nikola1970

    The thing that attracts me the most about the Z5 is the frosted back glass :) Merry Christmas to all of you! Long live Sony!

  • Rahul R

    the awesome slick design of glass and aluminium (which is now copied by some brands and boasts as if they introduced the design) with useful water and dust proofing without sacrificing expandable storage and even front facing speakers(applause)….the terrific sony sensor in the camera which is used by many others also extends the reason why I look up to sony brand

  • dodge121

    I love the design of the present Xperia z range, the quality and the valence of their phones. Also that they bring the latest android firmware to older models. They are not always the first once but better late than never. And since I am PlayStation gamer I like the PSN integration (movies especially) quite a lot.

  • Von Patrick Denorte

    I wa asked to choose between a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an Xperia M.
    I picked Xperia M because of ClearAudio+ and xLoud.

  • kevlo

    Since childhood I have a sony handy ..’m always totally satisfied with my phones have been characterized and it falls pretty hard the brand change might I want to not even
    Sorry for my bad english :p
    And merry Christmas!!!

  • ???!C

    I’ve been a fan of Sony for a long time, I liked them even back in the day when they were in the joint venture with Ericsson. I guess they always had a certain appeal, in my honest opinion they still do, they just have to find the right formula to attract the consumers…

  • cowanh00

    Long battery and removable storage are the things that keep me. I also like the design and that the Android customises are low.

  • Himal Rama

    Superb design of hardware and user interface, media capabilities, and Sony’s developer-friendly philosophy.

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    Xperia phones have the best phone and UI design for me, as well some some of the best cameras and screens!

  • Yasser AL KABBANI

    I waiting Xperia Z6 With S Master Amplifier HX for best music System

  • Carl Evangelista

    Design and the camera :>

  • Silas Arentsen

    Cool! Used the Xperia T and the SE Neo :D

  • Chabee

    I love it cause of design, quality, brand, price / performance ratio

  • Kanhal

    Using sony phones only since my 1st mobile.
    Richness of Sony Xperia Phones is the first thing which attracts me.Apart from that Sound Quality,bulid material and Waterproof Xperia phones.Hope we get something great in 2016!!

  • XPERIA = waterproof, dustproof, battery longlivety, music, aluminum case, … everything i need for my outdoor adventures :)

  • RazvanZ3c

    Design, interface, longest battery life

  • Tangent Lin

    Premium device, stereo speaker, and bigger battery

  • carlo

    The cool design, the Screen, the camera, audio quality, and almost everything in Sony. They are great in all forms! keep it up Sony!

  • Primarily the stability of stock firmware and the battery life. And then there’s the way these phones look.

    I’d still really like a nice QWERTY slider from Sony…

  • Luis Abe

    it’s easy to flash roms

  • B.H.

    Its me, i know it.

  • David Wong

    I have always love edged smartphone and Sony Xperia just fits my criteria. The flagship series also offer decent specs available on the market. The camera also able to capture the best moments every time too!

  • a.hamameh

    I was waiting something like that :-D
    I hope I can get one
    Good luck to me :-P and for all ;-)

  • SM

    Attractive design+superior quality+amazing sound of the brand SONY=my xperia

  • sebastianer

    – The size of the Z compact phones. They’re the only hi-end phones with this size at the moment.

  • Reliability

  • ???? ????????? ?? ??????????

    I want the brilliance of Sony.

  • Sadman Khan

    Wish I got one. Would be pretty cool.

  • Rodrigo F

    What strikes me in the Xperia line is its great construction and design, are fantastic devices, you realize the Sony knows how to make above average performance with devices without sacrificing device design, a clear example, in respect of battery, in spite of it be small use of account unit in Hard mode. Well, I do not see myself using another device than the brand. I think I’m Sonysta, I’ve had the Live Walkman, Xperia Z, Xperia Z2, Z3 Xperia one black and one white Xperia Z3 and now have a Xperia Z5, and the brand headphones.

  • MedicalFlyer

    The fact that they try to improve their products instead of constantly releasing the same worn out and problematic models over and over. And it doesn’t try to look like an iPhone which is nice.

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    trying luck is free of cost :p so just commenting !

  • Dáire Mooney

    The software is basically vanilla android, with a few helpful additions! Really love the Concept Software, shows Sony are thinking ahead! But the hardware is where is stands out, amazing design, have the original Z still, it’s getting a bit old, the battery is gone, but its still amazing to hold!

  • Amey Kanikdale

    My first phone was a Sony Ericsson and honestly, I have never had to think about moving on to another brand since the last 6 years. I guess thats the reason why I love Sony.

  • because its Sony

  • Bryce Harding

    Its funny how people are sucking up for the phone, if I had to state the obvious, the high quality display and the amazing battery life, the UI is also fresh!

  • CopperStew

    Well I’ve been with Sony since 2011 with the Xperia X10 and the thing that attacked me to it was the camera, then I upgraded to the the first line of the Z series (Z C6603) then a year back I’ve upgraded to the Z2 (D6503) and I still in love with that damn good camera;
    All my friends, family and coworker are jealous about the amazing pics I take with it;

    So that the main thing that attacked me to the Xperia Brand but also the stereo speakers of the Z2 are just awesome o/

  • mohamed basher

    In fact i love sony devices because it have waterproof, good locking, and support alot like my PlayStation and my TV i love sony for every thing.

  • blacklion

    waterproof desing and camera

  • yassine boussada

    i a Z5 so badly :)

  • Tem Adam

    Every other company has awful system ui except Xperias the ui, the hardware and the Android system are what is in the mix that made me fall and become an Xperia owner. I have had a lot of Sony Ericsson devices followed by an Xperia mini Xperia Z tab, Typo x2, and now a proud owner of the fabulous Xperia Z3+! If I win the Z5 my wife will have it so we can challenge each other in photography! <3

  • dataer

    The Waterproof capabilities along with the camera details!

  • Okazuma

    Good news :)

  • Larry H

    All my favorites: Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, excellent camera, long battery life, and green.

  • Kwstakhs

    Stereo speakers and camera

  • Axel

    A z5 would be the best present ever :-)

  • George Ntekidis

    Awesome phone!

  • Ellis DeGuzman

    For me, design. It honestly just stands out from the rest. And it being waterproof…love it.

  • Lochlyn Cleveland

    Very cool, id love to win a new phone

  • Lee Sim

    Origin and innovation from Sony!

  • BoomerJMoore

    I’m a big Sony fan. Sony PlayStation owner of all the home consoles and even a Bravia tv from 6 years ago. I honestly believe that they make great quality products that hold up well through time. A lot of people call me biased, since I own the game systems, for gravitating to the phones but it’s got such a great design and features I couldn’t help but jump on board with the Sony Xzperia Z. I then moved on to the Z3 when it was available on T-Mobile here in the US and when the Z5 was being announced I was excited and was ready to jump on board until I found out it wasn’t going to be carried by my carrier. I’m a devoted loyalist to the brand that I won’t upgrade unless it’s a Sony phone. I’ve been wanting the Z5 for quite some time and hope to win this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    Will I win or Will I not win? That’ the question. :D

  • Kent Gaga

    It’s been 8 or 9 years since the day I fell in love with the Sony/Sony Ericsson brand and I really am excited to see it stepping up the game next year
    Keep up the great designs and improve the camera features and you’ll be taking back your place in no time ;)

  • chancortes

    I have been a solid Sony Xperia fan ever since they started making smartphones. Owned Xperia P and currently using Z1 compact. I would say that the best part of owning an Xperia phone is the great camera and the waterproof feature it has.

  • Kevin Pang

    I own a Xperia Z3 Tablet and I am pretty surprised how good the quality is although it’s mostly made out of plastic. But the device still feels premium because it doesn’t get any scratches or any noticeable damage (Just to let you know, I am using a protective flip cover).

    That means, I only own one Xperia device. No phone at all. Still, I am convinced that the build quality of a metal built phone should be somehow better than a plastic device.
    And I am also excited to get Android Marshmallow from Sony Mobile because, according to the concept beta project, they are striving for a very light weighted stock like OS and simultaneously keeping some Xperia features. In my opinion, they are heading the right path with their mobile development.

    Winning a Xperia Z5 just makes my Xperia “collection” (the combination of phone and tablet) complete and perfect. And I don’t need more.

  • Birkir R Gudjonsson

    The Design is awesome. IP68 and battery.

  • Aiwanei

    What I love about the Xperia brand is the premium quality products that are available to all consumers at a price that really challenges the other major device makers.

  • Nelson Neves

    I like design, build quality and battery.

  • ZrPreZario

    Design. Camera. Software.

  • JiaWei

    I just love the omni balance design that started with the Xperia Z!!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well I love Sony brand because it just feels right. Everytime I test another brand I just don’t feel at home, but with Sony it feels at home every time.

  • Rahul Rajput

    I really wanna win this giveaway! I love xperia series. . I have xperia m dual and I really want a new phone as this phone is getting old and kinda my screen is broke too and I dont think my parents are gonna buy me a new phone..and I really love this green version so much! I really wanna win! Thanks xperiablog for the giveaway!

  • Sædís


  • Martín Balzarini

    Love the Xperia line. I hadn’t own a Sony smartphone before and for an android fan, it’s the first time I am happy with a manufacturer version of Android, and that’s huge from Sony, they not only make great hardware, they also give a great software experience and that makes for a great package.

  • minimaL

    Design and the ‘less is more’ interface!

  • Hardik

    Performance, Elegance and the Sony Goodwill.

  • Benjamin Klintström

    For me it is a combination of wonderful, beautiful hardware and a software that is unintrusive, helpful and good looking. The software doesn’t get in the way of you doing things, but instead helps you. And the hardware can keep up with you and not slow you down.

    All in all, it helps you experience life the way you want to experience it.

  • pascaleandrei

    Merry Christmas!

  • mark_13

    At first it was because Sony wasn’t Samsung, now I’m converted with the overall package. Viva Xperia!

  • Reda

    Awesome news I can’t believe that I can win the perfect phone ever Z5.
    Thing that attract me to Sony is the battery backup, Water resist designs, the amazing camera and overall performance of the phone at all.

  • Andi Cocosisuk

    Design and camera. And off course its SONY!!

  • Abdallah Al issa

    Sony is the first company in my view, in spite of some small mistakes, but in my opinion the best factory for smartphones in the company is trying to satisfy the user’s high specifications and price remained opposed to all companies seeking to seize the company’s other customers and we hope to be Lha a bright future full of successes

  • fotis89

    There are many things about Sony Xperia that can attract you.
    To name some, of course the awesome design, of both the device itself and software, the reliability and developer friendliness!

  • Santana

    Nothing compares to the build quality or UI of the Xperia brand carries, the simplicity and ease of use is second to none so there is no other brand for me. Been using Xperia since the X1 and it’s the only brand I use and it’s the only brand I recommend to anyone else it’s just the best there is hands down.

  • mrninko

    Guys, merry Xmas and happy holidays :)

  • Axel Fournier

    The elegance of Xperia phones. I love Xperia series…
    I’m on my third Xperia phone and I’ve never had a bad experience with Sony.

    And of course, the camera of Xperia phones is awesome!

    Thank you for this competition! I hope I will win…
    Good luck everyone.

  • Matt

    It is coming!

  • ????? ????????

    I’m a hater.

  • Orfeas Lampropoulos

    Z5 is my next smartphone. I have a Z3 now. Sony is…like no other! Merry Xmas to all!

  • mukul verma

    happy holidays xperiablog, thanx for supporting me whenever needed. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.. HO HO HO

  • Horatiu Costache

    I own a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet and am very pleased with it. The design and performance fit perfectly my needs.

    I really hope to give an Xperia Z5 companion to my reliable tablet.

  • Mo

    Sony for their design.

  • BzK

    Quality and Camera is the best in Z5 :)

  • Jorge Lara

    I’m always attracted to sony because the design of the phones, the greatest cameras in a smartphone, the installed nom-invasive software,the great implementation of batteries in terms of duration…. i’m always sony-fan

  • Nathan Horner

    I have a Z3 and Z Ultra – love the fact that they are waterproof, great battery life and Sony don’t ruin the Android interface!

  • cloquazidus .

    this is the day… thanks for the gift. hehe

  • XperiaSlay

    Sony Media Apps, Endurance and OS stability is the reason Why I chose and loving Xperia. Good Luck

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think I’ve been following Xperia Blog for years now. I really loved the information that they bring us. Always provide us with correct info. Never mislead us with false info. Keep up the good work and Good Luck Xperia Blog Staff and Good Luck to all :)

  • Leo Gasparovic

    Because Sony has the most beautifal and fastest UI and design that attract as well as water resistance and best cameras.

  • malkam


  • MrTheenD

    I had a Z2, I was in love with it, everything about it, the design, the camera, the software, and consistent updates.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Was gonna wait for the z5 but the price difference between the z2 and z5 this year was massive so I went for the z2 at the start would be great if I won a z5 though! Good luck everyone!

  • Jim

    I love the physical quality of Sony products. I enjoy the Hi Res audio which is unique and important to me. And I like the connectibility both wired and wireless. And I just love getting more accessories to enhance my phone and tablet too. Though I must admit I do need to upgrade from my Z3+ as I continue to have a lot of problems with it. My Z4 tablet is a dream however.

  • Sunil Sati

    merry Xmas to all :)

  • XperiaSlay

    Sony Media Apps, Endurance and OS ustability is the reason Why I chose and loving Xperia. Good Luck

  • Because of the UI and Hardware

  • mintyphoenix

    I have Z3 and live the physical design both aesthetically and UX (camera button, water proofing, dual front speakers, etc)

  • Zakaria El idrissi

    Xperia Z5 is love, Sony is live :3

  • David Elton

    wow :) awesome, I have had sony phones since the old sony/ericssons the z5 is lightyears ahead though, so beautifully designed and great for taking pictures while Im out and about, so lovely.

  • Ismail Ibrahim

    Z5 wow! hope to win

  • lzychld

    Merry X’mas everyone!!

  • ternopilskyi

    Long Battery Life, Software (Simple and Fast Launcher, Music App, Gallery App…), Hardware (3GB RAM its cool!), Noise Cancellation Technology, Camera, Design.

  • It is the design language that these phones have that I really, really love.
    To be honest, I just can’t live without music, so the main reason I really want to get one of the high end Xperia is the built in NC + high definition audio. Definitely :3

  • popas78

    Thanks for the price

  • Vicky

    Specially their omni-balance design & the Xperia UI(specifically what they have done with lolipop).

  • Tiago Sousa

    What I mostly love about the Sony brand is their design on their products. Their smartphones are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. Besides, their UI is really clean and really matches the way the smartphone is built. Another thing I love about their smartphones is the camera. They have awesome lens put in their phones and all this characteristics combined make their phones and all their other products, the best in the WORLD!! #LoveSony <3

  • Ahmad Emirul

    Honestly , i attract to Sony Xperia brand because of their design and also their camera technology. I mostly used phone to capture my great moment everyday, thus a perfect picture must a have.

  • Micha? Niedostatkiewicz

    The elegance of the design plus the trust for the company behind it. :)

  • Georgios Kelidis

    The things that attract me most to the Xperia brand are the prestige of owning a Sony manufactured device, the excellent build quality and magnificent design of their smarthphones.

    Currently, I’m on my fourth Xperia device and I have no regrets about my purchases. Looking back at my previous Xperia devices, the thing that has stayed the same is the quickness of the User Interface.

  • Lets start the party :)

  • Mars

    Sony design is the best.

  • onEofThEseDayS

    Camera, battery life, sound quality, screen quality, design, software. The Sony experience is second to none, and if I had the money i would be using one right now.

  • Sony design is really attract me to it and their UI also that are very excellent.

  • Marko

    I like the nice design & the performance of Sony. Merry Christmas!

  • Ali

    I used Z1, Z2 and Z3. But this Z5… OMG this Z5!!!… It’s the best!

  • Grig Morosanu

    From sony xperia brand attracts me : camera quality,sound,design ,battery and sure bravia engine display. Sony is always the best

  • sillieidiot

    I’m attracted to this brand due to the build quality and the flagship specs. The phones have a lot going for them in all different areas. It just sucks that there’s little support where I’m at, but it was like that when I was buying Nokia phones anyways.

  • Angelo Oliviero

    Quality, design, class

  • fluxx

    I prefer the combination of Sonys good hardware design and a stable, more stock-like Android experience. I also own a TV, smartband and tablet from Sony and like the one brand approach; something not a lot of manufacturers can provide.

  • Razvan Cezar Berezenco

    Like most Xperia Userssaid it the Design is great. But for me it’s the complete package. Great audio, great camera, good UI and the fact that the phone runs like the day I bought it (have an Z2 now) and hasn’t showed signs of slowing.

  • Chaot0407

    Best Design.
    Best Performance.
    Sony is doing a great job and I hope that 2016 will be the year Sony takes over the smartphone market!


    I got to know Sony when I bought Sony Ericsson K750i in 2009.I love that feature phone and never went back to any brand. I have used only Sony/Ericsson phones after my first one in 2009. I have used K750i, K700i, K810i and currently using Sony Xperia U which the screen is broken now.

    I wanted some of these flagships to replace the U but it is difficult to find Sony products here in Ghana and even if u find one, it is a third party seller and the price is something else. I would love to get this as a replacement for my broken Xperia U.

    I love Sony products because of the design and build quality.

  • mrbank

    I have switched from iPhone to Android and Sony was my first choice. Last year I bought Z3 Compact and was very happy with the overall performance. And I don’t mind for the upgrade to Z5 with the superior auto-focus !!!

  • bladenr1

    Well the style and waterproof plus card slott i own a Sony xp z3plus. Still lags with a good chip. Have a good screen. Sound is low when you plugg it in to a speaker or earplugs through 3.5 jack even when you put the volume on max, it’s low, Sony own launcher is crap, camera is a joke still get red eyes even if i choose to use flash for red eyes. Slow in updating everybody has the latest update except z3plus and z4 users. Sony wake up. I don’t care if i win or not. Z5 is the best phone Sony have made. But there are other brands that are getting better and will pass Sony very soon.

  • Jokur_csgo

    Best camera, best battery, best design! Sony Xperia Z5!

  • Khush

    For me it’s the U.I, build quality and IP7X certification

  • Kosacka

    Good luck, everyone.

  • Matys1497

    I like Sony’s brand for their quality and design. They have very beautiful looking firmware. I think it is the best brand which give you good value for money. Every phone which I had was Xperia. From Xperia X10 to Xperia T, Xperia Z and now Xperia Z2.

  • Harry

    Sony has always been my favorite brand since childhood because of their superior quality, the best designs and the best performing devices. Since owning a P800 I have always use Sony/Sony Ericsson phones. And when they came up with Xperia branded phones, Xperia instantly became my favorite mobile brand and I LOVE ALL THE XPERIA’S I HAVE OWENED AND THE ONES IN MY HOUSE….

  • Shehab Skull


  • Lucian

    Hmm, what attracts me to Sony Xperia, I’d say the simplicity in their beautiful design, great software and great battery life. Fantastic giveaway!

  • subbu

    Amazing compo. Xperia Z5 is an incredible smartphone. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Qboss

    Super! It would be really great gift for Christmas. Z5 is the best of the best. Design, overall quality and specification – I summarize it in one word: mastery

  • Ian Atanácio

    What attracts me to Xperia smartphones is its simple but elegant design. I also like its dust and water proofing.

  • Yeap Ch

    Sony Mobile has expressed great consistency in maintaining the ergonomic and visualistic design in the Sony Ericsson and Xperia line which is later carried to Sony smartphones. Quality of the mobile phone was never compromised while maximising the functionality. Personally had use K700i, W800i,C905(Sony Ericsson era) , Xperia U and Xperia V. All still functioned well till today. But recent Xperia Z 3+, Z5 line are rather more expensive than most people can afford. Facing stiff comparative chipsets and hardware from other brands. Sony need to build a more user affordable and approachable phone. Xperia Go and Xperia U and Xperia S, Acro S were very good examples. Especially Xperia Go with water proof functionality. Eager to to see back the optimised price performance phone.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Well since my first phone a Sony Ericsson T200 a long time ago I found it easy to use, then the so good camera on K790, C902 besides the right functions that I looked for. When Android era started I try others brands and they were not easy to use, specially a Samsung Galaxy Ace I totally hate them but I found a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro with a Keyboard, it was awesome. Now when the phones are bigger and I don’t like having something that doesn’t fits in my pocket and a slower low range phone isn’t a choice I have found Z Compact series.
    So what attracts me from Xperia brand is that they always have what I look for.

  • Very nice set of campaigns!

  • SeVeMaS

    Why Sony? Don’t really know, I’m a Sony fan since the CMD-X2000 even before sonyericsson era.

  • Youcef Hicham

    The brand name Sony is enough to be attracted to ;)

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Uh nice gift for New Year

  • Bur

    Very nice

  • crandrix

    I’ve had several Sony phones, I just love them, I don’t think there’s anything better out there.

  • Cid R.

    First, I have certain bias towards Sony products, my earlier cell phones were Sony Ericsson phones and I was very satisfied with them. My first Smartphone was the Xperia X10, even with all of its issues I liked it very much. Good camera for its time and a design I still like. I later had the chance to use the Xperia Ray and M2. All of them still work.

    From then I was very pleased to see Sony becoming very friendly with the Android community and in general a very positive actor in the whole Android ecosystem. The quality of the phones also went up dramatically, system and battery optimization, camera, water resistance and so on. It is also one of the few makers that still have original designs, this is very important these days when most high end phones are essentially the same inside.

    To summarise, “what attracts me to the Sony Xperia Brand?”. I guess its the fact that the make very good phones with original designs, also that the company is willing to work with the community and a small dosis of bias and Brand loyalty.

  • sora77

    The design, the reliability, the water and dust proof and of coz the brand.

  • Robert

    I was about to buy a smartphone in 2013. My old phone didn’t satisfy me anymore and so I was looking for a new one. I did research about Android OEM’s and my focus was on the overall style of that product and the support for custom roms. I went to a store to hold them all in my hands and the Xperia T really felt right. The UI wasn’t as cartoonish as many other and the design was just brilliant. After a few months I bricked my phone and it was out of question that it would be another Xperia phone, so I bought the Xperia Z, which is still my companion. I really like the omni balance design, it’s something that only Sony has. Another point is the quality, compared to other companies Xperia phones are really well made and it feels like it’s really the best. Sony is underrated by many and it feels good to own one.

  • Tajhric fox

    What I really love about Sony for years now is their UI. To me the user interface is one of the best since it stays close to Android while still having a little flair to it

  • Feddy

    Mainly the design

  • It’s the really simple understated design and excellent build quality. They’re grown up phones.

  • Robert Paul Baquing

    The brand itself speaks for the good quality of the device. No need to explain for more :)

  • asgaro

    I’m really fond of the Compact series. My current device is the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and it’s also my first Xperia device. I choose this device (back in June 2015) because of its relatively compact design, it’s superb battery performance, and the fact it has flagship performance without getting dumbed down.
    After buying and using it, I also now feel great about having Stamina mode (which I keep on at all times) and the fact the GUI isn’t too bloated. Also, you can uninstall or, if not uninstall, at least disable some default apps you won’t use. You can even uninstall the performance hog called Facebook which is great since I prefer other light-weight FB apps.
    I do around 4 to 5 years with every smartphone I buy. I plan on doing the same with my Z3C and so far, I am really impressed. The only downside that I could predict in the long term is perhaps due to the durability/fragility: I have read stories about cracks sometimes happening randomly. As a consequence I use both a case and tempered glass protectors. I wish this wasn’t necessary so I could show the overall beauty of this device, but I prefer durability over showing off for now. :)
    Finally, kudos for the Concept project on Marshmallow. And also the fact you make source code for each Android release available for the community on your Sony developer website.

  • Panos Athanasiadis

    The best thing about Sony is that compared to other companies, they have beautiful yet simplistic design for their phones and also the light rom tweaks they do to keep android as close to stock as possible ^_^

  • subm

    Design obviously

  • Jozef Cmar

    I prefer design and user interface

  • diplomserver


  • XT

    Design (waterproof, attention to details, UI design etc), camera and battery.

  • Georgi Kasarov

    My love SONY <3

  • Adlane

    amazing phone

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    If you ask me,why I was attracted to Sony Xperia brand is because of Minecraft game that I saw on my dad’s Xperia mini pro

    Then,I saw Xperia PLAY advertisement,and then asked my father for it,but he bought me the same phone,and my Xperience with Xperia as my first android phone is like “Wow,this is the best phone I ever use.”,then I always keep changing phone using Sony brand,from Xperia mini pro,to Xperia ion,and then to Xperia Z2

    I also recommend my family and friend to use Sony Xperia brand,and I will keep doing that in the future.


    Malaysia Sony Xperia Brand fan

    Muhammad Danial

  • Janis Banis

    Nice phone!

  • jabato410

    by its design and the water resistance plus that comes very well

  • ruba

    I love Sony because is synonym of quality in design and performance moreover Sony is style. Intelligent people use Sony products.

  • Max

    I like Sony Xperia phones because of their style, build quality and fast software.


  • Chtka

    Design and clean android

  • Rameez Ahmed

    Xperia z5 = elegant and classy design, great camera and a great overall performer

  • Matt Krushon

    I have chosen Xperia for this premium quality design. Pure glass, Omnibalance design – the best in the world. And rest is also premium – support, hardware, everything. I would never buy any other phone.

  • Yousuf Chishty

    First of all, ‘SONY’, name is enough for me to buy Sony Product. Other than it, Best Design, Light UI, Innovative Hardwares, Camera and Specially WATER PROOFING and AUDIO , these special features attraction for buying.
    Stamina mode in extra also.
    I always recommended Sony to my Relatives, Friends and any one who asked my opinion before buy a new mobile.
    They also called me BRAND AMBASSADOR of SONY.
    Its in real, not fake.

  • Phil g

    Ever since the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was available on At&t over 5 years ago, I have been a big fan and supporter of Sony
    Mobile. I love the design of Xperia
    phones, this is something that in my opinion no other manufacturer can
    match. Little things like SD card
    support and water resistance has always made me choose Sony over the competition.
    Good luck to all and happy holidays!

  • Nicolas

    What attracts me to the brand is not only the design language, but also because of the care that Sony treats custom developers. They are one of the most supportive companies in the Android community, always releasing updates and making source codes available. Other companies should follow Sony’s steps.

  • Luis

    Sony design, build quality and good software are a strong argument!

  • Luxsaan06

    One Name…Sony

  • kaostheory

    Funny hardly any mention of the noise canceling (my favorite feature) and absolutely no mention of the feature and biggest pet peeve of my current waterproof phones (Z1,Z3) wet finger tracking.

  • mugglearchitect

    What attracts me to the brand, Sony Xperia, is that it has an eye for detail. Every little part of the brand is thought of. And it already has a special place in me, because I was already a fan and user since the Sony Ericsson era. More power to Sony for the years to come!

  • ?ukasz Leszczy?ski

    Whatever, I’m getting new Xperia myself next year anyway. Sony you are the best :D

  • bilomar

    Holy Sony I need this so bad. Good luck to everyone. This would make my year complete.

  • Siddhartha Macêdo

    When you look into quality and performance, knowing which has the best design, you look to the Xperia brand, which has the best building materials and the exceptional camera attributes. That’s why I chose the Sony Xperia line.

  • John Latimer

    Only quality waterproof phone and not plastic junk

  • thew01

    Why i love sony so much…..simply …..it has the minimalistic design from generation to other generasion ,like NXT series(with floating transparant in the bodies) ,ARC series (the most sexiest body on the market at the time in my opinion) ,and now OMNI Balance design(most simplistic design ever sony’s made) , even designer from apple (jony) get inspiration by design from prototype Xperia devices ,i love how sony can mix smartphone in multimedia concept ,even in the market for now ,sony’s has the best multimedia quality like produce sound quality than common smartphone at the class … After all i feel happy of what i got from sony ,it capable to fulfill my daily drive

    And thus,despite plus point i have minus point tho ,the other side after market sony’s in my country kinda sucks ,it cannot fulfill my aftersales experience have such a premium smartphone ,but hey ….. I love sony’s smartphone so much even they’ve lack of aftersales in my country …i’ll still buy another sony’s smartphone ,and always looking forward of sony innovation ,keep motivated sony’s ,
    Make.Believe your customer !

  • Shubham Yadav

    1. Gives more in less. Always a peak performer.
    2. Simple yet beautiful User interface.
    3. That elegant beauty of omnibalanace design.
    4. The stunning camera.
    5. The colour production and display.
    And those xperia themes…

  • Thanks sony and good luck to everyone :D

    durability and their developer friendly attitude are the things that has always atracted me about sony phones

  • Andrzej R. Janus

    Simply – Xperia is the only brand that blends simplicity, sophisticated no compromise design and cutting edge features like digital noise cancelling.

    No other Android brand can deliver that.

  • Kev Maher

    It has to be the camera and the design of the phone and also its about to get Marshmellow.

  • Kuroi Trimer

    When I bought my first phone didn’t expect that it would be like a best friend, that it would stay with me more than anyone in this world. Belive when I say that I miss my Xperia Z1 more than my wife!!! I always had a Xperia phone since my first one me beloved Xperia x8!!! Mi relationship with Sony was love at the first sight and will be to end of my life.

  • Bounty Hunter

    Now this is something I want!?!?

  • honestly I dunno, everytime I think about what phone I’m going to get, Sony offers at least the same as competition and its design is superior to me.

