Software Update app now houses latest application releases

by XB on 9th March 2016

in Applications

Sony Software update 3.1.2.A.0.8_2Sony Mobile updated its “Software Update” application last week to build number 3.1.2.A.0.8. The app is found in ‘Settings > About phone’ and has previously been used to notify you about the latest firmware releases for your phone. However, this new release now includes a list of Sony apps that have updates available.

It includes a list of updates to the same Sony apps as found in the “What’s New” application. For now, it appears that you can update applications in either app, although the “Software Update” app does not allow you to hide updates like the “What’s New” app does. Therefore, you’ll notice the Amazon app in the screenshots below, whereas we have hidden it within “What’s New”. We imagine this ‘hide’ feature will be added to a future update.

Update: Sony has said that it will soon remove the need to install the Amazon app as a forced update. See the statement below.

You may have received a notification to download the Amazon Shopping app as a software update. The app should not be pushed as a software update and we are working to remove it from the Software update page.

DOWNLOAD APK: Sony Software Update (3.1.2.A.0.8)

Sony Software update 3.1.2.A.0.8_1 Sony Software update 3.1.2.A.0.8_2

Sony Software update 3.1.2.A.0.8_3

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Arian Hajiakbar

    so whats new not useful anymore, unless someone needs to get app suggestions

  • Norbert R (nrt1234)

    Marshmallow will be for the Xperia T3? For almost a year, there was no update :(

  • Eduardo Otero

    No, there won’t be MM for T3, check official Snoy blog:

  • pi4a7a

    Is this only for M or for L too ?

  • Melvin Mejia

    Hello guys anybody knows how I get Lollipop 5.1 on XPERIA Z1 I didn’t get the Update and on SONY XPERIA PC Companion says my phone has the latest software available but isn’t true XPERIA Z1 can be upgradable to 5.1 any suggestions?

  • iia3ezu

    Another worthless update. Notifications for available updates of Sony crap apps are already found on Google Play.

    And how much did Amazon pay you to get you to force it’s app on us? I know the Sony Mobile division is desperate for money, but this is too much.

  • pi4a7a

    Use Flashtool and flash the latest.

  • Geese Howard

    Dude, companies pay each other money for this kind of shit you called force app. FB use to be a so-called ‘force app’ on the Xperia devices. It’s nothing personal, just business. You don’t like it, then leave it – no need to get so uptight over something so trivial. Makes your blood pressure go up if you get so worked up over every little thing, my 2 cents to you :)

  • ???? ???????
  • Melvin Mejia

    Thanks bro

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