Anyone planning to jump to the Samsung Galaxy S7?

by XB on 1st February 2016

in Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_2Legendary leakster @evleaks has been doing a sterling job in unveiling key details and pictures of some of the biggest flagships launching later this month around MWC 2016. This includes detailed press renders of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. If these pictures are accurate it looks like Samsung will be using an almost identical design language versus the Galaxy S6, but adding a number of features absent in last year’s flagships such as microSD memory card support, larger batteries and even water resistance.

Check out the leaked pictures below – can you see yourself moving over to the Galaxy offering this year? Or will you wait to see what Sony and others have in store first? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_1

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_2

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge_3

Via VentureBeat.

  • subm

    i will buy Z7/8

  • Nope, not me. I’m due for a cellphone upgrade in November/December this year, so I’ll see what the situation is then. I’m aiming to upgrade my Z3 to a Z6 / Z7 (or Premium variant.)

    While it’s nice to see that Sammy is responding to customers and offering a MicroSD card slot and a bigger battery (and catching up to Sony with the waterproofness! :-) I still *INTENSELY* dislike Sammy’s UI, I much prefer Sony’s.

  • Solano89

    Xperia Z6 for me! ;)

  • YuuriAyano

    I don’t think I’d ever like having to use a home button…. EVER.

  • ????? ????????

    Definitely will stay with the Z3c until the next year. Still don’t see the benefits.

  • Chivuletz Chivu

    I fuking sell my z5 because ITS to fuking lagg and buy a fuking ishit 6 …. Fuk YOU Sony whit your fuking z5….. Waiting z10…

  • Maurice Phoenix

    Yap…Me Too. Hate SAMSUNG Prod. Xperia & SONY Maniac Here ^^

  • Pester²

    “can you see yourself moving over to the Galaxy offering this year?” – – -> NO

  • Mansoor Elahi

    No, never :-)

  • DBS

    I would only be interested in the Edge version, but not at 5.5″. So no.

    However, I also don’t intend to jump on Sony’s next flagship either, unless they fix the camera once and for all.

  • fried_egg

    I love the looks of my Z5… I have never liked the HTc & samsung “blocky” camera on the back… functionwise I have an open mind, but samsung have a bad habit of loading their phones with gimmick functions that you never use and a UI that sucks, They are great phones, just not for me

  • Flavio Aguiar

    Sempre Sony….. Sempre…..

  • ramuk

    They looked ugly to me.

    Nope. Sorry but I’m not into ugly looking devices. Samsung’s phones looks super ugly to me. HTC and Moto are the only alternative for me.

  • nick sweden

    Öh no big no ..

  • Tech Gospel

    Nope, I would like the Z5 compact, but availability in the US seems sketchy… I may have to do the Nexus 5 or 6P. :(

  • Adrian M

    My Galaxy S6 comes tomorror. No more Xperia´s. All of them had problems with the Hardware. I had the P, Z1, Z3. But from tomorror, i ente to the dark side.

  • SM

    No & Never.
    Xperia is life
    Xperia is love

  • DBS

    Have you seen the S6Edge in Emerald green? If not, do look it up. If you still think it’s ugly, fair enough. But I doubt you will.

  • Marinko Agic

    Fuck Samsuck!Always with Sony!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Until the back and app switcher button retains, no to Samsung.

    Now, Sony, up also your game. Instead of putting 8MP in Superior Auto, make it also 12MP, while retaining the 23 MP 1/2.3″ full resolution sensor.

  • I don’t like the plastic look of Samsung. They are ugly.

  • Marinko Agic

    And yes,this is just now!
    Xperia Z3

  • Ali

    Same sh!t different wallpaper..

  • hani

    Yeah tell him.
    He should just take s6 or s6 edge and just grip it for one moment.
    i’m sure you will be very happy :)

  • ramuk

    Seen it. I prefer the S6 over the S6 edge. Went to Samsung store last year to check out S6 and S6 edge. Both my sister and I thought S6 looked better than edge. S6 edge looks distracting to me ( and not in a good way). Samsung started this design language with S3 and I hate their basic design language. People say samsung has new design with S6/S6 edge but its not true at all. S6 and S6 edge also has the same basic design language as S3 they just went with different material. I’m not saying company should create new design language every year, I’m just saying I hate their basic design language to begin with. Unless the start a new design language this year with S7 ( which all leaks point it wouldn’t happen) then no I’m not considering to the S7.

  • Sandro

    No. Maybe, and just maybe, I could jump to a Nexus in the future…

  • Zayed Kotayba

    No Thanks SAMSUNG
    XPERIA Z5 Premium Dual FTW !!

