New update rolls for the Xperia M5 (30.1.X.1.46)

by XB on 15th February 2016

in Firmware, Xperia M5

Xperia M5Sony Mobile recently introduced the Android 5.1 Lollipop update to the Xperia M5 and just a couple of weeks later, it has already pushed its first bug fix. The new update moves the build number to 30.1.A.1.46 for the Xperia M5 (E5603 and E5653 variants only at time of writing) and version 30.1.B.1.46 for the Xperia M5 Dual (E5663 only right now). Whether or not this update brings a fix to the shutdown bug remains to be seen. Let us know your thoughts below if you have updated.

DOWNLOAD FTF firmware files

Xperia M5 (E5603) 30.1.A.1.46 Netherlands Generic [Android 5.1]
Xperia M5 (E5653) 30.1.A.1.46 Singapore Generic [Android 5.1]
Xperia M5 Dual (E5663) 30.1.B.1.46 Thailand Generic [Android 5.1]

Xperia M5 Dual_M5 Dual 30.1.B.1.46_WM

Thanks Faisal!

  • sebastianer

    I’m still waiting for a fix in Auto Brightness in the Z5 Compact!

    Do you imagine a 2015/16 phone without an stable auto brightness?

  • ryq24

    So Sony knew there is a shut down bug on this phone. They should have at least stop selling them and try to fix the problem. They only hurt their loyal customers when they kept quiet and continue to sell this phone.

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    For my Z3+ as well. I compare it side by side with my old Z1 and in almost every tasks, Z1 runs better and faster and more stable.

  • Sadman Khan

    So I guess we gotta wait till MWC then.

  • Invar

    Nice joke. I had Z1 and now Z3. Z3 is MUCH faster so stop saying bullshit.

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Are u crazy the z3+ needa improving almost everything runs better on my z2 and my cuz z1 I have a big problem especially ram management this 5.0.2 is really buggy and annoying

  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    I said Z3+ are you even read my comment idiot. Z3+ is still in 5.0.2 and since you didn’t own it you have the right to shut the hell up.

  • Battel

    Any user of M5 could tell us about the battery life ?
    more details wanted, most blogs didn’t do a full review !

  • sebastianer

    Sony should release Marshmallow ASAP in any devices running Lollipop. There is no 100% solid release after KitKat. Android N could be the new KitKat ( I hope that ). But MM is much better than LP, it’s a more polished Lollipop.
    I hope they don’t abandon KK devices in LP like Motorola (and many more) already did. But anyway. It’s not solid as KitKat was. But it’s solid in way like ICS (vs KK) or JB (vs KK):

  • Cakefish

    Is it just me or does it seem like the M5 has enjoyed more frequent OS updates than the Z5 series?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Z5 also had washout color due to adaptive brightness bugs.

  • Faisal Armand

    M5 battery life is very good despite only having 2600mah battery and (reportedly) power inefficient chipset. I have an average of 5h 20 min of SoT while still having 30-40% battery left. And that maximum 6h 13 min SoT.. I still had 30% battery remaining. And usually while my battery hits 50%, I already have 3h – 3h 45min SoT. I think full SoT from 100% – 0% is somewhere between 6 – 8h

    Overall, M5 can get you to a full day easily without having to charge. I can say that M5 battery life is equal, if not tiny bit worse compared to the legendary Z2 & Z3.

    NB: M5 also has the best camera on Xperia smartphone, even better than the flagship Z5.

  • Nav

    Sony open up eyes! M4 aqua still on 5.0….what u want losing customers

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  • Ailan Hidaz

    I agree with Faisal, best damn mobile camera in the world of mobile cameras, though I wish someone with an affected M5 could confirm if this solved the battery issue. It’s that issue that is preventing many from buying this godly phone all over the middle east!

    Also, this phone has crazy amazing batter life despite people claiming it doesn’t.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Best part of MM is SD card is allowed to be the main memory, so effectively we could have 128GB memory for all xperias on MM…IF sony allows that option!

