DxOMark reviews the Xpera M5 camera

by XB on 16th February 2016

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Xperia M5 camera reviewDxOMark has put the Sony Xperia M5 camera through its paces, awarding the handset with a DxOMark Mobile score of 79. DxOMark says that the Xperia M5 delivers a “solid camera performance in a mid-range device”, and does an excellent job of capturing detail, keeping noise under control but concedes that there is some “loss of sharpness in the corners”.

Shooting pictures indoors is a plus point given the ability to capture detail with low noise. However, the Xperia M5 “has some colour and exposure consistency issues when used outdoors”. On the video side, DxOMark points to “very good” quality although the output can be affected by artefacts from camera movement. You can check out the full report at the source link below.

DxOMark Xperia M5

Via DxOMark.

Thanks ramuk!

  • akzidenz

    >loss of sharpness in the corners
    wide angle high megapixel sensor is to blame

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Nope, Lens selection is to be blamed… When GSMarena did Preview with Xperia z5 when it was just announced, with the same setup, there were not corner blurring issues anywhere to be found. So it is perfectly possible to get perfect results with such wideangle lenses !!!


  • Faisal Armand

    I now own M5 and I think I have some words to say with dxo about their test results for M5:

    Things that I agree:

    – A combination of Texture and Noise Score of 90 and 86: Yes, M5 is truly capable of making highly detailed image with low levels of noise in all light conditions. And even at 3200, the image is still good! I’ve never seen image this clean at ISO 3200 before, and other Xperia Z flagships would certainly mess this scene up with grain even at ISO 400.

    (ISO 3200 sample)

    – Dynamic Range Score of 86: Man, that should have scored 90. In my experience, M5 never overexposed high contrast scenes, and yet other Xperias that such as Z3, Z2, Z5, and Z3+ gets 89??

    High Contrast Scene sample (Xperia flagship camera would certainly overexpose this scene)

  • Utsav Shah

    yeah. that’s your opinion about the camera on Z devices.

  • Faisal Armand

    I wouldn’t say they are as bad as some people say. They are good but could’ve been better

  • 3_nity

    Just one point where I don’t like this phone. No gyroscope sensor. Huh! My VR experience stop here, on this sweet phone. ;) Bad fell.

  • iia3ezu

    It has a Mediatek chip, so it’s not really all that good.

    For a mid-range phone, its photography still pales in comparison to similar specc’ed/priced phones out there.

    Good photography in a smartphone.
    1) Sensor
    2) Lens optics
    3) Software (post-processing, face detection, auto mode)

    Sony definitely sucks in #3. Lots of room for improvement.

  • iia3ezu

    It’s the camera software. Someone is not properly doing their jobs. Perhaps it is those folks in Sweden. Works 6 hours per day and more interested in making Xperia themes.

    Hope this keeps happening:


  • Vuyo Ncube

    What’s an “Xpera”, LOL?

  • Bettiemcharles4

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  • AllanKafka

    So based on your uneducated guess you hope even more people lose their jobs. Very nice of you.

  • AllanKafka

    Wow, I had forgotten about those pics. Those full-res shots are very good quality indeed.
    It might be that part of the reason why these pictures are corner-to-corner sharp is that they are shot in 4:3, thus not making use of the extreme side regions of the lens…
    But I’m pretty sure I have seen bad IQ on many Z5 4:3 photos, so I think you’re right to blame lens selection :( Pretty annoying to realise that Sony has shot itself (and us) in the foot…

  • Arup R. Chowdhury

    having seen Faisal’s work with M5 on flicker, I will agree that M5 does a very good job. I own the Z5 and Nokia 1020 so do have some perspective there.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i hate dxo from start m5 has best still camera ever better than z5

  • Battel

    They Gives XZ5 “87” and XM5 “79” !
    Sony and other users claims that M5 had better camera than Z5 series ?

  • Utsav Shah

    and It’s not as bad as you think it is.

  • EQ

    Z5 beats the M5, sry but that is a fact when factoring in all the cappabilities the camera has. Z5 has better color reproduction, dynamic range, low light cappabilities, white balance and exposure. M5 also lacks BIONZ.



  • Faisal Armand

    Better details? M5 clearly wins on this. Also that flower on Z5 is nearly blown out


    Too much noise and oversharpening on Z5

    Even in that comparison, there are many cases where M5 clearly wins

    I can understand why M5 pics are quite dim in low light. It’s because M5’s ISO is limited at 3200 while Z5 can go to 12800 at 8MP and it’s the resolution that the author choose for Z5 in low light. If Z5 is put to 23MP, the ISO would be limited to 800 and the pics will be darker than M5 and also messed up.


