Sony’s Marshmallow Android Concept is our favourite Xperia software to date

by XB on 1st March 2016

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Concept Marshmallow Battery_1Sony’s Concept for Android is an initiative that the company has been beta-testing since the summer. The trial initially started with Android Lollipop to a small number of users in the Nordic region. The idea behind the Concept was to strip back the software to an experience much closer to vanilla Android, but to focus on battery life, performance, frequent updates and the inclusion of key Sony apps and experiences.

These elements remained the foundation as the Sony Concept programme moved onto Android Marshmallow in October and the trial expanded to a wider number of users. We have been using Sony’s Concept for Android 6.0 Marshmallow edition as a daily driver for a few months now and it has become our favourite Sony Xperia software experience to date. Read on to find out about the potentially very promising future that Sony is heading in.

For those that regularly follow the blog, you will be aware that the Sony Concept for Android Marshmallow edition is only open to two Xperia models – the Xperia Z3 (D6603) and Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803). We have been testing the Marshmallow Concept on the Xperia Z3 and we’ve been surprised how different an experience it is compared to stock Sony Android Lollipop firmware.

The Xperia Z3 flies on Marshmallow Concept

What is most immediately apparent when you first fire up the Xperia Marshmallow Concept is the speed of the handset. The Xperia Z3 just flies compared to the stock Sony experience – apps open almost immediately, there is hardly any lag when swiping between menus and the UI is just a delight to use and navigate. Sony has created very stable software, with few glitches experienced.

Having used every premium Sony Xperia device released, the performance of the Xperia Z3 on Concept Marshmallow firmware has no equal (yes, even compared to the latest Xperia Z5 series). We’ve sometimes been amazed that the Xperia Z3 running the Concept software is actually the same that we used previously on stock. There’s such a difference in performance that if we didn’t know better, we would have guessed hardware differences were driving the better performance.

Battery performance takes advantage of Doze

The more recent premium Sony Xperia handsets already have a good reputation when it comes to battery life. Sony’s ‘two-day’ battery life has been extensively used in its marketing materials for certain handsets and the Xperia Z3 is known to be one of Sony’s best performers. However, combining this with Android Marshmallow’s native Doze feature, delivers even greater longevity to the Xperia Z3.

Unlike Sony’s STAMINA battery mode, the Marshmallow Doze feature does not need to be enabled. It is an inherent part of the Android 6.0 operating system and comes into its own once your device is idle. The mode substantially increases the standby time of your mobile, but doesn’t actually affect what happens whilst you are using your phone. Despite this, we have experienced longer screen-on time than compared to the stock Sony Xperia firmware. We would regularly achieve a screen on time of over four hours with 25% charge left – this is whilst actively using Lifelog and push email.

Concept Marshmallow Battery_1 Concept Marshmallow Battery_2

Frequent OTA updates – with detailed changelogs

We have really enjoyed how Sony has delivered updates to the Marshmallow Concept firmware. All of the updates arrive OTA (over-the-air) and each clearly shows a detailed changelog to show exactly which new features or bug fixes are included in the new software. Many Sony Xperia users have been left frustrated in the past when it comes to new updates with everyone left guessing about what has changed. We would be delighted to see detailed changelogs such as the ones included in the Concept Marshmallow carry over to stock Sony firmware releases.

The Sony Concept Marshmallow engineers have also done a fantastic job in listening to feedback and pushing out timely updates. Sony was pushing out updates on at least a weekly basis up until the turn of the year, which combined with detailed changelogs, gives the impression that the company is genuinely trying to provide a software experience with its users in mind. Obviously, we wouldn’t expect this pace of updates to continue with the official stock rollout, but it bodes well if we see a change of tact nonetheless for more frequent updates.

Sony Concept_MMB29M.Z1.3536_3 Sony Concept_MMB29M.Z1.3536_2

Expand internal storage through the SD card

One of the great new features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the ability to use a microSD memory card as part of your internal storage. Once you insert a memory card you are given the option to format the memory card as internal storage. Once you do so, you will not be able to extract the card and use in your PC to access any files – it will only work in the Xperia device. You will have to re-format the card again if you want to use it as a normal card. The advantage of this is you will not need to worry about worrying about storage, especially if you install a lot of large sized apps or games. However, the downside is that if you use a memory card with low read/write speeds then you may notice some of your apps/games may run more sluggishly than before.