  • Husam

    the fact that it’s a Sony product.
    the fact that it offer the best all around smartphone, i mean excellent build quality with beautiful and elegant design that is also waterproof, fantastic camera, stereo speakers, micro sd card, superb battery life…

  • Peter Angelov

    Well i like sony because they know how to optimize things and make them do what people need. First – the design. When you see sony you recognize it immediately. Sony do not try to make their products look like iphone or like anything else. They have unique design which i personally like very much. Second – the quality of materials. I had xperia s and now have m4 aqua and both are high quality. I also like that they are waterproof even for middlranger like the m4 aqua. And finally i really like the software. Not bloated like samsung or LG, have good sony apps like the audio player which provides very good sound quality and functionality. Phone works fast and stable and if problem appears firmware update comes fast. Sony also updates good amount of phones to new versions of android and do it relatively fast not lie other manufacturers. Sony just offers me what i need at the correct price.

  • Kenny Larson

    It would definitely be the perception of quality that attracts me most to Xperia phones. Everything from the quality of design to the quality of the hardware.

  • FLaTone

    The brand, the design and it’s functionality.

  • Martin Halada

    Hardware mostly, but after some time of owning Xperia Z3, I can say it’s also the support. Having the latest firmware (via the Concept program) is something I really appreciate, coming previously from Nexus devices.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I love Sony Xperias because of their great and very high quality build, very simple and clean UI, great cameras, dust and waterproofing, frequent software updates and overall they are great phones. I bought a new Xperia 3 days ago and I’m loving it. We currently have 4 Xperias and they are awesome!

  • Srinivas Rajkumar

    I love Sony mobile because
    1. Premium built quality.
    2. Support for the product. I have sony ultra z and have supported till lollipop. There can be delays but in the end you get it.
    3. Developer friendly. I
    4. Sd card slot and near stock experience
    5. One of the best camera in the market.

  • Bounty Hunter

    One thing that attracts me to Sony is the professionalism and the build quality of the phones. They are no nonsense phones which are made for people to not deal with the rubbish (Bloatware) more ‘standard’ androids. I see Sony as a more premium brand overall because of the look and feel of the handset too! With other handsets they feel more plastic, fake and not made the best they can.

    I will not forget to mention the battery life as experienced with other androids as well and the Sony just pulls ahead in these aspects, they strive to be the best and only the best and this is something I want from my device.

    Sony builds pure luxury and that’s what they do.

  • ????? ???????

    The main reason is the feeling that i’ve called for myself like Xperia Touch. Sometimes i just take Xperia in my hand without any reason just to feel its glass back (i got Z2) with my finger tips. And i like to pretend that screen is a Sony Bravia TV in miniature when watch my favorite shows, like Fargo or Knick. That’s not just the smartphone for me it’s a way of life. And my Z2 is already pst-past gen so i want Z5 very much!

  • Zsolt Boros Gyevi

    What attracts me to Sony Xperia Devices is they beautuful design, waterproofness and the excelent smooth UI. Now I’m using an Xperia Z2 and it is the perfect phone design and performance wise, and I didn’t even mentioned the great camera performance. When I change my phone I’am 100% sure that I will buy a Sony again.

  • mobileyog

    I like Sony Mobile phones because they give unique combination to me of Great Design, Great UI with lovely media apps, WATERPROOF and DUST PROOF, Reliable Software update, very good after sales service, Nice accessories and Brand name with lots of other things in electronics to go with.
    I was long time Nokia(Old) user and using Sony since I switched to Android !!!
    I hope I win that lovely green colour Z5, currently rocking Z3 Compact.

  • mugglearchitect

    huhu i hope my comment will be picked =( i want to win that so my z1 compact can rest now!

  • Pravin

    Xperia z was my first smartphone and still I am using it . The design hardware was awesome truly speaking i didn’t had any problem software upadte were late but we have lollipop many other manufactures didn’t support 2013 device even now there is update live for xperia z so its been very good XPERIA_nce to have XPERIA device.

  • Zarko

    Simplistic, elegant design, is why i have a Xperia phone. Also Android is closer to stock, with the least bloatware, compared to other manufacturers.

  • Paaliaq

    Simple design, almost stock android, good camera and because it’s a Sony!

  • Svipur

    The AOSP support and the openness. With all this planned obsoleteness doing rounds, the last thing I want is to end up in a walled garden with a phone that doesn’t feel entirely mine.

  • Wilson King

    What a great looking phone.

  • Chris

    I love Sony products. It is a name I can trust. I have a Sony Xperia Z which was a present. I did not realise how wonderful they were and gave up the fruity make and have never gone back. In fact, my husband also rushed out and bought a Sony Xperia Z1 to replace his fruity named has-been phone.
    We both love the quality of the Sony and the camera is unbelievable. I would not be without it. The fact it is waterproof is ahead of the game. The phone is sleek and magnificent. The James Bond of smartphones.

  • MaciejSulek

    Design, great music quality.

  • Dilesh Perera

    love Sony;s build quality, durability , design and everything that Sony offers. using Sony phones since i moved to Android and will continue to do so until Sony available. love Z5 and i want it !!!

  • kalitixileo

    a fan of xperiablog way since 2010,when it was still was an xperia x10 blog.Thanks to the hard work of all the stuff,and the latest updates,xperiablog is the best sony mobile blog on the internet.Keep up the good work,and good luck to everyone!!!

  • Luca

    I love Sony’s design, camera and the waterproofness. Their phones are really great and easy to use, the Z5 series blows me away every time I see one of them in person.

  • Juri Sinneral

    I like the design, the build quality and the UI. Also the camera is very nice and the endurance span is very long. Add to all that the water and dust proof option that was introduced couple of years ago. Cheers!

  • Abdelrahman Osama

    I love Sony because if it’s long product pioneering history and its technological expertise. And these two factors do pay off in the smartphone world. Sony is the only maker who cares about it’s consumers more than it’s greed for profits, thus Sony phones are perfect all-rounders with good built quality, decent displays, waterproofing, and exceptional battery life. also the attention to detail baffols me sometimes. However, Sony should really have a widespread powerful marketing campaign to sell more phones and they should also enter the US market.

  • PoweredBySony

    Design, camera, micro-sd and waterproofness. Since i bought my z1 i never want to switch to anoter brand.

  • Andrew Hilsdon

    Personally I love the water resistant feature, the design, the feel, I had a Z which was nice then when I picked up my Z3 it was just even nicer in my hand. Even if I don’t win this Z5 I think my next phone will certainly be a Z6 or whatever is out when my upgrade comes due.

  • Daniel Alarcon

    To put it in short words: simple elegant design, continuist, great camera, great music support and the best feature skin in Android ecosystem, simple enough to make it simple, but themes and min apps make it outshine the rest of the competition. FM Radio support on premium devices is keeping happy too.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Omnibalance looks better than everything elae

    The software isn’t bloated

    Ps4 connectivity

  • Chris

    Design, camera, software, sound quality, the premium feeling when i hold any xperia.

  • Movses

    I’ve started with Sony CMD Z5 at the beginning of 2000’s and till now I never wanted to switch to any other brand. When Sony merged with Ericsson, I continued to use Sony Ericsson (P910i, P990i, W810i). Finally when in 2012 Sony Ericsson became again Sony I was very happy because my favorite brand entered the smartphone market as a new gamer and with a new philosophy and design.

    My first Xperia branded smartphone was Xperia S with it’s amazing camera and beautiful design with transparent bar. But on that phone we still could notice some marks from Ericsson, so for me the real first Xperia smartphone is Xperia Z.

    I still keep my beautiful Sony CMD Z5, and when in 2013 Sony announced that series of its’ flagships will be named with letter “Z” I was very excited because I thought that I must have Sony Xperia Z5 no matter what. It’s my dream to put that 2 phones side by syde and feel the evolution and to see how the world have changed in just 15 years and feel the passion and goosebumps.

    I’m using Z1 now and I’m very happy with my phone. Unique design, great camera, one of the best android UI, best quality and what other we need? Nothing! Sony Xperia phones is the best for sure.

    I hope in near future my dream come true and instead of Z1 I’ll put Z5 and I guarantee that the scene will be amazing. 2 Z5s from different generations will be wonderful.

    God bless You all.
    Happy new Year and Merry Christmas!

  • Musaab Elsanoosi

    My Dream Phone

  • Bonfaino

    Simple, yet smart design, complete connectivity, battery endurance, PlayStation remote, amazing media apps, especially what is music related, the clean, light and non-intrusive user interface, battery endurance (yes, again, its amazing on my Z3), special mention to the concept beta program, which is a very nice idea, and last but not less important, XperiaBlog.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

  • Adit Verma


  • Pedro Rocha

    The premium feel, that only Sony know how to give.

  • Coollead

    Sony phones just have what I am looking for in a phone, always have!

  • Matthew Wort

    I like the hardware design – especially sd card slot and waterproofing. On the software side the Sony skin is light and almost close to pure android.

  • Cheng

    why Sony? I really love its authentic design and UI…the past years…seeing them grow, stumble and fight back, I can’t stop but to keep supporting them. Sony has become A habit for me.. starting with PS1, followed by PSP, and evolving from Sony Ericcson to one Sony’ Z series, I just cant stop admiring this awesome brand that gives not just high quality products but that delivers experience

  • Saruni Maina

    I love Sony Xperia phones…I first had an Xperia J, upgraded to the SP and now I have the Z3….I love Xperiaia UI and that block design…classy.

  • Liam Hethershaw

    Ohhhh that finger print scanner though…

  • Vasilis K.

    Value for money!

  • Zero-21XX

    My first phone was sony, my first Xperia phone xperia sola, and then ….xperia z1 -> xperia z1 compact-> xperia tablet z lte -> xperia z3 -> xperia z3 compact…. i love design, camera, micro-sd and waterproofness, xperia home, battery and i now want a xperia z5 for more security finger print scanner

  • Uqix

    I always like Sony Xperia phones because they have elegant design, not only the hardware (the phone body) but also the software (the user intrface). I also love them because of their exclusive camera. Sony Xperia phones are so unique compared to other brand phones.

  • twm

    Xperia devices represent Sony’s known premium manufacturing quality, user friendly and powerful software, very vocal user base and providing choices that matter to people.
    From Xperia mini pro, Xperia M to a happy Z3 Compact + Tablet user.

  • Hassan Alghar

    Comment to win smart idea, you already have more than 250 comments

  • Bosko

    I have z1 and i love it even it is older device, so i decided to have in future Just Sony products :)

  • Stephen Lane

    Always happy with Sony build quality and customer support

  • lailai

    Time to replace my old Xperia Sp. Yes, it still working…

  • manjitsinh jadeja

    Sony is the only brand that makes better devices in quality, durability and functionality than apple iPhone so I love it. Simple.

  • Wolf0491

    Sexy and water proof. I like the 2 years of updates as well and the minimal additions to Android.

  • Rohit Patil

    Nice pramotion by Sony

  • Zombiee

    Sony has been a big part of my life since i was small, since when i got my very first tech device, which was the playstation. My live has been surrounded by Sony products, TVs, DVDplayer, MP3 player, my dad’s amplifier, my mom’s camera, my laptop, my portable charger, speaker, headphones, earphones, etc, even tiny things like a AAA battery or a memory card. I also find my self and the person i want to be in SONY, to be someone that is confident to be themselves, keeps on doing what they think is right, regardless trend, criticism, or any other hardships; at the same time adapting to changes. Sony always, always delivers best products with high quality and stunning, unique design. I love Sony and will always support SONY wholeheartedly

  • Vinicius Silvestre

    The great battery life, the desing and that slick software and camera

  • Azhy Najmadin

    i cant say anything if i dont try z5 , if i wanted to be honest. so give me and I Will give my opinion

  • Anushka patel

    My Sony Gadgets list follows:
    Sony Bravia TV, Sony Home Theater Music System, Old Sony Walkman Mobiles, Sony PSP, PS3, PS4, VAIO Laptop…
    Smart Connect Devices for Xperia Z2 Mobile
    Wrist wearable: Smartband SWR10, Smartband Talk SWR30
    Music accessories: SBH52, SBH60, In-Ear Earphones MDR-NC31EM
    And most awaited on upcoming list: Great Beast Xperia Z6 Premium
    Loved the Sony’s First Underwater Store in Dubai!
    Wish SONY can plan a Greatest Electronic Music Festival (Totally Noise pollution free)
    A live music event where every people can dance and enjoy with their in-ear wearables

  • Sarger

    Elegance and simplicity… all i need. :)

  • Sebastian Geis

    I really love the design of the phones and the Sony UI is better then all the other ones. I own a Xperia Z and its still a great phone.

  • Rick

    Build quality. Xperia phones seem to be second to none when it comes to building an attractive device that is capable of handling day-to-day knocks.

  • Vic

    Elegant and simple design, great battery, great camera, excellent sound :) Sony Xperia for life

  • Jayayess1190

    Battery life and close to stock.

  • Amirul Jeffry

    This is just nice! Nice promotion from Sony.

    To be honest, I love Sony Xperia product because of their design, simplistic user interface, and of course because it’s Sony itself. :)

  • PS Gimmx

    Wow. This phone is awesome. as I have seen in blogs and sites it does have VERY GOOD camera and i love photography :) thanks for chance :)

  • LancerEX

    From the root word ‘Xperience’, only Sony’s handsets can satisfy my needs of a powerful yet elegant smartphone. With features uniquely Sony, Xperias not only have the best design but also the way their software is customized matches the minimalist exterior.

  • Vic

    I know right :)

  • alisa

    It’s fancy.
    Yup, I’m just a girl

  • LostTales

    I chose a Sony Xperia for 3 reasons:
    1) Design – Both the design of the phone itself and the design of the OS is restrained and elegant.
    2) Size – Sony currently makes to only worthwhile Android phones with <5" screens.
    3) Battery Life – A dead phone is useless, no matter how amazing it is. Sony Xperia phones have 2 day battery life that makes it so I never have to worry about my battery being dead by the end of the day.

  • Harshit Khanna

    OMG YESSSS :’)

  • AndropaX

    Waterproof, good apps, almost clear android, good design.

  • Min

    i want it please~

  • Chen Jiapeng, Kelvin

    Sony products have never failed to catch my attention. I am a huge fanboy of Sony, ranging from mirrorless cameras (A6000 & A7II), wireless speaker (X55), Vaio laptop (Pro13) headphones, tablet (Z3 Tablet Compact), Bravia TV and a range of phones that I have owned/used (T630i, S700i, K800i, W910i, X10, Arc S, Z, Z2, Z3 and Z5 Premium).

    My love for Sony phones is immersive. For the past 13 years, from Sony Ericsson to Sony Mobile, phones that I have used have awesome build quality and user experience. Sony must be proud to know that I have only been to its service centre once for the last 13 years (to fix my insensitive D-pad button of K800i). The Z series Xperias have served me the best user experience to date. There is no noticeable lag in the interface and the updates of Sony apps and Android OS are stable. Hence, I will still stick to Xperia smartphones in future. Friends of mine know about my love for Xperia. I have recommended countless of friends to get Sony Xperia smartphones. Although I provide free marketing of Xperia via Facebook and Instagram, I always tell my friends to get a Xperia to know its true beauty. Some friends even private message me for the up-to-date information about the latest Xperia flagships. Nevertheless, those who get their Xperia phone after seeing my posts or recommendation are truly convinced about my love about Xperia. Alot of them are sticking to Sony Mobile for their subsequent phones. My love for Sony Xperia smartphones will stay forever! <3

  • DrCuello

    Mostly the design, practically all other brands look the same and ive been a Sony fan for a long time.

  • a.mubher

    Beautiful design, waterproof, latest specs, excellent camera.

  • Arif Khan

    Because of the Design Language of Sony, Premium Feeling when it is on Hand & Elegant looking.

  • Mario Mendez

    I was a nexus user for years but they never had a good camera (until recently) so after looking at various phones I went for the Z1 and I have never looked back. To me the build quality, the waterproof, the battery life and the camera are it. I now have the Z3 and it’s fully integrated with my PS, my Sony TV etc. Now new features in the Z5 with the fingerprint reader and updated camera sensor have made want jump to the Z5.

  • Manu Anand

    I’m pretty big on lines. The xperia series has a really good way of building a phone without it being too curvy and presents an elegant solution.

  • varun

    if i win my xmas would b damm awesome

  • cerunnos

    Mostly the design. Waterproofing is also nice, and is something that has grown on me.
    Good luck everyone, and happy holidays!

  • Svnjay

    I was not expecting a Z5 giveaway, that’s quite nice of folks at Sony Mobile.

    I like the Xperia line mainly because i’ve mostly had Sony phones. I’ve had 5 so far and i’m not planning to end here. Xperia phones also have great build quality, design, battery life, dual front facing speakers and PlayStation integration which is an ‘A’ in my book.

  • Andrei Ile

    Apart from the outstanding build quality and waterproof design, the XPERIA Z series have always impressed with their extraordinary camera, display, battery life and UI. The Z5 is not an exception as it excels in every of the aforementioned aspects. The experience you get is completely unique and so much better when compared to other current flagships. What I do appreciate most is the fact that all Sony flagships concentrate so much on the media aspect by including a gorgeous display and smart technology to make everything perfect for you (X-Reality & Digital Noise Cancellation for example). I currently own the Z3 and so I know how well it feels to own a Sony flagship that has a crazy 2 day battery life!!

  • Eldair

    Closest thing to pure Android, no custom notification crap, fast and great design overall.

  • smk123

    Last two phones have been Sony, would love another one!

  • Jettakias

    Time to replace Xperia T :P

  • Calvin Pham

    I like the Xperia brand because of its unique qualities and its engineering in the phone, but also the style its modern very minimalistic and in ways a sort of art piece. I think into the recent ranges, its kinda lost its voice and gone into the game of “keeping up with the Joneses”. But i Still the the styling of the phone. Beautiful to me.

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Best Christmas present!

  • Cserg? László

    I Love my xperia Z2 :3 and beffore i always have only sony ^^

  • JE

    I like that Sony has its own design language. Samsung copies Apple. Sony follows its own way. The first waterproof phone (with good design and specs) came from Sony. Sony is the only brand I think, that still offers a dedicated camera button. Also the OS with the Sony details is the most handsome out there….ok the new OS was kind of “What did they take, that they make it so colourful and why are the app icons soooo big???” But i get used to it and i like it really now.
    I like the handling of the phones – at both Software and Hardware.

    For me Sony Smartphones are the best one. Design language is simple with premium materials and i always bought Sony (Ericsson). The display by the way may not have those flashy colours as Samsung has…but it is much more by the reality.

    Sony is and will be the best brand out there with new ideas, best design and alwas newest tec inside – thats why i love the brand :)

  • Black android

    Moved from Galaxy S3 to Xperia Z3 , from xperia z sony was on my radar , Xperia is the only line who keep waterproof , sd card support, front speaker and big support for developers.
    it definitely what i looked for.

  • kmf

    I love the design of the Handsets, quality of materials, evolutionary updates as apposed to revolutionary, which means they can iteratively improve their product. best of class features, light skin, great battery life, no home button.

  • Christos Tsartsalis

    I love Sony smartphones because they have the best design among all the other own OEMs

  • rs

    First things first – i always love the way it built. I always like sony’s material quality, precision and attention to details that makes it gorgeous even by a slight glance and feels amazing in hand.
    Second, i like everything featured in xperia devices -especially the camera, audio, and display- , they are practical and less gimmicky. They are very good at it because of their expertise. I always felt that something was lost when i use another smartphone other than sony.

  • Mohamed Mohamed


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It’s simple elegance. It shows through everything they do design and software just exude elegance.

  • Yana Enyahs

    Wow! I want a Z5! Time to get a Z5

  • lolop

    The professional design, elegance, simplicity and functionality. I love the understated looks and simplistic design, the UI is very functional with little gimmicks and just gets on with the job. Biggest asset is the battery life which can keep my phone running for 3 days. Camera is absolutely superb and a massive bonus.

  • OzJason

    Attention to detail, premium design.

  • ????? ?????????

    I want it)

  • Ho Ming Li

    I has always grown up with Japanese products especially Sony because my first Sony product is a Bravia TV that still continue to work, PS1, Sony Cyber-shot camera, Sony headphones and Sony VAIO.
    What makes me attracted to Sony Xperia brand is that there something unique when owning a Xperia smartphone because of the craftsmanship when designing such as the signature power button and the wallpaper design ‘cosmic flow’. My first phone was a Sony Ericsson T303 and then the Sony Xperia E, I hope that entering this competition would allow me to have the latest flagship and experience the best of Sony.

  • serajr

    Everything, but the bezels!
    If my old brazilian ZQ (ZL) had the today’s Z5 hardware, it would be ” The Killer One”… for sure!!

  • Nick Digenis

    The little details make the difference to me!

  • Diego Salgado

    The fact that you will standout among the rest! Everywhere I go, I always get people asking me what type of phone I have and it feel amazing telling them I have a Sony Xperia.

  • HiengOng

    All I Want For Christmas,…. It’s You(Z5) Merry Christmas Everyone :)

  • Andre

    simplicity and design. from sony ericsson till now. its an apple in android world. thank you sony for just be.

  • Zak Peat

    Well from my PS4, to my Smart watch 3 and smart band 2, back to my Sony sound bar and the Xperia I’m writing this comment with. I’ve always been a huge advocate of Sony. Once a loyal fan, always a loyal fan. – Zak

  • John Seright

    Looks like a very nice smartphone.

  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    I don’t know, when I look to a smartphone by Sony, I immediately fall in love. There’s no explanation, it just happens.

  • karam abi karam

    Perfect gift for my wife

  • F.

    The clean omnibalance design, micro sd card support, waterproof body, and great battery life and screen is what made me buy an Xperia.

  • João Gabriel Cordeiro

    Best phone ever

  • Philip Ash

    Sony phones have the BEST battery life. I love the classy styling and the no-nonsense features

  • Ganesh Pandala

    Different people have compared XZ3 & XZ5 and we can get results by googling it! But I have to feel it myself.Give me a chance!

  • Vonnie

    My first cell phone was the W810i, then I got the arc, and now I have the z1. I’ve only used Sony phones and they’re so durable!

    Plus we never got the green z5 in Canada!

  • Marius Badin

    I like design, waterproof, camere and… battery life.

  • reder332

    I like the great design and the simple user interface of Sony Smartphones.

  • Jon Grant

    Premium looks and feel, one of the best cameras and an elegant UI. No other manufacturer can beat it.

  • varunnarula

    The Sony brand

  • mohd14

    Minimal look, smooth UI, good battery and SD card support. Plus great developer support.

  • Dave Richardson

    as others I started being a Sony fanboy with the original PS, then PSone, PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4 and then all the phones. Back in the Sony Ericsson days, and then when they went to just Sony. Quite a few walkman branded phones and then through the Xperia series, Arc, SP, Z and recently Z3 :)

  • Camilo Uribe

    I love the green one !!

  • Ahmad O.

    I’ve always found Sony devices attractive, and their UI pleases me, whether it’s their Android skin or their PlayStation UX.

  • Saravana M Muthaly

    Because it is sony! :D

  • Suneel

    Sony Xperia attracts me because Sony uses its cutting edge technologies, maintains quality and gives users satisfaction.

  • anmg

    I like look, brand, and software part is acceptable for me.
    Clean AOSP is not best for me ^)

  • Etov

    The Xperia phones is unique. I like them mostly for design and their media apps. Walkman(Music) and Album is best media apps i’ve seen. Also Xperia phones are very fast. Z5 is my next device for sure

  • Siam

    What attracts me is the elegance and finesse of their products. All of their products are just well thought out.

  • Siddharth Pratap Singh Chauhan

    I want to buy this mobile phone

  • Ganesh Pandala

    Yes go for it!

    Un copied design and UI

  • anmg

    but support is not the strong paret of Sony brand. Several times try to get errors fixed – no success

  • Emily

    This is my fourth Sony device, and while other android phones might look shiny, I always go back to Sony as I’m happy with the battery life, the interface, the design. All the things equal exactly what I’m looking for in a phone.

  • Doug crocco

    Xperia is more than a brand, it truly is a lifestyle, and represents the very best of what’s possible in cellular technology. The series has consistently culled the most cutting edge components available, and added functionality, practicality, and sophistication to it’s devices. By infusing the Sony’s proprietary tech such as optics, waterproofing, and now4k displays, Sony has become the vanguard in mobile and redefined what the user experience should be. Topping all this off is its best in class styling and superb craftsmanship. Sony is in a league of its own with the Xperia series. I look forward to what’s to come, and hope to use mine to create both amazing photos and amazing memories.

    Ps I really want one too!

  • raju

    Thanks Xperia blog

  • Ridz.One

    I love the unique design of Xperia brand. And of course the Sony brand itself with a tagline
    I always believing in them.

  • alrmad

    Camera autofocus speed, DSD-Audio native playback, Sony brand, waterproof, great heardware

  • Froyo Radeon

    A premium true entertainment waterproof phone.

  • Iain Bailey

    best overall multimedia experience, with best cameras, great sound with hi res support and great battery life to enjoy for longer.

  • ate_ball

    loyal to sony , from my old sony trinitron from the 80’s to my PS3, can’t forget the X10, T, ZL, Z3, PS1, PS2, Walkman cassette , Cd Player etc.. the list gones on for every, Sony #1

  • Dobos Ádám

    i think its the best looking smartphone

  • Morgan Stewart

    I love their overall design and fact that the phones are waterproof!

  • dobosvok

    love the design, best looking smartphone

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    Like many others here I’ve been attracted to Xperia (as well as other Sony products) firstly because of the design language. Its premium simplicity stands out and even more so when combined with the the waterproof capability. Add to this is the connectedness between Sony products. (Xperia accessories are just as premium) It’s a unique tech-ecosystem yet it is not a closed one (unlike Apple).

    Design is of course not the only decisive factor during a purchase. Xperia packs lots of basic but “functional” features. Audio, battery, camera, screen, dust/water-resistance, and a neat UI are to name a few. I consider these to be better than some gimmick features like eye-based sensor or curved screen. Xperia is also one of the few not bragging their phones by trying to damage other brands’ image. The name is elegant not only in product craftsmanship but also in the manner of conducting business.

    That is not to say the brand is perfect, there is room for improvement and I hope Xperia continues to evolve learning from people’s feedback. I have always cherished any companies that try to innovate something new for people to see. And looking at the uniqueness this brand has emerged with, I believe Xperia definitely has the potential to bring out more WOWs for us.

    Please continue to bring out great and better things next year.
    Merry Christmas Sony Xperia & Xperiablog ;)

    From Xperia Z user (still using since it came out)

  • James Garofalo

    Design, apps, support, Dev friendly, great public relations, am a member of beta community for music, like that they actively listen to costumers. What more could you want from a mobile phone manufacturer.Love Sony products. Had Arc S, Xperia Z, k800i, k850i, Xperia Neo, Xperia J.

  • Ali Al-khayat

    time to replace my Z Ultra

  • Dean Newell

    The design language, the waterproofing, the dedicated camera buttons, the speakers the custom ROM and developer support and most of all, the community!

  • Ashish Mahaju

    I love its name,love its body,love its camera..everytime i hold it i fall in love with it more n mote..feels so good when i hold it…it has given me everything i wanted cool,fast..wat more do i need..

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    The design and the quality of the materials

  • Artm

    First off, the design. It looks amazing even when the phone is just resting on the desk. I also like how the Xperia UI harmonically matches the Xperia hardware looks. It’s simple and very elegant, something that many other brands are lacking. They may have bells and whistles, but what they don’t have is Sony’s unique touch.

    Typed on my lovely Xperia Tablet Z, which I’ve been using for nearly 3 years

  • Sin-Hang Yu

    i like sony’s design though its camera still needs some improvements

  • Adrian M

    My Life from Sony: Sony Walkman, Sony PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4, Sony Ericsson K800i, Xperia P, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z3, Sony Bravia, Sony VAIO

  • MG

    What attracts me is the overall minimalistic design and approach with attention to detailing!

  • Treb Amurao

    I like this please replace my sony xperia z, yes the oldest z in the series

  • mtisat

    Waterproof, design and customer service

  • Lorenzo Cianchelli

    here )

  • George Antonopoulos

    Cause Sony Xperia is cool. Style, efficiency, attraction. Give to all of us positive vibes.

  • hatch

    I want it. Time to replace my z2. For my wife

  • PTmad

    the major reason i switched to sony is that they are very open source compliant. i also like the design of the z series and when i bought the z2 it was one of the few phones available with 3gb of ram.

  • zetoze

    Awesome phone this one is…

  • skrug

    a fan of Sony’s industrial designs

  • Jambolero

    1St: Camera, 2nd design quality and 3Rd waterproof. I own a z2 and my next phone will be also an xperia.

  • Chico88

    I love the originality of Xperia designs

  • jmaxim917

    What attracts me to the Xperia brand is that it’s a miniature version of my XBR-55X900A TV which is second to none.

  • parth

    the best thing about sony xperia is that its simple glassy look and its design.

    the name SONY is the brand and its UI is far better than any other UI including NEXUS series well.the lock button is good compare to samsung device

  • Nitin George

    Been a Sony fan right throughout. All my phones have been a Sony starting with the Sony Ericsson T300. :D

  • Glenn Wanjala

    Pioneers of the best, latest technology & hands down best designs (Be it the Xperia, Vaio or Playstation lineups!)

    From my first smartphone love, the Xperia x10 mini bought with my savings never did i look back.To Xperia SP then Z family (got stolen) my love never did die =)

    Being budgeting for the Xperia Z3…almost buying it but this would truly be a blessing.

  • Mark Paragas

    Simple, no other phones can compare. Premium at it’s finest. And also need to replace my trusted Xperia Z1. :D

  • Ervin Yeo

    Nice and simple design, good camera, and almost pure Android. Only issue in my Z2 is the camera heating up quite fast and not able to use it until it cools down.

  • Recep Küçükece

    Sony produces high quality and beautiful products. I think, that produced the highest quality phone in this year.
    Thanks Sony

  • Lau Kai De

    Xperia’s glass and metal design makes the devices looks elegant.

  • ondrejis


  • Raul Gomez

    The design, of both the hardware and software – phones these days just seem to be really ugly and Sony is the only one doing it right. The camera and display are also some very strong points; all the best phones have Sony-made cameras and the displays are just beautiful to look at.