  • Andy Droid

    You what Sony, I might make the jump to S7. You see, I have an Xperia Z1, but much to my disappointment, my phone will not make it to Marshmallow. Also, I heard S7 will be waterproof. Another fail with Sony, the Z5 Premium doesn’t excite me much, since there wasn’t any revolutionary feature aside from upscaling content to 4K. They can’t even give us Manual control on camera (insert LG G4) as an example.

    My conditions to make the jump are: S7 will return the microSD slot and if they make the S7 waterproof.

    Or Else, i will just take my chances on LG G5, which i heard will be presented on MWC 2016.


  • Teddi Aydarov

    For a while, i don’t wanna hear about “Samsung”, so no, i won’t switch to S7

  • kaostheory

    The C renders are looking light years ahead of Sammy.

  • kaostheory

    No noise canceling and no fm, two of my most used features. Still looking for a comparison between the MDR NC31 and MDR NC750. Anyone know of a Sony xperia site?

  • SONY only

    Fuck you samsung

  • SONY only

    Samsung sucks

  • RockStar2005

    With exception to the S6 Edge/S7 Edge, I would somewhat agree. They’ve FINALLY started making their phones from metal (and I think glass?) instead of plastic. Of course, Sony’s been doin’ that for YEARS. lol

    I am NOT a fan of the physical home button, so for me, that’s a turn off right there. Now there is a good app out there that makes the physical home button a virtual button, so that again is a step in the RIGHT direction for Samsung (as is adding waterproofing, the larger battery, and a MicroSD card slot).

  • RockStar2005
  • Tobias

    No, never Samsung until they starting with onscreen buttons and back button to the left.

  • spwx

    lol… good luck with S2 making 6.0, lol… wtf

  • Reen

    It´s a tough decision. If all of the speculation is true… bigger battery, no camera bump on the backside, water resistance, Micro SD slot… it seems to ba a really really good smartphone.
    The design of the S6 edge / S7 edge is really good but I don´t like the backside, it looks childish and cheap. Furthermore I don´t like Touchwiz

    But I love my Z2 and will definitely keep it at least until April/May. I hope that Sony will come up with a fantastic Z6 (maybe Q3/Q4??).
    And I also keep my eyes on the upcoming LG G5, could be a beast of a smartphone as well.

  • Da Fuq

    Great hardware, but the design and software ruin it for me.

  • Christian Kogler

    I think I will at least try the S7.
    If it really comes with larger battery, SD-card and IP-certification then it will be a strong contender to what Sony has to offer. Sure, Sony provides the better phone design and a dedicated camera button…but Samsung offers Qi-charging and a good carmera.
    Currently I’m a bit unhappy with my Z5 because the camera is underwhelming and the software is too sluggish for a highend-phone.

  • theskig

    No, thanks.

  • mrninko

    NEVER, EVER. Until Sony’s alive I stay with it:)

  • Katie Pollard

    Nope. it’s ugly, and I hate their physical home/navigation keys. Especially hate that they have ‘back’ on the wrong side.

  • Tomislav Mati?

    I don’t know what did you mean with this, but XPERIA Z5 has 23 MP in Superior Auto mode.

  • Andy Droid

    sorry Rockstar but the Manual Mode of Z5 doesn’t offer much more than my Z1. Come on! after several iteration, Sony can’t even give us controls for adjusting the Shutter speed, lens aperture etc. which you can find on newer Galaxies and G4 and V10. For such an expensive phone like the Z5 Premium, is it too much to ask? How frustrating…

  • sebastianer

    I’ll never come back to Touchwiz. But much more important, I’ll never come back to physical home buttons

    My only replacement for my Z5 Compact could be a future 720p Nexus or 720p Motorola with hiend hardware.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Not in this world, not with that rounded corners. Their UI is another dealbreaker also.

  • Eduardo Otero

    HELL NO!!
    I must be out of my mind to move into that bloody ugly lagwiz.
    And well Shamesung has started to copy Xperia desing so it wouldn’t be leaving it but no. I will wait for the next Xperia Compact.

  • Brick

    After the awful S4, I’m going to stay away from Samsung for a while. Too bad the Z3 was awful too so now I don’t know who to trust anymore.

  • Matt

    yes the thing is, its stops there , good to look at. the back is hideous, the hump makes you rest the phone on the lens, and the rim there scratches really easily.

    have you ever holding a knife on the sharp side? its just exactly like hold s6 edge. uncomfortable to hold. make uneven lighting ,geenish tint on the edge , useless edge app.

    if i were to switch to samsung, it will be the normal s7. which i wont do.