Concept Marshmallow Storage_1 Concept Marshmallow Storage_3

The micro SD memory card acting as portable storage (left) and as part of internal storage (right). Once the SD card is part of internal storage, you can see the total internal storage moves up from 11.57GB to 70.05GB in this example using a 64GB SD card.

Concept Marshmallow Storage_2 Concept Marshmallow Storage_9

We hope Sony plans to implement Marshmallow’s adoptable storage in its official release, we recently saw a number of manufacturers drop this feature for this handsets. For example, neither the upcoming LG G5 nor Samsung Galaxy S7 flagships will feature adoptable storage. We hope Sony leaves the choice down to the user, even if it is hidden in a developer setting somewhere.

Sony launcher allows you to uninstall most pre-baked apps

This is a change that we have started to see more recently in the newer Sony firmware releases. Sony is now allowing users to uninstall many of its own apps, which were once baked in. Recent firmware for the Xperia M4 Aqua was a good example and something much needed for M4 Aqua owners given how little internal storage there is within the 8GB SKU. However, this also extends to some Google apps too, which means you can keep your handset ‘cleaner’ without resorting to root.

Concept Marshmallow Bloat_1 Concept Marshmallow Bloat_2

Generally, we’re big fans of the new home launcher introduced in the Concept for Android Marshmallow. It offers various levels of customisation to deliver a home screen just how you want it.

Concept Marshmallow Home_2 Concept Marshmallow Home_3

Concept Marshmallow Home_4 Concept Marshmallow Home_5

Concept Marshmallow Home_6 Concept Marshmallow Home_7

Sony’s key apps included

Sony has complemented the largely vanilla Android Marshmallow build with some of its core apps including Album, Music and Email. Sony was adding new features all of the time and was considering adding others including DualShock4 support, FM Radio, Camera API2 and Automatic unlock (pin code) amongst others.

Sony’s camera app is also included, although this is no different to what is seen on other Xperia handsets. Sony has not used the new camera UI as seen in the Z5 series Picture quality was no different to the previous stock firmware from our testing.

Overall thoughts – A strong foundation for future success

Sony Mobile says that the Concept for Android programme is an “experimental consumer driven software” with a long time horizon. It gives Sony the chance to experiment with features and delivery, whilst maintaining a close link with the community. This cannot be said of the official firmware, where in most cases there is very little notice of updates, no changelogs on release and a lot of guesswork from the community.

The Concept for Android firmware has been a success in our eyes and it would be folly for Sony not to build on this, taking the best parts such as fast updates and stable software as a platform for future builds. If the company can take some of these best elements into the consumer release, it is hard to see anything but success for Sony’s software.

  • Samuel

    For Marshmallow, Is a High speed SD card a must if I want to use it as internal storage? Let’s say, at least an UHS-1 card?

  • GreekBoy

    Nice post! Yet, WHEN am I going to get it? This delay starts getting me very frustrated!

  • Drakomord

    Can’t. Wait.

  • Malcolm

    I really hope the “modern” layout won’t become our only option at some point in the future.

  • Ambitious Man

    So, when? That is our question.

  • LancerEX

    XB, is the camera software improved in this M Concept? Does the camera app open faster and take pictures quicker than Lollipop? Also, will the expansion of the internal memory through the SD card take a hit on speed and performance? Thanks

  • GreekBoy

    The “modern” layout kickz azz! For sure it will be the only option with upcoming Android N

  • Nils Westhoff

    If only it’d be possible to get root, I’d switch instantly.

  • Malcolm

    What is so good about it? It’s the same as the classic layout, only with less functionality. Whatever Google does in the standard launcher doesn’t have to be in other manufacturer’s launchers. That’s why we buy Sony after all.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Waiting till 7th of March, Hope they start rolling it fast.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    All of your questions are answered in the article itself.
    Maybe read the articles next time?