  • József Kovács

    I didn’t have any other phones Than Sony :)
    Only Sony knows that users need small and poweful and beautiful phones with good Battery life. Thats the reason why i own z3c. :)

  • jonyah


  • Jonathan Khoo

    I like the Xperia brand for its build quality, superb camera and the slick UI

  • sad05

    Timeless Design!!

  • Yang YO

    The 1st handphone I ever owned was xperia as a gift for good result in exam. Somehow I lost it and change to other brand. Been using other than xperia make me realized that I miss my xperia..it has good quality of camera, sound and I love the design of the interface.

  • chubapitdroid

    Pretty much grown up with Sony products, their quality has pretty much always been a sure thing. I like my z3v but would love something with better first party support and updates.

  • Camilo

    I love the waterproof and fancy design. Xperia phones have the best camera and I really like the stereo speakers.

  • William C Karcher

    Sony is a well known brand and worth the price !

  • Bret Hembree

    cool phone. thanks for the giveaway.

  • Flythe

    My first Xperia product was a SEMC Xperia Mini and now, in times of smartphones with Displays beyond 5 inches, I’m rocking a Z3 Compact, but wouldn’t mind testing a larger device. Sony is the only one for me. I really like the geometric understatement design of its devices, the UI, the non-protruding camera (!!!), the camera features, the long lasting battery, et ceterea, et cetera…

  • Sim Poh Chuan

    My first mobile phone is Ericsson, second phone is Sony Ericsson W300, and continue to W705, K700, Xperia X1, Xperia Z, Xperia C3…
    Now i am waiting my new phone Z5!!! :)

  • einfachGaer

    Sony being or trying to be the good guy between Shitsung and others, is what I like about Sony!

  • robert young

    it’s a Sony which mean quality

  • James

    That’s a brand, which never lie to users, which has perfect OS updates, which makes stylish awesome and very creative smartphones, that are the best with best camera, best materials, best display, ergonomics etc. Sony the best, ever!

  • Astider

    using Sony’s phone since Xperia S and it’s great!

  • Stanley Lu

    Always wanted to buy a Z5 !!! Was waiting for Z6/7 to replace my Z3…

  • Vishal Jain

    Sony is one of the sexiest brands whose products i own. Am a sony fanboy and have numerous products ranging from vaio to lcd tvs to xperia z3, home theater system. I must say sony delivers high quality products and provides atleast better customer services than other brands in the market. I’ve been using xperia z3 since a year nd its amazing in style nd performance. Am satisfied with my phone but an upgrade to it will be awesome and sexy for me. Need that high quality product(xperia z5) badly now.

  • PDinis

    Such phone, much quality.

  • Christian Kogler

    For me it’s simply about the hardware, not necessarily the brand name. My phone must have a dedicated camera button and a waterproof housing. The other specs should also be high-end. So I buy Sony.

  • TimmY

    Oh my God! You guys rock!

  • Gibrl

    I really want this! I’ve been with Sony for a long time and it would be great to have this for Christmas

  • ???????

    I am attracted mainly by the stylish design and the quality build.

  • James


  • T.W. Cook

    For me it’s waterproofness + battery life. Awesome camera doesn’t hurt either.

  • Monica Avalos

    Oh yes I would love to have xperia z 5. The reason why is because I have xperia z C6606 and my provider t mobile hasn’t given me any updates since June 2014 and will no longer sell. Sony I don’t have a computer to do the updates on the new software
    I have missed a lot

  • Borna Šiki?

    Best quality camera, beautiful design, waterproof feature and the most beautiful UI

  • foxy

    is faith. i believe in Sony. Maybe Xperia is not the best smartphone for now but I believe that they are try their best to be the best. I admire they always pay attention to the details.

  • Patrick

    What i like about Xperia? Well there’s a lot of things to like. Great and in my opinion timeless design, smooth, close to stock and not too bloated software. Oh, and ofcourse waterproof function. I’ve been a fan of xperia devices since i bought xperia arc s, which i still got :p
    With a new Xperia Z5 Sony has checked all the right boxes for me: great design, software and finally good camera. I would be proud to own this device.

    I wish all of you the best of luck in this competition! Anyone who wins will be the luckiest person alive :D

  • Mallahet

    I like the design, the attention to battery life, and the waterproofing.

  • Ralphel

    The water resistant design and awesome camera

  • A T

    Its elegant design language that is both ergonomic and that brings something different to the table every flagship cycle. Sony phones have always stood out in their design for me. There is only so much you can do with a rectangular/oblong shape to make it aesthetically appealing while not compromising on its quality and functionality as a communication device. Yet Sony has somehow always managed to stand out in the design language of their phones. They speak with a futuristic and artistic code and vision, and prides itself as a company that does not just manufacture digital devices to make calls, but as one that understands a phone is not just a tool, but a lifestyle and a artistic expression of oneself. From the Xperia S’s transparent luminescent strip to the glassy omnibalance design of the Z series, Sony has not stopped surprising the consumer mobile market.

  • Sid

    I did it here’s the link
    just cut the ‘=’ & it’s the link to my channel. Reply me soon if u got it & enjoy my vids. Though they aren’t great…anyway need ur help.

  • A T

    Its elegant design language that is both ergonomic and that brings something different to the table every flagship cycle. Sony phones have always stood out in their design for me. There is only so much you can do with a rectangular/oblong shape to make it aesthetically appealing while not compromising on its quality and functionality as a communication device. Yet Sony has somehow always managed to stand out in the design language of its phones. Sony phones speak a futuristic and artistic code and vision, and prides itself as a company that does not just manufacture digital devices to make calls, but as one that understands a phone is not just a tool, but a lifestyle and an artistic expression of one’s identity. From the Xperia S’s transparent luminescent strip to the glassy omnibalance design of the Z series, Sony has not stopped surprising the consumer mobile market.

  • Mayank Mishra

    SONY is a brand in which I “MAKE.BELIEVE” and XPERIA is “THE BEST OF
    SONY that happened to me”. I like Sony from a very young age and is a
    loyal FAN.I like Sony from the time when it was known as Sony
    Ericsson.At that time Sony Ericsson had 2 type of phone one was Walkman
    series known for best sound and cyber shot series I had both kind of
    phones I had Sony Ericsson K790(2006) and C550(2007) from cyber-shot
    series and Sony Ericsson W960(2007) and W705(2008). Then I think the
    root of XPERIA series started with Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou)(2009)
    which was one of my favorite phone after XPERIA Arc.SONY created the
    XPERIA series to combine the BEST OF SONY from all categories.It
    combined WALKMAN for BEST SOUND, the CYBER-SHOT series for BEST CAMERA
    and XPERIA ITSELF for CRAFTSMANSHIP and DESIGN.I have owned no other
    brand phone other than SONY. Other SONY phones I have owned is Xperia
    X10 mini(2010) XPERIA ARC(2011) XPERIA Z(2013) XPERIA Z2(2014). Due to
    financial problems and after loosing my XPERIA Z2 on 18 December 2015
    which was stolen in bus so i am saving for XPERIA Z7 so I could not buy
    XPERIA Z5.

    Lastly I would like to thank my parents for buying me
    these phones and XPERIABLOG community for giving me a chance to win an

    EXTRA FACT- The Sony name was created by combining “SONUS,” the original
    Latin for “SONIC,” meaning sound, with “SONNY,” denoting small size, or a
    youthful boy. It was chosen for its simple pronunciation that is the
    same in any language.

  • deathos glz

    I think the quality in the design they put on their products is just iconic and well achieved, that’s the main reason to look at Sony rather than any other company.

  • Zack Mok

    Knowing that is a Sony means that the product and interface will naturally come with good design. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • raghav patel

    The best ever smartphone manufacturer and the best part of xperia smartphones is looks,design,ofcourse camera and the colour options….
    I have z1,z1c,z2,z3,z3+….
    And now its tym for xperia z5

  • eur3kasizm

    I love the design and clean software. My past experience with sony has been pleasant that i trust them far in the future.

  • Janco123

    Well, I love the sony xperia smartphones because of the perfect design, every single xperia z was outstanding. I currently own a xperia z2 and after 1 year of use i still love it. The UI is by far the best UI i have ever used on any smartphone, sony simply knows how to make the UI user friendly. Make.Believe

  • Jaca

    Just three words: quality, design, specs :)

  • SM

    It’s an epic design and breakthrough in display technology. Sony has always been way ahead of its game in releasing its products.

  • Razor911

    Okay so first of all, I’m sure I’m not going to be winning this thing but I’m going to express my love for Sony anyway. I’m currently using an Xperia Z. I’ve been in love with Sony ever since the Walkman series came out.

    However, living in Pakistan, we do not have the best Sony services here. Also, I just started working and I’m not exactly rich so I have to wait at least 3-4 years to buy a flagship model after it’s released. Everyone has an iPhone or a Samsung here in Pakistan and I keep telling everyone how Sony is better and wayyy better looking. I think Sony is almost perfect (the camera still needs a leeeettal bit of improvement). I had an Xperia Z before this Xperia Z that I’m using. That got busted because I used some third party charger and it’s motherboard stopped functioning. I just bought this Xperia Z two weeks ago on OLX (olx is like ebay for us Pakistani’s). The battery on this phone that I got is really old and doesn’t work fine and I have to charge it 4 times in a day. I’ll be ordering a new battery for it next month (when I get my paycheck) from aliexpress which is going to take at least 30 days.

    My point of telling all of this is that I could’ve easily gotten a phone that would’ve worked flawlessly instead of this Xperia Z that I got but I would always go an extra mile to keep a Sony. I’m not fangirling over here but there’s just something about Sony…. Oh and the Proximity sensor on my phone doesn’t work either. Will have to get that fixed too.

  • ??????????-??????? ?????????

    all what i want to see Z6 with type c and Sony create there own chipset

  • Dennis Koe

    The z5 style and it has everything I need in an android.

  • Dzepar

    It’s good quality, slim and simple to use.

  • Vishnu Mohandas

    Great…!!! It’z time to upgrade my 2 year old Xperia M to Xperia Z5… ;)

  • Brick

    This one would be a nice Christmas present.

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    The battery life would be my #1 reason, other reasons are awesome design, ergonomics, damn good cameras, and performance

  • Angel Pallares

    I’m using a cellular Sony Xperia M, I think Sony is the best in technology, so I would love to renew my smartphone. Wish me luck.

  • Anthony Rynearson


  • Krajnc11

    Well designed phones,simple too use and powerfull at the same time :)

  • HaoHao

    I loves how Sony gives out their software update to their flagship and non flagship devices.
    The Sony’s design really attracts me. I still love my Z3 tablet’s slick and slim design and personally I think no tablet in the market can beat it’s design.

  • neil dalal

    When the best camera, display,battery and sound gets packed together in an awe aspiring waterproof design, you know you’re looking at the best!

    I’ve used the PS2,PSP,PS3,Sony Vaio,Sony Ericsson and now I’m using the Sony Xperia ZR for the past two and a half years. The fact that it was one of the oldest android devices to get to lollipop 5.1.1 officially speaks for Sony’s after-sale service and support.

    Besides, its those smallest of small touches, that actually make me an xperia fan like having a dedicated camera button, close to stock android software, its iconic power button, the Xperia ringtone, Sony Walkman and Album, Xperia Home and the Xperia themes and wallpapers.


  • Long Luu

    i just tried out the z4v, but a z5 would be terrific!

  • Philipp Ludwig

    This would be the perfect present for my girlfriend! :)

  • Saurabh

    I am sony user from a long time so you can call me a fan but i like sony products because
    Battery Life
    Good Specifications
    Updates (Recently xperia got a good repo in updates)
    Apps(Album, Walkman etc.)

    Hope I win, I really want to replace my aging z1c

  • sandaruwan

    Design, camera, display, quality :D

  • Ahmed Asadullah

    waterproof and an awesome camera…. just what i need

  • dinesh

    XPERIA is a normal android mobile..
    BUT,SONY presenting the xperia in a diifferent manner and aspects..it’s unique in the market.
    SONY’s marketing advertisement is too low….
    XPERIA z,Z1 goes in market in excellent due to their advertisment..
    I NEVER FORGIVE XPERIA TO ANY ONE…whether that is a gaint?

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Well that’s hard to say. Nowdays it’s just design of the phone itself only. But when i bought my first SonyEricsson (6-7 years ago and it wasn’t Xperia) it was everything from 2 displays to Walkman certification. It has everything what i wanted and i was completely satisfied because no other company could offer that what SonyEricsson offered. But when we want to talk about SONY Xperia only then i must say at first it was software that brought me back from Samsung. My first android phone was Xperia Play so i think there is the beggining of my passion for Xperia phones. Now when i look at Xperia Z5 line i just think to myself where the f… is SONY from the past with inovations and originality? But i still think that my bond between me and Xperia will be strong until the last Xperia phone.

  • Rico_Booz

    I’ve only owned the Z2 but love the waterproof build, great battery and good camera with 4k recording.

  • Agamy Kamel

    The best things in Sony phones no.1 cam l loved so much 2-doul sim in my Sony z3 its ousam 3- size 5.2 it’s great

  • LuvMusic

    My favorite phone brand by far. Wish it was better supported and had more availability in the U.S.

  • Steffen Roegiers

    The Simple layout of the phone software wise , the IP ratings, the design phone

  • Tarun Varshney

    Nice Giveaway

  • Oscar Moreno

    I guess everything started when I meet the first xperia x with Windows Mobile, basically it was the first super smart phone way different than all other phones I had a w9 back than but it still was a powerful phone that no one else could compete against, we’ll occurs the BB phones were already out but they had a look like they were made for business people and the xperia had a slide keyboard way different than other phones made with premium materials, after seeing that phone I just fell.for.it and started to follow everything for the brand and until this point I would really love to wind this xperia z5, currently working with a z2.

  • Raymond Harb

    Clean interface, great design, functionality and design, premium quality build and caring for the needs and suggestions of the users are all reasons for me to choose Sony over other brand.

  • Phatty

    the Xperia line to me is the best looking phones of all. Even when it was Sony Erricson, I still liked the designs. If only the Satio had Android.. Sony’s attention to functionality with cosmetics really makes a nice combo. There isn’t much gimmeks like TouchWiz or even some from iOS. Waterproof, premium materials, clean Android, expandable memory, PS supprot. Some things that I wish was brought back or improved though is the Smart Location Based Wi-Fi, wireless charging, better camera software (hardware is there…. just need better image processing) and some decrease in bezels. I have the Z1 and can’t wait to upgrade to a better screen and CPU/RAM. Sony really has a chance to create a great ecosystem esp with PS4 so I really hope they clean up and focus on realign their products better.

  • Saptarshi Dey

    For me it’s like growing with the brand. From the old day’s of Sony Ericsson xperia to Sony xperia the brand has grown a lot. It has indeed became more familiar with the user’s. More to say it has become like a part of family. More over the Sony xperia team do care of users and make us feel more comfortable by giving to taste beta software of upcoming versions and even taking thoughts on it. Any day I pick sony xperia if feel I am in my home. My part of life.

  • Arun victus

    I have used xperia models for some years now and I find their UI, music playback and display the best in the business.


    I’ve always enjoyed Sony products on the whole mainly because their products are usually sturdy and well-made. I’ve had TVs, Walkmans, 6 or 7 phones (I even had 2 Sony phones before it became Sony Ericsson) and lots of other products. I’ve never been truly disappointed, especially compared to other companies

  • Jerrin Mathews

    the premium looks of the xperia range

  • landjo77

    Beautiful devices, waterproofing, battery life, and the near pure Android UI are what I like the most about the Xperia series!

  • Egor

    Z5 compact owner here. Display in Z5 should be much better, I think.

  • rubin km

    Nothing to brief about Sony!! Coz dude it’s SONY!! SONY!! the best ever smartphone producers

  • Makiz

    Good luck boys and girls – and Merry Xmas!!!

  • Arun Singh

    Idk, I just feel a connection to the brand, the first phone I owned was an Xperia and I guess its about the feel, look abd innovations which earns it this love and reputation <3

  • Nomford

    Because we still cannot use compact series as a shovel.

  • Elena Morosanu

    Great quality of camera, sound ,sure the design ,triluminos display and good optimization of system :)

  • Syamsul Qamar Rosli

    Has been using Sony since K750 (as sony ericsson).
    Back then I was looking for a good camera phone and found it.
    And after that, i never turn to other brands, except once, with nokia n82 (excellent xenon flash).
    The first SONY device was and still being used until now is Xperia Acro S. Tough as nails.
    That and my Xperia Z1 will accompany me everywhere i go.
    Looking forward to updating my Xperia Z1, but my budget thinks otherwise :-)
    Nokia 3310 (legend), SE K750, SE C702, SE C905, Nokia n82, SE Vivaz, SE Xperia Arc, Sony Xperia Acro S, Sony Xperia Z1.

  • Kunal Shukla

    Just give me the sexy device already :) Merry Xmas everyone

  • M Usman

    I have so many reasons. I’ve owned every single xperia device since the first xperia Windows phone. Why? I don’t feel content using any other brand. Yes there’s been flaws but Sony keep getting better. The design is unrivalled. Ease of use, waterproof battery life etc. One new thing that has me is the high res audio. Also love the fact that Sony has its own accessories. I own the microphone, qx10 camera and the smartwatch 2. The most reliable handsets I’ve used. Currently own the Xperia z3+ but could really do with the z5. Wish me luck

  • Brett Nash

    I’ve been a fan of Sony for a long time with some great products like the playstation family. Also my best laptop was a Vaio ultraportable.
    I like the Xperia phones for their styling and in the case of the z ultra the massive screens.

  • Silverwagon

    I’ve been a huge Sony fan since a child. Sony represents pinnacle of technology and tasteful design.

  • Panos Kat

    I’ve always been a Sony loyalist, from TVs to consoles to phones etc. I’m drawn to their sleek design, I guess, and premium feeling they give off…I’m not a fanboy though, I know they do not have a top of the market functionality or do they provide a cutting edge technology but I’ll continue bying Sony products as long as they keep me satisfied! (Loving my M4 Aqua)

  • binghypo

    Love my z3 compact because the experience is smooth as silk, the camera is brilliant and unlocked phones are so wonderful.

  • Luca Dal Zotto

    The best dreamable specifications for a device and Sony’s closeness to users. Love mama Sony.

  • Maxym

    Strangely I was against getting an Xperia at first (the price was a bit too steep for us down here), but the nostalgic feeling of having a premium Sony device was a tad too strong. Which is why I’m now a proud owner of a white Z3C. Xperia is known for putting top of the line hardware in small form factor, which is another point that attracts people’s (and my) attention. It also made me even more careful, as Sony phones are literally glass sandwiches :)

  • Philip Chang

    The thing i love about Sony Xperia is the camera. The camera is awesome. It let me capture that important moment in my life. And brings the wonderful memories back every time i look at them.

  • smwinn7

    what a great giveaway

  • Gabriel

    I’ve always chosen Sony, or back in the days Ericsson and then Sony Ericsson, because of their innovation and premium quality phones. Never owned a phone by any other manufacturer. Ericsson-> Sony Ericsson-> Sony forever!

  • julie murphy

    the sound and graphics.

  • Leandro Schneider

    Camera, design and waterproof. :)

  • mohamed samy

    The best Android phone,awesome build quality and the most amazing camera in a smartphone thats why ive been always chosen Sony xperia smart phones .

  • Daryl Lateralus

    i like waffles

  • Vishesh Narula

    Camera, Design, and Durability.

  • Andrew Rushmere

    Definitely has to be the style – the amount of times people ask what phone I have and comment hoe good it looks

  • hash1721

    I love the premium feel of Xperia phones. They bring class and elegance on whoever handles them. The attention to details is what keeps me using Xperia phones.

  • James Bond

    Great Design, good camera, stereo speakers, waterproof, One of the best IPS LCD Dispaly,
    Better Battery, all in one awesome package!!
    Plus the UI is near stock!

  • StuartCullingworth

    The look, feel, build quality, battery life, the tech and the UI.

  • Ron Lufias

    Definitely the simplicity on design and impressive camera! Been used Sony forever even promote to my colleagues. Sony Fanboy forever! ;)

  • Mibelo07

    Love It

  • Mibelo07

    Camera , Desing , Love

  • Delyan Mihov

    Screen, camera, design, quality, software, waterproof, support and ui
    Fingers crossed my Xperia Z Ultra to have a small Xperia Z5 brother. Good luck to everyone and happy holidays :)

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Sony! Name is enough!

  • Craig

    merry christmas

  • Alison Braidwood

    Sony has always meant quality to me, so I’d trust a phone they make.

  • Till

    Sony Xperia for me stands for high quality mobile products and great special features!

  • Wreck’d Jocker

    I’ve been using Sony handsets since Ericsson. For more creativity shifted to samsung note 3. but it was huge and inconvenient to carry in pockets. So, in search of a handy pocket friendly smartphone I bought xperia m dual, and oh boy what a phone! tremendous battery life, unbelievable signal strength, zippy performance, super accurate gps.Since that experience I dream to own a z3 compact. but currently can’t afford. now fell in love with the new z5. lets see if I have the luck to own one

  • j4m3z

    The classy design, functions and excellent camera is what I’m attracted to with Sony Xperia brand.


    Wow! Cool!

  • Ashish Dubey

    Hope I can!

  • Jurippe

    Simplicity and elegance of the phone design, but also the UI. I suppose that’s what puts it over the iPhone for me.

  • Albert Fernando

    More than 1 day battery life, premium design and build quality, clean user interface, OS never slow down even after 2 years, Android version update

  • Zannin

    Design, software aswell as a fast UI.

  • Ask

    YES! I’d love me one of those!

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Just Everything! I think it is the only company that make me want to have an android device. Without them I would probably go with an iPhone or even a Lumia.

  • Ali Erim

    Switch to SONY and discover android at its best! I demand Z5

  • Don Mouser

    Love you

  • Vinayak

    I hope I win. Let the miracle happen

  • Evgeny Moryatov

    They are really great phones overall.

  • Saimon

    Sony’s products are a real step-up on the Android universe,they’re the only alternatives if you looking for performances, design and reliability…even if you fancy a pocket-size device. Got my first one last year (Z3 Compact) and I can’t be happier with that. Good job Sony keep it up!Merry christmas to everyone from Italy! Cheers

  • Gantrioch

    Waterproof, dustproof, TRILUMINOUS, Live Color LED, minimalist design, clean Android interface, Stamina Mode, etc., etc., etc.

  • Paul L. Nguyen Offcial

    Will upgrade to this phone from z1 compact. Such an awesome phone.

  • Vinayak

    Sony’s glass sandwich design always attracted me. Other than that nearly stock like UI and dedicated media apps.

  • Zeoxzy

    Loyalty, Brand Image, Waterproof, SD Card support, PS4 connectivity, glass materials :) Merry xmas everyone

  • Build quality, timeless designs, waterproofing, camera, beautiful simple Android UI, software update support for older devices are a few points why I’ve chosen for Sony Xperia phones. :D

  • Jorgie Llanos

    Great quality build, which is also stylish and sexy. Android functions come to Xperia (Sony in general) first before other phone brands (in my experience). Beats having an Iphone.

  • Mainly battery life and camera quality

  • Luciana Fernunson

    They have great hardware usually.

  • 21187

    It’s all about design!

  • ramuk

    I think the main reason I come to love Sony is because its always create Unique devices. I know with Sony device I can expect quality product. Sony always prioritizes Design and they always created beautiful looking device, which is the top priority in my buying list. Xperia device always have great camera which is also in my priority when buying smartphone. As long as Sony continue making beautiful looking device with top class camera with unique features like water and dust proof capabilities, Hi-res music I will continue to support Sony and also recommend people to buy Sony products. I fell in love with Sony with my Sony Ericsson K750i and still in love with Sony.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    The name “Sony” attracts me. Sony has always been the better choice for anything cutting edge.

  • AudioAw

    I choose Sony for it’s understated design and exclusivity. It stands out from the crowd of Samsung and Apple devices, and it garners attention from passersby.

  • Andrew Kramer

    A z5 would be a worthy upgrade to my moto x.

  • Mohammad Shwan

    practical and stylish UI,good specs and hardware choices,greatest design out there,useful features instead of gimmicks,great cameras,not much bloatware,waterproofing and even more! Xperias are the best.

  • Fadi Obaya

    For real? It’s all about what the phone has to offer, whether it’s the battery, media apps or design.

  • Char

    I am so tired of my blackberry, I need a new easy to use phone

  • K Sad

    What attracts me to the Sony Xperia brand? The easiness of experiencing more… and more… and more…

  • Deb Philippon

    I’ve had good experiences with Sony products in the past, so I am attracted to the brand.

  • Lucy Underwood

    Sony Xperia’s are easy to use, smart, efficient and everything you need in a phone :-)
    Merry Christmas! Good luck everyone! X

  • Nagsen

    Looking Forward To This Phone…. Best of Sony….

  • AhmedBasyoni

    I’m a Sony fan since they merged with Ericsson as I bought T68i. Last 2 years my main device was iPhone 5c I give it a try because it was the only iPhone i liked, then for 3 months “only” I had Lenovo Vibe Shot (The devise looked like one of Sony’s cyber shot cams design). Last week I went back to Sony with Z3 Dual, here a list of what i missed the most:
    1- Small Applications.
    2- Stamina Mode (No one did this job very well like Sony).
    3- Water Proof (Heck, I bought their 1st water proof mobile – The mighty SonyEricsson Active.

  • Luca Giorgetti

    Good Luck! Buona fortuna :)

  • Caiofmart

    The design, the build quality and specially how Sony is the only one who offers flagship perfomance in a compact size for years!

  • Himanshu Gautam

    I have a xperia z.. It is my first phone till that time…i loved it so much not because its my first phone but because its a super technology loaded phone for me..its never hang..superb camera quality,…so faster..smooth…. Software support from jelly bean to lollipop (4.2.2 – 5.1.1)….waterproof.. Dust proof……sometimes i really like to show-off my phone by dipping it in water to jealous my friends ;) :P…..its also have reflecting surface both side that’s are too good…..therefore i love sony company and its products specially xperia phone

  • Ignacio Fitzgerald

    The design, the build quality, the IP certificates, and the camera.

  • Bloop

    Nice, stable, no frills, beautiful phones

  • bubimir13

    Simplicity and camera hardware.

  • Fabio Terreri

    I love the semi-stock experience with some tweaks from Sony, IP certifications, continuous software developing and…the elegance of the last phones.

  • ZKL

    Sony’s design is the best

  • Nassar Mehmood

    Love the Xperia brand for its clean look, UI and waterproofing… Happy Holidays All

  • João Olavo Gonzales

    Sony was always to me premium brand and standard setter. I remember the release of Walkman how wonderful and breathtaking that was. Then I always remember the TVs,I remember going to the stores and always dreaming of have one, when people would say a Sony product thing that would come to mind would be quality and premium design. My first real smartphone was xperia z, how happy I was back then and how revolutionary the phone and design was. Walking on the street was sign of respect, at least that was how I see it,people would look and be marvelled by the premium look and feel of the phone. Now I do have a xperia z3, extremely fast phone and the battery life is insane 6,8 hours of screen on time, awesome. Now to wrap this up, there’s no much to say,if you are following my message you may notice how passionate I am about Sony and that Sony was never just a brand to me but a paramount of greatness and most importantly be different on a way revolutionary way.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Outstanding camera, buttery smooth ui..and above all I am so inlove with the sound output

  • Georgi Mihov

    I like Sony because it’s quality.

  • jip

    Thank XB for all the news about our fav brand all year long. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  • Helisa Duplassie

    I love Sony products and would be thrilled to bits to trade my old iPhone in for a new, reliable Android

  • Hector Jesus Ramirez

    The main reason I bought a Xperia phone (Z2) was the great specs and the looks it’s have. Without mentioning the waterproof characteristic.

  • Alex Nuez

    maravilloso gran camara

  • Mibelo07

    I need It

  • Mibelo07


  • Xperia Z5 looks awesome. I would love to have it. Cheers and merry Christmas, people.

  • thelastredshirt

    Sony’s history, design, and reliability.

  • Keita Espinoza

    I got an Xperia ZL on 2013 and have fell in love with it. I have always wanted to have a newer Xperia phone so I can see what’s new and enjoy the power underhouse, I’m always looking to keep my ZL up to date, ports, system modifications, etc so I can have some of the latest features but of course thats only software.

    Ever since 2013 my phone has died 3 times and I have been able to revive it, I have opened it twice to fix it and replace components, from battery to screen. It has proved to be a loyal companion on my daily life.

    I have seen the Xperia Z5 as one fine succesor for my Xperia ZL, I don’t really care too much for waterproof, dustproof, whatever proof it has, neither battery power, I like the camera and the software updates that come with it ;) I like modding my phone so it fits me, I love modifying stock roms.

  • Akwan

    good product!!

  • FelixVienne

    I need one to replace my broken Z3 ! Thanks for this giveaway :D

  • Elizabeth E

    Xperias take great photo’s!!

  • Geek Till It Hertz

    I’m rockin a moto e 2014, Z5 would be a sick upgrade !!!

  • Juha

    Sony design, history, performance and camera.

  • Lo R

    What attracts me to the Sony Xperia brand is its reliability.

  • Daniel

    I love the camera, and design I also love the interface (Android design) very fast and convenient
    And the quick update version for the device

  • Yong C

    Outstanding camera

  • Billbond4

    Been a follower of xperia blog since the start, such a great source of sony info. So glad sony ericsson didn’t shut ye down that time

  • Amanda T.


  • MarkLastiwka

    Good quality software, clean UI, great design.

  • reiji_tamashii

    Love the build quality and simple UI of Xperias.

  • Juha

    Yeah also sound is excellent.

  • It has almost all the things I want from a phone. Some are missing, but it’s very close to my ideal phone.