  • RockStar2005


    Hmm. Well I use Manual Mode on my Z3 and it seems to have everything I need to make the pictures great……….EV, white balance, resolution change, flash toggle, etc. You sound like you know more about this stuff than I do, so I won’t argue. I’m just saying it DOES have it though, despite initial reports that it did not.

    I may or may not get the Z6. I REALLY do want to, but here in the U.S., Sony has backed away instead of increasing its presence to the American people. Selling the Z5 ONLY via direct sales is just stupid b/c most people, including me, really don’t like having to buy the phone outright when we can get other phones through our carriers and get 2 years to pay it off. Plus those phones are optimized for our carriers. The Z5 coming to the U.S. in about a week, per this site, doesn’t have Cat 6 speed, only Cat 4, which means it won’t be as fast as the int’l one out there. But it WILL have a warranty. The int’l one however has Cat 6 but to buy it on Amazon means NO warranty.

    I love Sony more than any other brand, especially for phones, cameras, & TVs………….but regarding phones, I’m really getting tired of the non-stop stupidity. Apple and Samsung have Sony camera sensors in their phones, and somehow they seem to be rated better in general?? The Z5’s camera was rated best by DxoMark, but most other reputable reviewers don’t seem to agree. WTF?! How does that happen?? I don’t care much about OIS, but F, just put it in your phones’ cameras already instead of your competitors’ phones. Show them who’s boss!!

    I also am tired of this garbage of not being available on ALL FOUR MAJOR CARRIERS. THIS is the only way to compete here in the U.S. There are no more Sony stores, so they now more than ever need to be present in the carrier stores and on carrier websites. I have T-Mobile, and I’ve noticed the last 2 generations (Z3+ & now Z5) weren’t even available anymore, and T-Mobile has always had their Xperia phones (with exception to the Z2). This is stupid. And marketing…………get some big actors to promote your phone already! Get George Clooney……… I think he’d be perfect. Also, you got other huge A-List actors already working for Sony……… Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence……….. they could make Sony huge the way Dr. Dre made Beats huge…………marketing! In countries like Sweden, Sony and Samsung are both bigshots (Sony may even be bigger?). Guess what……….THEY ADVERTISE IN SWEDEN!!! (shocking, I know) Most people who live here in the U.S. don’t even know Sony makes phones. That’s messed up.

    So now I’m looking to see what HTC is gonna do this spring. Will the M10 suck? Will its camera be improved and hopefully use a Sony camera sensor?? Are the rumors true about its BoomSound speakers being taken off and that it might have a physical home button (yuck!)?? Or will it be great? We’ll see. lol I had the M8 before and loved it, but I love my Z3 more.

  • Matt

    well, you might aswell move to samsung now. and fell the update stops much sooner :))

  • Akand

    I thought it’s only me who feels the edges sharp. Finally I met someone who also feels same.
    But I don’t know why other people don’t feel it.
    Did you also notice that the curves are very reflective?
    Actually people forgive all the faults if it’s not from Sony. Anyway, if I ever leave Sony, then it must be perfect and flawless. I am loosing faith on Sony though.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Samsung’s AMOLED screen, camera performance and battery life have made huge progress but there are some caveats. Touchwiz is a bit too bloated for me (I would only need split window) and still doesn’t look that good, I don’t trust their standby performance (my brother’s three month old GS6 loses to my old grey 2,25 year old Z1 when not in usage overnight), AMOLED efficiency at high APLs is still behind LCDs’ and 12 megapixels is not enough regardless of the image processing power in 2016. 16 megapixels at least or get out

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Never…….ugly as damned

  • Shehab Skull

    Nope :3 I am just waiting for my marshammlow

  • BGDoesGaming

    if z6 doesnt impress i will end up buying z3 or z5 premium, just dont like samsungs UI

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Z5 Premium or Z6 is my next but I won’t buy Samsung specialy their smartphone.

  • Matt

    ah yes the glare. i hate glares on my z3 , but on samsung edge, they are pretty much permanent.

    perfect and flawless, they are hard to come by.
    i almost like the new mate 8 with such a narrow bezel. but the software is just plain shitty. and the body while metal and all good doesnt have any personality, its just bits from popular smartphones.

    only htc , sony, moto got their worn language of design . (with htc starting to wave) and i appiciate little things like that.

    i bet s7 will have force touch with shitty implementation or copied directly from iphone. just because they can.

    long story shot i am not moving any time soon. if i do upgrade sony will still be on first place and then moto.

  • Dimitrije Dk

    I’ve owned the xp ray, xp z and z2. The z2 was the best phone of 2014 and still serves me well. But i will be buying the s7 edge unless sony surprises me this year with their z6.

  • Juri Sinneral

    Z1 might well get Marshmallow 6.0 and 6.0.1 ;).