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Release date of March 7th, 2077 Confirmed!

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’ve been using a “stock” android one phone since marshmallow released, and I can tell you a faster card is a MUST. Slow cards slow down the phone horribly, but a fast speed card will work wonders.

  • fluxx

    Too bad they canceled the Z series. I’m not a big fan of the new X line and hoped for a Z6 with improved camera and 820 chipset. Sony’s Android experience is among the best I know, looking at the current concept software even preferable to stock android.

  • Questions for those using the concept and for the Sony dev team (I guess/wish they read the premier source of Sony Xperia on the Internet!):

    1) Expand internal storage through the SD card
    “The advantage of this is you will not need to worry about worrying about storage, especially if you install a lot of large sized apps or games.”
    The *ONLY* reason I have had to be concerned about storage space is those darn image thumbnail files that are in excess of 4GB!!! Are those fixed in Marshmallow? Can we delete them or force them to have a maximum size?

    2) Sony Launcher
    a) Can we set the number of app icons that appear on the home screen? I’m currently using Nova Launcher because it allows me to have 5×5 icons on each home screen.
    b) Can we lock the home screen? I put Nova Launcher on my Mom’s phone because she had a habit of accidentally moving/removing app icons.

    Thank you

  • Žilvinas

    START IT!!!!!

  • Brick

    Phone manufacturers don’t need to improve their phones so much. They should make the latest versions increasingly buggy and laggy, forcing you to buy the latest flagship because it’s faster and more reliable.

    Look at the Samsung s4, on lollipop it became complete trash, do you have any idea how many s5 and s6 they sold because of this?

    Now I have no reason to buy a z5.

  • subm

    My Xperia Z is still fine except the battery indicator, I guess the battery has reached its charge cycle limit.

  • Matt

    the only thing i did when i rooted my phone is remove apps that i do not need.

    if sony’s official software allows me to do this , i have literally no need of root at all (altrough it is unlikely)

    or i might have to change permanently to concept as daily driver.

    otherwise great job for giving z3 breath of speed

  • Making a wish for cute things

    You said everything on one pic.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    :D :P Let’s just wait till 7th and see. Hope it won’t be next year LOL

  • KIMI

    Wait.. 4hrs screentime with 25% left to go is good?
    Isn’t that quite bad?
    With 4hrs screentime I would still have atleast 40%-30% juice left ready to go

    Sent from Xperia Z5 Dual e6883

  • KIMI

    Isn’t modern layout basically just a carbon copy of iOS app screen?

  • Altercode

    I wish we could lock the screen edition. Only being able to do so, entering in setup.

  • Altercode

    So this modern layout is ios’s layout?

  • MixoMaxoViper

    On my Z3C with Lollipop I’m getting around 8-9 hours SOT, so it is very bad…

  • Dominic81

    Now if only they could give us a concept for the Z5. I would ditch, with joy, the shitty/buggy Lollipop firmware Sony gave us for that phone… I dream of a Sony firmware that is worthy of that great phone that is the Z5!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    As the article say “Is Sony really gonna add Camera API2?”
    Because we did NOT see Camera API2 on MWC!!

  • steary_eye

    I’m also waiting on Sony to tell me whether they will release Xperia X Performance in my country or not. All I want is a yes or no, after which I could at least chill easier and wait till summer.

  • Joe Black

    Could not be said better.

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    SoT also depends on usage, if I use my z3 to browse the Internet, watch youtube or play some games, I can get 6 hours SoT with 20% left, if I use it to play music only, I can get like an hour or two by the time my battery dies

  • Fempter

    What about Marshmallow for Xperia Z2 and Camera2 API included?

  • Dion

    The modern layout isnt included in the marshmallow launcher from the xperia x

  • Madis Otenurm

    They’ll release it everywhere (where planned) in the summer anyway, so chill.

  • iia3ezu

    Why are Music and Album baked into the Android? They are non-essential apps. You should be able to uninstall them without root. Then reinstall them anytime via Google Play, if the user desires so.

