Xperia Marshmallow Concept home launcher gets ported

by XB on 3rd February 2016

in Applications

xMarshmallow Concept Launcher_4Sony introduced a new home launcher for the Concept for Android Marshmallow , which has a number of options versus the launcher available for the official stock firmware. Now the launcher has been ported to support all devices running Android 5.0 and greater. The “xMarshmallow Concept Launcher” does not require root and even supports icon packs from the Google Play Store. If you want to give it a try then check out the links below.

xMarshmallow Concept Launcher_1 xMarshmallow Concept Launcher_2

xMarshmallow Concept Launcher_3 xMarshmallow Concept Launcher_4

Via XDA and

  • DarkMaster

    first comment :D

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    I’m Second :D

  • Jaissal S

    Tried it and don’t like it :P 3rd!

  • Ignacio García

    Walkman <3

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Its pretty much usless because you can’t uninstall apps while using the launcher.
    This issue was present in every ported xperia concept launcher and to this day it hasn’t been fixed.

  • Ashroft

    Wheres the link?

  • Yali AA

    Who would run Android launcher without the Xperia touch…. no thx… Rather wait for the release.

  • Diego Salgado

    Yes you can. In the “Home screen Settings” screen you need to go to “Advance” and check the option that says “Application screen icons” and switch it off. That way, when you hold an app in the app drawer or pinch in, you’ll be able to uninstall apps.

  • Diego Salgado

    Still missing the count badges… Pretty cool port though!

  • Eileen the Crow

    So in This launcher, every app stays on the home screen right ? Cause I cant take them off

  • Just go to settings :D

  • Amimanot

    You need to go into the launcher settings and pick classic under the home screen layout

  • Muchakis

    This is a very good and clean launcher. Sony should update the Xperia home launcher through What’s new. Just like the rest of the Sony apps.

  • Daki


  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    The minimalist style need some polished. overall not that bad.

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Here that is

  • Ambitious Man
  • Diego Salgado have right this otiom work on my Z2 too.

  • Dimitrije Dk

    No it doesn’t work, and that option has nothing to do with that. Its just for whether you want to add an icon to the homesceen directly when holding down on it without dragin it to the top where it says “add to home screen”.

  • I have a new version . They work badge notification, Theme Engine, widgets, auto-rotation, etc. But the application requires Root unfortunately :(

  • I have a new version . work badge notification, Theme Engine, widgets, auto-rotation, etc. But the application requires Root unfortunately :(

  • Rene Pedroso

    These are the links just under the screen shots

    Via XDA and

  • Killian Khoo

    Cannot install on my Xperia ZR 5.1.1 :(

  • Amit Pharande

    No Unread Counts….. One of the reason not to use this Launcher unless Sony launch it Officially with Unread Counts :)

  • Christian Kogler

    Can we change the grid size on the homescreen and scroll the dock pages left and right with this launcher?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    How to go in launcher settings?

  • Sadman Khan

    It works. -_-

  • Sadman Khan

    Long press on any home screen. Then “Home settings”

  • Try to remove the Xperia Home installed from XDA. And install Launcher from Website

  • PoweredBySony
  • Lorenzo

    I love the fact that Sony has introduced the option for have all apps on the homescreen with no drawer.
    I’m the only one?

  • Deborahrmarchetti1

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  • Niels d. G.

    Go into the app drawer and pinch zoom out, that will talk you into the app uninstalling and sorting mode.

  • Eileen the Crow

    Okkk, Thank you guys

  • mugglearchitect


  • Niels d. G.

    Long-press on the Home screen, tap settings and change the first setting to “classic”

  • Sascha Pro

    What icon pack is used in the screenshots?

  • Niels d. G.

    I’m finding inconveniences in app sorting within this launcher. It’s sometimes very difficult to make an app folder because the two apps you’re trying to make a folder from, will swap places immediately the moment you drag one app onto the other. Same thing sometimes happens when trying to add an app into an existing folder. Also I can’t seem to copy an app shortcut to the home screen directly from a folder in the app drawer anymore. It force me to first remove the app from the folder, then drag a shortcut onto the home screen, and then put the app back in the folder in the app drawer.