  • Adrian

    Basically the great hardware and material design aswell as the much comfy UI

  • Karl Pountney

    They are well made and lifeproof.

  • alpesh

    I just love Sony coz of its ruggedness. We all can use it in pool. In rain. So premium feel. Strong aluminium frame. I will be pleased to have Sony Xperia z5. It is so beautiful

  • Josie


  • Alexander Tan

    This is by far the best Sony smartphone with the best camera in the industry. The Make.Believe of SONY

  • Utsav Shah

    The emotional connection that I feel with Sony and nostalgia with Sony Ericsson.these are the two prime reasons why Sony is for life for me.

  • jxPerience

    Simple, it’s SONY, the only brand to satisfy my electronics desires.

  • vikash khoiwal

    The new 23 megapixel camera with 0.3 sec focus time is jst wow,Xperia logo graved on the side of the phone just look awesome,new soc s810 is blazing fast, the new fingerprint reader nd display.these are attracting me the most nd rest other features r already present on my current xperia device(z2).hope to get z5 :D

  • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

    For me, it’s the pure elegance of the phones, both looks and ui. Theres no other way to describe it, and it’s just so much more than ‘it’s metal and glass’. Xperias stand out from the rest of the bunch.

  • Martin Deschambault

    Sony Xperia brand is about style and innovation. I like the design and the incredible features, but what I love the most are the aesthetics and attention to detail. Long live Sony Xperia!

  • fyzz08

    Compatibility between systems.

  • Billy Lilley

    i like the user interface

  • Charlie

    Wow. I didn’t expect this :D

  • Alexander

    Xperia Z5 is undoubtedly the best smartphone in 2015 with its 23MP camera along with hi res audio features. It is my dream smartphone of all times.

  • Sony’s products are the top, and the camera is amazing.

  • Andy

    One of the best smartphone and design out there

  • Alex Norris

    Sony Style

  • Jeff Medina

    Elegance, stylish, reliability, uniqueness, simplicity. Also with the xperia line you find features not usually found on other major brands.

  • Chris D

    The overall design language, it has a very simple and elegant look.

  • John-Angel Belis

    Mainly the outstanding design of their devices and the simple and beautiful hi.

  • Daniels G.

    This will tell if its time for an upgrade over my Z2.

  • Ruben Wolf

    I love the magnificent design, the simple UI but specially the stunning camera!!!

  • Layla Webb

    I love the Xperia brand for the simple and clean UI. It’s near stock Android and added features are actually useful. It doesn’t look cluttered and messy like a lot of other skins do.

  • CmAliNXS

    Compared to other manufacturers, Sony not only delivers a pretty UX but also high build quality. My Sony Xperia ZR has been the best smartphone I’ve ever had and I’m still satisfied after more than 2 years.

  • Matt Meredith

    Always loved Xperias for great design, camera, water resistance, and now the best fingerprint implementation.

  • Vinoth Raj

    Hi guys ..I like to share something about Sony smartphone.. First of all I like to say about water and dustproof its quite amazing feature you are the guys who first introduced it..its very useful I loved it. Next I’m going to take about design, to be honest I doesn’t feel premium look even though in higher end device..Next performance its very amazing I didn’t get any lag or heat issues .. Next UI .for me its looks like a kiddish the icons it have I don’t like it..For me its very perfect phone except it’s premium look…I love to use it .

  • jabato410

    Design, camera, micro-sd

  • Sachin Patel

    Always a fan of that sparky premium looks , build quality & u get ip certified dust and waterproof phone. what else do u want ? <3 xperia

  • Óskar Xabjér

    great camera and desing, fan from sony smartphones since ever

  • rahul pathak

    To be frank i hated the displays of xperia phones earlier. bt i have to say they have significantly improved the display panel.nw m in love with them. Also , xperia cameras have always been my favourite. !

  • theponyhalf~

    The “Sony” name is the largest attraction for me. It has been synonymous with “quality” for decades.

  • corrado85

    i love the sony brand and their innovation. it usually means some oem engineering went behind the product.

  • Dhawal Patel

    for me its the awsme camera and dust nd waterproof feature.merry xmas all :)

  • AnDy HeYhei

    Actually it must be the design. For colors, Sony’s phone have got different colors, like the pink for my Xperia Z1 Compact (which I found the most beautiful color), aqua green for my Xperia Z3+ and coral for my current Xperia Z5 Compact. I really don’t care about the software, as most of the mod can be flashed in the recovery. Sony wins against other brand most likely is because of its design, especially the use of the colors. Also, the Omnibalance design is not bad. Even though I also would like to see some changes to the design, I think that Sony’s Omnibalance is much better than other brands, which is so contagious to me.

  • John Jabbour

    Classy Design .. Incredible Reliability … Amazing Camera .. And the powerful performance

  • Wild Rat

    Compact size with full power.

  • A.D. Patel

    i personally own a xperia zr nd i smetimes hate its display when i compare it to other.But one of my friend own a xperia z5 nd when i saw its display i was blown away.i would really like to have a z5.happie holidays :)

  • Luciana Fernunson

    They usually hace great hardware.

  • Stunning durability, high quality material, sleek beautiful design, light UI, outstanding hardware quality (camera, screen, loudspeaker) pretty much everything is great on Sony Xperia phone!

  • julian Lashley

    I have been drawn to the Xperia brand since the X10, because of the excellent hardware designs and classy UI.

  • dirk789

    The software updates, and the almost stock android!

  • wwrk

    The 5.2-inch IPS display with 1080p full HD resolution

  • Dinesh Patel

    ip certified dust and waterproof feature sets xperia class apart.also the xperia ui look cool.i really like the icons xperia uses :)

  • Cat Cou

    The name, the colour the slim build, the Sony brand

  • Dodo G

    Best phone ever. Sony is always my first choice, and green version is very beautiful.

  • Luis Tuto Iguarán

    Best camera of the market, awesome designs and UI

  • pmkpmk

    The 5.2-inch IPS display with 1080p full HD resolution

  • Karlo Sudec

    Design is my thing. :)
    Sony make products with such unique and beautiful design. I’m not talking only about phones. PlayStation, headphones, tablets…
    I’m proud owner of z3 and people really do recognize it when I put it on the table or hold it in my hands in public . That Sony remarkable design is what I like the most.

  • dulemk

    Wow, I really want that phone, I have Xperia T, so this will be a huge update.

  • Radek Fall

    No need for custom rom, IP rating.

  • Chinke

    I have z3 compact. It Will good to upgrade.

  • R.D. Patel

    i have had a chance to use z5 owned by my cousin.i liked the z5 as a whole.one of my

    best liking feature will be the look and feel.Its beautifull.As a girl its a perfect device for me.hope i get lucky.Happy holidays.njoy

  • Edis Zuki?

    Specs, quality and long support of/for their products.

  • Tiffanynichole89

    I like the design of the phone.

  • I prefer Xperia brand because i feel xperia devices combines the best specifications of all other brands in one device.

  • Axcel ctw

    sony z5 so good. would be a nice upgrade from my xperia m2 if I won. what are we suppose to say anyway?

  • Ronald Gagnon

    I love the UI and waterproofing, dust proof and amazing camera

  • emmanuel david

    What attracts me to xperia? It’s great camera, great design (which is also waterproof), very smooth UI, it gives great music experienced thanksnto its built-in DAC and noise cancelling chip..
    That’s why I hope to win this Xperia Z5.. I badly want it! Merry Christmas to all!

  • Tibor Hornyák

    green or black ?

  • Nod Stark

    The most different and original brand of all, different design, flexibility, user-adjusted and beautiful. Love Sony and wish to have all (or at least most of) Sony products at home together.

  • ack

    Yes, please! I’d like to take more vids with it. :D

  • Trevor Panten

    The screen, camera, and build quality are the things I like most. Waterproofing is great too.

  • Jen

    Nicest designs, better quality, waterproofing..I’ve always stuck with Sony and I don’t see that changing any time soon

  • Keifer Costa

    It’s the brand name Sony and the design of their Xperia phones, minimalist ui, battery.

  • Nuno

    Excellent design, the looks are amazing bundled with the built quality, i like the easy and clean UI. Own and collect all the Sony Mobile phone since the original Z and will keep on buying Sony phones.

  • Christian Hengst

    Great camera, great design, quality, software, waterproof

  • Kira Yamato

    I’ve enjoyed all the features. One of the things that impressed me was the build quality and design. Simple yet elegant it stands out from the rest. I jumped ship from a galaxy and right off the bat I notices a big difference in quality. I also love the connectivity in regards to all their entertainment services.

  • To be honest, I am a fan of brand, and I will tell you a long story about that with bad English) Skip to points if you will be bored)
    My first mobile phone was k700i from sony ericsson. My father told me, that he will buy phone with given price. It was 2004 or 2005. I was not fan of any brand, but I always was against mainstream pop brands. Back then in Armenia Nokia was the “coolest” brand, it was iPhone of that time. Using internet and investigating, comparing every possible option I foumd that SE is the best, it had everythig, good camera, sound, nice display with high resolution (176*220), good suppoort for java apps, mp3 and 3gp videos) And we bought it. Since then I had w550i, w810i, w890i, J20i. Then I was in army when SE introduced it’s first Android device, and already that time iPhone replaced nokia devices as the most popular thing, but I knew, that SE is the best.
    So after army I bought Z, it was amazing, it also inspired me to develop my first useful and so popular android application (Aqua Camera Pro) for underwater photography.
    Bought tipo dual for father, then gave my z to brother, bought Z3 for me and m4 aqua for father and he gave his tipo dual to my mom. So My whole family is using xperia) Sadly as you know Z3 phones are very “suicidal” and they are just falling from any surface and after a couple of successfull landings my phone finally broke its front glass and I changed it, but service put some generic screen with wery oversaturated contrast also they broke vibration and now Z3 is not sony at all, because perfection of Sony devices is in every detail. And of course I need a new phone very bad! :)
    And back to question.
    1. Brand loyalty
    2. Japan!!!
    3. Design
    4. Display
    5. Waterproofness
    6. Not annoyinng interface
    7. Camera
    8. Everything else.

  • Mustafa

    I love Xperia for its clean and beautiful design and the harmony of colors

  • Lenovo A7

    Sony respects the aspects of the tech that I value such as clean and simplistic design and battery life. Also the brand has grown on me over the years.

  • ChilliPSco

    As I already have a Z5 I won’t enter. I’d rather give someone else more of a chance to win it. That said, what I will say is I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and all the very best for the New Year. Enjoy yourselves!


    SONY = WIN

  • Angi

    Sony brand make me think about the excellent quality of the materials!
    I have a sony xperia z3 and i love stock launcher, photo and videos are like wow, and well, i’m optimist, in winter is perfect to warm my hands when i play games ;))))

  • Afseen Af

    Xperia it self defines the mobility and simplicity of owning a smartphone.

  • Juthaima Jahdhami

    Suttle magnificence and ingenuity in innovative design and ergonomic and utilitarian interface, that is almost a six sense with a seamless integration of human and device interaction…

  • joseph carmine nero

    Elegance,class.I like light UI and design.also I really need my phone to be waterproof

  • Alberto

    Desing, material quality, camera and of course size. Sony is the only one brand that care about compact phone.

  • Christian Crnkovic

    what attracts me? PERFECTION !!

  • wasimariflone

    I don’t know weather you work for sony or just a fan of them but i will be straight forward with my journey of choosing sony.
    The first ever device my father bought was a sonyericsson t**** series, then after he lost the mobile he moved on to nokia 6260 and it was a great device of that time and given the strong hold of nokia back then he never moved on from nokia for like 5-6 years. the first device i owned was nokia n70 and i remember how i am my friend kept comparing his sony ericsson w550i because it was the best sounding device of that time.(lacked memory card slot :P) only 254mb of internal storage killed the deal for me. the age of touch phone came and i bought nokia n8 insted of sonyericson xperia arc because i wasn;t sure of android at that time.
    after a year of clicking with n8 i finally sold it because android was mainstream and symbian was about to die.i bought xperia mini because i hated big phones at that time and bought the mini droid xperia mini and it is still running fine after 4 -5 years of rough use.i was about to buy xperia T because of looks and as a bond phone (big fan of daniel craig ) but sadly it wasn’t avaliable in india and i bought galaxy s3 instead because of no other choice. s3 was a great device to be honest , evrything was great by that time standard, but my mind was with xperia T and comparing the looks of Xperia T and its ui with samsung was quite boring and samsung reputation of copying apple ui and other things ruined the experience.it was like using chinease version of ios. i was looking for a small device with no lack of flapship internals and my search was about to end when you people leaked z1 compact and i was really curious about this device because of the ips display and its size ,and finally i bought it asap and was like finally my search for a near perfect phone ended , i got the 20mpx cam, waterproofness, small size wih flagship specs . what else do we need in a phone and i was by far the best device i ever owned and i was really loving it . ( only downside it had was low headphone output and 4.3 in screen seemed smaller after using so many big screen phones of friends ) the a year of using it you people leaked z3 compact and i was like omg what a beauty and i was the first person to buy it in my city. and belive me it was worth the investment . everything was great. the headphone loudness was boosted a bit camera in lowlight killed z1c and the looks were killer.( only downside it had was no root access in beginning and that messy usb flaps which broke twice ) i am still using this device and its scratched from here and there because of rough and continuous use , and after more than a year it is as good as it was on first day. for me by far the best best phone in this category. i was hoping for sony to bring something better than they did with z5 series specially the compact version. it doesn’t have that wow factor of z3 series. and given what samsung is doing with its ui and camera sony needs to catch up. i will keep on using z3c till i get my budget up for z5 charcoal black .till then z3c this lil beast is more than enough.
    thank you :D
    hope i win :P

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    May the luckiest win (in which case of course won’t be me)

  • Heavyhms

    I have already z5 Compact and previously z3c and z1c. Entire Z series has great battery life, very good call quality and strong signal.
    For Sony a smartphone must be primarily a great phone. This is (imho) the best and the most correct vision of a modern but usable smartphone

  • luigi

    The glamorous omnibalance design with metal frame and glass back , the technology behind the camera like the worlds fastest autofocus in a smartphone, the gorgeous sounding front firing stereo speakers, simple, clean and elegant ui, waterproof design with open micro usb port and Sony’s openness to the development community

  • ZoltánK

    First, the software is rich but still friendly. I don’t like to learn dozens of useless features
    Second, gorgeous hardware, audio and camera are my favorites. Speed and battery life are both excellent.
    Symmetrical, balanced, conservative design with stereo front speakers are exceptional.

  • ?ukasz Malinowski

    What I love about xperia? Almost AOSP light UI and omnibalance design! I don’t know why but I’ve always loved rough edges and rectangular shape. The elegance and simplicity of xperias is just superb.

  • Waleed LY

    Sony phone of the most beautiful and the best mobile phones in the world …. high quality. And super strength. Fantasy and elegance. The phone Sony’s most famous in the world. Keep up in your success

  • Zac Yong

    Cause i love sony plus it would be sweet to get a newer xperia

  • RS

    camera quality, software, waterproofing

  • Harper

    Hope i win :D

  • Kiraser

    Design, good quality, outstanding camera, water/dust-proof and ‘course the name – Sony.

  • Atena Khalili

    I just love the sony quality…..i had xperia z for 3 years and that was awesome… The good camera.but i love that which they put high technology on their phone…like Iris like 3D touch…..i want sony will be a flag of smart phone technology not sony and iphone …be the frist one in the world…then i promise any body dont touch any other smart phone.

  • HAWX

    I think the biggest factor for me is the fact that how Xperia Z series smarthphones look. They look definitely more masculine and serious compared to Samsung and LG’s flagships.

    And that’s because Sony’s own way of doing things, which is the 2nd best factor for me. Normally, most manufacturers avoid edgy desing to be more ergonomic, and that’s true. I love how Sony tries new things instead of doing what’s on the market, better. Of course the risk is higher in that way and you might not end up with the best device on the market, thus you can’t see the reward of your efforts. But seeing somebody trying new thing is something I really like and that’s why I have my curiosity and interest for Xperia :)

  • Kleiron

    Sony has always been a name associated with unbeatable quality. Who wouldn’t love that? :D

  • Krzysztof Wo?ek

    I love Sony for outstanding products with high quality workmanship that make with each purchased feel more satisfaction from their possession.

  • Emmanuelle Directo

    Minimalist design, most devices can be rooted through Sony in just a couple minutes, minimal bloat and it can all be removed fairly easily

  • Marcus

    Good luck everyone

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    I’m kinda like apple fan boy, an Xperian guy :)), so the Z5 is like the iPhone 6S 128Gb model to a apple fan, its like a god of a machine :).

  • Andre Gonzalez

    For me the biggest attractive of sony xperia devices is the software; it’s so clean, fast, intuitive that is just sweet to use. If we combine it with such great design, camera and sound is just perfect. Also xperia devices are premium, isnt cheap and common as samsung or huawei, is unique and it feels diferent against other devices. Sony also isnt as other companies, dont jump ahead to unnecesary technologies as 2k screen (that isnt that change from 1080 and kill the battery), beside that they improve the existant and better the others just to surprise… And is so nice the ip rating, is good not to worry about your phone every second. Happy holidays to everybody :)

  • amd

    Lol I never won anything from this competition. Just click and register. But nothing happens. Even I posted news Xperia blog never post. If some other guy post they will post here if I give some tip or news they will say sorry forgot to check email’s. How can I believe they will select real winner from this.

  • Giovanni Bertelli

    build quality, camera, waterproofness , media apps, ui, updates and community support!
    currently on a z3 compact

  • Jupri Santoso

    Clean & very smooth UI, camera feature & quality is very good.

  • redmitsos

    Design, camera, display, quality

  • Mariesca Octaviani Bongawijaya

    I love the design of Sony Xperia. It is simple yet elegant. Besides, it is waterproof and dustproof which make our life easier. Sony Xperia has a great camera to capture our precious moments too. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Ostap Koloda

    Own amazing android UI ! Always was and always IS!

  • Simon Elliott

    Knowing that experienced, thorough, quality and performance seeking Japanese Electronic Engineers worked on developing each new handset attracts me to the Xperia brand.

  • Dane Marcus

    Quality hardware and build quality coupled with no-fuss software on top of Android. Every handset has an aura of elegance.

  • xliMaNlx

    I was a very big fan of Sony since I was kid.
    The design of their phone are perfect for hands( I never drop a Xperia before, but when it’s other brand… oh God, please it’s not broken yet.). waterproof, very simple UI, another for the design; it was very very neat for my eyes!!! and last but not the least – the battery performance, it takes days before it runs out.
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Šimon Slávik

    Reputation of great camera quality ;)

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Originality, beauty, not copy, and also water Proof ;)

  • Marcel

    Simply no compromises. In the smartphone industry, it seems every single OEM compromises on either crucial features or simply useful unique features. And honestly, im sick of it. Like look at Sony, still keeping the waterproof feature, still got NFC, still got SD Card slot, great camera, great screen, clean software. Its just a no compromises phone, no bulls**t, just quality engineering and pure respect for their customers. That is why i have only ever had a Sony phone over my whole life. Cheers guys <3

  • Win Oo

    Build quality, unique design and smoothness.

  • mUSICA

    The Looks, Sound,Quality & The Brand Name

  • bbc12340

    The frosted glass back and sand-blasted metal frame of the Sony Xperia Z5 display a refined design

  • Angel

    Their longevity and commitment to quality. I trust their brand.

  • Ryan

    dat camera …….omg omg omg

  • Kris

    For me: Battery life, build quality, stable software, and overall quality of the phone.

  • ??????? ???????

    for all the possibilities, it is the best phone in my opinion

  • jk05

    crystal clear camera

  • Kenneth F

    I like the UI, and the waterproof design. I’m a recreational diver, and I’m on boattrips on RIB’s a lot, so it’s nice to know that even if I’ve just come out of the water, and is still dripping wet, I can pick up the phone without worrying that it’s going to get wet, that enhances the security of a dive.

  • unlimitedsky

    Design, quality, long-term support, clean UI and software.

  • Inderpal Gill

    The outstanding camera, cool user interface and waterproof capabilities

  • Lakshminarasimhan Sundarrajan

    It’s an emotional connect for me. Kazuo Hirai stated “Be Moved” when launching Z series and trying to turn around the business. I really got moved and still believe that Sony makes on of the best smartphones. I am positive they will become successful and will turn around their business. I wish and pray for the same.

  • Jorge De La Rosa

    First of all I have always been a fan of sony products but, once you look at the xperia brand we get into a new level of experience. Compared to other manufacturers like the likes of apple and Samsung and we can see that sony is an under dog in every fight. This is not a bad thing which drives innovation and a drive to create a better product. No other manufacturer does the things sony does, they provide phones with waterproof capabilities, because who doesn’t love being able to know that their phone will always be safe under unexpected down pours. The design turns heads, everywhere you go people always wonder what phone you have or they give you a complement. I own the xperia z3+ so I am speaking from experience, Dual front facing speakers help with media consumption as well as a beautiful screen! Sony has delivered a product that is good at everything it does! there are no compromises and that is what makes a phone a phone for consumers! This is what I love about Sony xperia devices, they offer no compromise!

  • Ridwan Ahmed

    Everything been a Sony fan since the PS2, their phones are the best it has everything I love

  • Lukáš Vacek

    Merry Christmas :-)

  • Rey

    This device is the coolest! That Green will be mine…

  • pedrotran

    The Sony brand name

  • esdisaysaloha

    Great design and build quality, a good selection of sizes, and close-to-stock software with useful added features. Oh, and the waterproofing, of course.

  • Overall design, performance, and minimal touches to Android!

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Primary reasons for loving Sony? Mostly the fact that it’s resilient, and beautiful at the same time.. Others reasons? Beautiful screen ( on newer devices of course), strong battery life, reliable..and also makes some people around me jealous.. So much so they need to ask why I buy a Sony.. Simple Ui as well as lag free and reliable day to day performance.. Camera is also good enough to be a strong day to day performer..

  • DIsChaos

    What attracts me? This is quite easy , first off this is Sony , one of the brand I enjoy for a while now , it’s started with Playstation and now smartphones , they have very good design , good quality , long life support for android and any kind warranty , the performance and my android is still running fine after almost it fully for more than a year , as for Camera it is one of the best ,even if there is many option that I don’t use it’s still good for those who want advanced feature, there is also “the gaming” part that is awsome , most of games work with no lags at all , with Sony , I can , Take pictures , videos , listen my music , plays games ,I can do anything I want , wherenever i want , with Perfection , because it’s Sony .

  • shhh

    Style and performance. Thank you XB and Sony!

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    For me the Sony legacy on Stability, longevity of products (even if software support ends), they also leaded the trend in which simplifying innovation takes the stress of the user.

    I had every flagship since the x10i. And still have no intention to turn away.

  • Justin Case

    Battery life, UI.

  • Raymond Wong

    The beautiful, distinct design is what attracts me to xperia devices! I have been a fan since the original Z. No other OEM offers the same sense of premium and design like Sony. Coupled with an amazing camera, display and battery life, it is a dream phone indeed!


    As sony privides only the best quality on both hardware and software. I couldn’t agree more to buy one.

  • David Ramirez

    sony is a device that makes you feel accompanied and can take good pictures you respond battery . sony is closer to pure android and improves slightly

  • Adi Arfan

    The Xperia series reminds me of my Sony Cybershot T100 (purchased in 2007) that got me started on photography. Consistency of form and function especially the camera was the icing that sealed the deal.

  • Alexander Steil

    Design, Camera, Software and this color is so beautiful :D

  • Bodge

    Really like this camera from what I’ve read and seen of it, would love to hold it in my hands!

  • Dark Lord

    Camera, music quality and gorgeous sexy hardware designs Sony makes.

    Good luck for everyone!! Cheers..!!

  • Sergio98765

    -Batery, waterproof, color this phone, display, desing and materials : the best
    “lo mejor de la gama alta, por lejos”

  • subm

    Great Phone

  • Jill Hanson

    I like that you can use this phone with some pre-paid carriers & I like that it is Green my favorite color.

  • Adam Draven

    I’ve always loved Sony for its high quality products, from my Playstation to my CD & MP3 players and TV’s.
    My current phone is the Xperia Z1S I love everything about it and I just can’t wait for a chance to get my hands on a Z5 to see how much more awesome Sony can pack into a phone for me.

    Merry Christmas everybody and good luck!!!!!

  • jamie evans

    Z3 Compact triggered in me to become a huge fan of Xperia

  • Eduardo Otero

    In my opinion Sony’s Android customised is the best.

  • Tzereen

    My love started back in the days of CMD Z5. Truly brilliant phone. I love their technological advance, their design, and because the weight of their contribution to the electronics over the years.

  • Sony Xperia Z5 incorporates a sleek design and flagship specs into one awesome device! Looking forward to future camera updates though, this is the only thing I actually dislike about this phone…

  • Lesiba Malebane

    The battery life, camera and by far the durability. My whole family has been a Sony family from the Xperia Z right to the Xperia Z5. It is that great a brand.

  • Stanley Lu

    Been using Sony since X10, I like their quality, simplicity and design. Love the Z series!

  • John White

    I had a good experience with the Sony Xperia series, and I really love Sony being open and honest about rooting.

  • Vincent

    I love the XperiaUI and the sony is best known for it device for Music. Love the sound produced.

  • Komnaspap

    What I love most on an xperia is first and foremost it’s design, it’s clean UI, it’s speed, the camera and of course it’s long lasting battery!

  • ShinOrochiX

    What is it about the Sony Xperia brand that attracts me?

    When I think Sony Xperia the first thing that comes to mind is design, Xperia smartphones have had, currently have and I know will continue to have the best and ‘sexiest’ designs in the industry-I have been using Xperia since the 2010 range. The design has always been a plus for me, the smartphones have always been unique, with the beautiful arc design and omnibalance for example. I must say I miss the arc design but omnibalance is just as good! The beauty of Sony Xperia not only runs in the hardware but also the software with, in my opinion, the most attractive interface of all OEMs, it combines simplicity with sleekness. Furthermore other features like waterproof/dust resistance, camera (Superior Auto=life saver), performance and two day battery also do it for me. the Xperia brand is an ‘all rounder’, unlike other OEMs where dropping a feature kills appeal (OnePlus/NFC, Samsung/plain design etc…) Sony’s range covers everything required to a premium standard.

    One a side note Sony don’t have to add premium to the name (…Z5 Premium), their devices are premium by default. Peace!

  • ElDandy

    Great design and ui

  • Great build quality, near stock Android software experience, excellent battery life, good support for developers.

  • Lito

    Classic and elegant design that is combined with the simplest OS. The waterproof feature is what makes the Sony Smartphones unique and outstanding. The endless support from the community and the Sony team really make a difference, especially when Sony is not giving up so quickly even with the negative financials.

  • Hannah T

    Super fascinating phone! I love the green. :)

  • Em

    I feel like they have one of the best displays from tv to phone.

  • dragonsneeze

    No compromise, best all around devices are from Sony. They think out of the box with their approach and of course the experience is not something that others can offer.

  • Tiago Sousa

    I really wanna win this perfect phone!! <3

  • Sir William

    I like the form and the fact that it is waterproof. Oh, and it is not an iPhone.

  • XperiaSlay

    Because SONY means quality :)

  • Jacky

    Loving the clean design, camera button, premium build quality

  • viv

    I am looking forward to seeing sony’s enhancement with the high megapixel camera. It is by far the best one for amateur photographers such as myself. Not to mention the screen, I definitely need something that has a nice resolution and color correction to be able to see videos and photos with that real life feel. Usually my other phones show a stronger saturation in people’s skin when looking through photos or albums.

  • J Hauter

    I love the design, quality,software,ui


    Where’s my green beast?

  • BlackMilk

    Sony Z line is the most beautiful phones for me, also I like its XperiaHome launcher, Camera is great, and now it has fingerprint sensor which is also cool:) the hardware is always on top, also waterressistance is very useful for me.

  • orangpelupa

    Xperia devices almost always have simple but beautiful design. Some of their designs are gimmicky but those gimmicks are useful gimmicks.

  • Fearless_fx

    The fact this phone is waterproof is pretty slick!

  • Zarko Dragojevic

    I can’t actually remember, why I fell in love with the XPERIA Phones in the first place, but I am still, because of the great products Sony releases every year!
    Good Luck to everyone and Thanks XB!

  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    This will be a perfect Christmas gift! Thanks XperiaBlog!!

  • DuckDodgers245


  • Hendra Hong

    I’m always love sony’s design. elegant yet functional & user friendly. For xperia, I like its UI, camera & design. Sony is the best

  • Brijwel

    Displlay,water proof,camer…! I love everything!

  • Kenneth Villanueva

    Honestly the best of xperia is the thickness and professionality of design, and the most important is sony finest sensor Exmor RS are integrated in xperia devices, thanks sony!

  • Praju Rajkarnikar

    Well i love xperia devices because of its sleek design and quality.

  • Finalfeeling

    If it’s not an Xperia,It,s not an Xperia.

  • Jeff Ryan Lozardo

    What attracts me the most is the design.. Unique design that separates from others.. Next is the quality.. Xperias are known for their quality since old days.. Happy Holidays..

  • Aadil

    I’d say there support for their customers after selling their devices is the plus point. No other company cares about usage as much as Sony. If only they were good at marketing and rectifying their software bugs.