    Some examples of essential apps are Contacts, Phone dialer, Camera, Clock, Calendar and maybe the stock email app.

    My guess is the Music and Album apps are also platforms for Sony’s data mining, cloud, ad and content delivery endeavours… in marketspeak it is ‘bringing you the full Sony Xperia experience’.

    P.S: It’s 2016 already. Is there an OFFICIAL Xperia Korean language keyboard baked into Sony’s Android? Please don’t say install Swiftkey or some third party Hangul input app. Surely it isn’t hard to find native Koreans in Japan and/or Sweden. Geez.

  • Rob Gillingwater

    I think he means fourteen (14) hours – see the graph

  • steary_eye

    Ya, I supposed they would be releasing it to all their active markets. If it is out in summer, there is already enough sales time given for their Z5. Their X-Performance is also not entirely a flagship that could compete with their new model coming out later this year.

  • steary_eye

    I’m owning a Z. It is lagging the shit out and pissing the hell out me from the very day I updated to lollipop. Should I just buy the Z5 or wait for the XP? I am totally sold on the design of the Z5. I just hate that damn processor.

  • Dominic81

    The Z5 has its fair share of issues too. Many Z5 owners hope Marshmallow will fix these issues.

  • Marshmallow concept is the best thing that happened through out my 5 year Xperia experience. I can switch to Z5 Compact from Z3 Compact but my intention is to keep my Z3C as long as 6.0.1 concept is alive and kicking.

  • bubimir13

    Bullshit! I want my Xperia to come with Album, Music and Video apps, they are top notch in Android world and i had zero issues with them.
    And you sir, with your ”data mining” and shit theories, i can only say LOL!
    P.S. There are Korean and Japanese keyboard layout for Xperia Keyboard baked in the system so your last agument is invalid, like your previous ones were…

  • Tau45

    My Z1 Compact cries in the corner ;(

  • JonShipman

    What’s the problem with the X? Plus it won’t be here until summer so right now the Z5 is the best Sony phone you can buy.

    The X Performance is smaller than the Z5 but taller than the Z5C (thinner than both).

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I am currently using the Xperia z and mine is faster then when I bought the phone. Yes I’m using stock based rom but it’s not faster then stock rom. I have plenty of apps installed and a lot of them are constantly on like Facebook for example. Lovely build from Sony and I’m not even on latest 5.1.1 build. Try to reset the phone or install a great cleaner like Ccleaner :)

  • I just went back to Lollipop because of some bugs that made it pretty annoying to use.. only to find out that Lollipop is even worse.

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    Boolshit! I know people who use lg,samsung,htc phones etc.and they would even pay to have apps like sony Walkman/music, album,video or ps4 remote play app on their phones available…also they are so envy of stamina mode….

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    Opening time is greatly reduced….but how about you read the article?

  • Matt

    Known platform and lots of beta testing, both are recipe for kickass software.

    You guys should make z3 concept vs z5 stock, so that Sony knows that people on z5 also want the silky goodness

  • aziz

    Do you want to expand this project to involve Xperia c3?

  • Bashar Shehab

    Sony’s Android Concept developers confirmed to us earlier that they will add Camera API2 in the future.

  • Bashar Shehab

    It’s about how you use it, one time I got 10h SoT from 1 charge only.. But it really depends on how you use your phone

  • dragonsneeze

    XP is almost 9mm

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Mind if I have the source so I could read that out, AFAIK they said if there’s a huge demand they’ll give Camera API2. If that’s actually happening, damn I’m so happy and excited about it.
    But until they release it I wouldn’t believe about it at all.cause we heard before also, with lollipop we were to get Camera API2.
    Please do share the source.

  • Kosacka

    Wow, are you trolling? “Z6 with improved camera and 820 chipset” = X Performance, in case you do not know.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Great article! I’m really looking forward to this and the idea of expanded internal memory using the SD Card is a neat feature that I can surely use!

    Now looking at the clock and tapping my fingers … waiting for that update to arrive to my Z3Compact.

