For those on Marshmallow – STAMINA battery mode will see a return [Update]

by XB on 9th March 2016

in Android, Firmware

Sony Xperia STAMINA modeSony Mobile officially commenced the Android 6.0 Marshmallow rollout earlier in the week. One of the new native features from Marshmallow was ‘doze mode’. This power-saving feature cannot be switched on or off. It is automatically enabled once your screen is off, restricting apps access to the network and CPU-intensive tasks. However, high-priority push messages will still work.

If you’re wondering whether this sounds similar, that is because Sony’s STAMINA battery mode has done something broadly similar. STAMINA mode was first introduced around three years ago on Sony Xperia devices, restricting the background activities of most apps once the feature was enabled. More recently, Sony introduced Ultra STAMINA mode, which more aggressively restricts the phone use when the screen is off, leaving you access to a few basis features such as phone and messaging.

However, Sony’s STAMINA mode is not included in the latest Xperia Marshmallow firmware, perhaps not a surprise given the similarity with Doze mode. We have had many people getting in touch asking us whether we will see it return. Well according to Sony Japan’s recent Marshmallow changelog, STAMINA mode is expected to return in a new software update due in late April 2016.

We don’t know how Sony will differentiate STAMINA mode against Google’s Doze mode that is integrated into the software, but we’re keen to find out. Would you like to see STAMINA mode return? Or is Doze mode working well for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: We have just seen the following notice in the Xperia Beta program, which clouds whether we will see STAMINA return in a later Marshmallow update:


The Marshmallow version of Android has its own smart solution for managing power consumption (Doze and App Standby). These functions are integrated directly into Android 6.0, which made Stamina mode redundant. In other words, Stamina mode was removed from M.

  • William Tavares

    Doze and STAMINA are about the same, don’t know why so much butthurt.

  • Kristo

    1) Scroll down from top
    2) Hold the settings button in top right corner – release after a few seconds
    3) Go to System UI Tuner in settings (bottom)
    4) Quick Settings
    5) Add shortcut

    You can see the STAMINA Mode shortcut there. I assumed it would return eventually because of that.

  • Abhinav Singh

    Want it back

  • asgaro

    Doze only kicks in when the device has been stationary for a while. STAMINA, on the other hand, kicks in the moment you turn the screen off. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)
    I would really like to see STAMINA returning.
    On the other hand, with Greenify you can enable Aggressive Doze so DOze will kick a lot faster compared to the default implementation. So if STAMINA never returns, at least we have Greenify.

  • xAntifreeZe

    Call me greedy, but I want both!

  • rbnbvb

    I’d like to see again ULTRA Stamina Mode especially, it’s really nice feature when I can’t charge my battery

  • Jonathan Leong

    If doze offers the same level of customization as stamina mode then there’s no point.

    I am a big fan of it though. I would trust Sony more to optimize for each specific device vs generic optimizations by the OS.

    Also, stamina mode is a nod the vaio sz and z series hybrid graphics and IMHO sounds cooler than doze mode.

  • William Tavares

    STAMINA is reduntant now, deal with that.
    Greenify is really useful for root users only, given the majority of users doesn’t root their devices.
    Doze is more pratical, it’s already there working, you don’t need to activate any switch or create rules for it to save you battery life.

  • Dominic81

    It’s a little bit to early maybe, but so far I feel Stamina Mode did a better job than Doze

  • CerberusSco

    I much prefer Sony’s Stamina Mode if I’m being honest!

  • Stamina is always better to me

  • christere

    Yeah, ’cause the name of it really matter.

  • Matt

    Doze do have its upside, but in this scenario I would prefer stamina mode.

    Especially ultra stamina. It saved my ass a couple times

  • William Tavares

    Ultra stamina is indeed a valid point!

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I dont see anything doze does
    My z5 is hot as hell
    Please sony implement stamina mode
    Not using a nexus phone
    So far the update is just okay
    Lags cuz of the heat ill leave it to settle in first

  • Ray Robinson

    I agree with you

  • Ray Robinson

    Definitely it the best battery app ever

  • Dion

    Mine too I was being chased by a dinosaur then I went under a car with 6% and called the police.

  • spwx

    It is not redundant if it works better… besides, Ultra Stamina mode is something completely different.

