Xperia Z5 Pink: Hands-on pictures and video surface

by XB on 12th January 2016

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Pink Xperia Z5 hands-on_2Sony Mobile announced the Pink Xperia Z5 earlier today. The new coloured handset has a sober pink tone to match the frosted glass and aluminium frame. Whilst we only saw press pictures this morning, there are now some hands-on pictures and a video that you can check out below. The pictures give an idea of what the handset might look like in the flesh – we have to say that the pink Xperia Z5 looks to have a bronze/copper/mink bias rather than pink. Have a look to see what you think and let us know your thoughts below.

Pink Xperia Z5 hands-on_1

Pink Xperia Z5 hands-on_2

Pink Xperia Z5 hands-on_3

Pink Xperia Z5 hands-on_4

Pink Xperia Z5 hands-on_5

Pictures via ePrice.

  • DBS

    Well…it’s Rose Gold. That’s what this colour is. Apple-Rose-Gold.
    I guess Japan is the reason for this phone to exist?
    Anyway, I prefer the green Z5 (would like it more if it still had the glass back instead of the plastic-pretending-to-be-glass but…).

  • theskig

    I love Sony, but remind me this… (F5)
    Come on, go flashy!

  • dragonsneeze
  • DBS

    “frosted glass”…that feels like plastic. Actually, given that plastic can also break, I’m still not convinced “frosted glass” isn’t a fancy name for “polycarbonate”.
    Have you held the device? If it didn’t feel plastic to you, nothing will (if you can, hold it and hold a Z5P or any previous Z phone. You’ll see the difference)

  • Coollead

    The frosted glass feels 1400x better than the back of my Z5P. The mirror finish, while looking cool, feels awful after using the phone for a few minutes.

  • meat

    where is your brain?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I agreed with you.having The frosted glass for the back causing me hard to find proper tamped glass without causing smudgy look effect

  • Ambitious Man

    LOL. Rose Gold is different from Rose Quartz. U don’t know?

  • Utsav Shah

    are you serious?

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  • Sadman Khan

    Frosted Glass is the best thing that ever happened to the backs of the Z series. It looks and feels great. Plus, it does not catch fingerprints and is much less prone to scratches.

  • I wish Sony focus on camera just Oppo is planning to do so with Oppo F1

  • theskig

    No. Looks like the skin of an old man.
    (the car in the picture was painted in the same colour of an hearing aid)

  • Geese Howard

    My girl’s are going to love this… doesn’t look lame at all for a Pink. Good job making that kind of Pink Sony!

  • skica

    Totally agree; on my new white Xperia Z5, sandblasted glass and aluminium frame look great !

  • Aiden Pearce

    exactly frosted is far better than those shiny old back, i hope they keep this frosted back for next Xperia but a new design is always welcomed

  • sonyah john

    i love that Sony Z series smart mobiles, i expect more ringtones from Sony

    for video downloader please visit

  • Alvin

    believe me, he doesn’t even know how glass feels like, don’t ask him how frosted glass feels like, especially on z5 series lol…

  • Alvin

    yes, now after i got my hands on the original z5, i think that phone has much better build quality and feels than others

  • Alvin

    actually, my copper z3 can ‘magically’ changes to 3 colours.. first ofcourse it is copper/brown and then it could be rose gold-like pink (only a bit deeper), and the third colour would be gold..

    i love how this phone could ‘change’ it’s colour slightly because of lighting.. it almost never happened to any single phone I’ve had

  • Timel

    Oh trust me, your girl needs the rose gold iPhone 6s more. Don’t make you girl sad with the shitty camera of Z5 if you love her.

  • Timel

    whatever !

    this smartphone is goint to flop definitely
    here’s why

    – Sony is always trying to cut costs that why there’s only the back is pink, while the front is normal black and it’s so ugly and feel like so unfinished

    – Sony still don’t fix its horrible camera auto mode, it’s still the worst auto mode on earth wtf! So if Sony still don’t understand most people want So… Do whatever they want Sony can release new phones in very six months but no one will buy their phones definitely except the small group of people like blind Sony fans

    So, this pone is going to flop definitely, I swear, Most people will chose rose gold and iPhone 6s Plus and the pink rose S6 edge+ and Note 5 for their lovers this Valentine’s day anyway.

  • Timel

    So where is yours?

  • Timel

    The Best Android Smartphone so far

  • Geese Howard

    I said ‘girl’s’, so whichever ones prefers the shitty and bendable phone like the iphone 6s is shitty itself and can be discarded :) Thanks for the heads up!

  • Sadman Khan

    The Z5 Premium should have had the frosted back too. Imagine a chrome coloured frosted back. Damn

  • Sadman Khan

    Z5 looks beautiful in any colour. For Z5c, i think grey is the best option as it looks more premium than the other options (in my opinion)

  • Alvin


  • meat

    im a meat

  • DrKrFfXx

    5h of screen time out of a full charge?


    Is this 2012?

  • DrKrFfXx

    It would be gray.

  • Timel

    New Color? New hardware? Yeah as I expected

    Sony only know how to make hardware but dont know how to make the great software that why xperia flagship phones wil never be able to win Apple iphones and Galaxy flagship phones

    of course Sony can release new phones every six months or every day if Sony wants but the fact that no one will waste their money with Xperia flagship phones except the small group of people like blind Sony fans if Sony still don’t fix the camera auto mode software which is so horrible and much far behind competitors

    Most people realize that there’re much better devices in the market like Samsung’s Note and S smartphones , LG’s G phones and Apple’s iPhones

    Samsung deserves No.1 smartphone seller, I applause their striving, Samsung want to win Apple and they realised that important the software is and if they dont focus on software hardly they will never be able to win Apple and all android handset makers

    Now Samsung is really serious with software and they really do, you guys’ll see that the current Camera auto mode in Samsung flagship phones is the best, no one can beat it! and Samsung camera app is very fast , furthermore the recent TouchWiz UX is much faster and smoother than the past(much faster and smoother than Xperia UI right now) and Samsung wont stop just this, some of you guys must heard the news that Samsung team up with Google to make TouchWiz more fluent that iOS9

    So what about Sony? if talking about software, Sony flagship phones have stuck with the incredibly horrible auto mode and the shitty manual mode for several years

    the current Xperia is also lack of smooth animation and it looks really laggy when compare to iOS9 and other android OS such as MIUI 7 , EMUI 4.0 and the the lastest version of TouchWiz is still faster and smoother than Xperia UI now

  • Timel


    32gb internal storage?
    3GB of ram?
    20nm chipset ?
    no wireless charging?
    no USB type-C?

    Is this 2010?

  • DBS

    We’ll agree to completely disagree ;)

  • DBS

    I probably know more than you, mate.

  • DBS

    In my head. I wasn’t careless like you and didn’t let him escape.

  • meat

    escape coz you aint using it?

  • jcopernicus

    Why ruin this with a black face? Jeez.

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