  • Timel

    First time XperiaBlog has not been critical of sony

  • YuuriAyano

    I wish they launch a concept program too or the Z5 series :(

  • IStoleYourWife

    Xperia E4 user here and still no lollipop

  • riojudo


  • Can anyone share link or write something about benefits of camera api2

  • Sadman Khan

    Nearly everyone loves the xperia media apps. Even non-xperia users

  • fluxx

    I’m a Sony user, so I’m not trolling, perhaps complaining ;-)

    I know the X Performance, but I don’t think it is a worthy successor. They managed to make the X Performance actually thicker and heavier than the Z5 yet with a smaller screen, a smaller battery and the screen-to-body ration got worse. Even more important, it simply isn’t available in Europe, so it is no choice for me.

  • Raj Singh

    Cool story. What’s taking Sony Mobile so long to release 6.0?

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Below is an announcement from moderator Zingo in the M Concept group, 3. des. 2015:

    Update to Feature Requests

    As previously mentioned we look at a number of things before we implement and include a requested feature. It’s not as simple as just because something is at the top of the list of requested features, it’s the first that gets implemented.

    We have now concluded that there are a number of features we won’t be implementing in the concept software before we in the project team take a Christmas vacation. The list includes the following features;

    * RAW
    * Automatic unlock (pin code)
    * Camera API2
    * DualShock4 support
    * FM Radio
    * Ant+

    We have also concluded that we won’t add an option to enable ClearAudio. This does not mean that we won’t add support for the audio enhancement, but if we do it will be added as ‘always on’.
    We won’t add the restart option to the Power Off menu, unless we can get Google to accept having this as a developer option.

    Please Note: This statement concerns the Concept software only and not the official software. It also only applies to the period before Christmas, which have so far been the planned end date for the concept initiative. We are currently considering to extend the concept initiative. The decision for this has not been taken yet

  • GreekBoy

    WTF? After all this delay if they don’t launch productive version really soon but they launch instead a concept for Z5 then BYE BYE SONY

  • GreekBoy

    Just kick it and get a Z5 (or X…) pal

  • Ryan

    Did anyone get a minor software update on the Z5 today morning ????

  • matiiijas

    I understand you, but you need to know that most of the manufacturers don’t care about their budget phones. SONY included.

  • dkionline

    Never ever a delay, it starts from march like every year.

  • IStoleYourWife

    i got the phone for free is pretty good replacement for my galaxy s duos which also suffer that it didnt got update from 4.0 to 4.1 but at least there is unofficial cyanogenmod 11 which bring the phone back to life

  • coach

    I think you can. Check the xda forums, I saw one post for a guide to get the concept for MM + root + without losing DRM keys

  • Barely shorter in height than the Z5. Many you kids really need to properly describe your dimensions. “smaller” is relative, length, width, and height for a 3 dimensional device come on man.

    You’re not born in the USA are you?

  • Cluttered bull just like iOS and S60 and UIQ and etc etc. Nothing “modern” about it at all.

    VERY curious to see if performance degrades over time with a plethora of apps on various homescreens.

  • Hot damn!!!

  • Arch9

    There’s no Camera2API support on this firmware

  • Omarion07

    So anyone who criticises Sony mobile is a troll now!! Sony might exit mobiles in the next couple of years with its lack of vision, awful marketing and not listening to their customers. Yes it’s true X performance can’t compete with the flagship phones from Samsung LG and Xiaomi!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Dayyumm this is good news, where did you get this?
    So they will have Camera API2 enabled on MM right?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • LancerEX

    I was hoping for a more detailed explanation other than what they have stated above.. like how exactly is performance affected by using an SD card. Wow people. Would have appreciated if it the replies are inputs from real users. :(

  • LancerEX

    I see, please quote the article stating that the camera’s opening time has been reduced. Can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  • Omarion07

    What’s wrong with X performance?! Well how about the fact that the battery got smaller, bezels got bigger, no 4k video recording and fm radio, high price tag (despite the fact you can get better phones from competitors with less money like LG g5). I’m also assuming that the camera software is still mediocre and the screen colours remain washed out. Now this all can be forgiven if they price it at 599 rather than 699 euros and release a better flagship around October.