  • Jonathan Leong

    Just my opinion. No need to troll.

  • Shorinryu

    Agreed that there is a lot of overlap between Doze and STAMINA mode. However the best approach wouldn’t be to necessarily have two competing systems. If there was some way for Sony to be able to modify Doze in order to add the on demand features of STAMINA mode, that would be best. It would make it efficient and easier to manage.

    Right now a lot of people are not seeing the benefit of Doze because the average user does not understand the impact of apps and wakelocks. If something is preventing the phone from entering sleep then Doze AND STAMINA mode are both useless. Some games and apps are notorious for giving me warnings on my Xperia Z3 that STAMINA mode is unable to function. Likewise on my LG G4 I get battery drain warnings that with the screen off apps are causing excessive drain. As a result I have reverted to having Greenify on both handsets to force close those non-essential apps as a way to override their auto-start features. Now STAMINA on my Z3 and Doze on my G4 works perfectly fine.

  • Shorinryu

    Currently Doze cannot be controlled like STAMINA mode can be, although it serves to carry out the same function.

  • iia3ezu

    Doze = Light Stamina
    Ultra Stamina

    Or we may never see Stamina again, the features get into Doze in a later update. Sony may have to rebrand Stamina Mode like it did with Walkman and Socialife.

    You may want to petition Google in the upcoming I/O developer conference, who knows, your suggestions might make it to Android N.

    For a battery-saving feature, the ‘Stamina’ naming scheme sucks anyway. Definitely thought up by some Jap person.

  • iia3ezu

    When there’s too much feature overlap, either one will eventually be killed off. It’s just like MSN Messenger and Skype.

  • Shorinryu

    Which is why I suggested that Sony add features to Doze as a way of merging the two instead of keeping two separate yet similar systems.

  • Kevin Pang

    I am really curious how Sony will implement STAMINA into Marshmallow in combination with Doze. Since Doze cannot be removed I cannot imagine what kind of job STAMINA can take over without interfering with it. It would be redundant to have two times Doze/Stamina, so somehow Sony needs to do something to not make function redundantly.

  • Zain Abdullah

    no one is talking about sd card adoptable storage feature skipped in marshmallow i thought its shame for sony

  • Marinko Agic

    STAMINA mode is shit.

  • raju

    Yes maybe Google copy from Xperia stamina =doze

  • 3_nity

    Please bring back my fav fitur on my Xperia, STAMINA MODE.

  • Kunal Shukla

    it will be basically be a on/off switch for doze mode i suppose

  • 3_nity

    Just because you don’t know how to use it. ;)

  • 3_nity

    Yeah, actually.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Yep…agreed. I’ll be out on hiking/trekking/boating out in the wild in April and again in May for about several days each time without any access to power source. Although I can bring a powerbank to charge my Xperia, I find the ULTRA Stamina feature to be really helpful to prolong the battery and limit it’s feature to calling/texting to keep in touch with family/friends. I doubt Doze will extend its power that long in a single charge.

    I’m not a social media addict like others out there, I can wait and send out all my selfies and tweets when I’m back in the city. :-)

  • raju

    Wait for next update

  • raju

    Eveyone copy from Sony Xperia even Google also

  • adwqqqqq

    Here is how it look

  • czerikcum

    Late april guys. So yea, June it is.

  • czerikcum

    It’s the shit. ;)

  • 3_nity


  • asgaro

    Those warnings from STAMINA are actually really useful. They for example tell me when Runkeeper is still running in the background by mistake after a run.

  • Shorinryu

    Yes they are. I am just saying that because those warnings don’t always show up especially with Doze that people are complaining it doesn’t work. A little effort is required from the user. Software can’t read their mind yet ;)

  • Nurlan

    Stamina Mod Stamina Mod Stamina Mod

  • kabforks

    In Android N, revealed right now, Doze will save battery when the screen is off(!!!). See official Android Blog:

  • Bashar Shehab

    Idk what do you mean by that, but Sony keeps it’s promise. Sony said MM update will arrive in 7 March and it did, same with last year and before, so you’re just talking nonsense

  • kabforks

    Straight from Google: “Android 6.0 introduced Doze, a system mode that saves battery by deferring apps’ CPU and network activities when the device is idle, such as when it’s sitting on a table or in a drawer.