  • hjl

    sony loyalist here… walkman, discman, trinitron, psx, vaio, ETC

  • heatherswanson

    a quality product

  • Karlo Sudec

    I love that Sony design and software.
    It’s just perfect. Not android vanilla but neither slow and buggy like Touchwiz. It has perfect add-ons and functionalities. Go Sony :)

  • Robert Dunn

    The biggest attraction to the Xperia brand for me is the sleek, slim design and waterproof features

  • Mirhawk

    It all started with Xperia S. I was supposed to go for a Moto device then, but somehow changed My mind and went for XS. Man, did it change My concept of Android with it. While being on stock and official updates, it was always good to use the apps and technologies specifically designed for the phone! Not much bloatware, always responsive and a 12 MP camera. Nobody could believe that a phone could have that much at that period. Even after the stock updates stopped, there were mods and ROM’s available, in fact most modding options such as BL locked ROM’s came with XS, and all thanks to the binaries released by Sony and some amazing creative work of Developers! Even after so many years, Xperia S still gets ROM’s and the name SOny has a definitive role to play in it! Now, after buying a z1c, one gets to see that apart from just android development support, it has also looked in to design and latest HW, thus trying to conquer most of the crowd, and definitely conquered Me! Thus, no matter how many other people say that I that this phone/brand is better, I will stil be rooting for Sony!

  • Since I can remember, my family has bought many Sony devices (TVs, stereos, cell phones, headsets, cameras, video players, car audio and game consoles)

    Why? Because Sony has always had the philosophy that first is the quality and durability, then the rest. Example: My mother is 20 years a TV brand (of those who were of drawer), and even has the ability to buy a better one with Android and all the new things that have a modern TV, she does not ever change , because? Because Sony is quality. She has never touched pay extra money for repairs, since it has not been necessary.

    I for example, I had a w300, then a w580i, later a C905 which unfortunately lost and then gave me a Xperia Z1 and stay super-love with him, because it was a cell that was known to differentiate from the competition because it offered functions at that time many would say were useless (such as NFC), but now clear that serves them. And that another plus for Sony is that not only prevents overloading the system with unnecessary Android applications, but enhances it and gives very useful extras (more polished interface, Stamina Mode, excellent multimedia applications, “multitasking” with small smart applications, among others).

    And also worth mentioning that pampers its products alike, things that many manufacturers do. Do not respect the consumer as Sony does, and that is why Sony is my favorite brand because we know how to listen to consumers and try to give us the best of the best, not only in the field of telephony, but IN GENERAL .

    And seriously do not understand why the brand is the leader in sales if it is one of the few who do things as they should. It saddens me that.

    And finally, finally I say this: “I hope to win this cell, because they really help me a lot, because right now I went through a bad situation and not have the ability to buy it, and because I stole my dear Z1. ”


    Greetings from Honduras, Central America.

  • ishi147

    i find the xperia brand as an all in one package with a simple sleek design compared to other devices on the market

  • Vincentius Phang

    Initially I was attracted by sony erricsson W series for being music focused phone. A breakthrough during the time. As time pass by I become a sony fan. Then come the smartphone era. I began with Xperia arc S, mainly because of the design. Then until now still with my Z1, still the main reason is for the design, but this also for the waterproofing.

  • Genta Aditya

    i may not have the best luck on lucky draws, but heck — HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS

  • yahalom hasid

    Sony xperia has one of the best cameras (thanks for your generosity)

  • Jackie Mercer

    The camera is phenomenal!

  • Anurag Krishna

    The build quality and design on the xperia S made mee a Sony fanboy and now I have a Z1. Sony has the best hardware and software hands down.

  • bilomar

    I like xperia phone, slim easy to use

  • Anand Krishna

    What attracts me to Sony Xperia are
    1. User Experience
    2. Build Quality
    3. Design
    4. Water Resistance
    5. Camera
    6. Blind love of the brand Sony

  • Nguyen Eazy

    minimalist design,
    details minimised,
    flat on both surfaces,
    UX-I simple,
    music like in club,
    I’m like no.other,
    when holding in hand.

  • cloquazidus .

    I love everything about the Xperia Z5… Nice thing to upgrade from my Z2. :-)

  • Ben Ling

    Hoping the Z6 to be even better.

  • rica mae

    I liked how classy the looks of SONY xperia, and also the brand name.. SONY!!! you can really see the innovation from the start, sony never disappoint us.. Because, they’ve listen to what we wanted.. And that’s the best of SONY..

  • Nicole

    The features

  • Jason Chung

    The omnibalance design, solid ui, great battery life and build quality. Held onto an Xperia ZL since day one of it and it’s still running strong but could use an upgrade !

  • Lancelot Ottley

    The excellent quality and focus of the camera

  • nbanders

    The software and the company that stands behind it

  • Abhi

    What I like about Sony is that their phones are well rounded, in terms of aesthetics, display, performance, camera quality, audio quality, protection and overall usability. They excelled in every area without compromising one factor over another which is amazing as no other brand has a phone which does well in all these areas at once. The user interface is simple yet beautiful and functional without the bloatware which seems to plague many other Android phones these days. In terms of device support they seem to be doing the best among the Android manufacturers when it comes to updating their devices, as can be seen by the fact that even the original Xperia Z is still getting updates after two years.

  • Ren Xiang

    the all balance design?It differs from every other smartphone and is beautiful. And the UI is also beautiful

  • Arturo Pastrana

    the best of all

  • pranav K

    Simple…. I believe in SONY

  • Z Rang

    Because it’s Sony, possible integration of other sony excellence technology such as Playstation, Walkman and maybe the camera aplha series for mobile device

  • SF

    Sony makes Premium compact versions, perfect customization of Android

  • karthik charlu

    The whole experience. The look, the feel, The classy OS. All of these have so much quality and grace, that i cant convince myself to love another brand. Sony phones feel so premium and have a grace in their build quality.I love Sony.

  • Mharcky Mariano

    Omni balance is so elegant. The most beautiful design of a smartphone. With just first look it will totally get your attention and fall in love :)


    The thing which attracts to its brand are it’s refreshing look, slim screen, better quality camera with ram, rapidly software update soon after being released by google. Better ui interface , prices at a very small cost, XPERIA it’s name depicts experience. It ‘s led light and a strip of light showing below navigation bars, support for NFC and android beam waterproofing. Bestest the best. Keep u loving the Xperia forever and ever…

  • Todd Clayton

    A non-bloated OS. Love it.

  • wildia enterprise

    TechGreat for users who needs best technology and difference of preformance !!!!

  • Joseph Roc

    Sony Xperia smartphones are innovation at its finest!

  • jose van gaal

    the best of sony in a waterproof smartphone:3

  • Yeshwanth Gollaprolu

    Relation with SONY started from 10years back, I bought the first because of brand name and continued mainly due to the music experience. Walkman will rule the music experience forever. Till today Walkman(music right now) is the best I’ve heard. Also SONY has close to stock experience with great built quality. I’m using XPERIA ZL from 3years without any hardware issues with latest software, this shows the great reliability of SONY

  • Joseph Pamplona

    I get urges to try phones from inferior companies but Sony’s software is so good that I can’t stand the other UIs anymore. It’s so fast and smooth. It’s just too good. And hooray for on screen buttons! Merry Christmas!

  • al

    The brand.

  • ???? ??????

    I love Sony because it makes me believe!

  • Purnama

    Let me win, so Z5 will be replacement of my M4 Aqua.. :D

  • Emad

    What does attract me to Xperia brand would include: Long lasting batteries, advanced features that become blessing in time of need and are not usually available in other brands like connectivity features, camera apps. And I personally very much like powerful compact series!

  • ????? ?????????

    Let the force be with Sony

  • Piyush

    Sony Xperia always been like a mentor to me .It keeps me cool,keeps me connected to my family, arrange my stuff in good manner with its nice UI and specially when you hear its sound quality you’ll be completely mesmerized and feel so so relax like never before and thats what Sony meant for .I Think a new friend is coming to me from Xperia Family .Thank You.. Merry Christmas..

  • Ravi

    unique looks of xperia phones always

  • jxPerience

    Because Sony is at it’s best

  • Kok

    I’ve been a fan since Sony Ericsson era. I was so mesmerized by the unique, exquisite, outstanding and gorgeous design on the Sony Ericsson devices, for instance the Walkman series and Cyber Shot series. And my obsession never stopped ever since. Now that it’s Xperia era. My obsession is still there. I’m so attracted to the design on XPERIA smartphones and I got my first ever XPERIA smartphone which is XPERIA RAY, with parallelogram shape from side view. My obsession got more intense as XPERIA Z and XPERIA ZL came out. Both these phones have superior camera, display, functionality and battery life. I know it because I’m using ZL now. It’s so much smoother than ever after I updated it to lollipop, which makes me very committed to Sony considering Sony actually cares about their XPERIA smartphone users by providing updates to the smartphones no matter how old the devices are. I’ll always be attracted to Sony XPERIA brand no matter how strong the other competitors out there are. XPERIA’s design, camera, display, battery life and its performance never disappoint me.

  • Billy Wijaya

    Xperia z3 copper var. was my first xperia, and still used it till now. What makes me moves from previous brand (galaxy s3) are the device design, and the camera which promoted to be one of the top at that moment (which i quite disappointed).

  • Ren Jie

    Reasons to buy Sony:
    1. 15 Months Warranty
    2. Beautiful Omnibalance design throughout the series, subtle curves, squarish design
    3. Ease of Use
    4. Best UI Performance for OEM Custom AOSP
    5. Stamina Mode unlocks more juice out of your phone
    6. Awesome developer support
    7. Always innovating new phones, new technology, more actually useful features
    8. At least 1 Major OS Upgrade through official support

    I have been a loyal Sony user, from SE Xperia Neo V to Sony Xperia SP to Sony Xperia M4 now. I’m proud to say, Sony has progressed a lot, much more than the other OEMs in the market.

  • Mohamed Fawzy

    The amazing camera and the minimalist design

  • Glenn Wanjala

    Reasons I buy Sony products:
    1. Warranty period.
    2. Best UI Performance for OEM Custom AOSP.
    3. Best benchmark scores.
    4. Beautiful Omnibalance design throughout the series, subtle curves.
    5. Stamina Mode battery feature unlocks more juice.
    6. Awesome developer support.
    7. Always innovating new technology, more actually useful features.

  • Saegan Michelle Anderson

    i like the color

  • LostTales

    I’ve been a Sony fan since my first walkman in ’94 because the Sony brand represents quality. Had a playstation 1/2/3, a PSP, a Trinitron, a mini-disk player and now an Xperia Z3 Compact. Hoping to continue the trend.

  • Jhimbo Gumpal Balmaceda

    The most outstanding smartphone that I’ve ever use, my Xperia c3 dual is my phone, I hope that my phone will be upgraded to xperia z5 or gift to me. My birthday is near january 2 hope that i will win.
    Thank you sony for giving me a wonderful phone. Merry Christmas and happy newyear.

  • Thomas

    Longtime trust and quality from the Sony brand. Been a long time fan through PlayStation and TVs. Have never thought of any other smartphone brand since!

  • Wladmir Dos Santos

    The Xperia Phone are unique. A fresh of Light in the middle of a Dark tired sea of lookalike cellphones. That’s what amazes me.

  • Shady RayRay

    One word, waterproofing!

  • Chico88

    The first time I saw Timescape UI I fell in love right away

  • Hieu Nguyen

    I love the classy design and the timeless Sony logo on them :)

  • Kevin Groover

    Life proof phone

  • Radu Patriciu Turtoi

    Xperia brand inspires quality

  • Stanley08


  • Robert Antal


  • Ray P

    I like the FM radio feature and it’s one of the only brand that still uses a microSD card for external storage.

  • Rakhim Glenn Devaughn


  • Lyzeel Alejo

    I really love SONY gadgets and the best I’ve ever seen this year. This is what i want on christmas, so i wish to have this one someday.

  • Marko Petrovic

    Big screen, waterproof case and most of all great camera.

  • Jeremy

    Definitely their design. The phone feels worth the money in the hand with the boxy profile and slight weight to it. Their UI is near stock Android with some of the best preloaded music and gallery apps. I’ve enjoyed everything about Sony phones all the way back to their timescale UI.

  • Anuwak Soni

    Quality of Music, Album apps. Camera & software UI.
    Optimum screen size.
    Great battery life.
    Awesome design.
    And obviously thr love for Xperia Blog.
    Using Xperia P since 3 years & will upgrade to SONY only.

  • Redd Chon

    The phones are literally perfect in every way. I always brag to my friends about my Z3’s battery life, water resistance, screen size, storage available (plus Micro SD card), front facing speakers, and just sheer beauty of the device.

  • Sarthak Mohanty

    I feel there are a lot of aspects which has made Sony xperia the brand it is today. I personally feel it’s battery life is excellent, so is it’s camera. Coming to its design, I love the fact that it’s super slim and waterproof, dust resistant. What I love about Sony Xperia is that connectivity takes not more than a second. Evérything is so simple and seamless which makes it possible for anyone to use it. Last but not the least, probably the best part about Sony Xperia is it’s cost. For a mobile which offers do many features, the price it charges is certainly affordable and worth it. There’s nothing like it, literally. Good luck to all the participants and Merry Christmas :)

  • Ali Ayash

    The things that make me love Xperia the most are:1-the camera (it’s phenomenal in low lights, thank you)
    2-the speed (it’s fast, no one can disagree)
    3-the software(it’s so smooth, feels like a dream)
    4-the look(it’s mesmerizing how something that looks simple just feels right)

  • I’m a Sony fan and love Xperia devices since Sony Ericsson joint-venture. The things that attracts me to Sony Xperia brand is the beautiful Omnibalance design, IP68 rated waterproofing, Remote Play and Sony apps (Video, Album, Music, Camera…).

  • AnonymousZero

    I love my Z2 but I love more Z5.

  • mejretz

    I always like rectangle phone and sony xperia design really hit me there, waterproof, their sound enhancement and dual stereo front facing speaker on their flagship, PlayStation connect, Their clean and smooth almost stock android like ui their camera is one of the best if you know how to use it

  • Minch

    What brought me over to the Sony Xperia Brand was how, in a way Sony like it was. It showed when they brought out the Sony Xperia X10 and how different it was compared to other android phones and how it is still different now with the Z5.

  • Sarthak Mohanty

    There’s no denying the fact that there are a lot of aspects which has made Sony xperia the brand that it is today. I personally feel its battery life is excellent, so is its camera. Coming to its design, I love the fact that it’s super slim, elegant and waterproof, dust resistant. What I love about Sony Xperia is that connectivity takes not more than a second. Everything is so simple and seamless which makes it possible for everyone to use it. Last but not the least, probably the best part about Sony Xperia is its cost. For a mobile which offers so many features, the price it charges is certainly affordable and worth it. There’s nothing like it, literally. Good luck to all the participants Merry Christmas :)

  • Wisnu Dewantara

    I’m a veteran user of SONY & Xperia.. hahaha.. i used them from X8 to now Xperia Z Ultra. What attracting me is, Sony has a anti-mainstream innovation in design, build material, user interface.. hey, is there any smartphone can using pencils to draw on touchscreen? i love sketching, and i found it only in my Z Ultra :3.. Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays Xperians :)

  • JBobea

    The water and life proof design!!!

  • Alvin

    SONY mean Quality, also Xperia always different from other iphone pretender

  • Wai Seong Teoh

    Well, the thing I am so attracted to Sony devices are battery lives, the display, design, waterproof, camera and others. Too much for me to name it all. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Michael Gnatyshyn

    I like brand, support, quality, laconic UI and camera button :-)

  • Dinindu De Silva

    Reasons for why I buying Sony Xperias;
    ~ Premium Build Quality and the awesome unique design (Not feeling like plastic crap if its using any)
    ~ Display

    ~ Camera
    ~ Sound
    ~ Battery life (With Stamina mode it’s perfect)
    ~ Water Resistancy
    ~ Software (UI is very user friendly with great features)

  • Sarthak Mohanty

    There’s no denying the fact that there are a lot of aspects which has made Sony xperia the brand that it is today. I personally feel its battery life is excellent, so is its camera. Coming to its design, I love the fact that it’s super slim, elegant and waterproof, dust resistant. What I love about Sony Xperia is that connectivity takes not more than a second. Everything is so simple and seamless which makes it possible for everyone to use it. Last but not the least, probably the best part about Sony Xperia is its cost. For a mobile which offers so many features, the price it charges is certainly affordable and worth it. There’s nothing like it, literally. Good luck to all the participants and Merry Christmas :)

  • oran stanisic

    Camera,screen,the music player,stylish look is what i like.

  • ?????? ???????

    Premium quality is main reason to love SONY. Every little thing made with love. Never saw the same.

  • Eliz

    I’d say the brand is of high quality. I’ve owned many Sony products and they’ve all withstood the test of time in a house with lots of kids!

  • dapovi

    Elegance and simplicity, both in design and in the UI. I’ve had the Z2, Z3 and I am writing this from my grey Z5. Happy holidays to everyone.

  • Paul Obee

    I’m impressed by the quality of Sony Xperia devices. The phones are easy to use, very customizable and Sony’s apps are useful.

  • srinivasan r

    Sony has always had its own way of making products and been different from the herd. I have used 3 Sony mobiles until now and each has been a one of its kind experience. There is some kind of innovation that is on display in most Sony models and aspects such as ergonomics and many small details are always taken care of.my latest addition is C4.Was looking forward to get a z5 compact but Sony wont launch it in India :(
    Hope I could win it here :D

  • Ziggy

    The design of the phones are always the best in business. The UI is very close to vanilla Android which I love, plus it has some awesome additions like the power menu with restart, screenshot and video taking options. Cameras are excellent when considering we are talking about just mobile phone cameras. Also that Xperia has dust and waterproof capabilities that other brands are completely lacking.

    The Stamina mode is just incredible in how long it makes the phone last on one full charge.

    I love only two brands of Android phones, Nexus phones and Sony’s Xperia Z lineup. Nexus phones have gone bad after N5 was released, but Sony keeps pumping out extremely quality phones.

    It’s just simply put that you get your money’s worth and even more. I am loving the idea if Sony’s Marshmallow Concept becomes reality.

  • 3_nity

    Original design beyond others!

  • roland

    This phone is so much fun, like the remote play and you have to love the build quality. If they were in the US it would be my annual upgrade.

  • Leslie Garcia

    I’ve been enticed by Sony since its K800 days. The camera is what really got me hooked. Enter the smartphone era… I fell in love with their design. That illuminating strip of Xperia P then the premium glass body of Xperia Z. Plus the Stamina mode? Heaven sent to everyday data user like me. Awesome camera, premium design and stable software made me a solid Sony fan for years.

  • Rosman HK

    It’s built quality.

  • zahra premji

    The design, camera and quality that I can expect from the Sony brand

  • Patz Teerapat

    Design, Function, Uniqueness

  • Von Patrick Denorte

    What I liked about Sony Xperia is their premium builds, even for the low-range devices.

  • Steve

    It’s a SONY………. That’s why :-)

  • Raphinion

    Modern, simplistic design that doesn’t age; all-round good specs with no compromises. This is true of my Z2, and true again of the Z5.

  • ?????? ???????

    Sony, You are live designers!

  • Steve

    My ion still working fine

  • Michael

    The near stock android experience , and sony omniblance design

  • Han

    Quality and design

  • uv

    Z5 (y)

  • Ashwin

    I wanna experience the Xperia z5

  • Axl K. Baipaakanyi

    I have owned Xperia phones from Xperia X1, Xperia Z, Xperia Z2 and now Xperia Z3.

    Never been disappointed and would LOVE to own an Xperia Z5!

  • yao huo

    Perfect design. All products like xperia phones, walkman, e-book reader etc. are all art.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Sony has a special place in my heart, ever since the Ericsson-merger T68i. What attracts me is it brings the extraordinary out of the ordinary mobile phone experience. Waterproofing (IP certification) is the one I can’t resist to love with Xperia (since the Xperia Active), in which I can’t replace my Z1 with a non-waterproof one, it’s like I’m inexistent!

  • Jitu Tripasa

    I become a sony fan since lauch of its budget smartphone xperia tipo in india. And then sony introduced xperia z series and that was the first device to have waterproofing and omnibalance design. Sony always intoduces an extraordinary features firstly in their smartphone. Sony is the always the first brand to introduce new features. The xperia z5 premium is my dream phonephone. I dream about the devices daily. But can’t afford the smartphone. Thanks for giving me an opportunity. Thanks #SonyxperiaThEbEsTBraNd

  • I’m currently using XperiaZ c6603.b4 i used x10i…

  • David Dang

    their premium hardware and lightweight user interface. best android design in my book

  • Adrian

    Awesome camera quality

  • Ricky Hoelting

    High quality build, camera and the beautiful design!

  • samarth

    I’ve using xperia devices for a long time now. I had a tipo for my first device and then m after that m2. I’m currently using xperia m2. Sony z5 would look awesome in place for my m2.

  • Solano89

    My absolute number ONE, LOVE IT!

  • Solano89

    My fav colour!!! <3

  • Oggy

    Actually I always preferred the look of the Xperia smartphones, their super fast, super optimized user interface and most of all I prefer the music quality of Xperia devices. I used to have a Xperia Z1 and then a Xperia Z3 compact in my possession and the music quality I got from those devices, without rooting or using any MOD, was simply outstanding (especially the Z3 compact). Although I use a Galaxy S6 now but I really miss my Xperia. No one can beat SONY in music.

  • Sam!

    First n foremost: Solid build quality
    2nd: Elegent design that is premium and looks professional.
    3rd: Device support.. I’m still rocking my Xperia Z with awesome 5.1 lollipop ^_^
    4th: UI.. Close to stock but still so much better.
    5th: Waterproofing.
    6th: Amazing battery life.
    7th: Sound quality & Display.
    Thumbs up if u agree! :)

  • White Hat

    I like the camera

  • Gayashan

    I became a Xperia fan since 2011..I like Sony ui..It’s the best ui in the world for me..another thing is Sony apps..album,Walkman I mean music app using every day and they are the best apps for photos and listening to music..love to camera hardware and software..but only thing low light camera performance are bit awful..battery life is so good for me and stamina mod is amazing feature..now I’m using Sony z3..so I love to have a my dream phone..I mean Sony Xperia Z5..thnks for the opportunity..I’m visiting Xperia blog every morning to get new things about Sony..thnk you very much

  • Lakshi

    thank you and Merry Xmas

  • Sunil KN

    This is awesome!!!

  • Rajiv Bedi

    My next phone

  • Chaitanya Pawar

    Its an all rounder phone, built in quality in apparance, display quality, awesome camera, awesome use of processor, awesome sound quality, and no words to say, most of the companies dont provide water proof phones thats an amazing work done by sony

  • Faisal Shafik

    I like the fact that it has so many features for an affordable price as compared to other companies! I like the fact that it’s waterproof so that I don’t have to worry about carrying my phone during rains and I don’t have to go through the hassle of protecting my phone from rain water. Camera quality is good, music quality is amazing! I feel I’m in a discotheque! Additional features like 4K, MHL etc. make it irresistible! All in all, a great brand!

  • Francisco Castro Malespín

    I really love the build, the way they stand out and the screen quality.

  • ck

    What I like about Sony XPERIA is that I love how they make the phone so simple yet so elegant, eye catching and still manage to make the device waterproof. they’re making sure that every detail is balance and well proportioned. I love rectangle phone and that’s one of the reason why I stick to XPERIA. it keeps the phone different from others. I love how they tweak things like what they did to m4 aqua. it has a plastic build, but you can never tell at first glance and the premium feel is still there when you hold the phone. the build quality is top notch. they always put new things like engraved xperia logo, circular power button, frosted glass, curved back, liquid reflection frame, illumination bar, etc. they’re always pushing their limit when it comes to the physical appearance of their phone just to make it look good as it is supposed to be. the phone is not just great from outside, but from the inside as well. the UI is clean and user friendly. it doesn’t have any bullshit bloatware that makes the phone hard to run. the camera is good both front and back and has a lot of feature to offer. sound is the best like seriously from the speaker to headset, they throw a lots of audio setting that nobody can. the phone is really fast and awesome. PS4 remote play is one of the best feature from Sony that no one can steal from them. their long lasting battery life is a big plus that the other competitor can’t offer as how Sony offers it to the table. display is good and gets better when you turn on those image enhancements and the colours really punch you in the face when you look at it but not as saturated as the others. Sony’s accessories are also premium, especially their headset compare to other brands that come with thin and cheap cables. colour options to their phone is also great like the lime, teal, purple, red and etc. Merry Christmas everyone and good luck! :)

  • Gio von Popelnica

    Compact size, design

  • Chiong Kai Xun

    Have been an loyal Xperia fan for a long time, and Sony never fails to impress me.
    1. Waterproofing. This feature is always handy, from using the phone in the rain or simply showing off to my friends that it survived a dunk in water.
    2. Design. The frosted glass makes the phone look so elegant and beautiful.
    3. Compact line-up. The only company that is able to produce top-notch compact phones without compromising much on the specifications. (I own the Z3 Compact)
    4. Front-facing stereo speakers. Always produces good quality of sound whenever im using it to watch videos etc.
    5. Epic battery life. Always able to last me through around 1.5 days of intensive use.
    6. Camera. Sony is constantly improving their camera, and small little features like AR Effects makes the experience even better. Dedicated Camera shutter button makes life even easier for everyone.
    7. Music Optimization software. ClearAudio tweaks to my music always delivers nice soothing clear music.
    8. Screen. Even with usually lower resolution screens than competitors, Sony’s technologies always make it look really good, producing beautiful displays.
    Last but not least, thank you XperiaBlog for organizing these Xmas Competitions!

  • skec

    Battery life, concept software , product support to name a few :)

  • XT

    Wow the comment section is getting really crowded, so many people entered this competition. It means Sony Xperia has a great reputation over here that everyone is willing to win this competition. Great battery life, camera, waterproofness, hardware/software design, speaker quality and the community here in Xperia blog :)

  • Ash

    I like the quality, reliability and overall feel of quality. I like the fact that Sony have provided updates for my Z1, even though it is now an older model. It would be great if this included Android 6.

  • Brian De Guzman

    Now give me this one! Ultimate Christmas and New Year gift for me hehe :D

  • Luminous Angel

    I’ve always liked Sony products – I find them to be really high quality compared to some other brands. And I even like the Xperia name! ;)

  • Niv Goldst

    I like Sony because they aren’t scared to try new things, even if a bit gimmicky.

    For example, being waterproof, or fingerprint scanning.

  • theponyhalf~

    The Sony Brand attracts me the most

  • Horatiu Costache

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • Glenn Martin

    The moment when Sony Xperia brand was announce, I found it so catchy. I saw it’s product line year by year and there’s one word comes in my mind. Elegance.
    That’s why I buy Sony Xperia. I want to show to the world how elegant it is.
    How different I was because Sony Xperia devices are extraordinary.

  • Bart

    I love the 23mp camera and the fact that it is waterproof. I also really love the color and roasted back!

  • Werner Gerber

    Build quality
    FM Radio
    Aesthetically pleasing
    Because Sony

  • Raj Esh

    I used to have Xperia z, lovely phone. Iroms enjoyed a lot updating n changroms frequently, I had tried almost all the roms available n dual boot. Now I bought Huawei Honor 6 n I repent for not choosing beloved Sony. Though this phone looks good with nice specs, I can’t just enjoy it as no doveloper support. I miss the Sony’s cam, waterproofing, sound quality n UI. Damn!

  • I bought an Xperia Z3C for reasons that other brands just don’t give!
    1. A flagship phone in sub 5-inch territory is nowhere, quite literally!
    2. Waterproof (I lost my last two phones coz of water damage!)
    3. I simply love Sony’s craftsmanship, since the days of Xperia Arc!
    4. Near stock android with Sony’s features on top (some of which I use, and other I don’t mind coz they aren’t intrusive)!
    5. And trust me when I say that my phone’s battery life can blow yours out of the water! (I can easily get a day on heavy usage, 2 with mild usage and I once clocked 3 days mark with super light usage!)
    All these are facts, I’m not a fanboy praising Sony for something they’re not. I do hate a few things in Sony too, making unlocked bootloader a pain in the ass! Also, I hope they implement the camera2 api with the marshmallow update coz I hate Sony’s camera software!
    Anyways, cheers to Sony! And Merry Christmas to everybody!

  • Ahmadi F

    I don’t really understand why, but the way Sony creating lines of product (using dedicated names consistently such as Xperia, Vaio, etc.) really amuses me more than other brands…

  • Damian Ko?at

    Choosing Sony as my brand has some random occurencess. First, I just loved Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 design :D. It caught me and I started my adventure with Android. Then it hits my preferences – it wasn’t so fast device, but I gave a chance when Sony (Ericsson) relased next flagships and next year devices. And it happens – I stayed with this brand. Not only cause I appreciate X10 – the performance was growing, the main design of flagships very impressed me everytime….Also I respected Sony developers for trying to make everything “fresh”, “different”, with their own style (sometimes it wasn’t exactly I like, but nevertheless oftenly it was). So now I have Xperia Z2 and it still kickass for me :). Minimalistic iconic look, good hardware, perfect finishes – those are visible aspects I just love. With all those independent applications like for ex. walkman, album, also camera and lifelog, it gives me maybe not the perfect device for everyone, but the perfect device for my preferences :). Simply as that :).

  • Anjo

    All my smartphones have been from Sony: Sola, SP and Z3 Compact. The most important reason why I went for them would be the design. Another reason would be the interface. They don’t go to far from the Android vanilla experience.

  • AndySoft

    I like the camera and the battery life!

  • Sony Xperia’s brilliant industrial design and exotic colors.

  • Markus Hiess

    With Sony Xperia you joyn your own World.

  • Gianpier Pierotti

    Design and innovation! Sony is one of the few brands that truly innovates with technology and it is also driven by design. The brand is not afraid to try new things. I will always love Sony. I wish I could install Android to my Clié UX50 and I still want an Aibo! #SonyForever Xperia phones are my favorite since very long time ago. Their design and camera are the best.

  • Deki

    I love it! I want the Z5! Please!

  • Mustafa

    Many reasons attract me to the Xperia brand but possibly I wouldn’t be able to mention them all
    -Fantastic quality camera
    -Improved display (better showing of the color Black compared to the earlier Xperias)
    -Sound quality
    -Development support
    -Fast processing with no lag

  • Yk Chew

    – The design has been pretty much the same over the past few years since Z2 I think.. It’s still one of the better design phone out in the market and I like it alot.. Two pieces of glass connected with aluminium frame? Simply class..