  • mountain

    To tell you the truth, out of all the phones that was released in MWC, I would much rather have a Z5 premium with MM Concept.

  • mizu

    Official Marshmallow is avalivle on following devices from NTT docomo
    Xperia Z5 SO-01H?Xperia Z5 Compact SO-02H?Xperia Z5 premium SO-03H

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Is this for real? Is it being seeded?

  • Eduardo Otero

    That’s what most users don’t understand, having in mind that every year they release their updates on March and I expect it to start last March days.

  • Joe Black

    First actually decent software from Sony. That’s probably why.

  • Joe Black

    You have to flash it yourself via Flashtool.

  • Joe Black

    Trust me, Z1 Compact is smoother and less buggy than Z5 Compact.

  • Joe Black

    I use Album and Music on an hourly basis, which is something I can’t say about Video app.
    It falls behind even the most basic video players on PlayStore.
    Won’t even mention MX Player.

  • tjtkdtjr

    That is real. What a shame…

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    When we were accepted for Concept M we were also invited to a private Google Group started by Sony.
    One of the polls we answered was which old/new features we wanted to see in the Concept, and API2 was high on the list.
    Sony have not promised us to deliver all these features, but they said they would try to implement them.
    The announcement I quoted is a list of features they were not able to add before the Concept was to be terminated before Christmas, but due to its popularity the Concept M was to be continued in 2016.

    Since Christmas vacation we have ony received one small update with Android security updates for February, hopefully Sony will give us more soon. I still miss FM-radio and Ant+ support from original software, and I would like to try API2.
    Even if a new features is included in Concept M it is not automatically added to original Sony software for Z3, but a successfull trial may help.

  • In my opinion, go for the Z5 as it is the last of the Z series. Get the legacy, forget the X series for now. ;)

  • Exactly, i was looking forward for the Z6 too. Too bad the whole line got cancelled or shelved i dont know what happened but its just bad. All going downhill.

  • Dude the guy has a point. Just when the common people started to see the Z series as real premium devices and actually wait for a newer Z every year, boom, they cancelled it. The Z was very accurately positioned in the customers’ minds and the X series would now take a couple of years for them to actually perceive it as a premium series as for now, many people have a common perception that Sony has launched a new mid range line up and just cancelled its high end line up.

  • Good thing is the Z5 just got its life extended by a full year.

  • you got a typo there, its not 2077 but 3087646. Thank you.

  • Mirandaacooper1

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  • SA

    z5p testing machine

    OTA FILE? PW?1i4z

  • Any stable Marshmallow rom for Z1?

  • jag

    5 DAYS TO GO!!!! If March 7 is true.

  • Bashar Shehab

    This is a secret circle on Gmail or something like that.. Even I don’t know how to join them, but there is someone in this circle told us these things..

    Anyway, I’ll try to look for a source.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    yeah apparently its to update your update software app…so an update for the updater if that even makes any sense

  • Bashar Shehab

    All of them : NO.

    About the thumbnails folder you mentioned, actually this folder contains a small copies of all of your photos to speed up Album app to open your photos, videos, etc..
    And it shows that it takes like 4GB of storage, but in fact, it doesn’t take anything, it’s just a fake size or something.

    Deleting it will only slow down your device everytime you open your gallery..

    Have a nice day :b

  • Bashar Shehab

    Same here, root access is my only problem in Marshmallow Concept.

  • Chetan Khairnar

    When Xperia Z1 will get Marshmallow Android update?

  • Martin Novotny

    One short question to the concept users.

    Is there any improvement regarding the reaction time of the camera?
    Starting time of camera app and also by pressing and looking a taken picture?
    This is for me the only thing which is nerving on this phone!

    Sorry for my english….i’m from Austria ;-)

  • Dion

    docomo released marshmallow so guess not

  • joe

    I have both Z1C and Z5C the only bug on my Z5C is the automatic light sensor i switch it if and there is no problem other than that it is perfect .

  • muhkuhap

    Stamina mode sucked anyway. Never used it. And Doze gave so much runtime to my Nexus 4.