    Now in Android N, Doze takes a step further and saves battery while on the go. Any time the screen is off for a period of time and the device is unplugged, Doze applies a subset of the familiar CPU and network restrictions to apps. This means users can save battery even when carrying their devices in their pockets.

    A short time after the screen turns off while the device is on battery, Doze restricts network access and defers jobs and syncs. During brief maintenance windows, applications are allowed network access and any of their deferred jobs/syncs are executed. Turning the screen on or plugging in the device brings the device out of Doze.

    When the device is stationary again, with screen off and on battery for a period of time, Doze applies the full CPU and network restrictions on PowerManager.WakeLock, AlarmManager alarms, and GPS/Wi-Fi scans.”

  • mrninko

    At least ultra stamina would be fine

  • Musharab

    SONY killed my favorite Z Series, The Way they are working I think One day they will kill XPERIA also . . . !!

    1. Sony Should Shift to AMOLED
    2. Make Bigger & Efficient Battery
    3. Camera Algorithm is Poor
    4. SONY is Lacking Innovation

    Hope They Survive….!!

  • Norbert R (nrt1234)

    Marshmallow will be for the Xperia T3? For almost a year, there was no update :(

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Google should give people to choose weather want to turn Doze on or off…
    In case there are something important and we need to use the network while
    screen off to receive notifications etc…

    That’s why Stamina Mode was perfect… But Sony should bring the “ULTRA” Stamina Mode at least…

    If I didn’t wrong…

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    Amoled? Please no!

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Optimize Doze
    Keep Ultra Stamina
    Show how much power saved by Doze/display icon or something…

  • Ye Olde Vadge

    Even without Stamina my battery is insanely good. All day listening to Spotify + pretty intense 4G use when nobody was watching (political news today was rather interesting) = 53% battery left on my way home from work. On Z3C I’d have 18%. On Z5C pre-Marshmallow… I had a charger with me.

  • Snorky112

    no AMOLED you fool

  • Omarion07

    Oh please yes! It has deeper blacks and more power efficient than LCDs

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    I hope no.
    I hate amoled display!

  • FYLegend21

    can’t wait to see the on-screen buttons burn in!

  • zetoze

    My fingerprint doesn’t always unlock the phone. If its the first time it does, but if i lock it and try to unlock it 5 seconds later it forces me to enter the pin. Anyone knows how to fix this?

  • Jonathan Leong

    That’s good to know.

  • Velexas

    PETITION asking SONY the return of STAMINA mode, faster updates, SD card as internal storage and to keep the Xperia Z line!!!

  • Husam

    Totally agree with you…
    they should bring stamina mode back. and they also should bring back the “do not disturb mode” from Lollipop… the one in marshmallow is stupid!

  • Eser KELLECI

    most important feature of sony xperia z5 is ultra stamina mode which reason i bought xperia z5. And sony removed the feature with MM!!! i want it back!!

  • Stefanus Paulus

    Why? I mean I’m happy to get update but why force them to be faster?

  • Dioq8i

    people… dont worry Doze Mode is just like Stamina Mode .. i used it on The Nexus 6p and i was a Sony User

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    more money for manufacturer

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  • true

  • Velexas

    Well, if you’re happy to get features removed, that’s ok. No one is forcing you anything.

  • Velexas

    Sign this petition to get ULTRA STAMINA back!

  • Velexas

    Sign this petition to help SONY wake up and rise again!

  • Velexas

    Sign this petition to get adoptable storage in the next update!

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  • Omarion07

    I have an S6 Edge and never had burn problems!

  • Jinx13

    I never liked stamina anyway so Doze is fine by me

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  • Honestly, I never use Stamina Mode, but if people like it and want it, Sony should make it available. I do like the idea of Ultra Stamina, i.e. leaving only basic functions available, as I can see how it would be useful in emergency situations where it’s important to preserve battery as much as possible, but otherwise as a daily driver, I don’t bother switching back and forth Normal and Stamina. It should be a no-brainer (and yet it isn’t) that a phone should be designed to last at least a full day or more with heavy use without the need for battery-saving strategies.

  • Soon Teck Tey

    I always travel,and with stamina mode,I can control my phone battery usage, charge one time can use up to 3 days. I love it…hopefully stamina mode return!