  • Naresh Gundu

    If not Sony, I would buy Nokia 1100. Hands down period

  • Zbaeia
  • Nice to see Sony can still count on 50-60 sales this year from die-hard fans! I’m sure Smasung and Apple will really miss all of those 60 sales, while shipping 70-80 million sets…. a quarter.

  • Alex ”MiG”

    Who cares about Samsung right now?? We are waiting for the new Xperia Z6 and the Android 6.0. The new Samsung Sh*t should be listen on theirs blog not us.

  • Tangent Lin

    My next phone will be Samsung. I finally realize Sony still not ready to enter mobile world. Reason:
    1. Bad server center they choose, more than 3 weeks of duration if your device pass to service center.
    2. Android is more about customization, which Sony lack from especially camera app, no fully manual control, RAW setting. This is important for beginner who want to learn to be photographer.
    3. Camera lack of customization and superior auto mode are still too weak, lot of noise and images taken still can’t compare with samsung
    4. Sony device have better look, but they trade off alot os thing such as smaller speaker, although they have stereo speaker but the volume can’t be loud to compare with S6, the on hand feel buy holding 2 device at long period of time, samsung have it

  • Niels d. G.

    Too big. Me want compact.

  • Camilo

    I would like to wait what Sony offers with the Z6. If the camera is disappointing I’ll be going for the S7. Also, lack of USB type C is a dealbreaker.

  • smartuser8

    Xperia is god

  • Stanley08

    Not sure if Xperiablog or Sammobile.

  • raju

    Never, even s7 10,000rs

  • Oldtimer42

    I will be staying with my Z3 Compact for as long as possible.

  • mugglearchitect

    Hell no. Though at the back of my mind, I’m still considering htc…

  • raju

    Z1 compact must Marshmallow

  • akzidenz

    ugly as shit

    i really wonder about the people who think that these are nice looking devices….
    proportions look like shit, dumb curves that make it look like a generic chink phone
    stupid hump, crappy colour scheme, iphone button and capactive navkeys
    even my xperia arc from 2012 looked better

  • akzidenz

    g5 really needs to have forwards facing speakers, youd think that lg would learn a thing or two making the 5x but all we can do is wait

  • akzidenz

    well do you think the galaxy s4 or s5 will get marshmallow at all?

  • DieMusik

    I very much would. SONY’s failure to implement full camera2 api to allow raw capture is the main reason which Samsung offers. Also, water resistance was one of the features kept me to Xperia. Now it is also offered by Samsung. The only thing I would miss not having natively on S7 would be on-the-phone noise cancelling. But, I could get that by buying a noise cancelling earbuds. Samsung Pay is also a welcome feature. I love my current Xperia but the picture quality is really subpar despite having the best sensor. No full camera2 api and no more Sony phone for me.

  • DieMusik

    Samsung offers full camera2 api as well. Like you I find Xperia camera underwhelming.

  • Mantas Žukauskas

    Yes i am. Terrible Xperia customer support, same with updates.

  • Alvin

    Not even thinking about it.

    Not today. Not ever

  • Alvin

    You are so freakin right…

  • ????? ????????

    No! Only Sony.
    But they need to improve the build quality of their devices.
    And… where the hell is Marshmallow update ??

  • I’m on iPhone 6S right now (was using Xperia Z3 Compact before). My next phone is most likely a Nexus, if it’s good. If not then I’m sticking with Apple. I’m not going to lie – my iPhone has got such a great display, cameras, speakers, and build quality.

  • Svnjay

    Lol, I wouldn’t jump to a POS from Samdung.

  • Battel

    I’ll consider Iphone 7 if apple goes IP68 .

  • shenoy

    Enjoying life with sony (Ericsson) phones from past 10 years. No way. I will not use Samsung even if some one gifts me.

  • Thariq Mohammed

    Even though NO MORE XPERIA in future!
    Samsung? NEVER
    There is no alternative for Xperia UI

  • mountain

    I was thinking once, if one day, Sony stop making phones, I might buy a Samsung, but thats is if vertu stop making android phones as well. Now blackberry is making phone as well, I guess it will be forever that I will be getting a samsung,

  • mixedfish

    TBH the design is exactly the same since the S3. All Samsung did was change the shape of the menu button, changed the chasis to metal and added plastic lines out of necessity of the antenna.

    Suddenly the Samsung went from ‘ugly’ S5 to beautiful S6.

    I’m not saying the industrial design is particularly bad (there are hideous flaws like uncentered ports and buttons), I own a S3, but I think Xperia gets a lot of wrap for being the ‘same’.

  • mixedfish

    Lol if you want to be a ‘beginner’ photographer you would have bought a cheap $200 Canon Rebel 5 years ago.

