Pink Style Cover Window Theme for Xperia Z5 released

by XB on 19th January 2016

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Pink Style Cover Window Xperia Theme_1_resultSony Mobile will shortly launch a Pink SCR42 Style Cover Window case for the Xperia Z5 to go with the new coloured handset announced last week. To coincide with this new accessory, Sony has released the official Pink Style Cover Window wallpaper theme on the Google Play Store. This allows you to access your favourite smartphone widgets via a smart window. The Pink SCR42 case is due to launch from the end of January 2016.

Pink Style Cover Window Xperia Theme_2_result

Pink Style Cover Window Xperia Theme_3_result

Sony Style Cover Window SCR42 for Xperia Z5_1

Sony Style Cover Window SCR42 for Xperia Z5_2

Live Pink SCR42 pictures from ePrice.

  • Jaissal S

    So I’ve downloaded the Graphite Black Style Cover Theme for my Black Z5 and Style cover…but the Smart Window doesn’t appear at all. Has anyone had this issue? Once installing the theme, do I need to do anything else?

  • Makozak

    As far as i know, those protective case have NFC build in.
    So when you close the “door”, it will automatically connect the phone with the case and then the Smart Window will appear.

    If your case don’t have NFC in it, it won’t work.

  • Jaissal S

    My case does have a NFC logo on the inside of the door yes. When I close the door, the screen turns off and locks. No window appears. Could be a bug with the Style Cover app i’m using?

  • Coollead

    Did you pair the Style Cover to your phone?

    You first need to tap the BACK of the phone to the NFC tag on the case… then it will work as advertised.

  • Jaissal S

    Thanks! It wasn’t clear when using the case at all. It works now!

  • Makozak

    There you go :)

  • iia3ezu

    5 star rating on Google Play by 11 users.

    You’ve outdone yourselves, employees of Sony Mobile Communications.

  • IskiUski

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