  • armando travia

    absolutely want her stamina. I bought one z5 four days and as long as I had lollipop and stamina was happy .. the battery for my work quietly lasted until evening unfortunately no .. .. now coming up at four in the afternoon ..

  • Mats John Carlo Mateo

    Yes, I would like stamina mode from Sony Xperia back, it does not only show you of the estimated time your phone battery can offer but what I like the most is giving me the ability to select the modes of saving battery life. More notably the ultra stamina mode.

    If Sony brings it back I just hope it adds up the ability to save more juice on my battery life and enhance my device performance choices.

  • Venkata Krishna Prasad Kollapa

    After installation of M, power consumption of my phone has increase drastically.
    Before in stamina mode it was very very good.Hope Sony gives that solution back..

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Who is this one? Bring up an innovative idea since ur a fan
    Since you think bigger battery helps prolonged battery life

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Lol his sick

  • Imran

    For me, Doze is not working well. I would prefer Sony to return Ultra Stamina Mode. Ultra Stamina was an excellent feature in emergencies when battery charging is not available and it restarts the phone thus blocking all the apps at boot level and entering the phone in a basic mode (like old phone features). So I guess Sony must consider retaining it’s customers by providing Features that Xperia range has been well known for.

  • Max Danger

    At 8:51 on you can clearly see a message saying activate STAMINA mode on the X Performance running MM So STAMINA mode will return…?

  • Papa Tango

    Bring it back I say. Better to have the control over what has access when the screen is off. Have noticed a big drop in battery performance on z5 compact.

  • Mahmoud Mokhtar

    ( Personalization Motion control ) i want it back in the new update (Smart call handling)

  • Abdou Zaouia

    I just switched to Marshmallow yesterday, and i would say that there is no better than the two Stamina’s mode (Utra and the normal one), by the way i can’t see the Doze mode, is it included in the system ? Or should i download it from google play?
    So, i can’t control it like stamina. Just bring back the Stamina mode in a new version of android M later.As soon As possible please. #StaminaBack

  • Erfan Hosseini

    I have been working with Xperia phones from gingerbread to marshmallow for 6 years now and every time google introduces something new that works along with android,for us it’s a nightmare,the struggle you will always face is “How can I remove this sh*t?!” I even have a “google’s bull sh*ts” folder in my app drawer that I keep google+,photos,newsstand and stuff like that in it,because none of them are perfect!I mean look at this “Doze mode”,it does whatever “Stamina mode” does but you can’t turn it on/off :|

  • Rahul Kumar

    Stamina Mode Please…It Helps Me Alot To Save Battery And Thank You So Much Xperia Blog For Giving Every Update On Sony Mobiles

  • AllanKafka

    It has no on-screen buttons indeed ;)

  • Eric Jay

    Stamina Mode is a must for me.

  • Audrey L. Holloway

    Well, I can’t really have an opinion on the similiarities or differences between Doze and Stamina (as they seem to be very similar), but doze is absolutely nothing similar to Ultra STAMINA – I just upgraded one of my Z5 handsets to 6.0 (Vodafone@UK) and I am so hugely disappointed – I just lost THE feature I need so much – this phone was on standby (in ultra STAMINA, as I only needed to place and answer phonecalls and texts) entire last week, 7 days, and the battery was still on 66%.
    I miss it so much :(
    I hope it will eventually get to the UK.

  • Tidy Boy

    Doze mode is absolutely terrible I’m getting less than a day on my Z5P which with stamina mode I was getting two days battery medium usage,if doze mode is on par with stamina mode from what I’ve been reading why change it? Their is an all familiar saying “IF IT ISN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!” I myself for one won’t be buying another Sony phone again I will be moving over to the Samsung S7 as I find Sony take way to long to get their updates out which I find very disappointing compared to Samsung who get their updates out alot quicker than Sony ever has done.

  • Adam s

    When I bought my xperia z3+ dual ultra stamina mode was one of the major factor for purchase. I travel a lot and needed dual sim with long battery life when abroad. Now it is disaster. Consider change phone now.

  • Mallika Chandra

    After the marshmallow update on my Xperia Z3+, the battery is draining. In standby mode, battery is getting reduced by 1% every 3-4 minutes. Now my phone gets fully discharged every 2 hours. :(

    Pathetic experience of Sony Xperia Z3+ after this OS update :(

  • P -Corp.