  • Genta Aditya

    i thought i needed more processing horsepower in my phone
    i had a Z2
    then i bought a Z5
    so you guessed it, i won’t be buying any Samsungs, neither a Z6 :P
    there doesn’t seem any leaks about Z6, so jumped to Z5 instead, hope Sony wont troll me by announcing Z6 in MWC :)))

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Look suck. If not SONY I will go to LG not Samsung.

  • hansip

    Samsung? Never. But i do wish the employee of Samsung especially the Camera devs got fired and then cross the sea to Sony dev group though.

  • jamie evans

    NEVER EVER samsung for me. I love Xperia, BUT Xperia has to show some visible changes in Z6 – design, camera, built-quality…

  • iia3ezu

    The good thing about Samsung phones is that it’s very easy to find accessories for them, since they’re highly popular among the masses. The accessory manufacturers know where the market is.

    The accessories market is dominated by Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Not so much for other brands, especially Sony.

    Xperia fans have no right to be snobs about Samsung phones. The camera performance on a Samsung phone is much better than anything Sony puts out. Which is even more embarrassing, considering that Samsung was never traditionally strong in photography, and it’s Sony who is making the camera sensors and award-winning DSLRs.

    Even the much maligned Touchwiz skin has been removed of much of its bloat.

    Hard work, listening to feedback and good R&D does this. Not stupid product placements in a mediocre Bond movie.

    A bit of humility, introspection and good old-fashioned ‘kaizen’ improvement would be better for Sony, if it still values its mobile phone business.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I’m more interested in Z6 render. Btw I might consider making a move if there’s no Xperia Z6 launch as my Z2 won’t last long and they didn’t launch a white Z5 here in India. :/

  • ymytbb .

    I love Sony, but I have to admit that Sony has something to learn from Samsung. Why Galaxy is selling a lot while Xperia isn’t…Now I see many people hold S6 Edge. Sony has to ditch its dated omni-balance design first. Second, why most youtube reviewers say Note5’s camera is the best. Z5’s camera isn’t the best. Quality cameras COUNT A LOT. I do hope Z6s will be better than Z3 Compact so Z6 makes me want to part way with my sweet Z3 Compact :)

  • Hey bro i do feel you because here in my country Sony is present but only for TVs and electronics but not their Mobile Division. Last year they tried entering the market but failed badly due to late releasing of the Z3 series and heavy market dominance by Apple & Samsung. Also, Sony is focusing on Asia right now (China & India to be precise) because that sums up a great chunk of population of the world which really can benefit them better in the long run. As far as i know, they are not looking forward to expand their mobile operation in U.S. for now, U.K may be but not U.S. (im just giving my opinion on the current scenarios).
    And yes, they have the worst marketing one can expect from a mobile OEM. This is the only reason they fail in many countries, they dont even bother to market their product. Marketing is not only advertising but marketing includes going down to customer and involve them to your business asking what exactly they want!!! Im really disappointed in Sony its been six months that the Z5 is out and im unable to find it officially here, only reason is to buy it unofficially which results in compromising brand warranty.
    I seriously need them to spend on their marketing budget because there is a famous saying that those who dont spend money on marketing in order to save money are like those who stops the watch to save time.

  • Alex Norris

    Why not… Personally, I’m tired of the bad post-processing, algoritms on all Xperia cameras, because i will pay for flagship big money, and i don’t want see problematic camera. But i more interested of future LG G5

  • Gutt Grinder

    Your comment made me laugh!!.. Haha.. I really don’t get the idea why a lot of people always talk about “RAW” camera setting for a smartphone. Its a phone in the first place. If you really into photography (just like the guy above) it would be best to get a camera instead..

  • J@S0n

    I love xperia and edge+

  • HAWX

    S6 Edge had the best camera, best performance, most unusual and innovative design. If they add some more battery and expension, it will be new best. If battery is not that huge, you can buy powerbank and problem solved. But If your camera is not consistent and takes blurry photos on the corners you can’t do much..

  • laci_csk

    I like Xperia, and sony’s design. I dont want samsung especially the Galaxy S

  • Benjamin Levy

    If the S7 is anything like the S6, then my answer is “no”. My wife has an S6 Active. I don’t like the Samsung version of the UI. Battery life is worse than my Z3C. OTOH, if there is a Sony Z7C, I might be interest in that by the time my Z3C is ready to retire.