  • SM

    I wonder does anyone noticed this one?
    From Walkman to music & now again Walkman in Marshmallow

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Yeah, but now try to actually uninstall an app (click x, then delete) and you will see that nothing will happen… -.-

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    xperia themes

  • raju

    Which icon pack and theme

  • Sadman Khan

    Light theme with xperia wallpaper. Icon pack is Round

  • henk

    It’s only a theme.

  • sri

    took 5 mins to get apk and install. and it took 1 min to use and 30 sec to uninstall. default one is okay.. no need to fill extra 11 mb

  • Timel

    Xperia UI looks very boring
    I’m out!

  • SM

    Really? I didn’t know that a mere theme can change the name of any app.

  • Sampahio Damaceno

    Whatsnew UI is great. But why don’t use it on entire UI?

  • Timel

    Yes! What’s New app UI is very gorgeous and classy, classy hardware design deserves classy software interface, hopefully Sony will adapte it on entire Xperia UI.

  • Timel

    No more apps drawer is an option now, So cool

  • Timel

    Why you care so much about it?

    You love to lie yourself?
    Walkman is high quality music player, use Walkman name with music player app? It doesn’t make sense at all

    Xperia smartphones don’t have great audio quality like Walkman players have always had, so please stop crying about the fake Walkman on Xperia phones

  • viins

    Will this launcher be the official one on Marshmallow updates on Z series? Thanks

  • Kristo

    Yeah pretty sure. The Beta testing is still going on, so a few changes will be made and this is ported which means some stuff might have been tweaked

  • raju

    Link plz to download

  • bobroosh

    You’ve been “out” for a long time, now. No? Why do you think anyone, who is a sony fan or merely interested in what’s new in gadgets,would give a rats ass what you think of xperia’s UI

  • bobroosh

    Wow!! Finally something positive and I totally agree.

  • bobroosh

    I care. Many people care. Are we all wrong??

  • work badge notification, Theme Engine, widgets, But in this version xMarshmallow 2 Concept Launcher ( only ROOT )

  • Antho Pierron

    I’m in France and when I want to install the application only works boutoon cancel .. I have a Z5 under 5.1.1 ..

  • Timel

    I love the way you guys lie to yourself

    Walkman is on Xperia devices is clearly a fake Walkman

  • Timel

    Me too

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Are you illiterate or something? I know how to uninstall an app, the problem is that it won’t uninstall if you use the launcher.

  • henk
  • iia3ezu

    You know what Sony really needs? A Nexus device. Stop letting LG, Huawei and Motorola take all the attention.

  • Sadman Khan

    I have the theme as a stock theme on Z5 compact. You can probably find a way to install it somehow. The wallpaper is also a stock xperia wallpaper

  • Onur Tura

    It would be great if anyone tell me the theme name and the Icon pack’s

  • Vlado

    Good job Kruns and Michal.
    It’s working perfectly in my XPERIA Z3C (non root) and Samsung Galaxy S3 (CM13)

  • RiTCHiE

    No, i think this feature is awesome! I will never use it tho but for my mom and dad its great because they never can seem to find all them apps etc. So 1+ for sony again!

  • Sony Concept Launcher for Marshmallow – xMarshmallow port hands-on – worth seeing video

  • Little Man


  • Jacquelinejberger1

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  • Piyush

    some body pls put the link to download that launcher

  • Keiru

    Where can I download this theme?

  • Tau45

    I would keep it if scroll photo gallery widget was working :)
    Home screen is developed better than on the stock launcher (non rooted Z1C)

  • Kruna? Gediyá

    Icon pack used is KAIP icons and the theme is Twilight by Reza . However the theme is not on playstore as the developer lives in Iran and Google Doesn’t support a Merchant account. You can better find it on Xperia themes G+ Community and maybe on cafebazar

  • Piyush

    Thanks Buddy..:)

  • Román Rodríguez

    You’re a hero.

  • What kind of theme or mod has navbar icons like this?

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