    I hereby demand Stamina Mode be reinstated at once with its original functionality. I found its “would be” replacement “Battery Saver” to be inferior on account of several reasons, mainly:
    1. battery drains faster than with Stamina
    2. it dims the screen brightness
    3. it fills the notification area with the useless “Battery Saver is on/Turn off the Battery saver” notification which is impossible to remove and a constant nuisance.

    And yeah, it’s my opinion applicable to my phone. I don’t expect to be right for all the Sony phones in the world nor do I need to.
    I don’t care if doze mode or battery saver or whatever other google stuff is maintained on the menu. I want the Stamina Mode back, thank you.

    If there are other users sharing my opinion, please express yourselves as loud and often as you can, Sony is trying to get away with scrapping Stamina, ruining its competitive edge in the process, and will maintain its suicidal course without proper customer feedback. Godspeed!

  • Can?m Türkiyem

    stamina mode to return PLEASE . since 6.0 where stamina is gone . is my battery times half a day showel ( sony z5 premium dual)

  • Jervin Velasquez

    STAMINA is lot lot lot BETTER than Doze mode! Using the old OS (Lollipop) with Stamina mode, my battery can last up to 15 hours or more without turning my mobile data off. I just turn my mobile data off if I want to use it for a longer period of time. I don’t have to bring my power bank. But with the new OS (Marshmallow), my phone last only for 9 hours! I don’t even feel that Doze mode is working because my phone’s battery percentage keeps on decreasing faster comparing to Stamina mode is on. I just hope that Sony will work to bring back Stamina mode and Ultra Stamina mode.

  • James Shaw

    i would love stamina mode back plz i loved it did have to charge my phone for 3-4 days now without it im battery (while using it the same amount of time and the same apps etc) battery doesn’t last nearly as much even when the screen is locked please bring it back

  • JulienFritsch

    Since I upgraded the battery life is indeed very poor. Has anybody found a good workaround ?

    – Stopping the WiFi ?
    – Avoiding the WiFi to stay awake ?
    – Battery save mode all the time ? How to remove the notification by the way ?
    – Additional software ?
    – Is there any good thread dedicated to this issue where users discuss solutions ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Paul Graves

    My z5 battery is worse on android 6.0 than on 5.1.1 …..stamina mode is far better than doze!

  • Stamina mode should be back. Battery life has reduced significantly after update to marshmallow,even after battery saver mode on.

  • Nicolas Vaiman

    Guys don’t panic if you upgraded your phone to Marshmalow and you don’t like it you can easily downgrade it back to lolipop. I took me a couple hours although I was a total novice in android system and Firmware. I have a SonySperia Z5 compact but it work for any Sony device (or even androïd device). I’ll try to be a synthetic as possible.
    First you need to download the last version of Flashtool ( and then click flashtool.exe
    Once it’s done you need to download the Firmware, i.e the version of androïd you want for YOUR particular device). For example if you need to downgrade your Xperia Z5 compact to lolipop you’re loking for ‘Xperia Z5 Firmware lolipop 5.1.1’ ( Download it (the file is a .ftf and shloud be around 2GB).
    The .ftf you donwloaded must be put into a specif file of Flashtool ; C:Users%userprofile%.flashToolfirmwares
    Once you’ve done it follow the few steps in this guide : (French version but you can easily follow the steps)
    or (English version–> skip all the first part because you already have the .ftf and go straight to “Now that the FTF firmware file has been created, you need to flash your
    Sony Xperia device. Click on the lightning bolt in the top left of
    Flashtool to “Flash device”.”.