  • Sadman Khan

    The Japanese Z5 series have started receiving the update starting today.

  • Sadman Khan


  • Malcolm

    I don’t get it, what is the big deal about the letter? Is the hardware in the X series radically different from Z? No. Is the design radically different from Z? No. Why is everyone so sad about not using the Z letter anymore then?

  • Dion

    Why baidu jesus now they have my information illuminati

  • bartek010


  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    this also happen to last update for xperia L. it can increase brightness but can’t reduce automatically

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    my xperia L also reach charge cycle limit. keep draining without use anything

  • Joe Black

    Officially never.

  • JonShipman

    Smaller in volume sahib

  • subm

    Mine is quite funny
    It takes 10 minutes to charge from 20-23%
    and takes 10 minutes to charge from 60-80%

  • azzido

    My favorite is MM on my Z5.

  • Ovidiu Popescu
  • Joe Black

    Notice the status bar is black in “About phone”.
    Severely doubt ‘international’ MM will look like that when it comes out.
    Japanese software was always a bit different that the other ones.
    Also, the space between status bar icons on the right is still present, doubt they overlooked that.

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    You suck. Stamina mode is the best :D

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    What delay?

  • Messup

    Xperia Z1 owner here, Just to say how lucky you are, owner of recent Xperia handsets, of getting the Marshmallow update. Xperia phones are turning into Nexus UI now :-)

  • insyt

    Looks good, but some sites are reporting that stamina mode is only coming April.

  • GreekBoy

    Delay for the delivery of Android 6 to Xperia devices! Wake up! it’s time to go to sleep

  • BlackMilk

    Glad to see, I’m not the only one who can see this. Also its overpriced alot

  • BlackMilk

    Yes! You speak my thoughts, man! No sony in 2016 for me

  • Daniel Johanzon

    Google is developing Android N then there is the question of whether we Hiner get android M to Sony before android N comes out!
    As usual, Sony is very tough to rula the update!

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    There is no delay my friend you are one who needs to wake up. Xperia devices will be updated on 7. March and in the same time as always just like the last year….

  • HAWX

    And remeber all these bug fixes, regular firmware updates and lag free system have been on cheaper neXus devices for years..

  • Margaretlarmstrong3

    “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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  • Syriana

    Sony we need one more thing!
    The ability to change the fonts style without root my xperia.. Please

  • GreekBoy

    Thanks pal, that gives me hope! 4 more days to wait…

  • GreekBoy

    Calculator and Clock are removable, interesting!

  • Andrius Mikalauskas

    I hope the gps fix will be sorted with marshmallow update as well because now sony does not acknowledge it, but apparently on lolipop gps is not working, gps test app see 20 satelites in view but no fix.. I’m so desperate for marshmallow bring it on sony asap!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Thanks a lot for the information :) Much appreciate it

  • Joyjlavigne1

    “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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  • GreekBoy

    Theoretically, hopefully also practically, Android 6 will land in my Z5 Compact in the next 27 hours…

  • GreekBoy

    16 hours…

  • Shaf Sadiyan

    It’s how the the alphabet order is. if it was X5 and they stopped it and then they moved to Z people won’t question it.since X comes before Z the people’s perception is that Sony is taking a step back. What makes things worse is that Sony had previously had Xperia devices in the X series.

  • Malcolm

    Now I guess you have to explain why it is so important to introduce a new line only from the letters further down the alphabet if it is not used as a version like in Android. Also I don’t understand what you would want to see instead. Never changing the letter? Or maybe inventing a new letter of the alphabet?

    As for having the devices, Sony Ericsson not only had devices in X, they also had devices in Z, lots of them. So when they had devices like Z1010 and Z800 before and released Z and others, that was, of course, not moving backwards, but releasing X now suddenly is. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Velexas

    Cool new PETITION asking for SONY for faster updates, SD card as internal storage and to keep the Xperia Z line!!!

  • Ricardo Bach

    I have a concern regarding the update. In Settings>Memory I can’t check my RAM in real time anymore. I have to work around to see the info I want. It is better explained here in less than one minute

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