    – It’s not a very cool function like fingerprint scanning and not a function you really use it everyday.. But for me, electronic devices need this badly and I don’t know whether other phones out in the market have it or not (because I only care about SONY), SONY did it which is awesome.. This function allows you to take underwater picture

    3. CAMERA
    – With 20.7MP, what can you expect more than that? With so much modes you can have fun with like AR Fun, Background Defocus and much more.. Taking pictures at night or low light is no more a problem..

    4. MUSIC
    – With Walkman, you can listen to music as it was meant to be heard.. But unfortunately, Walkman renamed as Music because if you’re not a SONY fan, you can’t tell that Walkman is an app for music.. With the introduction of Noise-Cancellation, SONY brought Music listening to another level which no one can compete at this moment..

    – With iPhones and Samsungs all around the market, owning a SONY phone is all I want.. Why people went for iPhones and Samsungs? Is it all about the branding and marketing? SONY can outperform them.. Have to use it to know it.. With friends that used iPhones and Samsungs all around me, using SONY is what I want, being not mainstream..
    – I’m pretty sad about the change of Walkman to Music.. It kinda mainstream-ed SONY.. Perhaps SONY should have kept the logo and change the name to Walkman Music and everything would be much better..


  • Bcause
    From first sony erricson era, walkman
    For now, bcause ellegant design
    High resolution pixels

  • Matt

    I wonder where are these people who praised Sony, an be a fanboy for the last 13 years or so, when the news ist

  • Kunal Tyagi

    Love Xperia Series!! Proud Owner of Xperia Z2. Here’s hoping to upgrade to Z5

  • Yasin Newaj

    Honestly I like the UI above all other. Its simple and smooth. the design is really amazing. Waterproofing is one of the reason i go for Xperia.

  • I like their phones’ looks (colours!), battery life and water resistance. and the software skin is pretty lightweight compared to some competitors.

  • Amit Deo

    The design makes you feel like you have a piece of quality and care. The subtlety in its sleekness and craftsmanship is an unspoken elegance and superiority. The fact that you don’t have to fear dropping it the toilet is also a huge draw. It happens!

  • Styles Bass Boogie Collins

    The Sony Xperia flagship phones are the sleek and sexy phones that bring life and uniqueness in the market for smartphones. Xperia cellphones are above the curve with both waterproof and dustproof functions as well as its smooth system functionality. To me the Sony phones are trend setters and a refreshing alternative and competitor for the Apple and Samsung devices.

  • I’d been Sony’s fan forever. I just love the design of their phones and how good they lay in your hand. Their phones really bring a touch of class.

  • DavidH

    No thousand words needed to describe thema xperia brand: top performing quality phones, without stylish finish and numerous high end andere unique features like waterproof body, top camera andere display, xperia Android shell, …

  • rapkoenig

    + Lovely design
    + thought-out interface
    + great support (5.1.1 for my Z1)

    – OS bugs
    – camera so far from ideal

  • stark maximoff

    Beauty in elegance. Xperia invokes my love in everything Sony, and most importantly, and should be given praises for always trying out something different than what the general is used to. In the modern world not many companies are willing to do that.

  • robert rawmbo

    – Solid powerful device
    – Waterproof
    -Good update situation
    – Great battery

  • Patrick

    quality, camera, screen, everything is great! :D

  • crh8

    The design….and the Sony style and quality.

  • Mark Aaron

    Sony xperia gave the UNIQUENESS among my friends and my colleague. while everyone using a fruit and a somesong. I, myself had a character. they were always curious what im using. starting from My 1st SonyEricsson Xperia X1 until now my Xperia Z ultra. then everyone starting they to change what unit they are using. not to mention the superb! battery.

  • Niculina Simon

    good specs

  • joe

    i’m always on xperiablog to check all the news about Sony Xperia .

  • Marian Taskov

    I use Sony for couple of years. Actually Xperia S was my first smartphone at all. I love it, the camera the UI, the display and the way it works. Just an year later i get the Z1, great phone, solid piece of engeneering. Everything was just perfect, and the waterproofing was the crown of all. Now i use Xperia Z5P and it’s verry special phone. I will never buy something that is not an Sony phone. Go for it Sony “make belive” .

    Best regarts Marian Taskov

  • Angi

    What i love about Sony is waterproof smartphones and…playStation!
    How many summers playing with the playstation1…so melancholy

  • I would love to get the Xperia Z5!

  • ???????? ???????

    In short – perfect smartphones!!
    Amazing design giving your eye pleasure just of looking at them!
    The displays are always on top level both on flagships and non-flaghships. Perfect picture and quality and when we add the Bravia/XReallity it goes non-beatable.
    The best camera on a smartphone ever! Plus all the cool functions of the camera and downloadable apps for it.
    The sound quality is just orgasmic! You can hear every signle sound in a track and with the ClearAudio+ There is no way to get better sound from a smartphone!
    The battery life is even more than needed so you feel free to use your phone all day without thinking about running out of battery.
    The wart and dust proof are things that give you the full freedom of using your phone everywhere. Best proof with the IP68!!
    The UI – so smooth and with such a good design. And with the theme enine you get even more ways to make your phone look as you want it to!

    The OS is always up to date! Android with that stability and all the functions Sony add is what a smartphone shall be working with.

    Even the microphones are amazing!

    When you hear ‘Sony Xpeia’ you hear ‘best smartphone’!
    All my dmartphones were Sony Xperia – Sony Xperia Miro, Sony Xperia E, Sony Xperia T, Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (current).
    I can say nothing bad about them! Pefect experience with the processors, the RAM of the phones and the GPUs. No lag and amazing for games!

  • William Calvin

    Honestly, my first smartphone was a Samsung and my second and now third phone is a Sony Xperia. Why did I choose Sony? There are a few reasons to it basically. It all has to do with balance I guess. I could have gone with other brands like Samsung or HTC but I chose Sony because I felt that they make great looking phones & I love their user interface. This could be subjective but personally, I find Samsung to be too cartoonish, HTC too simple and dull and other brands just didn’t fit to my liking. Sony however balance them all. They do not overdo nor make their design boring. Besides, I read that Sony Xperia comes in better in regards to their software updates. Overall, the reason why I would choose a Sony Xperia is because of reliability. Not sure of others, but my old Sony phone still works perfectly without any problems compared to my first Samsung which basically does not work at all. That is why I will choose Sony Xperia- any day. :)

  • BT Iceman

    I like omnibalance design, camera, screen, waterproof and best ui. Good luck and merry christmas to everyone!!!

  • i love in it

  • Perati Lucas

    Hey, here’s an odd reason: I got my Xperia since it was Sony Ericsson, then bought apps specifically for it. So, I am stuck to the brand. And I love it! Z3 plus, now. Merry Christmas!

  • Han

    Easy to use and high quality

  • Mak Cau Theng

    Buy Sony Xperia Devices, you won’t regret it.
    I’m now using Xperia Z3.

  • Sandy Septiano

    Walkman was truly the first thing that attracts me.
    The camera was superb.
    Gaming experience.
    Waterproof and dustproof.
    Elegant, I use my Xperia for office work.

    I Love Sony from PlayStation era till now Sony still the best.

  • ??????????-??????? ?????????

    sony need bezels as those in sharp

  • Alex Neo

    i love sony because of:
    1. sony style
    2. waterproofing of the phones
    3. best ui for android

  • Mel Vin C

    I’ve been a Sony (Ericsson) user since the days of the T68i, and never looked back.

    They have always been ahead of others with innovative yet useful features. Still remember the petite yet sexy T68i for its joystick, lovely colour screen, and bluetooth functions which were not found in other phones. People bitch about how unnecessary 4K screens are right now, but just wait and see, it’ll become the gold standard in time to come!

    I can also trust them to genuinely value-add in their latest models, rather than give us dubious features like heart-rate monitors for the sake of following competitors.

    They aren’t afraid to hold back for the sake of providing customers with the most optimal mobile experience too (sticking to 1080p screens when everyone else is boasting about QHD).

    As they moved to Android, I agree that true, they can be slow with Android updates, but it didn’t matter cos their software builds are always stable.

    From the T68i till now, I’ve only had to send my phone for repairs twice, which is quite remarkable methinks.

    Lastly, even without a handphone cover, I’m not worried that my phone will be the same as that of my friends; people are too hung up over Samsungs and iPhones to appreciate Sony craftsmanship!

  • Jovit Magdaong

    Been following Xperiablog.com since the time of Xperia Ray and they’ve never fail to deliver unbiased reports about Xperia devices. Also this site is undoubtedly popular compared to other blogsites for other products.

  • ????? ?????????

    1.Build quality
    3.Battery life
    4.Design with glass front and back


    Reasons why I buy only xperia phone may be various.Yes,the look is beautifull and also the graphic style was the better on mobile phone.Also build quality with premium material is a great point.Sony also is pioneer in some application or idea,like a smal phone with top HW (Z1compact Amami),quality a beauty of media applications like gallery,video and WALKMAN.I can go on with more others good point but the most important for me is that it’s the only nipponese mobile that I can buy where I live.

  • 1st: Awesome UI
    2nd: Fantastic Design
    3rd: Waterproofing
    4th: Battery Life
    5th: Apps like Music and Album

  • Syriana

    Because its SONY!
    That’s is enough for me and why I should think a bout any other “copy and paste “brands!?

  • Fam_ST

    I’m started to used sony phone when sony release Xperia Z2. The phone impress me because of the phone outstanding battery life and good performances. Now i’m own another Sony phone which is Xperia Z5 premium. Xperia Z5 Premium is a good phone. But Sony need to solve the battery drain fast problem for the phone because of the 4K display panel and to improve the battery consumption for the 4K display panel in future flagship.

  • Ask

    Flagship specs in multiple sizes, who’s got <5" devices anymore?! Go SONY!

  • ?????? ?????????

    First n foremost: Solid build quality
    2nd: Elegent design that is premium and looks professional.
    3rd: Device support.. I’m still rocking my Xperia Z with awesome 5.1 lollipop ^_^
    4th: UI.. Close to stock but still so much better.
    5th: Waterproofing.
    6th: Amazing battery life.
    7th: Sound quality & Display.

    The brand name Sony is enough!! I love sony soooooooo much! #XperiaForever

    1. Warranty period.
    2. Best UI Performance for OEM Custom AOSP.
    3. Best benchmark scores.
    4. Beautiful Omnibalance design throughout the series, subtle curves.
    5. Stamina Mode battery feature unlocks more juice.
    6. Awesome developer support.
    7. Always innovating new technology, more actually useful features.

    in arabic
    ???? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ?????? ??????? ??? ??????? ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? ???????? ? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ?????
    ???? ???? ???????? ?????? ????? ????? ?? ????? ???????

  • Luca990

    Clean UI,build quality, top battery life, support across the years.
    Oh, and because there aren’t so many out there! I love to have a closely unique and excellent device.

  • Yozas


  • harijs kadaks

    I am xperia fan since it has released. Now i have Z3, my son got my Z1.nice. Thank you.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Design – Matchless
    Build quality – sturdy and solid
    Water proofing – has saved my z1 more than once
    Android customization – simple and no nonsense
    Battery life – a solid 1.5 days
    Camera – was one of the best manual on z1 and Arc
    Sound – the best output for a mobile device
    And of all reasons, its Sony. No second choice about the brand. The best brand in electronics

  • Qboss

    My favorite fetures of the Sony Xperia line is waterproof, great camera and big battery. It convinces me to buy it.

  • zahid

    I love xperia brand and would love to see it flourish. From arch s to xperia z 2, I am a die hard fan of Sony. Time for xperia z5, and would love to have it says gift from XB. Green is what I desire and green is the color of my desire. Waiting for the desire to be in my hand.

  • Mitar

    Sony is best build quality phone, bu i dont have money for z line. I would be happiest if i get one ! Merry christmas to everyone:)

  • Marcus Trinidad-Genius Steele

    I love sony’s build quality, the fact that all their flagships are ip rated, their cameras most importantly, the audio quality with and without headphones, simple to use ui, slightly modified skin and great battery performance. Been a fan from since the days of the Sony Ericsson w810i and k850i phones and never turned back. And I’m from Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Dr dare

    First n foremost: Solid build quality
    2nd: Elegent design that is premium and looks professional.
    3rd: Device support.. I’m still rocking my Xperia Z with awesome 5.1 lollipop ^_^
    4th: UI.. Close to stock but still so much better.
    5th: Waterproofing.
    6th: Amazing battery life.
    7th: Sound quality & Display

  • Tim Gao

    1. Because it’s a product of Sony.
    2. Water and dust proof.
    3. Beautiful design.
    4. Awesome screen display.
    5. Long battery life.

  • Maisha

    Waterproofing & awesome, slim design attracts me most…..camera quality also is a thing that makes me happy….hail sony smartphones!

  • miensol

    I’ve tried couple of sluggish small Android phones over the course of last years. Just when I thought I would have to use iPhone I’ve heard about Xperia Z3 Compact. This little jewel fits my small hand perfectly and it’s fast. It’s speed reminds me of “ludicrous speed” leaving all similarly sized devices in dust. Speaking of dust and water I live in countryside and often get wet and dirty so the IP6* is a great addition that makes me worry about one less thing. The first phone I’ll consider buying next will definitely be Xperia.

  • En.Pasta.Tack

    For me it is quite obvious why people choose Xperia as a brand. Because of, design, quality and functionality all combined in throughout the brand.

  • Mo

    The only high spec devices that are waterproof

  • Xavier Dessart

    The story of a good brand
    Once upon a time I was a young man who wanted a new phone. I was searching for the best device for the best price. And I saw among the other phones what became my first smartphone : The Xperia Ray. What was on this phone that I like so much ? It was what Sony make the best : a good design, good performance (back in 2011), not so bad camera for a 2011 device and a good battery. All of that for a really good quality/price rapport and a really good community to make the phone last

    And now I want what Sony make the best:an aquaproof phone with some of the best performance in a phone with a good battery and the best camera that I can show because the phone is beautiful. And the phone will last thanks to the great Sony community

  • spatch72

    I’ve loved all my Xperia Z models, from the ZL to the Z2, and now the Z3. The Z5 looks like the perfect successor, with Sony continuing a legacy of quality and style well into 2016 and beyond.

  • Krzysztof Lewandowski

    I like the build quality and simple stylistics. Amazing camera quality, no compromises on hardware.

  • Waleed LY
  • Saifuddin Adnan

    Posting is free and I am not busy too.. So trying my luck by spending just 30 seconds :-P

  • Tomasz Stanasiuk

    I love Sony and always have for build quality, design and reliability. Almost every piece of electronic equipment I have is Sony (TV, console, smartwatch, soundbar to name a few), including my phones and am a huge fan.

  • Waleed LY
  • Geese Howard

    Q: “What is it exactly that attracts you to the Sony Xperia brand?”

    A: It’s a Sony, nuff said. Ok a bit more… they simply make amazing gadgets that leave a mark in your heart. Nuff said (For real)

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Looks and materials are everything to me, and no other brand have been offering such elegant design along with the use of glass & metal at the time. Also I was a super-happy user of Sony Ericsson phones before the smart ones, and the logical move was to stay with Sony.

  • Edwin

    Always have been a Sony fan, not just Xperia. Sony leads design on electronics, as a product designer, most of my gadgets are Sony. I have never bothered using different brand smartphones. I must say the only down side of Xperia is the wide bezel, it does look a bit dated, other than that nothing disappoints me. Love the fact that it’s waterproof, well built quality, I just wish the marketing department can do a better job. Always proud to use Xperia.

  • mustafa

    Omnibalance design, and that frosted glass *drools*

  • Yong C

    Solid build quality

  • Amanda T.


  • FirdausAraragi

    I have the Z1 myself and holding the Z5 in my hands feels nicer as it is lighter. The back is a much appreciated improvement as the glass on the Z1 doesnt feel as nice once you feel the matte finishing of the Z5. The camera is also another area of improvement and thumbs up Sony for improving what was already good and fixed what was wrong.

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Lets Have some Xperian Fun :)))

  • Svnjay

    2nd comment.

  • Mustafa bd

    hope to win it

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    Sony Experia is durable and have a very good specs :)

  • Nickleby

    Sony began as a cheap company relative to what it offers.
    that’s when i found out about it and fell in love.
    since 2010 i had only Sony phones and just can’t let go – the premium build, the waterproofing, the clean and comfort UI, it’s battery life and when i got the update to Android 5.1 on my Xperia Z i knew i made a VERY smart purchase!
    Never heard on a smartphones that runs for almost 3 years and work smoothly like its first day.
    I’m just waiting that my phone will stop working so i can finally upgrade but it doesn’t seem like its gonna happen soon

  • terry feng

    The variety of features and the elegance of the devices.

  • Katia Regina Santos

    I love the design of Xperia Z series and the solid build quality.

  • carlos cifuentes

    the desingm battery life and simple UI

  • VitalyK

    For me it’s not the brand, but a set of features that matter. (i.e. battery life, camera, waterproofing, etc.)


    Compact product and good quality.


    I expect the quality for any Sony product.

  • Yomi

    Sony Xperia phones are the most user friendly brand I’ve ever used and my partner that is not tech savy finds it easy to use and finds it a strong build. I love the Sony apps like the music,Album and also the result of taking family pictures on their wonderful cameras.Love the lounge app and lifelong is one of my favourites. When it cos to battery can’t complain in that department as my device lasts for a very long time without recharging (Z2). Lull in all, haven’t seen any device that has one up on Sony Xperia devices since I started with the xperia P.keep up the good work Sony mobile.

  • mau

    What’s attracted me is—value! The feature set on every product is immense and hardly paralleled elsewhere, and if it is it is usually for a higher price. I don’t often go out of my way for Sony products, but when I look at what’s in this house—there is so much Sony! So it’s consistent, time after time they make the best (for me at least) tablet, the best phone, the best TV and I just happen to buy it each time without thinking much of the brand. It only becomes apparent afterwards and that is no coincidence.

    I’d love to introduce more members of my family to the Xperia line with an extra phone!

  • James Kirslis

    the battery life is what attracts me, and the smaller screen sizes

  • AlexperiaT

    Why Sony?
    1) The quality of the electronic components which Sony uses for devices.
    2) Design
    3) All features in the one device (OTG, MHL, FM, etc…).

  • Ryan Cignarella

    Love the Green Phone!! :)

  • malkam


  • Ibrahem Salah

    1. Best UI Performance for OEM Custom AOSP.
    2. Best benchmark scores.
    3. Beautiful Omnibalance design throughout the series, subtle curves.
    4. Stamina Mode battery feature unlocks more juice.
    5. Awesome developer support.

  • Sanjeev Rai

    The things that attracts me and makes me love Sony are:-
    1. Balance in everything.
    2. Great performance with given hardware.
    3. Amazing but light UI.
    4. Support regarding OS updates.
    5. Good sound and display quality.
    6. Design quality is just awesome.

  • anmg


  • Mohamed El Youbi

    the design is just awesome and the battery life is the best

  • Marko Flac

    build qality,elegent design,amazing and fast ui…

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    Design, Quality and “Sony”

  • Jonathan Yeoh

    Elegant and expensive design, fantastic camera quality, great software design and frequent updates. Great audio and video quality (miles above the rest). Also the waterproofing is really beneficial. Lastly, the many colours available :)

  • Gavrila Simon

    what attracts me to the Sony Xperia is that it makes nice products

  • Tadija Djurovic

    Sony is the best. ;)

  • R.Abubakker Sithick

    all the best for who won xperia Zfive… HAPPY Z5 CHRISTMAS to alllllllll

  • Martin Guz

    Design, Camera, Waterproofing and I really love the green color of the Z5.

  • Mohd Asjad

    The trust that comes up with Sony

  • Alexander Tan

    Xperia Z5 is a multimedia powerhouse from HI-RES audio, fingerprint sensor to 23MP camera with superior autofocus, this is the smartphone that I ‘m truely wish for.

  • Sam Shum

    Why Sony Products Rock
    1. Elegant, premium, professional design
    2. Fantastic quality camera
    3. Best benchmark scores.
    4. Beautiful Display
    5. Amazing Stamina Mode battery
    6. Always innovating new technology, more actually useful features.

  • annalisak

    What attract me to Sony is the reputation for quality

  • Ostap Koloda

    Quality, of course SOUND (no one competes with Sony’s sound), Design of Andoid UI (the best!!)

  • manuelvizcaya

    Sony has always been a leader in technology.

  • Christian Alfonso Sanchez Mazu

    Sony Xperia is the best brand for the quality of its manufacturing materials, for their exclusive great apps to compete for many awards for its beautiful photos, simply because I love.

  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    Great battery, excellet screen, 60FPS videos(!) and very smooth software! :)

  • Luca DZ1c

    1000+ comments ;-) love is forever

  • Dhiraj

    I like the design and the display

  • Petar Tutundziev

    i’ve been fan of the brand since my first phone the J7, now what makes me buy the phones, the built quality, the battery life which is the best ! and the camera plus the waterproofing i can take photos underwater without care and make stunning memories ))

  • Alzshaz

    Sony always brings something new to the table and that is what I like about it
    the design
    High Res audio
    21 MP camera
    X reality engine
    The best media apps in business

  • Chris Satterwhite

    I bought an Acro S a while back after my kids and hobbies destroyed my previous smartphone. The fact that Sony built a phone, seemingly, for parents was fantastic! Great camera so memories can be shared with family, rugged enough that the fun doesn’t have to stop because things get messy. When my wife’s phone died, I gave it to her and started shopping for my next Xperia without question that it would be the best choice.

  • Aryan Deep

    Sony is class apart.

  • Bryan Fabro

    Premium build quality, superb camera and waterproofing. Xperia phones rock!!!

  • tzortziskon

    awesome :D

  • Treb Amurao

    Replace my beloved xperia z, help me update my sony line up… alpha 77, sony walkman (quite old the model is already scrath), mdr-xb920 headphones and smartwatch 3

  • KLC

    I bought a Xperia M2 and so far it is really working.. i love this phone it is because of its build quality.. the photos was really clear and not so noisy when it was in kitkat OS now it suck but i love the UI, the audio quality and the battery long life..


  • varun

    its my pleasure to use that amazing phone :-) been waiting for long period of time

  • Tomaž Bedenik

    The Xperia phones have great design and fit and finish,snapy UI,great battery life and quality sound on headphones.

  • podycust

    Solid build and very little mods to android

  • Fauzan Rafief

    I like xperia brand because the exclusive thing when u use sony smartphone. My other family use iphone, samsung, etc and i’m the only one that use xperia so i feel like i hold special phone. And i like omni balance in xperia z and m even its not the best comfort design to hold its feel solid . I use xperia z ultra nothing good in camera but enough to take moment. The battery is great for 6.44″ phone i still can get 3,5-4 hours sot. The display great triluminos still can beat up super amoled l. My 2 years old phone still get 5.1.1 lolipop not get Marshmallow but thats okay.

  • F?r Tibor

    I’ m a Sony fan since my childhood. For me Sony is the best, and not exist any other electronic manufacturer.
    Because that, not the question what mobile phone brand l choose!

  • Karim Khalil

    Reasons I like Sony
    Product durability
    Premium build
    Amazing display
    Good battery life
    Affordable prices
    Better than competition

  • Oliver E

    I have been a fan of Sony ever since the days of black and white. Quality of Sony mobiles is the best, specially the display and the camera. One thing I like most about Sony is their encouraging approach towards developers, making it possible to customize our mobiles according to our preferences.
    I am using Xperia T2 Ultra dual at present.

  • Deb F

    Most of all the speed – nothing worse than a sluggish phone. :)

  • Wu Kyin Woo

    Waterproofing , stylish design, better camera and its name itself. ;D

  • Levi Fodor

    Xperia z2 is my first from Sony.Since day one I laid hands on it fel in love with this phone.The premium feel,ui,camera,screen and battery life. It’s simply much mature to other phones in store.i would love to have an xperia z5.Sony just simply loving it

  • Rochian Adrian

    Screen quality, camera, battery, everithing…is Sony, I love IT!

  • D. D. M.

    The combination of Design, Software, Battery life and IP certification is what keep me loving and chosing Sony.

  • Wladimir Restituyo

    For me its just about the great quality that comes from way back in Sony products. I have evolved from the old phones likethe K300 or even the w300, w565, w995, Xperia Arc, Xperia S, Xperia z1 and now my Z3c. Xperia has everything I need in a phone! Great camera, great looks and it goes with the style of the modern fashionate man of today and tomorrow. Xperia is just Xpectacular!

  • Claudia Mihalache

    I love everything about this phone ?

  • Etov

    i want xperia z5

  • Damian Jaskulski

    I have Sony Z3 Compact. Why? It’s the Best smartphone with great batterry life and performance at the same time. Honestly, Green back and black front make this phone beutiful!

  • Bashar Al-daher

    The luxurious design,the water resistance and the latest &greatest Specs

  • CmAliNXS

    Sony is a quality brand and my current Sony Xperia ZR is still kicking good so that’s why my next smartphone is going to be a Xperia once again.

  • P Biswal

    i want it!


    The design is great and the UI… mmmm…

  • dimz

    The reasons would be:
    1. It uses the same visual queues as other Sony products I own, like the PS3 or that old Di8 video camera
    2. The UI design is elegantly balanced. Not too loaded, not too minimalist.
    3. It has all those nifty features, like menu folders or quick settings, and it’s self sufficient out of the box.

    4. Theme support
    5. Exclusive apps
    6. Battery life
    7. Device design

  • Nemanja Gliši?

    Simple UI, elegant design good camera and overall performance. Been with Xperia brand since 2011.

  • LD

    Since i first played on a playstations 2 back in 2002, when i was just a child, i love sony. I use Sony phones since 2010 and i really love them, especially the Z series. I love their design, and waterproofness. Also the battery life is solid imo. Best camera in a mobile phone!

  • Timo Bähr

    Sony produces in my opinion the best Android devices:
    (1) Android version with an awesome energy consumption
    (2) Devices with nearly similar hardware in different sizes
    (3) Waterproofing
    (4) A very good tested up-to-date Android version for even outdated devices.

    A problem with Sony is the lack for advertising. 2+ days usage with batterys around 3000 mAh is something that makes the difference and would convince more users to pay a little bit more for an Android device.

    Every Sony user I met was very happy with his Xperia device.

  • Jesus Gonzalez

    The most important thing for me is the support they give to the community, having open source development done in-house. Then there is the fact that their products are water resistant, have FM radio, have a microSD slot, long battery life, … Many phones have the same SOC and memory, so it’s the little things that matter.

  • Gyuracell

    Design, good all-round performance and quality.

  • Yash Chawla

    I would ike to upgrade to Z5. Z5 has a beautiful and crispy display, the front facing speakers are just WOW. The new snapdragon 810 is blazing fast. The finger print is a nice new feature in Z5 which is attracting me the most. The SONY logo on the side is awesome. Nd the new hybrid autofocus is a good improvement from the previous 21MP camera. The SONY UI is alegent nd nearly stock, so performance is top notch. 2 Day battery life is good. And the best thing the ‘SONY’

  • KKS

    I like its design, Xperia UI and camera. =)

  • Matius Andi

    First I have a waterproof Sony Xperia Go. This phone makes mr addicted to bring my phone to the bathroom or pool. Now, I still want a Sony Xperia phone though I have a oneplus one. I feel more familiar with sony’s UI. In my opinion sony’s omnibalance design is great and sony got a great camera and waterproof.

  • Axel Fournier

    Battery life, Camera, Performance and Design !

  • Diego Mahecha

    I´m a sony fanboy, so naturally i want a xperia device, and yi really like the design, camera, everithing.

  • Evgeny Moryatov

    They have great hardware.

  • Theis Bregnballe

    I like Sony´s design. Also their android skin is rather light which attracts me. This along with their awesome cameras really make for some great smartphones.

  • Brad Stephenson

    I love it’s unique feature of being waterproof!

  • Mansoor Elahi

    It is my dream mobile. Currently own a Xperia Z3. I would die happily if i win this phone <3

  • lauraannettephoto

    The camera and waterproofing. I am into photography and have a Sony SLT and really love it so I took a chance on the Sony phone and did not regret it.

  • Luciana Fernunson

    They hace great hardware.

  • Manuel Maldonado Turcios

    I love Sony Xperia phones because they have always incorporated their phones with all aspects of entertainment in mind, music, intuitive software great camera quality. their devices have always been a pleasure to look at while also being tough.

  • ludimilojko

    I’m not attracted to Sony Xperia brand. My current Xperia, the ZR, have a crappy camera, the sound in videos is horrible, the speakers are weak, the screen is so-so …
    But, if someone would give me a Z5 (green, maybe?), i think i could change my mind, and become attracted. Maybe even addicted.

  • Thor H

    Design, UI, waterproof, color options

  • lFreedoml

    UI, design

  • Akshat Ahuja

    Everything! From Hardware to Software Sony is unique. A xperia device gives an amazing Xperience of using mobile devices than the rest. Its just makes one stand out of the crowd! :)
    #LoveSony #HopeToWin :D

  • Christopher Hill

    Stunning design, power, and the PlayStation integration. Many years of software support is nice to, love my Xperia’s!

  • gaynor henry

    Well to sum it up…for me its everything in one

  • Jay

    The practicality of the device. It has everything I need packed into one thing. Great camera, beautiful design, great audio, amazing display. To have a phone in your pocket for over a year, you need to be able to use every bit of it and the Xperia series have all been practical and great to use for everyone from the heavy user to the simple user. That is why I am attracted to the Xperia brand.

  • hussam

    because it offers multiple sizes with the same power horse for your liking.

