Sony Xperia Calendar lands on the Google Play Store [Update]

by XB on 13th January 2016

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Sony Xperia Calendar_1_resultSony Mobile has released the Xperia Calendar application into the Google Play Store. This includes key features such as LinkedIn integration and the inclusion of simple maps to help find your way to meetings easily. A beta version of the app is also available from here if you are keen to be a tester.

Update: Looks like Sony has pulled the app from the Play Store and beta test. However, the APK is available to download below.

Update 2: The app is now live again in the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Calendar 20.1.A.1.2

Sony Xperia Calendar_2_result Sony Xperia Calendar_3_result

Sony Xperia Calendar_4_result Sony Xperia Calendar_5_result

Xperia Calendar 20.1.A.1.2

  • mrninko

    Both links are not working

  • Felipe Pimenta

    The link to the Google+ community, to be able to join the Beta Test isn’t in the post.

  • Arian Hajiakbar

    App is not available…

  • Deki

    Yeah, the links are not working. But, I’m sure they will be if Sony is putting the calendar on Play Store.

  • Gustavo Bazán

    so, can we get a link to the google+ group ?

  • XT

    Not available to download or test?

  • SM

    Not available…Not available for both

  • iia3ezu

    Wow, look, the weather info inside the calendar. Great job, Swedish geniuses.

  • Sebastian Rank

    Doesn’t work for me it FC’s after start :( Z1 Compact

  • Yali AA

    rofl, oyu know that it has been that way for 2 years?

  • mrninko

    that attached link to calendar apk installs another calendar app (it´s not an update) which constantly crashes… so maybe that´s why sony has pulled that app off from play store…
    tested on z3 compact, z3 and z2…

  • fluxx

    I really like Sonys new approach of developing apps with an open beta. THANKS :)

  • MoYeung

    You have 3 phones?

  • mrninko

    my personal z3 compact, company´s z3 and brother´s z2, so i test, test and test:D:D

  • psyche

    apk crashed on z5 Premium

    “unfortunately, Calendar has stopped.”

  • Mirko Ilic

    Good app, many great features! (Vozi spooorije, Borivoooje!!)

  • azzido

    why they are giving these apps other people for free???
    So Xperia apps are no longer the reason to buy Xperia as anyone can have it without buying the phone?

    This is how they want to increase the number of users? …

  • mrninko

    Probably apps are incompatible with non-xperia phones so…. And do ypu really buy Xperia just because of apps. I don’t.

  • azzido

    Me neither, but I have such a feeling that these are some small features that I can have because choosing this brand and also that aps are also something that distinguish it from other brands and its devices. Soon they port entire Xperia OS and Shamesung users will be able to get rid of their lag and bloatware…

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Don’t worry, the app’s are Xperia’s only. They put at the Play Store because they don’t need to have a dedicated server to distribute this apps, just use googles ones.

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  • Yali AA

    Same with my Z3, app crashed and unable to open.

  • fluxx

    Not only because of the apps. But just as an example, I prefer the Sony apps over the Samsung apps, so that is another reason for me to choose Sony over Samsung.

    Shouldn’t matter anyway because I think they will mark this apps as only compatible with Sony phones.

  • bojidar

    The app isn’t in GPlay !

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