Snupped SpaceCase Xperia Z5 Phone Case Review

by XB on 29th February 2016

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Snupped Xperia Z5_3Today we are reviewing a couple of cases from Snupped, provider of custom cases for a variety of mobile products. We are looking at the Snupped SpaceCase Xperia Z5 Phone Case and Snupped Axis Laptop Sleeve for Xperia Z4 Tablet.

Snupped has offices in Singapore and Taiwan and ship worldwide. The company allows you to use your own designs when picking your next phone, tablet or laptop case/sleeve. Snupped also collaborates with designers so that you can pick something off the shelf, if you don’t fancy customising it yourself. Click through for impressions on both accessories.

Snupped SpaceCase Xperia Z5 Phone Case

Snupped Xperia Z5_1

As mentioned above, Snupped offers cases in a variety of designs – either custom or via collaborations with designers. The SpaceCase Phone Case is a gel case offering protection on the back and sides.

Snupped Xperia Z5_2

Any print chosen for your case will wrap around from the back to sides giving full print coverage. This is unlike other cases where the design is limited to the rear only.

Snupped Xperia Z5_3

The Snupped SpaceCase Xperia Z5 Phone Case provides light protection against knocks and scrapes, whilst providing access to the key buttons such as volume rocker, power button fingerprint sensor and camera button.

Snupped Xperia Z5_4

Here you can see the design wrapping over to the edges. The top cutouts include a hole for the headphone jack.

Snupped Xperia Z5_5

Likewise, the bottom includes cutouts for the micro USB port for charging and lanyard access.

Snupped Xperia Z5_6

Snupped allows you to choose either a Matte finish or Gloss finish for your case.

Snupped Xperia Z5_7

Here are a few more pictures of another Snupped Xperia Z5 case with different design.

Snupped Xperia Z5_8

Snupped Xperia Z5_9

Snupped Xperia Z5_10

Snupped Axis Laptop Sleeve for Xperia Z4 Tablet

Snupped also has a popular Axis Laptop Sleeve, which can be used with a variety of laptops or tablets. This version we have is customised for the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet and comes in a design called “Foldings” by Elisabeth Fredriksson.

Snupped Xperia Z4 Tablet_1

Snupped uses a waterproof tarp canvas on the exterior, helping to protect your laptop from the elements whilst on the move. The company uses six-colour printing to ensure colours of any design chosen is sharp and clear.

Snupped Xperia Z4 Tablet_2

The Axis Sleeve has impact-resistant NBR padding inside to keep the tablet protected against bumps and knocks.

Snupped Xperia Z4 Tablet_3

The three-sided sided zipper sleeve has a slim form factor making it an ideal companion for backpacks.

Snupped Xperia Z4 Tablet_4

If you need them, then Snupped can also provide additional handles or an inside pocket. The colour of the interior can also be changed with a range of colours to choose from.

Snupped Xperia Z4 Tablet_5

Thanks to Snupped for sending us these accessories to check out!

  • mugglearchitect

    Xperiablog, do you have all the xperia devices lol

    And what’s with your Z5 screen? The screen protector is really dirty lol

  • DS

    OMG that case looks awful! Looks extremely poor quality and bulky. And all this for $34?? Seriously?

  • Serdar Gökçe

    My Xperia Z5, no case…

  • TheSith LordViridis

    The phone cases look very poor fitting, I have a £2.99 gel case that honestly fits (or seems to) much better than those.
    Unfortunate because the print quality looks very good.

  • TheSith LordViridis

    Please, where from. Very very nice!

  • cicababa

    Z5? what’s that? oh, the last mohican of the dropped Z series :D

  • pi4a7a

    Really nice, how did you get that?

  • KIMI

    Guys?! I’m getting an update on my Z5 e6683

  • KIMI

    It’s only 4.2mb…
    A suspiciously long 4.2mb update
    Ps. My Internet speed is 30mbps so there’s no way that 4.2mb is going to take that long

  • Zohaib

    It happened 10 days before with my Xperia Z5 E6653 also
    but it was the same build number update that is 32.0.A.6.200

  • Brick

    That case looks absolutely awful.

  • KIMI

    False alarm, it’s just an update for software update to update what’s new to latest updated version
    Sheesh talk about complicated

  • Zohaib

    I am using Imak Case, really good quality case
    Available on

  • Gambi


  • Islis

    I too received this update on both my Z3+ and Z4 tablet…

  • Vlado

    It’s xperia update software to version 3.1.2.A.0.8 then maybe it come Marshmallow update comming soon ;)

  • azzido

    Omg these cases looks really bad. You wob 1st place in the worst looking cases competition.

    Fiat Multipla within cases.

  • jmaxim917

    They are nice I guess for those who like that sort of thing.

  • KIMI

    At the very least we can confirm that MM is coming sometime this year

  • EQ

    They are uuuuuuugleeeee. Looks like they are handmade by a child and are uneven at the edges and cuttings yet they have molding marks from fabric.

    EDIT: Uglytastic!

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    Of topic:
    Wow x performance camera is fast :D leaves Z5 in the dust especially the opening time less than second

  • mUSICA

    I have that update on my zr too..nw it shows update of xperia lounge in software update

  • iia3ezu

    It’s as fugly as the Sony Omnibalance design.

  • Sadman Khan

    Pls dun do des :'(

  • Aslam Moolla

    Sign of marshmallow…

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Erica is one of the biggest Sony haters, so I have doubts she will praise the auto-focus speed or overall UI of the phone.

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    Yeah I know that but I don’t care what is her stupid opinion about the phone but you can see in the video for yourself how is new unit preforming of course it’s still not a final model meant for sale and video can be setup to make xperia look bad but since most things are positive I doubt that is the case now…..

  • iia3ezu

    Erica is one of the most honest and knowledgeable tech reviewers on Youtube.

    Sony fan tards seem to assume that any reviews pointing out flaws and not full of gushing praise is ‘hate’.

    The delusional blind loyalty is truly amazing.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Oh shut up troll

  • Mirandaacooper1

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  • Joyjlavigne1

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  • Heather Prinkey

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