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    never, NEVER, only xperia…

  • 21187

    Samsung phones are pure garbage

  • Rock Lady

    Samsung – NEVER AGAIN!!! ?nce I made this mistake… I love my Sony Xperia Z3 (:

  • Lorenzo

    Which Samsung you had? Why that was a bad choice?
    I’m really curious to try a Samsung phone (I never had one) but I’m suspicious I would regret it.
    I have a Sony Z3 too :)

  • Lorenzo

    I hate that Sony doesn’t have a search app like Samsung S-Finder to search in music, calendar, and everything on the phone.
    Google now doesn’t search in nothing but contacts and apps, music only if you use play music.
    For all the rest I have to open the corresponding app and search in it, really unhandy.
    I want something like iPhone’s spotlight.

  • Rock Lady

    I had Samsung Galaxy S3 and i was so excited about it … but after a year problems started: slow and buggy, rebooting itself, not charging…and etc. This is my opinion of course, if you want to try a Samsung phone it’s your choice. Good luck!

  • Lorenzo

    Thanks for the reply!
    I don’t think I will in the next future, I really like my Sony for the moment.
    But in 1 or 2 years who knows?

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    never, NEVER, xperia only…

  • joe

    Samsung ??? never

  • Jaissal S

    I will only buy Sony Xperia. Design is the same as S6 which looked similar to iPhones from the bottom and top I think. I’m guessing some S6 owners may upgrade because of the SD card support and water resistance. People will buy them anyway as people seem to go for what the majority have. I have also heard that the camera quality is really good on the S6 range. Not sure how they compare with the Z5 though.

  • Gambi

    Touchwizz lol

  • Jami Lawson

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  • Jami Lawson

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  • smartuser8

    When we speak about God, shut up!

  • jxPerience

    Never in my life i will consider samsung to replace my Sony Xperia Phones, if there could be another brand than Sony i will choose iphone, as i am tired and sick with android os, i am just sticking to it because of Sony. So if Xperia still exist i will stay with android otherwise i will move to iOS

  • EQ

    Why downgrade to a Samsung phone? To this date Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4 and Z5 beats any Samsung phone in camera perfomance, color accuracy, detail, not over-proccessed photos that look like from a cheap digital camera with excessive noise reduction, sharpening and clarity filter. Also far better white point for triluminos TFT/IPS LCD display and natural colors, interface, build quality and functions.

  • jxPerience

    Okay, buy samsung then u will XPERIence worst than SONY :P

  • Tangent Lin

    Don’t told me you don’t like a phone that have more features than a phone that lack of features even though you seldom use it. Another question, you want a phone that can act as DSLR although the image quality can’t compare with DRSL or a phone that can’t even do those? Can a Canon Rebel put in my pocket? Accept the truth, most people want as much features a price tag can give. If still can’t works, ignore my points number 2 and explain other 3 points. I been a dead hard sony fans like you both last time.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    I don’t know why but oval home buttons look extremely ugly to me so I don’t like Samsung phones. The speaker grill also. They ruin every designs in my humble opinion.

  • hmmm

    well,the camera I think it will have a 1/2 senzor,so it will be better than z5 camera,I guess,but no,no samsung…no fizical button on the front of my phone,and no round corners..also,no iphone design,…lease,no iphone design.I hope sony will stick to Z design even 10 years from now,but not iphone…every phone is just another phones are the only different ones!!!please put a better camera,larger senzor on xperia 6,raw support,better battery,and usb type c…5.2 inch and please move the back camera position,so we can do landscape without touching the lens.also use better materials for the next phone and that’s it! and remove that stupit plastic bezel that z5 has!!!z3 was so amazing!

  • Aleky2002

    GS4 anyone?

  • Yoppy


  • Cakefish

    I’m lucky as the fact that I’m currently working as a temporary Samsung promoter in a retail store means I will get a free trial of the S7 so to speak, to see whether it’s worthy of upgrading from my Z5 Compact. My gut feeling is saying yes, because the S6 camera already outpaces the Z5. As long as Samsung fix Touchwiz memory management and UI slowdown along with battery life I’ll be good to switch.

  • Erica

    Not going to make wrong mistake again, i jumped from XZ2 to S6 EDGE,..after 3 months, i am with XZ5P.

  • DhumKetu

    It looks like a blunt iPhone copy….but hey mimicking the top dog in the industry isn’t such a bad idea…. And for Sony I don’t think it even tries to compete… Surely Sony has to remember who it was back in 90’s and why it became such iconic brand

  • No. Never.

  • ryq24

    I would buy the S7 if it has 5.5″ screen.

  • David Commins

    Sony xperia all the way!

  • Jonzn4suse

    You mean SamWrong. If anyone leaves Xperia for SamWrong they need to leave. LATER!!!

  • Oualid Benadid

    Yes i will
    Sony have the best apn and they fack it with shity software no raw mod,etc…
    They aren’t lot of accessoires and they are over priced.

