Sony launches USB Type-C flash drive – could we see the port heading to 2016 Xperia models?

by XB on 1st February 2016

in Accessories

Sony USM-CA1_2The USB Type-C standard is slowly starting to be adopted across different devices. The new USB Type-C connector is reversible (much like the Apple Lightning cable) and should bring faster charging times too. There aren’t many phones that support the new USB Type-C standard just yet – the only Android devices we can think of are the OnePlus 2, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and ZUK Z1 – but adoption is expected to increase this year.

There is a good chance, therefore, that we might see a USB Type-C enabled Sony Xperia appear in 2016. This follows news that Sony was investigating its use in June last year, but was waiting for the industry to move over to the new standard first. One big issue with new Type-C USB standard is that you will most likely need new chargers and cables, given that most of your equipment will be using Type-A connectors.

To get round the issue when it comes to flash drives, Sony recently announced the Sony USM-CA1 series, which is a Gen 1 USB 3.1 flash drive that supports both the new USB Type-C standard as well as the older Type A. The CA1-series will offer up to 130MB/s transfer speed (read) ideal for connecting up to your smartphone to access your media content. Sony plans to launch the new drive in February 2016 in capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. There are no details on pricing, but expect further news at MWC in late February.

Sony USM-CA1_1

Sony USM-CA1_2

Sony USM-CA1_3

  • Sharp Edge

    They’re still making 16GB sticks? That’s not enough to store anything except a good amount of pictures these days. If I was able to buy a 128GB MicroSD Card a year ago (For next to nothing if I may add), they should be able to fit at least 512GB in such a form-factor by now.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    A USB Type C port is one of the many little changes we need for Xperias at MWC.

  • MarkG54321

    Watch the reviews crucify Sony if they go USB-C Apple, Nexus of course all get a free pass.

  • And since my other post got deleted: this stick is Gen1 not Gen2. The speed is abysmal at 130. This is an outdated product at a premium price.

  • Battel

    Sony, A Company has stop making Laptops and Start Making Laptops Accessories !
    WTF with this company ?

  • Jami Lawson

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  • Chuck

    I hope not! Unless they’re going to bundle an adapter.

  • They did not stop. They sold Vaio. At a loss of 300 mil! Can you imagine it? Yes, that’s the company we’re talking about. Keep bringing a plastic butter knife to a nuclear fight.

  • ClearlyYoureWrong


  • GHynson

    Do you need more then 16GB SD in your phone?
    My phone automatically uploads my contents to cloud once it’s taken.
    So, phones really don’t need internal storage anymore, unless your in BFE with no Internet / cell service.

  • IskiUski

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