  • Tsoa Tsyfatatra

    There are several reasons why I love sony brand in general, but as far as Xperia brand, I could say that I love xperia because of their reliability, performance and the simplistic UI design.
    I’ve got the xperia V. It’s not anymore waterproof but it stil rocks!
    With custom ROMS, for me it’s one of the best, in terms of sound and camera capabilities.
    I replaced the battery with a 3600mAh Mugen battery. It’s thick as hell, but it lasts a 12h. With brightness as maximum level.
    I’ve got it for 4 years now…
    So why Sony xperia? Simply because I love it!
    And my next phone will be another Sony.

  • Chris

    The Xperia line is solid. Nothing more to say.
    The devices are top notch and in my opinion have the best design, battery life, user interface and most of all performance. I am a huge fan of Sony Xperia and cannot wait to upgrade from Z3 to Z5.

  • reventon

    Elegant Design and Waterproof.

  • Amit Chauhan

    With the sony xperia brand comes a bunch of sony xclusive apps which make the xperia brand stand out and provide innovative ways to touch our lives in a very special way. And with outstanding minute to minute update about every launch and updates arriving from the heart of sony, Xperia blog team comes to the rescue and provides one stop shop for all the updates. So thank you Xperia Blog/Sony team :)

  • Jay Kay

    What attracts me to the SONY Xperia brand is the SONY experience – great products and great service.

  • Gui Kenichi Yokobatake

    The Durability of it sets it apart from the competitors, the way it is built too, the waterproofing is an excellet idea mixing with the elegant design makes it the most desirable smartphone there is!

  • John Agwazim

    This is really nice. Thanks.

  • John Agwazim

    Merry Xmas.

  • Lau6304

    I’ve entered the smartphone world with Xperia and I’ll stick with it.Currently owning an ZR.
    Qualities: -the best multimedia apps you can find on a smartphone
    -build quality
    -Fast performance
    -camera app
    -Sound quality

  • Andrey

    Ergonomic and waterproof

  • Tweety

    It supports one’s dreams and life efforts with power, grace and stability.

  • QBerto

    Design, unique style, great apps, build quality, personality those all thing only can be got with a Xperia phone, and that’s why always owned Sony phones

  • Juned Patel

    this is a masterpiece!!!

  • Nimish Mittal

    First of all style and design with extreme build quality. Water proofing although after sale service is lil bit off but they have invested so much efforts, time and money to improve it.

    Secondly, they r build to last in any weather, with such sleek design.

    Their innvoation with awsome styling, though they are last in adding things in their ph, but once they enter the competition, they put the competition like competition doesnt exist.

    Best part, now they come with 4k screen.. First in its class and outclass everyone.

  • Linus

    Build quality and design. That’s it. (Counting in waterproofing)

  • mati865

    Great camera and display, waterproof, design, best custom UI, wonderfull apps (Album, Movies, Walkman known as Music).

  • Gys

    I have been a Sony Mobile fan since the Xperia Z. What attracts me to the brand is the waterproofing, build quality, camera, stereo speakers, looks of the device. And most of all the Sony brand. I have a Sony wireless speaker, PlayStation 4, Sony TV and more Sony products

  • Antony

    Build quality, design and serious brand

  • Rodney Stone

    Great prize im a Sony fan, i would love to win the
    Sony Xperia Z5

  • LeoS

    Great battery life, stereo speakers, all added useful apps

  • Hsu Chang

    Design and quality

  • Jurgen Van Gussem

    What i like about the Xperia Brand is the apps that they are delivered with : Music app, Album app, Smartconnect, Lifelog, Playstation, Lounge, What’s new, Social app,.. and the decent camera app. I am so used to it that i could not have another brand…

  • Krls Kstro

    reason.. sony is sony.. no more words to say!

  • Víctor Hernández

    This is a long post but, in short what I like about the XPERIA brand is:

    – Design.
    – Software additions and skin.
    – Great build quality.
    – High end audio features.
    – Camera hardware & experience.
    – It just has this feeling to it that I cannot describe objectively but that makes me happy to own a Sony XPERIA device.

    To better illustrate my points let me tell a short tale about my favorite smartphone ever: The Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

    For me and my needs it was *and remains* the best I’ve ever owned. In fact if it wasn’t the case that I lost it (it got broken in an abduction incident, so yeah, nasty stuff like that happens) I would still be a proud owner and user of the device.

    My first experience with it was conflicted at first, I choose the device because it had a way better screen than the Z1 at the time and was drawn from the screen real estate it offered.

    Compared to the Z1, the Z Ultra has the worse camera *by every metric* Resolution? 8MP vs 21MP, Sensor size? tiny vs huge, colour reproduction? a bit too red vs somewhat (at the time) neutral, Speed? Decent vs good, flash? Nothing vs something, portability & dedicated camera button? Huge and non existent vs Small and reliable. Yet I really managed to get a liking to it, since getting used to it and working within its limitations I managed to get really got a getting better photos that I would’ve been able to with the Z1.

    Outside of the camera the ZU was better or equal than the Z1 in every metric, better screen, pencil input, the software was more stable, etc.

    The screen real estate really allows for a better experience.

    So with all that said, what does that have to do with the characteristics I listed before?, well I consider the ZU to be the finest example of all that (considering its historical moment):

    • Design: Simple and understated, yet functional, in the case of the ZU we are talking about a phone with a 6.5mm thickness, a 3.000 mah battery, waterproofing and a great haptic feedback. (and you could actually use such a huge phone to boot)

    • Software additions and skin: In this regard the ZU is the Xperia phone that most benefited from the software features and the old Sony skin. Being such a huge phone it *needed* to have software features that facilitated its usage and used the screen real estate to improve the user experience. It behaved a bit more like a tablet than a phone at times and the fact that it fit more icons on the screen that most phones made it relatively easy to have a large number of applications. Apps such as Socialife made a lot more sense than using a dedicated TW or FB app since it gave you a glance at everything. Sony media apps are a huge addition compared to the stock ones and the Sketch App was introduced along with the Ultra to showcase its support for pen input which, btw, was great.

    • Great build quality: Is there, to date, a Sony Xperia smartphone that has featured a bad build quality? Even the low-mid range offerings have a solid build.

    •High end audio features: from the Z2 onwards Sony has really strived to deliver the best in audio experience in a smartphone (the only thing lacking right now is a dedicated amplifier, but that is definitively asking too much out of a phone) and it really nails it. From the music player (the best on any platform IMHO) to the output quality the experience is superb.

    •Camera hardware and experience: XPERIAs all have great camera hardware, and while the algorithms aren’t up to the hardware quality (everyone has been saying this since 2012, yeah, 2012 its time Sony really decides to do something with this) the camera experience is second to none (Sans for the cases in which manual controls are a must, then you’re limited a lot). It has a lots of features, maybe *too many features* but well its better to have something and don’t need it than to need something and don’t have it (as long as it doesn’t get in the way).

    • XPERIA Brand feeling(?): this is something so subjective that I can only attest it on a personal basis. Owning a XPERIA device brings with it some great feeling, maybe it’s because the combination of all the things mentioned before or the community (here) but to me, owning an XPERIA device just feels special; and not special in the *better than everyone else* way, but in the *it fits my needs and what I’m looking for in a phone better than anything else* way.

    And that is something that can’t be priced in.

    I’m still waiting for a successor to the ZU (another 6.4″ phone), hopefully 2016 will bring it.

  • monkeytacos

    The camera has always been one of the best in the market, the omnibalance design is great, and its the only phone that has a wrist strap!! :) merry Christmas

  • ChelleFish

    Beautiful design and waterproof!!!

  • sid ben

    Wow wow wow

  • mrdidovets

    I love the fact that it is easy to root and i can put roms on it and customize my phone to my liking.
    i do love the build quality too, i dropped my z3 compact probably 35+ times, still no screen shatter while all my friends iphones’ have broken their screen.
    battery life is the real deal. ever since i could put marshmallow on my z3, my battery lasts’ all day long. im happy
    z5 is on my christmas list though..


    It’s all starts with hardware which is not just powerful but first on its class like waterproof. Than build quality after which the developers support by Sony by providing sources increase the life of device.

  • Emmanuel Duran

    I bought my Xperia mainly because of the screen size a 6.4 inch, I love it, there is so much done right, Sony supports this phone even after a couple of years that is great, the build and design rocks, the US is great, plus I don’t have a concern with water or dust, Xperia phones are solid and reliable, looking forward for the Z5 Ultra.

  • Ling Cheung

    Great design

  • Vitor Silva

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • RezA V

    The music app ,waterproofness ,design and battery life.

  • Nabil El Massry

    What I like about Sony mobiles is how handy it Is to have a waterproof phone to clean off stickiness from eating foods or drinks, having an amazing camera that is super quick, a large battery and a quick phone that works very smoothly :)

  • cliff harrison

    i love sony brand becuase it’s built to last all day long!

  • Allan O. Mancera

    I’ve been using a Xperia for some time now. The quality of the screen and it’s manageability is amazing, no other phone that I’ve had has been this good. The camera is amazing, I love having such powerful camera with me all the time. All in all, the quality, class and design of the sony Xperia brand is the best I’ve seen in all the market. Thanks Sony for creating such great devices.

  • Jagjit Singh

    Whoa ! First time ever so many comments on a post! People surely like presents . I don’t have any good come up lines for Sony but there is a reason why I still bought Xperia z3 after Sony ditched the kitkat support for xperia sp. There was a hope deep within that Sony won’t fail me again and it didn’t. I am happy with lollipop on z3 as I was with 4.3 on SP. People say its the design or some may even be like >Sony makes phones too? And I always answer yes they do.Its just the name of the brand that attracts me because Sony is sure a step aback when they forgot to put noise cancelling headphones with a compatible phone and they were surely not the first to implement fingerprint sensor or need a better camera app and UI lacks some changes but after all people still buy them because this brand is just like an anti-apple thing. They don’t do marketing very well but they don’t either come up with a case that only shows there logo. Its there history and there implementation to apply things that people need; there encouragement for a new work building despite having a loss in mobile sector and regardless there support (which is good for me!) So, its just the name and things it has done {fanboy}.

  • Ronald Gagnon

    The fact that it has all this: camera, quality, software, and is waterproof

  • osamaH

    The Matte finish on the back is something that I’ve been waiting for for ages!

  • A.D. Patel

    i personally own a xperia zr nd i smetimes hate its display when i
    compare it to other.But one of my friend own a xperia z5 nd when i saw
    its display i was blown away.i would really like to have a z5.happie
    holidays :)

  • Kyle Ray

    I like the killer camera mixed with premium design while still maintaining expandable memory; plus it’s freaking waterproof/resistant!?
    Ahhhhhhhhh yeah Sony, keep it up!

  • rahul pathak

    To be frank i hated the displays of xperia phones earlier. bt i have to
    say they have significantly improved the display panel.nw m in love with
    them. Also , xperia cameras have always been my favourite. !

  • Nici

    1. waterproof phone
    2. sound quality
    3. Picture quality
    4. unique design

  • R.D. Patel

    i have had a chance to use z5 owned by my cousin.i liked the z5 as a whole.one of my

    liking feature will be the look and feel.Its beautifull.As a girl its a
    perfect device for me.hope i get lucky.Happy holidays.njoy

  • Dinesh Patel

    ip certified dust and waterproof feature sets xperia class apart.also
    the xperia ui look cool.i really like the icons xperia uses :)

  • Sachin Patel

    Always a fan of that sparky premium looks , build quality & u get ip
    certified dust and waterproof phone. what else do u want ? <3 xperia

  • Dhawal Patel

    for me its the awsme camera and dust nd waterproof feature.merry xmas all :)

  • Lorelai

    I’m inescapably drawn to the Xperia brand because I hold Sony products in high regard due to their fantastic build quality, as well as the premium look and feel of every product. And their Xperia line is by no means an exception, which is what makes me attracted to their Xperia phones a lot!

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    It’s awesome

  • Q

    i’m just a brand whore

  • Nicolas Castelblanco Puentes

    I like the sober design, the great quality of the hardware, and specialy the lomg lasting batery of my z2, also the water and dust resistance allow me to be less worried.

  • Raymond Morgan

    Superior build quality, and long term OS support. Simply put: Xperia phones last forever.

  • Andrei

    Beautiful design, waterproof, camera.

  • ?ukasz Malinowski

    Build quality and omnibalance. I also like sony UI.

  • flash321

    My reasons for attracting to Xperias are the premium build quality, the unique and beautiful design, the best user interface and most of all, I love that my Z1 Compact is waterproof, I don’t have to worry about rain.

  • Arturo Pastrana

    Well I like a lot the Brand I believe they are innovative (but sometimes they dont know how to “sell” this innovations, not like apple) and vanguardist, my first phone was an ericsson (kf788 I still remember) since then all my phones have been sony ericsson (just sony later) and have no complaint about them

  • limeonade

    Durability is the first thing I love about Japanese brands and SONY is no exception.
    I’ve been using SONY since its time with Ericsson and continued after their split.

    SONY is good when it comes to the camera, it sticks to the reality as much as possible.
    Offering great modes and a clean and friendly camera interface.

    Design wise, they are creative enough not to copy other brands and strive to be unique in their own way. I love their flat language sandwich glass- glass metal rectangular design with round edges.

    Sony’s are known for their waterproof phones, They are among the first to make one and are the most dedicated in that area. Xperia active was a great waterproof phone even though it wasn’t a main stream phone. Their first mainstream, xperia Z was also incredible. From it marked the birth of the waterproof Z family (excluding ZL)

    Battery wise, they are impressive. They offer one of the best battery life in the phone world. Augmented with stamina mode, it gives an extended battery life. Google has been inspired by this that they introduced a similar thing in their marshmallow version.

    UI, it is clean, little lag and fast. Sony was the first android to introduce the on screen android buttons introduced by the Xperia T series as well as J. Again, a lot of other brands followed, including Google – Nexus phones.

    Overall, SONY is is the great company which has balanced everything into a single slate, including beautiful music experience, initially from walkman players, then the walkman series in mobile department, now all into Xperia.

    I simply can’t use any other device as long as SONY lives.

  • Lance Garcia

    Overall quality, especially in terms of camera, is what really makes me adore Xperia phones! They are undoubtedly the best! :)

  • Nick .

    Everything about it

  • limeonade

    XPERIA stands out to what its name means. Meant to give you the best experience and entertainment.

    They offer premium devices in all suitable sizes so you can all appreciate a great piece of device.

  • Marco

    Oh yes

  • haoasakura0

    Its different

  • jano

    1. Design
    2. Built quality
    3. Hardware
    4. Well optimised software
    5. Waterproof
    6. Sony apps and features

  • King Ion

    – Beautiful Omnibalance design
    – Development support
    – very near to Android experience
    – Battery life
    – always premium quality

  • Alex Smara

    The battery life, design and camera (waterproof did not work on any z3 i had. I had 2 which died eventually and went to warranty to get fixed.

  • Badge

    I love the camera, build quality, the new fingerprint scanner, the sound quality, and of course I love Sony!!

  • H F

    Z5, come to daddy.

  • Zoran

    Z5 I want you so bad even if you are green

  • emmanuel david

    What attracts me to xperia is its features on media.. it has great features like DNC, Hi-res audio, xreality, it’s camera features to ensure that you’ll have the best experience on music, photography, and video..

  • DonRobb

    I have the z1. It’s awesome!! The price of it was what attracted me.

  • Eugénio Costa

    The Xperia brand relates to the best moments of my childhood. It transports me to a time when music meant Walkman and yellow was in fashion. It reminds me the endless moments of shared fun with Playstation! So, for me, Sony Xperia represents the best of human ingenuity and hope on a better future!
    Thank you all!

  • Elmon Lyster Agbunag

    xperia xperience.. The science of owning one your smartphone

  • Snorky112

    I need this phone it’s just the perfect one nothing else tosay abt it

  • I like that this brand is high quality.

  • Charlie

    Actually, there is something special in this brand. I don’t know. But I feel like Sony is making good product. And of course – their design is amazing.

  • Win Oo

    Praying for god to win this beautiful beast!

  • 98kuroneko

    I’m a Sony fan because I own them since I was a kid. From Sony Trinitron, the PlayStation, the Walkman, The Alpha to the Xperia.
    Design nowadays are timeless and classic like last time and reflects on the same way I use it in the past. This Japanese tech giant delivers what I want most without any weird innovations other company does. Weird innovations like the curved display, bulky build or second screen. What I want is a good performing device that is better as the past has done, and that is Sony… Sony is my son..

  • Alcides Junior

    The first thing is the design, so beautiful, ellegant and special. The most beautiful smartphone brand for me. Second, the camera. The quality and the features, camera’s apps are incredble. I feel almost like a profissional photographet. Beside this, the android experience, the ui so much clean and funtional, better than any other brand. And of course the amazing screens, big, bright, beautiful. Finally, the battery life. I use thr smartphone very much in a intensive mode and the battery survive a day anf a half. It’s wonderful. No other smarrphone brand has all this qualitys on one smartphome.

  • Chico88

    I love Sony screen. It doesnt blind my eyes

  • Evgeny Moryatov

    They have great hardware.

  • robert dyer

    Xperia – innovative, stylish, reliable. Not bad in one package
    Gr Zealand

  • Sony-Lover ?

    CAMERA! ?

  • gay egg

    The brand seems exceedingly professional and endlessly unique. I can’t think of any other brand like it in smartphones.

  • Willan Morgan

    What has attracted me most to the Sony Xperia brand is its:
    1st: Durability

    Each product has a premium feel and from my experience has proved its durability by lasting throughout the years.
    2nd: Quality
    Build quality of each product is of a high standard (top quality specification)

  • Dhawal Patel

    For me its the awesome camera and dust nd waterproof feature.merry xmas all :)

  • matthew bennett

    I like the overall design, it’s very minimalistic. Also like the way they have a very light overlay to the whole android experience to keep things running fast and to top it all off it’s waterproof.

  • Tara Gauthier

    I am drawn towards this as all other Sony products I have had have been good quality so can’t imagine this would be any different.

  • Sachin Patel

    Always been a fan of that sparky premium looks , build quality & u get ip
    certified dust and waterproof phone. what else do u want ? <3 xperia

  • A.D. Patel

    i personally own a xperia zr nd i smetimes hate its display when i
    compare it to other.But one of my friend own a xperia z5 nd when i saw
    its display i was blown away.i would really like to have a z5.happie
    holidays :)

  • Nicolas Antonnucci

    In my opinion, Sony Mobile and their Xperia phones products line are strong and solid in the most of worlds markets, they just need to get out of the comfort zone and take some risks, and start getting together all the good stuff they’re good at and put it together at the Mobile manufacturing of the company. This is gonna be one of the parts that Sony Mobile needs to start reaching the top. The second part is to listen even more your customers/users/fans to build a product that is really made by the users themselves. The Xperia line has an solid profile, just need some intervention of the others Sony’s business to make it a masterpiece, using some kind of “beta testing” of the users to add the finishing touches. I don’t think they need to be the best on the market at all, but just to show the best of Sony on their product.

  • Dinesh Patel

    ip certified dust and waterproof feature sets xperia class apart.also
    the xperia ui look cool.i really like the icons xperia uses :)

  • Ben Ling

    Hoping to win as I need a new smartphone since the the original Xperia Z.

  • R.D. Patel

    i have had a chance to use z5 owned by my cousin.i liked the z5 as a whole.one of my best
    liking feature will be the look and feel.Its beautifull.As a girl its a
    perfect device for me.hope i get lucky.Happy holidays.njoy

  • rahul pathak

    To be frank i hated the displays of xperia phones earlier. bt i have to
    say they have significantly improved the display panel.nw m in love with
    them. Also , xperia cameras have always been my favourite.

  • G. Russ Pascual

    The Xperia brand is quite elegant in its simplicity. The subtle evolution of its design language sets it apart amongst multitudes of phones. This also is carried over seamlessly to its user interface. The great legacy in multi media functionality is a major plus. Impressive battery endurance and the waterproofing have become trademarks. While not free of flaws and imperfections, yet carrying a premium Sony Xperia handset is a statement.

  • Gabriel Parobiec

    What attracts me to Sony is a number of things. I like how Sony is centred on delivering the ultimate multimedia consumption experience. From the way the apps like video or gallery are designed to the features of them like DSEE. Things like the inclusion of an fm radio which isn’t standard on smartphones these days although you would expect these things on a Sony amplifier. I would like to see Sony start working on developing ways of including DAB into Xperia smartphones and while at that improve the output of the headphone jack. I am very happy with the software support I get for my device as well which leads me onto the fact that I really like the interface with its logical layout, great design, animations and fast response. It just works. I really like the waterproofing factor of the Xperia line and I am fond of the solid design of the Xperia smartphones sporting some gorgeous curves, premium materials and nice colours, however I would like a better button layout and Sony must do something to refresh their line and step ahead of the game to compete with the likes of the S6 edge in terms of innovation and wow factors. I also think battery life is something people always focus on and it is something Sony must stay on top of to compete. So far, I am loving the work that has gone towards making Xperia phones more power efficient and finding ways of extending the battery life out of the battery. I would be quite happy to see wireless charging as part of the next lineup. I am quite happy with the marketing side of Sony with the way they make it clear that their products are of great quality. I have owned nothing else but Sony phones over 9 years having 1 or 2 phones per year and I have observed the progression over the years. My advice to Sony would be that it needs to take concrete steps towards their decision they make and think ahead into the future, how the decision they make now will affect people’s approach towards Sony in the next 5 years, will their decision lead to confusion or if this decision will gain Sony positive feedback and popularity. I also feel like Sonys marketing needs to meet the height of the likes of Samsung. I find that if I get on the train, I get a paper, I will see a Samsung device on the front page and then throughout the paper. I will stop reading the paper and look up to see how many stops I have before I need to get off and I will see adverts in the train with deals for a Samsung device. After I get off from the train I will see banners at the station right across walls with a Samsung device. I feel like Sony have to be more persistent with their adverts to remain in peoples minds and make people actually start to think ” I’ve seen this device before, it must be good if I’m seeing it again”

  • Oscar Banuelos

    I love the Xperia series ever since my first phone z1s to z3 not to mention an iPhone(weak) I always kept thinking about going back to Sony there’s something unique about it that wants my attention to the hi-res camera to the water proof design. Iwant Xperia z5

  • Giannikosmo

    I love the quality of Sony products!
    Good Luck to everyone!

  • Tony Alvis Jr.

    As a mobile photography hobbyist, the camera really attracts me the most. When you know how to use and calibrate your xperia camera in manual mode it really produces stunning images. Second is its HQ Music and superb battery life. And lastly its sleek,classy and very eye catching design, that everyone looks at when you are holding it.
    -Xperia z1 user

  • Paulo Leyva Tejada

    The design (hardware and software) and the camera. I like how the materials are used to create something symmetrical, balanced and very functional at the same time (waterproof), which makes the Z series unique and different to other phones. The software is minimalistic, which makes it light and fast to everyday use. The camera has the experience of Sony department which results in great pics, my Z3 is is my digital camera for everyday use.

  • iArvee

    Design, waterproofing, performance, camera, and most importantly, sound quality. Despite the android audio bug, still has awesome quality

  • Jonathan Williams

    I like the fact that the Xperia brand is committed to quality. Other companies are only in the race to be gimmicky. The Xperia brand is a solid name that I hope never goes away.

  • on the road

    Passed on the sweet amazon.com deal for the Xperia m4 Aqua to wait it out for a Z5!

  • czerikcum

    I’m “coming” from the old Sony Ericsson brand, where media experience, such as music was a blast. Sony has over the years continued its success on the media platform, and for that reason media experience is what attracts me the most regarding the Xperia.

  • JJameson

    1. Minimal to No Compromise Devices, Sony devices tend to be extremely balanced and well engineered.

    2. Display. The focus on color fidelity and purity is a strength with Sony devices that makes them more enjoyable to use than many other brands. The ability to adjust the screen to my preference is highly desirable.

    3. Battery life on Sony devices tends to be excellent. Each of my many Sony devices respond really well to minor tweaks to really make the most of the battery.

    4. Waterproofing/resistance… enough said.

    5. Audio quality is a primary focus for Sony with multiple codecs supported and awesome autoEQ on more recent devices. LDAC is the real deal as a technology as it fixes almost all of the problems with Bluetooth headphone performance. Built in speaker quality is solid.

    6. Build Quality and design are elegant and refined and are continually thoughtfully improved

    7. User interface has always been fast, fluid, and easy to use, and, again, is continually thoughtfully improved.

    8. Camera quality along with a two step physical shutter button.

    9. Everything else.

  • Vinicius Silvestre

    The amazing desing, great battery life, good looking and responsive software

  • Diana Chia Yingying

    Sony Xperia phones are sleek, elegant and beautiful with its classic designs, packed with powerful specifications. Sony Xperia phones are highly reliable and long-lasting. I am currently using Sony Xperia M5, and am enjoying the experience. My Japanese fiance is using Sony Xperia VL, and it had been for about 3 years now !! The high reliability and quality phones and camera definitely put Sony Xperia phones at the top edge compared to all other phones.

  • Thomas Kuehne

    * Elegant and minimalistic hardware design
    * Tasteful user interface
    * Compact models have the right size but are still powerful
    * Long battery life
    * Memory expandable through memory cards
    * Water-proofing
    * Compatibility with Sony TVs
    * WiFi communication with PC
    * UI customisable through UI-Builder

  • XperiaSlay

    Value for Money, A japanese firm product, Yep I love Japan

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    Here to increase my chances ;-)

  • Unfortunately Sony realesed only white and black versions of Z5 in my country. I loved Xperia Z5 Green, will be perfect for replacing my old Xperia E3, crossing fingers!

  • jonathan3579

    Sony has been a long time favorite brand of mine.. Unfortunately, I live in the US so I don’t really get any of their handsets made readily available. That is one of the things that attracts me to the Sony brand.

  • yahalom hasid

    The design of the xperia looks amazing and the interface looks so smooth

  • iosvsios

    What attracts me about it:

    1- the color choices, very nice and classy
    2- the usual waterproof/etc features of Sony
    3- the better camera
    4- the fingerprint reader
    5- the battery life
    6- it’s about time to update my 2 year old ZL2 ;)
    7- more up to date software, faster updates than many brands

  • Dillon McGee

    Initially the biggest thing that swayed me from the easy IPhone brand was the waterproofing. love the fast response, metal framing, and one of the coolest features was the upgrading memory that saved my gaming addiction

  • TACI

    Design, perfect size, rare camera, SD card.

  • Vicente Priante

    well first is the design sony always made very beutiful smarthphones,then the brand recognition and batery life

  • Siddharth Pratap Singh Chauhan

    It have all features that a good mobile should have

  • Caio Lourenço

    First- The camera: I had an Xperia J and it was the perfect camera, but now is time to switch to a modern one
    Second- XperiaUI is the most clean UI ever
    Tird- Here in my city rains a lot, and Xperia had the best waterproof
    Fourth- Sony audio’s os the best so I really want a Xperia

  • Sunil KN

    XperiaBlog – Help me upgrade from Sony Xperia Z to Sony Xperia Z5 :)

  • KC

    Playstation, history with Walkman and focus on music, practical features (MicroSD, front facing speakers)

  • RoyHedrick

    I have always been a fan of Sony since my first walkman. Since then it seems like everytime I go to buy a new electronics device Sony comes out on top. The fact that Xperia devices are top of the line, yet also one of the few which are waterproofed is a major reason for my choice.

  • wu guag

    On my hand
    No one buy you
    You are my best choice
    It is my Sony

  • Marco Vockner (MarcoPixel)

    The design, waterproofness and the support of the devices.

  • erin fesperman

    I totally love the Hybrid Autofocus! I am constantly taking photos of food so this is perfect for me! 23 megapixels? Yes please!!

  • eclectice


  • Noel Urriquia

    I Want the Camera and
    great display

  • Oswald

    It’s a Sony. The battery life is fantastic, it’s waterproof and the design is great. I just love it. Would love to have it to replace my old phone which is not running great.
    Thank you for the sponsor.

  • Dru Angeles

    When it comes to buying smartphones, Sony Xperia is on top of my list. I bought the Xperia S when it first came out and it is still works as of today. I decided to upgrade to Xperia z2 and it never fails me with its beauty, elegance, and power. My everyday life won’t be complete without the help of my xperia phone. Sony Xperia is not just a brand, it is your guarantee that what you have in your fingertips is something that would satisfy your needs in your everyday tech life.

  • Matthew Lahner

    Definitely build quality. The xperia series look amazing.
    I know they don’t advertise it the same as before but the Waterproof was also a huge factor.

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Smoking hot that z5

  • Danielle Golden

    I trust the Sony Brand.

  • Atena Khalili

    I just love the sony quality…..i had xperia z for 3 years and that was awesome… The good camera.but i love that which they put high technology on their phone…like Iris like 3D touch…..i want sony will be a flag of smart phone technology not sony and iphone …be the frist one in the world…then i promise any body dont touch any other smart phone.

  • Oscar A. de León F.

    I have always love the elegance that the xperia brand phones deliver. It’s exceptional!

  • Oh!

    My first phone was a Sony Ericsson K530I.
    When I first use the phone, it had the following features:
    1. Loud speaker
    2. Simple and minimalistic UI
    3. Fast
    4. Good camera (For that time)
    5. Superb build quality
    After many years, I still stay on the Sony’s Boat because of the following reason:
    1. Front Facing Speaker
    2. Water proof (Able to wash my phone weekly..OCD)
    3. Simple and minimalistic UI (Bloatware is not as many as the competitors)
    4. Elegant design and premium feel
    5. Improving every year (They started out worse then Samsung with their x10, but over the years, they are catching up… I would say they are on par or at least better then Samsung)
    6. Screen (Abilities to tune the white balance to your liking)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • bilomar

    https://wn.nr/8vnzF if anyone wants to help. You don’t understand how much I need this phone lol.