    There are a few other things to do I really advice you to read the entire guide (see “preparations part” but for real you can do it)

  • Nicolas Vaiman

    Guys don’t panic if you upgraded your phone to Marshmalow and you don’t like it you can easily downgrade it back to lolipop. I took me a couple hours although I was a total novice in android system and Firmware. I have a SonySperia Z5 compact but it work for any Sony device (or even androïd device). I’ll try to be a synthetic as possible.
    First you need to download the last version of Flashtool (… and then click flashtool.exe. Once it’s done you need to download the Firmware, i.e the version of androïd you want for YOUR particular device). For example if you need to
    downgrade your Xperia Z5 compact to lolipop you’re loking for ‘Xperia Z5 Firmware lolipop 5.1.1’ (…. Download it (the file is a .ftf and shloud be around 2GB). The .ftf you donwloaded must be put into a specif file of Flashtool ; C:Users%userprofile%.flashToolfirmwares
    Once you’ve done it follow the few steps in this guide :… (French version but you can easily follow the steps, skip to ” Flasher le firmware !”) or… (English version–> skip all the first part because you already have the .ftf and go straight to “Now that the FTF firmware file has been created, you need to flash your Sony Xperia device. Click on the
    lightning bolt in the top left of Flashtool to “Flash device”.”.

    Thereare a few other things to do such as preparing your phone (see ‘preparations’ in the english guide) and also allowed your computer to upgrade drivers as well as download them (see in the french guide “Résolution des problèmes fréquents !”).

    My phone is back to lolipop and works perfectly fine. Good luck and don’t hesistate to ask
    me any questions, i’ll be around for one week.

  • fahmyemye

    I miss stamina mode, please return that feature. I think doze doesn’t work as good as Sony Stamina Mode because stamina mode WAY better than that new thing

  • Nexus Venturi

    I might actually flash back to lollipop to get stamina back. I can understand why they felt they could kill it, saves money in development.

    However doze is nowhere near equivalent to stamina mode. Stamina simply shut everything down when screen off, rather than periodic wakes that doze does or waking when phone is moving. Stamina also let you specify apps that stay awake.

    Doze is a simplistic version of stamina and doesn’t offer the battery saving of stamina nor the flexibility.

  • Nexus Venturi

    Unfortunately we won’t get n until 2017

  • adrian popescu

    We want the stamina mode.was the best battery phone with it

  • Imran Malik

    Updated my z3+ to marshmallow last week and its hell now. Wifi gets disconnected in sleep mode. Although i set it to always keep on during sleep.
    Tried battery optimization but still same problem.
    Contacted sony and they informed about Doze mode which cannot be turned off.
    Shouldn’t update if u need wifi on during sleep.
    Hoping for an early update from sony to resolve thia issue.

  • Johnny Teng

    totally agree

  • Johnny Teng

    my phone’s battery die super fast after i updated i miss stamina mode

  • Jacob

    Need stamina mode back this doze sucks and you can’t customise it

  • Djfe

    It’s not possible in stock sadly, but you can use the root app naptime to just that ;)

  • Prashant Wadekar

    Sony Stamina Mode was more effective and user friendly bring it back. And congratulations for sim card management improvement…

  • Fred Henk

    I cant wait for stamina mode to be brought back. I am always moving. Running walking etc. Doze wont work for my needs since phone is never sitting still. I need the ultra stamina mode.

  • BAMM

    I just recently updated to M on my Z3 (literally an hour ago), so I can’t really a test to “Doze” mode’s effectiveness, however, even if it was just as effective as “Stamina” mode, there should still be a tab in Settings to adjust and optimize it for each user. After all, from what I could deduce in Google’s description of its algorithm for determining when to dial back app usage, it could differ from user to user. Definitely wish there was some customization like with Stamina mode…

  • But where is the Ultra Stamina Mode? That was the coolest thing on the Z2! Although a little buggy, it allowed me to hike for days with recharging.

  • Kingsley George

    BRING BACK STAMINA. One reason I left Samsung for Sony was the Stamina Mode; VERY costumisable….I won’t repeat what others had said…

  • Derek Daniels

    I enjoyed turning on stamina mode, preserving the battery when I’m not using the phone ; but furthermore when I use the phone to. Without it Xperia is just like Samsung’s, or iphone’s flagship phones. I chose song’s Xperia as my first smartphone, the best smartphone! Dontnormalize it to match the rest, I loved it because it is different!

  • Derek Daniels

    I feel like it just lost the ability to last for 2 days…

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  • Mark Walker

    With doze I’m having to charge my Z5 compact daily where as I could go for 2 days using Stamina

  • Ibtisam Hameed

    I went through system UI tuner and there’s an option to add stamina mode over there. But the icon doesn’t appear when you leave settings. The same thing kept occurring for the inverse color icon, until I went to accessibility and used it once. After that I could use it from quick settings. Wish there was some way I could do enable stamina mode too

  • Adel Megahed

    Yes I defiantly want the STAMINA mode to come back. Its very important and effective I dont know why they did such thing. It was like a really good and unique option in the mobile compared to others.