    Good luck, my friend!

  • EQ
  • Faisal Armand
  • EQ

    Sry but overall the Z5 wins, period.

  • Faisal Armand

    Do you even know how wide is the angle of M5’s camera? It’s only 1mm difference than Xperia Z5. You can count Z5’s wide angle lens if Z5 is actually facing cameras with 28mm lens.

    Oh, bad comparison? So a comparison that provides full resolution shots with exif data is bad? And a comparison that provides random crops without full resolution shot is good? Ok XD

  • EQ

    1mm is a lot in the world of camera sensors. Just look how many more degrees you get on the Z5 in your own linked photos. Look at each edge and add the degree factor together. Yes your comparision is bad becouse it doesn’t correct for sensor degree differences which means you need to step closer with Z5 or further back with M5 so that you get same FOV on both images (Field Of View).

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh, so the comparison in manila shaker corrects sensor degree factor?

  • EQ

    They try to and mention how this is important though for the M5 vs Z5 they dont really line them up in most shots. Despite that the Z5 matches or takes the lead which means it just will be even better in the details department when FOV is same for both. It makes a great deal in difference. WIthout FOV adjustment my Z1 with mods crushes my Z5c in detail resolvement but with FOV adjustment.. then they are much closer.

  • Faisal Armand

    Lens FoV can cure those weird black and white pixelised pattern huh?


  • EQ

    The closer to the subject you are the better the detail. It’s simple. Wider FOV means everything gets zoomed out (less pixels for fine-grain detail) vs a narrower FOV which zooms in (more pixels for fine-grain detail). That you link to a review photo sample from 2013 Z1 and first edition Z1 firmware at 1/13 and ISO 400 says nothing. There is no context. ISO 400 could yield two completly different detail qualities based on scene lighting and type of lights and Z1 improved a lot with firmware releases and with Z5 camera lib mod and Camera 2.0 it just gets several notches better over stock.

  • Faisal Armand

    In your Z1 samples, I see strong quantization which is the opposite of what BIONZ should do

    Also dude, I am also a 2 year user of Xperia Z2, I know how Xperia camera performs in general. Last night, I did a night scene comparison. Z2 used ISO 400, M5 ISO 3200. M5 still wins! I have full sized samples of you want to request. Mind you, M5 has wider angle lens than Z2.

    And if you ask me, BIONZ processing engine only applied for Sony cameras! In Xperia phones, BIONZ engine is a gimmick, it’s basically just a labeled aggresive processing!

    And why do you brag about ISO 6400 capability? I never used it as it makes alien looking pictures! I always use low ISO for low light images for Z2

    For fun, I did a blind test between M5 and Z5. It turns into a slaughterhouse victory for M5! 97% people prefer M5 shot than Z5.

  • EQ

    M5 doesnt win it just adds so much noise reduction you have tons of lost texture detail while the Z1+ series avoids that. Your ISO 3200 shot (which BTW you lowered exposure with half fullstop which means it was not a challenging scene to capture at high ISO as it would otherwise be 1600-2000) looks clean from noise but horribly blurry from lost texture detail.

    Your Z2 shot shows blooming which means the lens cover or camer lens has moist or smudges on it or focus is failing which invalidates the comparision.

    And if you apply edge preserving noise reduction in for example Photoshop or Lightroom the Z2 photo will look about the same as the M5 regarding smoothed out surfaces and then a bit of clarity for edge contrast highlighting. It’s this you dont seem to grasp.

    Becouse ISO 6400 can make “night to day” indoors with usable quality the M5 would never be able to do with a 1/8 shutter speed nor 1/4.

    Xperia Z1+ phones have a physical chip. BIONZ is located on the PCB circuit. I hope you aint claiming it is fake and doesn’t exist lol! Sry son but you seem dellusional and dont understand the basics of the differences, pros and cons. I could pour vaseline over a photo and you would call it the better one even if texture detail would be near zero. You got rekt by cold hard facts!

  • ZerothGlacius

    Objectively, Z5 has the better camera. However, Z5 suffers from the blur issue and loss of details around corners. Moreover, noise is present especially in shadow areas. M5 produces a softer image on average but lacks this particular issue. It’s a hard decision between these two, but between Z5 and M5, I prefer the M5. I am holding my opinion till further shots arrive for the Xperia X, but it appears it’s not really better than the Z5 from early opinions.

    I am surprised though that M5 produces almost as good images despite lacking BIONZ.

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