  • Stanly

    I swear I’ve seen that design somewhere…. Oh yes those stones in the pond near my house.

  • RockStar2005


    What country are you in?

    Yeah, here Sony’s TVs and other electronics (Play Station 4 being the biggest, but also their cameras too) are still pretty popular too.

    Well that’s their mistake. You can be a “world leader” if you don’t have a dominant position in the U.S. It just doesn’t work that way.

    Yeah I mean, we’re getting the Z5 in a week or two, but that’s still MONTHS after it came out elsewhere. Even my Z3 came out like 6 weeks after Asia and the UK got it, and THAT’S considered early! lol Usually it takes 3-4 months minimum.

    That’s a cool saying. lol And it totally applies to Sony too! We’ll have to see what happens, but right now I sadly don’t think I’ll be buying anymore Sony phones. Not under THESE current conditions anyway. HTC’s phones are very close to Sony’s (double-tap to wake, stereo front speakers, great sound quality, premium build, etc), but again I’ll have to see what happens with the M10. We’ll see.

  • Im in Karachi, Pakistan bro.
    Yes everything including the PS, LED TVs, DSLRS, Projectors even Vaios are still selling here but if you cant find something, that is a brand new Xperia (talking about the official warranty one). I could get a z5 without brand warranty in around $620 and a Z5P in $740 here but i dont want to take the risk (well tbh, i havent experienced any non-functionality issues in any of the previous Sony products) but even though i wont go for it because dont want to risk my money. If ever i plan to switch the brand then that must be the Nexus and no one else (currently im thinking to get a Nexus 6P but im not sure because im getting mixed reviews about it) and sorry bro i really dont like HTC’s design language so i really cant say anything about it.
    And they are not the ‘world leader’ in any of the category, they were, they have been but they are not, right now in the current scenario. This is not the attitude of a world leader, they really need to work on their marketing and promotional strategies. I really want them to be back in the game and make everyone else remember the K & W series time of Sony(Ericsson).

  • RockStar2005


    Ahh ok. Cool!

    The only real issue I’ve had with my Z3 was that Stamina Mode was screwing up the battery (battery life would free fall very fast randomly) and text messaging capabilities big time. I found “ways around it” but they never worked, although I did go like 7 months without any problems until last month. My resolutions were to use Google Messenger (from Google Play Store) for the texting (though Stamina Mode STILL slowed GM’s speed down), and to factory reset my phone using Sony PC Companion (free download), and then to leave Stamina Mode off for good! It’s great (SM), but it’s too buggy. And I just recently found an app on Google Play Store called 360 Hibernation Master ( that works just like SM but BETTER! For the first time ever since buying my Z3 on 10/29/14 (this is my 3rd Z3 actually….. the first 2 I now believe were only bad b/c of SM being activated), my Z3 works PERFECTLY! Texts (SMS & MMS) come through at lightning fast speeds for the first time ever! The battery drain issue is history too!! 360 doesn’t work on Samsung phones…….. well it does, but buggy. But on my Z3 it’s great!

    It’s all good man. I really like the Nexus 6P, for a lot of reasons. But I’m a bit turned off by the bigger screen (5.7″). It’s not available through my carrier (T-Mobile) either, and I like going through them vs. Google or Amazon b/c they give you 2 years to pay it off interest-free (and contract-free). With Google I get it cheaper, but have to pay it all at once, though they offer a 2 year warranty where Amazon’s is only 1. But with Amazon I have their Prime Store Card and can pay off phone in interest-free monthly installments.

    I prefer my phones to be under 5.5″…… closer to 5.2″ like the Z3. For that reason alone, I didn’t mention the 6P. If they made it smaller with the SAME specs, it would probably be my #1 choice. The Nexus 5X does have great specs (and almost fits the bill), but only 1 speaker in front and HD not 2K screen. Plus I’m in no rush to have to switch to USB-C cables and ports too, and am not a fan of LG (who made the 5X) much anymore. The 5X being plastic-bodied too is not a plus for me either. ( I’m done with plastic phones.