  • Ailan Hidaz

    He did say Z3+ which is one of the biggest fails in Sony history.
    Z3+ is stuck on the WORST android firmware ever released – 5.0.2.
    Even a phone like the M5 was launched with that firmware and the minute Sony released 5.1 for it, the phone became the amazing phone it was meant to be – but only after 5.1 was launched.

    That said, Z3 itself is amazing, and still one of the best phones money can buy.

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  • Ailan Hidaz

    Every phone sony released with 5.0.2 was given horrible reviews. Every xperia that got the 5.1 firmware improved in every way!

    I dunno why Sony decided to launch phones with that firmware.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Actually, the new batch of M5s sold do not have that bug. The problem is that it’s a hardware issue along with software, so most people that sent in their phones got new hardware which “solved” the issue.
    The biggest issue is that sony didn’t confirm whether it’s the battery itself or the LTE antenna causing the bug (as many seem to complain that the bug occurs when the phone attempts to connect to LTE bands).

    It’s odd that sony didn’t talk about it officially but it seems to be squashed for second batch onwards.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Confirmed to be getting Marshmallow instead of 5.1 since that makes more sense. Just be patient. Z3+ is still stuck on 5.0 as well and it’s an ex-flagship!

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Well, it’s also been plagued with bugs since launch and that’s mostly due to it being launched on the horrible 5.0.2 firmware lol

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Most blogs just want to watch Sony burn as none of the blogs will talk about how amazing that camera is on the M5. But hey, iPhone and S6 edge are the best right?


  • Faisal Armand

    I feel really terrible for the people that has random shut down affected M5. It just ruined the experience of a godly phone :(

  • Joe Black

    Camera better than Z5?
    How so?
    I’m curious, because I have Z5C and I haven’t had any hands-on time with M5.

  • Nav

    Ya nd m4 was launched earlier I guess! Well jus waiting since months

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  • Faisal Armand

    I tested M5 against various Xperias such as Z2, and Z3. M5 destroyed them all, amazingly with slower lens and higher ISO.

    – M5 vs Z3: indoor medium light

    – M5 vs Z3: Daylight Landscape

    – M5 vs Z2: indoor bright light

    – M5 vs Z5: indoor low light (from ePrice)

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  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Agree when my z2 had 5.0.2 I had a lot of bugs thank god marshmallow been certified

  • Battel

    Thank you for the information, i was hoping that it could be compared or beat the Z3c battery life, do you think it does, because i never used Z3 or Z2, but i have Z3c and it’s battery is amazing .

  • Battel

    Sony should produce something unique or impressive to the smartphone users to get some attraction from the social media, keep copying the same device over and over with very small changes in the chipset won’t help it, no body could deny that iphone and galaxy are the most sold flagships and in market share, and that’s why most blog focus on them (because both devices has a lot of users),

    two years ago Sony claimed that it want to be in 3rd position in smartphone market share, if you check what did Sony do to apply that plane you will be surprised how much time did Sony waste on doing “Nothing” ! last report shows that Sony is some where around 1% of market share !
    even LG and other Chinese companies got higher number than Sony :

    Sony is moving very slow in rabbit race .

  • Red Barrera

    I am currently updating my m5 dual thru PC companion since it is not yet available directly thru the phone. I surely hope that will fix the shutdown bugs that makes this phone really unreliable especially when you are in the middle of something important. I’ll get back to you when the update is done.

  • I bought New M5 Dual 3 days before… Is has also been updated to 5.1 after to days.. bt my phone consume too much battery power… what the problem?? Help Plz @Xepriablog

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  • Peter Gerritsen

    I do have this newest update on my M5 Dual, but I can assure you that this DOES NOT FIX the shutdown bug. My antenna has already been replaced by Sony The Netherlands and they claim to have replaced the battery but I fear that the have not replaced the battery with the required new version (Assy 124HLY0040A revision 3)

  • Eko Yulianto

    why my xperia E5663 still in 5.0 and never get update firmware?

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