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  • Naowrishwaran.k.s

    ‘ultra stamina mode’ it sounds great, ‘doze’ is not as efficiently saving juice as the ustamina mode. It’ll be great if stamina and ultra stamina modes return.

  • tongaw tambaloslos

    I have here my sony xperia z5 premium marshmallow and there is no power management in it.Is my sony xperia Z5 premium a fake one?can someone comment pls

  • sumol


  • sumol


  • sumol

    i agree with you

  • sumol


  • sumol

    true. People are struggling with

    battery life are ignoring rest

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  • Imran Khan

    I need stamina mode back, and also black clock

  • Kathleen Ann A Borja

    My z5 in marshmallow still loses battery even if I don’t use it. Like when I sleep. Before I go to bed it’s 80% then when I woke up it became 76%. Is this normal or not?

  • Gaute T Singstad

    Stamina should be back, and even more important, the Ultra Stamina Mode!

  • Diana

    Stamina mode back.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SouthernDave

    Cannot find that Doze does the “dumb” phone mode that Stamina offered. The ability to basically shut the phone down to all but calls and texts was invaluable for long periods of time when power is unavailable. I do a good bit of camping, canoeing and hiking. This feature was a prime factor in going with Sony.

  • ThommiVoDerBreo

    If it says 8 hrs left with 85% charge it isn’t even faintly equivalent

  • Bradon Marie-Jeanne

    Please bring back the stamina mode! If doing an update includes removing the best features from my phone just doesn’t make any sense to me to be honest!
    I’ll just call the Marshmallow a stupid downgrade instead..

  • Alfred rigi

    I definitely would ike to see STAMINA mode return!!
    The flexibility of deciding when to activate the feature or at which percentage it automatically starts is very handy!
    Especially when you anticipate a prolonged power outage hence a depleted power bank reserve.
    [several devices relaying on the same bank]

  • Magnus Jälmbrant

    “These functions are integrated directly into Android 6.0, which made Stamina mode redundant” That is totally untrue. The powersaving functions built into Andriod 6.0 doesn’t even come close the Ultra Stamina mode wich was a great function when spending time outdoors without access to electricity to charge the phone for days.
    Even the Stamina mode was actually better with more control from the user perspective.

    SONY please bring back the Stamina modes on our Sony phones.

  • Mikael Salén

    I hate doze give me back The stamina mode
    Or The choise to select witch to use
    Sens i got The doze uppdate my battery Berli lasts a workday IF I want The battery to lasts a workday i have too switch of the The surfing network manualy
    So plz give me back The stamina mode

  • Fithian

    My battery drained to 5% within 6 hours after ‘upgrading’
    Usually lasts two days because I don;t use the phone much. Hope they fix that.

  • Dissappointed in new M6

    Sorry but I have just gone on to 6M. My total battery time is less than one THIRD less than 5. I have tried everything but where I could use my telephone at least 36 hours I do not have 12 left? Previously I could put it our manually. Now only when 15% of battery power is left. Cannot do more. I have the idea that google is restricting this because they keep tracking with what you do and you cannot controle your own phone. I am VERY sorry I changed an will advise people NOT to make the step to M6!

  • Vikas Meshram

    I agree

  • Peter Enis 69

    I want the ULTRA STAMINA MODE back…

  • Ana

    Bring back!
    My battery is dying so fast with the M! I use to love my Z3C because of it’s battery life. Now it’s not that good.
    Bring back, Sony!

  • Brian Willian

    same happens to me..

  • Jelle

    I want the shortcut to batterysave mode back. And also Ultra-Stamina mode was very handy. To enable a battery save mode, you now have to go all the way through your settings…

    I want Stamina and Ultra Stamina mode back!

  • Calin Antonescu

    My phone battery drains very quickly with Doze, which doesn’t seem to be effective at all.

  • Jim Jimaras

    Stamina mode was better on my z5 premium my games are slow and I have set them not to be on battery optimization

  • Alex Z.