    A lot of my decision will be impacted by HTC’s camera quality, if they keep BoomSound, and if they’re gonna add the physical home button or not. If I’m not feelin’ it, then I MAY get the S7 Edge. I just don’t know yet. lol

    Yeah man, I wish Sony would get its f’in’ act together. Until they do, I guess the Z3 will be my last phone from them. Can’t keep it forever. lol

  • krishna sandeep

    what ever the Top class mobile manufacturers we see today that’s because of Android best example Samsung years before android arrive they were a least factor mobiles and what ever the growth they are today only after android launcher but Nokia,Sony,Apple and Blackberry are always at the top before and after android arrived correct me if I am wrong just if we wait for some days somewhere for Q2 or Q3 mobile world are going to change you know why Nokia are back so what ever you need as a mobile Nokia has already proven it they provide best design,best performance,best body language and durability at the top so wait and start rethinking which mobile phone to choose not just looking at specifications don’t decide what is best even Sony next to Nokia has proven its one of the competitors and its time to rethink don’t waste your single penny you earn.Compare to previous years Sony has always came with different innovations in mobile world only thing they are lacking behind is price and that important factor where they are in failure today they launch with higher price even after years price remain unchanged or reduced so definitely people will choose other brand like Samsung yes Samsung launches with higher price Unaffordable and after 6 months of launch price changes/ reduces radically and goes down and down unpredictable so that’s the reason they at the top on sales if the price part is taken care Sony will always be at the TOP class mobiles which i mentioned at the beginning just think what I mean and start choose the best

  • Stephen

    i have z5 compact at moment and im very disappointed in its performance, some apps lag and others freeze and close, ive seen the s7 edge and i love its look and more than likely the camera will be great and fingerprint scanner is in the best place impo , although i do like sony overlay on android, but unless sony has something to blow this handset out of the water, then i will be ending my long term love affair with sony mobile

  • Swaglord

    That phone is ugly as hell.. I cant believe people are hyped for this device..

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Already used s6 edge the green color. Very classy looking device and the screen were awesome. Now jumping back using the green z5 personally I felt like something missing interm of feutures in sony. Hoping sony will listen their fans voice fixing the superior auto, more capibality changing icon for themes adding wiyerless charging ( since no more magnatic charging as second option to charge ) split screen etc. The curving glass type of body . I dont like the metal type for the back since no other option to save it from scratch only by using casing but with glass back panel i can simply used screen protected or tamped glass. If z6 still no changing the s7 edge will be my new companion.

  • Geese Howard

    That’s a PHONE? Seriously Samsung? Is that the best you could do? No wonder you name this line the Galaxy Ass because it looks just like one; and I certainly don’t want to be one by using it!

    Happy with my recent upgrade to Z5 Premium and that alone beats those two phone already. What’s ironic is that these two G Ass 7’s are not even out yet!

  • shitty boring design, standard ring and message tones that make me angry, comic font, 1-day battery life, … no way! still have the Z1c and love it! no need for change (that’s why Xperia’s sales drop… they are really endurable) :)

  • gamer324

    Thanks for this post XB! I needed a good laugh. :D

  • Asam Laksa

    From my personal opinion, I will change to other brand IF Sony still don’t do anything with the bezel. From performance experience and multitasking Xperia model still BEAST. What i just want is smaller bezel ratio but of course i don’t want to lose the dual speaker on front. Omnibalance still pefect and nice. But also you still must fix the camera software roughly. I mean, fix the algorithm and give us better manual control. Also give us a better battery and the next gen of quick charging. If all i said here really been done by you so i will NOT change to other brand.. Lastly, if you can provide what we want and listen to our opinion we will think twice before change to other brand. Back to the topic, I don’t want to change but if i must i will. And it totally not going to be ‘ Samsung ‘, JUST NO. Give us your best shot SONY. I know you will…

  • Caroledpoe2

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  • HAWX

    S6 Edge had the best camera, best performance, most unusual and innovative design. If they add some more battery and expension, it will be new best. If battery is not that huge, you can buy powerbank and problem solved. But If your camera is not consistent and takes blurry photos on the corners you can’t do much..

  • yuanhui502

    These looked really ugly. Not interested at all.

  • Kristo

    They’re the ones catching up to what Sony has had for years yet Sony is the ones left in the shadow

  • J-Beef

    Yup. Sony’s cameras have fallen far behind so I doubt my next phone will be another Sony (currently rocking a Z3).

  • mike

    ugly but never has issue with email pushing delay.

  • Kunorishi

    yeap. you’re right

  • Kunorishi

    yes. I agree with u. Sony does not have manual control for their camera. even China phones have manual focus, manual control of shutter speed and now Oppo R7 can shoot raw image too. LG G4 has even manual white balance using kelvins. Wish Sony can implement all this. Sony manual mode is just too limited

  • singh

    I will stick to my z3 then go buy a poor quality s7, i recently playing around with my mates s6, the touchwhizz software is awful and the phone is to light seems poorly made.

  • Miguel Ortiz

    Yeah because Sony doesn’t like the US market, seriously, 6 months later and they release the Z5 for $650 with no finger print scanner in the US

  • Khalid Khan

    Friends, I have Xperia Z2 from the past two years, i am thinking of going for a change to Samsung S7, in your opinion will this be a good move, or should I stick to Z2. Kindly advise.

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