Xperia X Performance not heading to Germany and UK

by XB on 22nd February 2016

in Xperia X series

ukgermanyWere you eyeing up the Xperia X Performance as your next phone? Well if you live in the UK or Germany, then you’re probably out of luck as Sony will not be launching this handset into these regions.

We understand that Sony only plans to launch the Xperia X and Xperia XA into the UK and Germany. We’re not sure why two of Europe’s biggest smartphone markets were excluded, but the Xperia X Performance is expected to land in other European regions.

There was no mention of the Xperia X Performance in the UK press release and, so far, no UK carriers have even mentioned the handset. When directing the question to Sony’s PR team, the reply we received was that the Xperia X Performance “will be available in most global markets with a key focus in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan).” A bit vague. We asked again for specific confirmation of a UK Xperia X Performance release, but did not receive an answer at time of writing. We’ll update this post if that changes.

Check out a bunch of UK carriers announcing the Xperia X series – notice the absence of the Xperia X Performance?

Update: Just as we hit publish, we received Sony’s UK marketing email regarding the new handsets launched today. Notice which one is missing?

Xperia X UK Mail

  • lovebmw

    no UK?????? the phone really didn’t offer much than the z5, if any it’s a smaller battery but better processor…. why does it feel there is a secret killer phone coming soon?

  • fluxx

    It wouldn’t be a true Sony campaign if it wouldn’t raise a few questions.

  • DBS

    Well, it could be because the X Performance is nothing more than the Z5+. And the Z3+ was already a fiasco in Europe.
    That would explain why it “will be available in most global markets with a key focus in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan).”
    Those are the markets that seem to demand new phones every 6 months.
    And since we’ll probably get the Z6 at IFA, and these phones come out in the Summer…

  • dragonsneeze

    X Performance doesn’t really make sense anyway. They should have released only X and XA with reasonable pricing and at the latest in April. This X announcement is very weird and people are saying Z line is discontinued. @XperiaBlog should shine some light to this matter. If Z line isn’t dead I’m intrigued to see what’s Sony’s idea of a flagship if these are all mid-tier. Are they here just to use up Z5 components? :/

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Oh get off your z5+ bandwagon

  • DBS

    No. That’s what the X P is and that’s that.

  • MoYeung

    Because Xperia Z5 Premium not selling well in UK and Germany?

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    More likely because selling well, not the other way around

  • Cakefish

    As a Z5 Compact owner I feel relieved. I was so pissed at Sony when I saw they announced mid- rangers with better hardware than my supposed flagship. Still, it doesn’t actually change the fact that these devices exist. I guess they want to keep the focus on the Z and M range here in UK and avoid confusing costumers by having too many options.

  • fried_egg

    i agree, it is a slight change to the z5, and i bet the autumn will see the z6… there wont be a carrier in the uk that wants to promote a phone that looks like it is released 5th june (screen dates on their show presentations usually = release date) with another coming 3 months later.

  • Omarion07

    I kinda understand Sony’s decision not to release the X performance in the UK and Germany since they’re going to release the Z6 family 3 months later.. They just don’t want to repeat the Z3+/Z5 dilemma last year. What bothers me the most is that Sony till this day doesn’t have a clear marketing strategy, as if they’re trying different formulas and see which one will work!!

  • Omarion07

    Actually DBS is right..At the start I thought the X performance will replace the Z6 compact but after I read it won’t be released in the Germany and UK I knew for sure Z6 compact will still be there.

  • Lara Croft
  • spwx

    How exactly is 820 powered a mid tier? funny guy.

  • Abdusselam ?ahin

    what about austria???

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  • BGDoesGaming

    fuck you sony…. i guess i will just import the dam thing :(

  • dragonsneeze

    Didn’t say it is, I said “if” these are mid-tier in Sony’s book but never mind just saw the prices mid-range my ass.

  • apolloa

    So basically this is Sony throwing in the white towel to the Galaxy S range and the iPhone. I’ve given up on them if they have dropped the Z range and won’t even offer high specced devices into the UK.

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  • azzido

    what a crappy wallpaper :/

  • apolloa

    Just read this, it seems that Sony have replaced the Z series with the X series, so you will not be able to buy Sony’s new flagship phone in the UK or Germany officially:

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  • Dante the great

    Xperia X Performance is up for pre-registration on the UK site though.

  • Umar Khan

    wow the specs are insane , love it , but Sony needs to re design its outlook, come up with something new, i am seeing this shape since xperia z was launched but now it looks old school. would buy this but the design … umm ill wait.

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  • Weird. I wonder what their rationale behind it is.

  • Heidikayala2

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  • smartuser8

    Maybe because they are NOT the real flagship anthe the Z serie is NOT dead. The true Z6 flagship will come in IFA with Z6 Ultra an Z6 Compact and USB Type-C 3.1 ;)

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  • They said at MWC that the XP would launch later, in spring. That’s why carriers are promoting only the X and XA now.

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  • yup…even i feel the same….Sony must have plans to launch a new flagship in UK and if X Performance is not the one …then something else might be…how abt the X Superlegerra…..; )

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