    After upgrading to marshmallow all I can say after few days that it load pages much slower and it?s very disappointing. I expected better not lower performance. Battery life is also bad, my phone never goes to deep sleep and Android system is the main reason for keeping the phone awake all the time.don?t know what to turn off anymore to make it go to deep sleep. First night after flashing 6.0.1 it was so promising, I checked my battery and it was in deep sleep all the night, I was very glad that I finally solved that issue from 5.1.1 and the next day it started to eat my battery again. I remember when I bought it with 4.x.x Android, battery life was so good. The biggest consumption was from screen and now it is Android system, wtf??? Loading pages takes sometimes over 30 sec??? I think I?ll go back to 4.x.x :(.

  • Ananya Chakravorty

    I have noticed that without the stamina mode,my phone hardly lasts for a day these days. So definately Sony’s stamina mode was something else. It was tailor made for Sony phones and was not a common whole Google ecosystem thing.No wonder my Xperia Z2 always lasted for like 2 days with it on. Would like to see Sony bring it back.


    Where the hell is the 4k widget ?

  • Frank Douglas

    Marshmallow is pissing me off so far. I hate not being able to turn STAMINA on/off, because I feel like “Doze” is potentially screwing up background functions I may want running w/ my screen off. In addition, my Bluetooth connectivity got noticeably worse upon updating. Also the voice-to-text has gotten worse(if that was possible)… will type what I say during first attempt, then immediately erase it all! I now miss Lollipop and even KitKat…..hate having glitchy software forced upon me when almost everything used to be peaches n’ cream w/ my Z3 Compact

  • Cengineer

    We want Ultra Stamina Back!! I remember sometimes that I used my phone for a week when battery comes under %30s. Why they removed Stamina and Ultra Stamina modes, I really didn’t get it. That features are the biggest differences between other Brands and Sony Xperia.

    We want Ultra Stamina back!!

  • Squalou Jenkins

    Update has just unrolled here (Fr) on z3 compact. stamina still missing …and really, I miss it.

    Stamina options + widget were nice and helpful.

    ‘Doze’, on the other hand, is not working as well, and provide no user experience.

    There’s a hidden ‘battery saver’ option .. that gets turned off anytime you charge the phone, never to get back on after.

    All in all : without stamina my phone is a crap. Waiting to get it back.

  • Sedman

    This is really really annoying. I purchased a Sony Z3 compact specifically because of the Ultra Stamina mode, that enabled me to get up to 15 days of battery life, and now the feature is gone, even with the latest update. I may as well have brought a Samsung, now there is no differentiation between Android phones! Where do we go to complain about this to Sony?

  • John Bradley

    Where do you go to see doze mode on the phone and it would be best if the user has an option to set it to there liking cause you giving us something we or I can not see and adjust

  • sonu sah

    no the battery backup become headche for me without stamina option the phone is worst

  • Eduardo S.

    I really hope to see stamina come back. Doze doesn’t work as good as stamina. I used to go a full day without charging my phone (or even more). Now I need to charge it twice a day! Also ultra stamina was a wonderful option to have. Really they need to bring it back. Please!

  • rahul

    plzz help my xperia z3 is draing battery so fast

  • Flo

    Before the software update and the loss of Stamina modes, my phone battery could last for 2 days. Now, it barely passes the 24 hours and even manage to empty itself of battery on Battery Saver mode overnight from 30% to 0…
    I really hope Stamina mode comes back as my Z3 battery life is no longer as good and altogether, less worth my original purchase…
    Where can we write to request it back?

  • Martin Georgiev

    why they removed the regime stamina . The current saving is terrible not like stamina want to return

  • Ben Williams

    Since the 6.0.1 upgrade, my Z3 is having major issues with stamina.
    Every time I unlock my phone, i have to close all apps and reopen them or they just don’t work.
    This is annoying as I’ve been missing emails and other notifications.

    Anyone else having this problem? I can’t find anything online about this particular issue?

  • smut1

    just got marshmallow downgrade now i cant attach a photo to an sms .i just get an error message telling me the messaging app has stopped. are these apps acually tested or was the 12 month wait just incompetence on by sony.i will bet on incompetence because sending a photo is a pretty basic function on any mobile device let alone one described as flagship

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