  • KoD

    I fell in love with the designs at first, then came the battey life, the UI, software support etc… and the List of reasons why I love Sony just kept increasing like that. Even today, I still manage to find more meticulous details to love

  • Glenn Wanjala

    Reasons I buy Sony products:
    1. Warranty period.
    2. Best UI Performance for OEM Custom AOSP.
    3. Best benchmark scores.
    4. Beautiful Omnibalance design throughout the series, subtle curves.
    5. Stamina Mode battery feature unlocks more juice.
    6. Awesome developer support.
    7. Always innovating new technology, more actually useful features.

  • Pravin

    XPERIA is class for waterproof phones.

  • The design, the PlayStation integration, the subtle stereo speakers, the focus on audio quality, and how Sony takes care of their in house apps, I feel like I’m getting a completed phone and don’t have to run to the Play Store to make it usable.

  • Rakhim Glenn Devaughn

    Best benchmark scores

  • Dirtrot

    Love square design. Love sony music app

  • Niel Cuevas

    Reason that attracts me to the Sony Xperia brand?
    First the design,From Z series mapapa wow kanalang sa elegant ng style nya. I have z and zr pero sadly iniwan na nila ako (Walang Forever eh)
    Second the quality , Sa sobrang dami kong naging phone sony lang ang mga tumagal saken. At tatagal pa sana ang z series ko kung di ko lang nababagsak ng nbabagsak so kasalanan ko talaga
    Third is the features, San kapa Waterproof & Dustproof na ganda pa ng camera and marami pa. Mas lalo kang popogi pag gamit mo to
    And now still using a sony phone M4 aqua at napakaganda nya :)
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of yah

    Niel Cuevas

  • Eric Vincent

    Love the camera, battery duration, quality of product, waterproof and been a fan of the music quality since I had one of the first song phone!

  • yao huo

    Talking is cheap, show me the money. by Kazuo Sang.

  • SkyStormXD

    The reason i buy Sony is simply the brand itself!!
    I dont have a list…. But everything Sony creates has a premium finish to it and that is what attracts me

  • Franklyn Nin

    The first Sony product I had was a 32 inch cathode ray tube. Meaning the old big but TV. I actually found it in the trash. It was Sony but what had me amazed was that it was still working. I couldnt figure why someone would throw in the garbage a working TV. But I kept it for 5 years after that. Seeing how durable it was I decided to give it a shot and bought another TV from Sony. Then came the Sony DVD player. And then the Sony home theater. Then PlayStation. Then the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3 and so on. I still own all devices that I purchased from Sony. All of them. I love Sony. The sleek design is so elegant, and futuristic yet conservative. Most important of all, great durable quality products. SONY is like the deluxe edition of everything out there. The best of the best of the best. To me there is Nothing better than Sony. Nothing.

  • Alexis

    When you say SONY
    1) quality
    2) camera
    3) unique to the other smartphone

  • Cam Simpson

    I have the xperia Z3 and would like to upgrade to the Z5. I have owned my Z3 for over a year the longest amount of time since my 3GS iPhone. After multiple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones by far the Sony Xperia has been the best performance and designed phone that I have owned. I hope to add the Z5 to my list.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    What I really love about sony phones is the camera and the audio. Now I want to try it underwater :D

  • Adrian

    Real waterproofing device!

  • Ruy Morris

    I’ve used Sony products for at least 30 years, and I trust the quality of the brand.

  • Jerome Raymundo

    Just a simple answer, because it is sony! :)

  • Ryan

    The touch , the feel, the experience ……just everything that happens after you take that awesome piece of technology in your hands

  • Axcel ctw

    i have been using sony since ericsson.
    why i like it?? dun know been using in my whole family for decades.

  • Katie Scalmato

    Wonderful interface, easy navigation, everything I need tucked into one little machine! Thanks for the chance

  • Marc

    1. Build quality – most of the products I own are Sony.
    2. UI – I like the UI of the Xperia phones, it’s very clean, and simple.
    3. Battery life – it’s the only phone I’ve owned the lasts 2 days, or a day. Depends on my usage.
    4. Connectivity with Playstation 4. =)

    I currently own a Z3, its my 2nd one. Since the first one broke within a week of usage, it fell in a swimming pool and within seconds the screen stopped working. But, i’d still get another Xperia phone if ever i’d get a chance.

  • Brian De Guzman

    Lemme win :)

  • Saegan Michelle Anderson

    What attracts you to the Sony Xperia brand? the screen size and the camera

  • Michaelmikian

    The sleek design that other phones don’t seek to have, I’ve dropped my phone God knows how many times yet its still intact!!

  • nathan kirsch

    I like that they are not abandoning the sub phablet market we keep seeing today. They’re devices generally have great battery life and have some of the highest quality cameras on the market. Having the Xperia line being waterproof is a great touch and it makes the phones more suitable for everyday use.

  • anderw

    The form factor!

  • Feanor

    Reasons I buy only Sony:
    1. Most importantly, because of Digital Noise Cancellation which is unique and not to be found elsewhere. DSEE HX is also important addition.
    2. Design: still the most premium looking Android designs.
    3. Nearly stock Android.
    4. Waterproofing.

  • Noah Bonit

    What I love about Xperia is classy and premium experience that lets you hold on to your phone forever. When you choose Xperia, you will no longer shift to other brands.

  • Adrian Tomescu

    Overall best phone on market today

  • Chris Anderson

    I still remember the first time I heard it. It was intangible, yet triggered expectations immediately. A sense of refinement that no-one else could achieve, and excellence in a design so unique it pushed the competition into obscurity. A purchase for the progressive connoisseur. And something luxurious you would never tire of looking at. One word…….Xperia.

  • Duke

    Bob on.

  • wawo

    Beautiful design/premium feel, good battery life, best camera quality, picture quality for watching movies.

  • Ça?da?

    Because It’s simple and sleek.. waterproofing and elegance :)

  • Deki

    I want the phone! I need it! Please!

  • Lau6304

    Would love to win this. I never won anything.

  • Ivo Nedelchev

    Best camera, best sound, SONY Xperia :-D

  • Ben Ling

    Well, I started to support Sony Xperia models since 2011. I don’t know why, but I just liked how they looked like and the specs which were up to date. My first Xperia smartphone was the Xperia sola. What made me chose it ? It has a very unique technology, the floating touch which had not been seen on any smartphone as far as I know. That was really awesome, including with the nice LED bar below the capacitive buttons, perfect. After that, I got myself an Xperia Z until now. Xperia Z is also very nice, with high specs and the most important for me, waterproof because my Xperia sola went dead due to water gone into it. In conclusion, Sony had done a great job, improving their smartphones year by year. I hoped that Sony will be able to continue their smartphone sector and compete with the others. Keep it up, Sony.

  • TharakaKS

    Always Sony Xperia because,
    Eye catching elegant Omnibalance design – Feels “Yeah It’s Xperia”
    Prettiest and Simple UI – Faster and Better for Multi Tasking

    Best Battery life – I always able to going around 1.5 days
    Camera – Because I use daily,
    Waterproofing – I lost a phone because of water damage

    Front facing stereo speakers – Drives me Crazy

    Development support
    I love Sony..
    Thank you XperiaBlog for organizing amazing competitions.
    Good Luck to Everyone

  • Monivan Mao


  • Bryan Joe Ileto Mateo (Bryan)

    makes my lifestyle easier everyday.

  • Rene

    Sony Smartphones forever. I need a new premium Smartphone, Xperia Z5 is my favorite choice. Currently i have the Xperia M2. My first Sony Phone was the cmd z5, i still have it.

  • wasimariflone

    Merry christmas and happy holidays

  • Qboss

    In addition to my earlier posts, to the Sony Xperia attract extraordinary quality and always the best specification, also stylish look is important.

  • Amit Chauhan

    Awesome Journey from K750i to Xperia Z, Keep it up sony. Most trustworthy brand in terms of updates and consumer listening and feedback. Thank you and let me have the sweet taste of XZ5, its about time to upgrade with a brand new phone on a brand new year.

  • Daniel Alejandro Aguilar

    Build quality, screen, camera and waterproofing

  • Andrey

    Cool gadget

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    1. Quality
    2. Design
    3. Performance
    4. Waterproof
    5. Sound and screen quality
    6. UI design
    7. Battery
    8. Most important, I need to replace my phone, it’s very old

  • Simple, elegant design, and an iPhone smashing camera. All day (or, even, two day) battery life is also a huge plus.

  • Josiah

    Reasons: 1. The most powerful/fastest phone that doesn’t overheat 2. Most beautiful precise edged smartphone 3. Very good RAM management(compared to **cough** samsung) 4. Two days of battery life 5. Best android skin 6. Live LED IPS display and one of the brightest display 7. Best smartphone fingerprint scanner position and with good speed 8. Waterproof (can easily clean it?) 9. Dual Front facing speakers 10. One of the best rear camera 11. Fastest WIFI 12. MICRO SD SLOT!!! **cough** samsung 13. Doesn’t lag after months(hopefully) 14. I can win this phone for free

  • Josiah

    My Live with Walkman still work except touchscreen. Now I use the otg to connect a mouse and wow it still works after 4 years!!!

  • Angi

    My Sony phone survived all falls on the floor! Z3 is strong almost like my last nokia! Amazing.

  • Agostinho Teixeira

    Awesome Camera and overall performance!

  • Tomas Werner

    I just love the Xperia-phones because of their clean and simple, yet elegant design, and also for their sweet power to price ratio. I have been using phones from other companies in the past and while they seem good on paper they rarely live up to it in reality – Xperia-phones do!

  • Dayne Scrowther

    I have found myself drawn to Sony products for their quality, reliability, ease of use and focus on traits like a good battery life.

  • Angelo Tesoriero

    I’ve never bought a device belonging to other brands. Only Sony, that’s it!

  • Giovanni Bertelli

    Design, build quality, camera, screen, waterproofness and media apps

  • devtry

    That attention to detail and quality that you cannot find elsewhere (even if they may mess up their products in some way)

  • Mojsa

    Camera, Design, nearly everything. I’ve been using Sony/Sony Ericsson phones from the first phone, with one exception only..

  • Siam

    Sony is life

  • Siam

    Sony Best.

  • Kok

    I’ve been a fan since Sony Ericsson era. I was so mesmerized by the unique, exquisite, outstanding and gorgeous design on the Sony Ericsson devices, for instance the Walkman series and Cyber Shot series. And my obsession never stopped ever since. Now that it’s Xperia era. My obsession is still there. I’m so attracted to the design on XPERIA smartphones and I got my first ever XPERIA smartphone which is XPERIA RAY, with parallelogram shape from side view. My obsession got more intense as XPERIA Z and XPERIA ZL came out. Both these phones have superior camera, display, functionality and battery life. I know it because I’m using ZL now. It’s so much smoother than ever after I updated it to lollipop, which makes me very committed to Sony considering Sony actually cares about their XPERIA smartphone users by providing updates to the smartphones no matter how old the devices are. I’ll always be attracted to Sony XPERIA brand no matter how strong the other competitors out there are. XPERIA’s design, camera, display, battery life and its performance never disappoint me.

  • Mina Ibrahim

    beacause it is sony the brand name carries alot of weight
    the battery life is really good and The UI is smooth
    the fact the its pic looks so good without OIS makes me appreciate the manufacturer
    the audio experience is amazing my first smart phone was sony xperia z and then i bought the xperia Z2 and there is alot of improvement in all aspects camera battery speed
    iam not saying that it is the best phone in the market but it the one that stands out
    and don’t forget that compact series are a real work of art :D :D :D

  • Feddy

    Sony <3

  • Julius Sabutis

    Design of xperia’s always attracted me. From Xperia S to Z5 it looks beautiful. Battery life is better compared to other flagship phones, stand-by times are amazing too. Also water proofing is very important as i like my phone clean and never care about using it while its raining. Overall i would alway choose Sony over other competition as long as they make great phones like they’re making now.

  • Eric Stroud

    There is so much to find attractive about the Sony Xperia product line! What I like the most is that Sony builds high quality phones! This phone is exceptional! A screen resolution of 1080 x 192! 3 Gigs of Ram… 32GB ROM and recognizes SD cards up to 200GB!!! Not to mention a 23 MP front camera! I love this phone!!! I wish I could just buy it! This phone is an exquisite work of art! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  • Yasmeen Ghalawingy

    I love SONY products because of there adorable designs, attractive smooth surfaces and lovely corners

  • Yoda — Rey

    What I like about the Xperia brand in general is :
    1) The design of their phones is great (even the low cost)
    2)They are good on battery
    3) Waterproof (but please try to make it salty water proof too)
    4) Software is beautiful and Xperia apps especially like Album and Music/walkman are great apps while Xperia phones have also smallapps
    5) You can change themes not just a wallpaper but even the contacts app will change colors.
    6) Updates for couple of years if Premium.

  • Matthew H.

    The quality

  • XT

    3 hours left! For those who haven’t entered, don’t miss it! You could have a chance to win the Xperia Z5 from Sony <— the last four letters means 'the greatest quality of products' :)

  • Juned Patel

    a first 4k phone of its kind.simply amazing!!!

  • Alessandrocer

    I really like the waterproofing and the camera…the design of Sony is so gorgeous!

  • Yong C

    Beautiful Omnibalance design

  • Sebastian Furnigel

    1. Gorgeous Design
    2. Sturdiness – even if it appears fragile
    3. Solid Android build
    4. Developer friendly
    5. Good Camera & Battery life
    6. Waterproof capabilities

    7. It would be a great upgrade from my Xperia Z

  • Amanda T.


  • ???????? ???????

    In short – perfect smartphones!!
    Amazing design giving your eye pleasure just of looking at them!
    The displays are always on top level both on flagships and non-flaghships. Perfect picture and quality and when we add the Bravia/XReallity it goes non-beatable.
    The best camera on a smartphone ever! Plus all the cool functions of the camera and downloadable apps for it.
    The sound quality is just orgasmic! You can hear every signle sound in a track and with the ClearAudio+ There is no way to get better sound from a smartphone!
    The battery life is even more than needed so you feel free to use your phone all day without thinking about running out of battery.
    The wart and dust proof are things that give you the full freedom of using your phone everywhere. Best proof with the IP68!!
    The UI – so smooth and with such a good design. And with the theme enine you get even more ways to make your phone look as you want it to!

    The OS is always up to date! Android with that stability and all the functions Sony add is what a smartphone shall be working with.

    Even the microphones are amazing!

    When you hear ‘Sony Xpeia’ you hear ‘best smartphone’!
    All my dmartphones were Sony Xperia – Sony Xperia Miro, Sony Xperia E, Sony Xperia T, Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (current).
    I can say nothing bad about them! Pefect experience with the processors, the RAM of the phones and the GPUs. No lag and amazing for games!

  • qwerty

    Long lasting battery life, the best quality hardware components including camera lens, the best photo capturing ability, IP68 dust tightness and waterproofness, the most elegant look and feel, new innovative side fingerprint sensor, high resolution audio.

  • mohamed


  • aly

    i like its classic frame ,flat screen and its price
    the place of back camera at the top left is suitable .

  • Mostafa Habib

    So… let’s try :D

  • Stefanus Paulus

    It’s all started from my real first phone, Sony Ericsson G502 and its camera is so damn good!!! Countless time my friends asked me to take their picture with my phone. For me, Sony means good camera. I’m started to obsessed with Sony and few years later I bought Xperia Active and the waterproof feature is a good thing since I live in tropical country. Turns out that later I also bought flashdisk, earphone (several of them, all from Sony), and digital Walkman. Now I just upgrade my phone to Z3 Compact, and I hope this one too will last like my previous phones.

    I want to buy a good high end phone as investment so it must last long (not a wealthy student here). So far, Sony never dissapoint me.

  • simonbrdt

    First, it’s the design. Since the original Xperia Z came out, I always wanted an Xperia Phone.
    I like the Xperia UI (currently running the Marshmallow Concept on my Z3 compact and damn it’s fast !). An other good reason, battery life : I don’t want to charge my phone during the day because I have used it a lot. With my Z3C the battery is amazing even more with the marshmallow concept. Capturing beautiful picture is also important, even if Xperia doesn’t have the best camera right here, the picture they took is far from ugly ! And finally I’m must say that the Xperia brandt is really a cool name. Oh and i almost forgotten : I care over sound quality and I can’t complain with my Xperia.

  • Bane

    I’ve been using Sony mobile phones since Xperia P

    And reason for it is outstanding design with fantastic built quality

    that wow and cool factor

    and also minimalistic OS design with great hardware specification

    definitely my first choice for a long time.

  • ????? ?????????

    wonderful fhone

  • I hope i wiiiiiiin

  • Karlo Sudec

    I really like Sony phones because of their beautiful design and excellent battery performance. It is great that Sony supports their products with new software updates for so long period of time :)

  • Rich Walker

    Design- the only outstanding design brand, Apple aside. Implement their own design solutions rather than imitating, eg. side fingerprint scanner vs. front home button; magnetic charging dock before wireless charging was available. Clean, simple, classic, thoughtful, precise, consistent, distinctive, independent, unique. Sony chooses a design carefully and stands by it, rather than flitting around. Still the only non-ruggedised waterproof phones with wet-finger support outside Japan- an essential feature. Continued focus on audio quality & innovation (hi-def, accessories, stereo front-facing speakers).

  • ahmed salah

    I’ve always liked Sony products – I find them to be really high quality compared to some other brands

  • Ahmed Marwad

    amazing mobile with fantastic camera I wish I have one .

  • Andreas Theocharis

    I became an Xperia fan when I bought Xperia U. Awesome phone (although it wasn’t supported officially after ICS) great build quality, battery etc. Ever since I have been closely following the Xperia releases and conqluded to these attributes that make Xperias unique and better than other phones:
    1. Build quality is one of the best out there compared to other so-called high end phones (like Samsung’s)
    2. Design is eye-catching and definitely looks elegant and premium
    3. Waterproof phones on a reasonable price
    4. Sturdiness – even though the phones look fragile
    5. UI has a premium look, is minimallistic and is simple thus making it an excellent choice for newcommers and gives an impression of elegance
    6. Camera is one of the strong point of these phones. That’s why Sony provides camera modules to other companies like Samsung
    7. Battery life is amazing. In normal use it can last 2 days
    8. Developer support. Sony is the only phone manyfacturer with that kind of developers support
    9. Screen and sound quality are top-notch

    and many many more reasons to choose Sony

  • wan

    Battery life, camera, waterproof..

  • MG

    It is time to replace my M2 which served me very well!

  • Omar Gharra

    the OmniBalance design is what attracts me most.

  • Fredrik

    Good quality and design eye

  • Elliot Broxton (Ninjawolf324)

    I think the glass block deign is beautiful especially with this frosted glass on these new Z5 variants

  • Luciana Fernunson

    They hace great hardware.

  • ashley wilson

    Reasons why I buy Sony products:

    The sheer aesthetics of the phones. The Z line is so simplistic and minimalist, the design of the handset and UI are timeless. The batteries and waterproofing are pretty neat too.

  • Mia

    I’ve been using Sony products for the past ten years. I will always stick with Sony phones because they have the best build quality, they have beautiful design, excellent battery life, best UI, awesome sound quality, great developer support, waterproofing. I love Sony.

  • Mamta D

    I buy Sony products bcos of its supreme quality and technology

  • Amimanot

    Why do I pick the Xperia brand? Honestly, it was originally because I wanted a phone that’s not a Samsung to be my first smartphone back in 2011 because as all of you might have known, Samsungs are all the rage everywhere (other than iPhones of course). To me, it would be refreshing to own something that is not a Samsung. And back then, the Xperia Arc (S) caught my eye because of it’s stunning design. Seriously, no other phone looked as beautiful as that. Even today I still have the phone on my desk as a showpiece. Sure the phone used a single-core processor while other phones are already using dual-core processors. Yes the phone has only 512 MB of ram (300-400 MB usable after excluding RAM usage by the GPU and the Mobile Bravia Engine) while others used 1 GB. Yes it also has about 512 MB of internal memory (320+ MB usable) while some had 16 GBs. But the design is what made me buy the Xperia Arc S because I knew that no other phone would have the same design as it (and boy was I right).

    (Sony, please make a flagship one day with the design language of the Xperia Arc (S). No, I don’t mean a phone with just an arced back like the Xperia T or the Xperia V, I meant a phone with the chin and base angled slightly with some curvature to it to comfortably put my finger on, a phone with a slight inward arced back with the camera not protruding out to preserve the beauty of the arc and… you know what? Just put the latest specs inside the body of the Xperia Arc (S) and i’ll be happy.)

    2011 was also the year when Sony (Ericsson) started opening themselves to the developer community. They allowed unlocking the bootloaders of all our phones (kind of revolutionary back then for OEMs), they provided (sponsored?) some of their employees to help out with making CyanogenMod ROMS for our phones, they also released a beta for ICS for the general public to test out and give feedback (yes, I mean the general public, they gave out detailed instructions on how to do it and how to revert back to stock too) and many more. Seeing that makes me feel excited knowing that my phone would be supported by the community for years to come (and boy was I right again, the whole 2011 line currently has a fairly stable CM12.1 rom available right now).

    Even now, I still pick an Xperia phone for my daily driver. I chose the Z3 Compact this time because I wanted a flagship with a small screen (sadly, it’s not as small as the 4.2 inch screen of the Arc S (which by the way was considered HUGE back in 2011, how times have changed.) but for the specs it provided, it was the smallest i could get). Its design was also beautiful (not as beautiful as the Arc S but still beautiful on it’s own merit). I also fell in love with the UI Sony created in KitKat back then (although I wished that Sony used a dark color scheme like in the Z2 rather than the white one in the Z3 series) but I’m not a fan of the icons on the stock apps though, I preferred the Material-ish ones introduced with Lollipop. The waterproofness of the phone is also nice to have since it would make cleaning the phone from fingerprints easier. There’s also that battery. Seriously, the phone would last almost 2 days for me. I can get about 6-7 hours of continuous screen-on time with mostly browsing Reddit and watching videos on YouTube (http://imgur.com/a/T9v5A). I even got 10 hours of continuous screen-on time once (http://imgur.com/a/t45ql). And finally, since this is Sony, one should never forget about the fact that they still support the developer community after all these years and i’m happy for that, good for you good guy Sony. If they keep up like this, looks like i’ll be using the Xperia line for years to come. And I’m happy with that.

    (Seriously Sony, Xperia Arc body with latest specs… please?)

  • Vaibhav Dubey

    I love and adore Sony products for its state of art technology , and unbeatable customer satisfaction

  • Reason for i buy a Sony Xperia:
    1.Camera performance »20 MPx
    2.Battery capacity : »2500 mAh
    3.RAM Memory : »2-3 GB
    4.Internal Memory » 16-32 GB
    5.Beautiful Design and easy to use
    6.Procesor performance » 1.5 -2 GHz

  • Tanya D

    I m attracted to Xperia by sony for technology , quality, and the trust that i have on sony brand

  • Daniel Venancio

    I love the products and quality. Hardware I think is some of the best, their OS is perfect but their camera needs some work and I believe they will get it perfect in the not too distant future.
    My opinion is that they are very innovative.

    Always have loved the phones and always will.

  • Hrvoje Pejak

    My attachment to the Sony brand starts from my first Sony phone, to be exact from Sony Ericsson, model K750i. From then I buy just Sony phones. And I am not disappointed. Now I have Sony Xperia Z and it still runs surprisingly good, for his age.

  • Mati Dodel

    For me it’s battery and safety.

  • Sami A.

    Overall build quality is a reason to go Sony. That in addition to a great UI is a winning combo!

  • Anirudh

    Well according to me sony xperia are the best android phones you can get these days. They give you the best UI and beautiful camera and sound quality and a brilliant battery life and waterproof too, all the basic needs that a smart phone requires are best. With the various additional features it offers and the time to time updates it really provide the best android experience.

  • mahmoud samy

    use sony mobiles only forever because it contains all required for users and avoid any dis advantages …finaly sony have the best camera in the world

  • Husnul Fikri

    My reasons:
    1. Good audio
    2. Excellent camera
    3. The UI is very interesting
    4. Famous brand

  • Michelle Stevens

    What attracts me to the brand is the quality of their products and how long they last.

  • Fran

    I like solid build quality, and Xepria Lounge app

  • Kevin Stevens

    I like Sony Xperia because of the graphics, the vibrant colours, how thin the phone is and the quality of it.

  • My Z5’s power-saving software keeps my phone running through long 16 hour days. when Stamina kicks in, I know it’s time to stop editing video. I really like knowing the photos will always be better when optimised by the handset’s on-board settings than if I try to fiddle around with manual settings. Its build quality feels more solid than my wife’s iPhone, but I’m a little prejudiced since I’ve owned six Xperia handsets before.

  • varun

    love ot to have it

  • Kaushal Shah

    i buy sony products because


  • Because it’s Sony.

  • Deki

    This is my dream. This is my wish. I really, trully want this phone. I just cannot afford it. :-(

  • KcLKcL

    What I like about Xperia is their ROM isn’t even bloated with unnecessary bloatware, in fact they are nice and useful!

  • Mourad Nawar

    i loved sony for its fancy material and being able to withstand the toughest drops every single time xD

  • Mohammed Adnan AL Mufti

    1 – i love sony
    2 – all my moblie are sony and sonyericson
    3- beautiful design
    4- devise support
    5- sony phones live long time
    6- amazing camera

  • esytm

    Waterproof, good build quality, amazing display

  • almightybong

    Why, you ask? I wouldn’t speak of the unique technical specifications one might enjoy with an Xperia. To me Xperia is an UNPOPULAR CHOICE, and that’s why it’s my choice.

    Look left and you see Samsungs. Look right and you see Apples. It is what would seem a rare occurrence that you would see an Xperia. And nowadays, the rare things are the ones that turn heads, and I do like the feeling of turning heads. Xperias turn heads because they’re uncommon, unique, elegant, and altogether a class act. You won’t standout in the sea of Samsungs and iPhones with Samsungs and iPhones, but when you have an Xperia, you set yourself apart. Sure it may sound like I’m happy that it doesn’t sell as much as the “popular ones” do, but I like the fact that my phone makes me feel I’ve got better sense and taste than most. I FEEL THAT I’M BETTER. How many other mobile phones can you say that about?

    Xperia is a statement, different from the others, that you are ready to make a bold choice to be an individual. Uniqueness. Elegance. Class. That is why Xperia is my choice.

  • zimam zamri

    Why Sony Xperia? First impression and they keep on impressing me.

    My dad owns a P910i, which is what I used to play when I was a kid. To me that time, it was a great device. Touchscreen and keypad both at the same time, they’re just amazing. And they are of great quality, i mean kids, we always always drops stuff but it keep workings. It died recently, but they last for was years.

    Then when I was 18, my dad bought me SE W8. Review says it was shitty, not worth the money and so on. But hey, it’s still a good device. The speakers are loud for me, camera is impressive (better than nowadays cameraphone) and they do good to me. I used to use this as a recorder to record lectures. I sit way back in classes, but the microphone still manage to get it clearly without much noise. Subtle things to see, but I really appreciate them.

    Now, i’m with my yellow xperia M. The design is beautiful and i find it unique compare to the competitions even sony other phones.

    In short. First impression convince me that Sony bring great products with unique stuff, and they keep on impressing me which leads me to have my continued experience with sony xperia in future. Always

  • Arif Zafran Zamri

    What is it exactly that attracts me to the Sony Xperia brand? Four words. Because it is Sony Xperia.

  • George

    Just commented, very late
    Hope the competition did not finish!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Immanuel Jebaraj

    Love it #Xperia Z5. Just because it’s Sony.

  • Anas Masri

    Reasons to Love xperia:

    1- mobiel design is elegant and great <3

    2- Sony's cameras are the best in the world
    3- UI is unique and so much elegant I love it
    4- I love even sony's Logo :P <3

  • serajr

    Android development!
    And because I’ve screwed my Z3C due intense Xposed module development… lol.

  • Kamella

    I love the sleekness and all its capabilities

  • Tweety

    I have live with walkman in a perfect working condition (bought in 2011) and xperia sp also in perfect condition (bought in 2013). Live with walkman is using Android 4.0.4, and Xperia SP is using Android 5.1.1 CM 12.1 because Sony abandoned it last year by not giving 4.4.4.

  • Mario Garay

    1.build quality
    2. Best UI
    3.water resistance
    4. Integration with my other Sony products

  • lailai

    Yeah, one of the best Sony designed phone so far in my opinion. Too shame Sony didn’t give 4.4.4 as promised….

  • 3_nity

    Still, never win a competition. Huh

  • Congratulations to the winner and thanks a lot to XB and their partners.

    Cheers and happy holidays.

  • Nitrous2

    The amazing technologies sony puts on the table. :)

  • Jez Bretherton

    Wow the Z5 is am absolute corker, a real leader!!

  • wasimariflone

    Congo :D

  • wasimariflone

    looks like Pavic the Croatian tennis player :D

  • Maurice Chiu

    Mordern design.

  • Dušan Adam

    Elegent design that is premium and looks professional.

  • Paul M

    I like that..
    Sony have innovated with genuinely useful features like waterproofing, magnetic charge connector.
    Sony added useful apps rather than a bloated UI and so they didn’t slow the OS (too much).
    Sony allow you to unlock your bootloader so you can install a custom ROM
    Sony have produced powerful but compact devices rather than crippled small ones, and also not been afraid to try giant devices like the ultra units.

  • Melvin Mejia

    I own Xperia Z2 and soon Z1 but I like the Z5 and hope one day Sony Makes another Xperia SP but with different specifications like high end device, thanks Sony

  • Ghaith sahawneh

    The reason I switched to Sony experia devices was the compact design along with the performance. Please keep the devices compact and small as possible

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Hey bro, happy new year with interest, have a nice year. Bro i want to ask something. Are you there?

  • mukul verma

    hey bro..sorry for late rpl..wishes u same..i had purchased Lumia 950xl, so I only come sometimes on xperiablog, feel free to ask anything, if i’ll know will help u buddy.

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