Music Beta update (9.1.6.A.1.1beta) brings new icon and removes SensMe

by XB on 10th March 2016

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New Music app iconSony Mobile has updated the Music app to version 9.1.6.A.1.1beta. This is a big-fix update which fixes art-related issues within notifications, widgets and lock-screen that occurred in the last update (9.1.6.A.1.0beta). The last update brought about a new launcher icon and updated colours. However, it also removed SensMe. It is worth noting that given the change in databases, when updating to this version, your album/artist art will be removed.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.1.6.A.1.1beta)

Music 9.1.6.A.1.1beta_1 Music 9.1.6.A.1.1beta_2

  • Marinko Agic

    They are stupid update!Why they dont make better sound quality?A louder sound,clean sound?

  • Denis Deny Jamny

    I have to say, that the new colors and icon look better. Tho not very much has changed.

  • But i love sens me :(

  • Brick

    The sound is perfect, buy better headphones or listen to high quality mp3 or flac please.

  • Brick

    This is the same version that’s on the marshmallow beta on z3.

  • P9

    sensme is nice though
    or it’s gonna come back soon as well?

  • Utsav Shah

    music app has nothing to do with the loudness. it’s depended on the overall software.

  • jag

    why remove senseme??????? That is one good thing about the music player!! They are really going away with the Walkman thing now. Argh!

  • jag

    I miss the good old SE days where the speaker is so good and loud. Now the waterproofing is making the speakers like muffled or something.

  • Alvin

    But the waterproofing can make you listen to music while you’re showering right? Lol:D

  • Adrian M

    flac works since years

  • jag

    Well can’t argue anymore! Waterproofing in these phones do really have great advantages. haha

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Beautiful update although, I miss senseme
    Then again updating album art option is gone
    Cant find it
    Very smooth and nice

  • iia3ezu

    Sensme? Good riddance to Sony proprietary crap.

  • just curiosity: I now do my digital copies of my CDs in FLAC quality. does this drain more battery when listening on the phone? maybe you know! thanks

  • Matt

    What? I don’t even know. How to activate sense me.. . Or what is it

  • Matt

    No, the files will just take up more space.

    Also flac will be useless if you are using it with the standard earphones that you got out of the box

  • Matt

    Do you men hardware?

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Sense Me is inside the playlist…
    It auto recognize the musics genre inside your phone and put it inside the playlist as : Daytime, Morning, Night, Midnight, Energetic, Upbeat, Relax, Lounge, Mellow, Emotional, Dance & Extreme…

    It’s very useful if u want to play music according to genre or the time u want… But u need to download the music info using the apps first…

    I love it… I used it in Sony EWZ MP4 Player last time…

    Ps: sorry about my grammar mistake

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Wtf is going on why keep on removing features??==

  • yeah, the space is an argument :) i still use my “old” walkman-files (AAC), approx. 2MB of size… :D i listen mainly with big headphones and sonys bluetooth box SX33. I’m an audiophile hehe. thx man

  • Omarion07

    No its not… Look at the sound comparison between z5 and s6/iPhone 6/nexus 6p on gsmarena and you’ll know Sony phones are not perfect yet

  • Matt

    thanks for the info man ! :D

  • jag

    You should use FLAC or atleast 320kbps mp3 files! You will definitely hear the difference.

  • sure, I already hear the benefits when listening to my FLACs. before I listened to 192kbps, then a short period 320kbps but with my new SHDD and SD card I will finally upgrade my music to (almost) perfection :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Or just use poweramp instead :D works better for me when listening to music with headphones :)

  • Shorinryu

    FLAC can be just as small as mp3 files if you use a high level of compression. Most people don’t customise the codec or software they use appropriately to have smaller files. Same quality just smaller file or larger depending on what you do.

    320 kbps constant bitrate files are also mostly a waste. For example, a pause in music is the same whether it is 320 or 192 or 0 as it should be. Preserving quality in mp3 and conserving space is best using high fidelity settings on Variable Bitrate but FLAC and WAV give the best audio quality overall.

  • pitichat

    I’m in the Music Beta program, and although I did update through the Play Store to 9.1.6.A.1.1beta, I still have Sence Me I use everyday…

  • The update is now live

  • pitichat

    Check the beta version on the upper right corner in red. Sense Me is still here !

  • Roh_Mish

    You are right. Sony was ahead of competition with z2 but now they are lagging as they didn’t change anything

  • Kippel

    You can find SensMe into Playlist folder.

  • Utsav Shah

    No. drivers and libs. Sony puts a limit to max volume because of regulations.

  • Matt

    and because customer would prefer being able to hear? :P

    joking aside, i get your point :)

  • Haldi

    Flac is also useless compared to 320kbits mp3 when you connect your phone via cable to a denon avr 3100W. Or I’m simply deaf.

  • Haldi

    Wet speakers on the Z2 reduce volume by a huge deal :(

  • Haldi

    Phew, I have over 60GB music on my phone. But Senseme just doesn’t want to categorize it.
    I really miss the old Genre feature :(

  • Timel

    SenseMe is good but it’s still not smart enough, Sony didn’t improve this feature for too long

    SenseMe feature only use song info database to show you the results so from my own experienced SenseMe is wrong many times, Sony must put something more smarter to this feature, SenseMe should learn from the rhythm, spectrum not only the music info.

  • Timel

    Music is application
    Walkman is music player

    So, They’re clearly different from the start.

  • You are right, but SensMe is not from Sony. It´s powered by Gracenote

  • Matt

    if im deafened by a good music , it will be worth the price.

  • Nishit

    Sensme has not been removed in the latest update…. It is still there

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  • Matt

    @xperiablog, why don’t you do article about changes I’m xperia music app or Walkman since the beginning until today?

  • Matt

    That’s why it’s called music. Not Walkman -_-

  • HAWX

    There is a minor diffrence, especially in the lows and highs. You can hear in some parts of the music while listening through 50$+ headphones. But from loud speakers, you need to have a really good system to hear the diffrence :)

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    i love u timel, u should become sony CEO

  • Michellfdale4

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  • Kunal Shukla

    Updated, SenseMe is still there.

  • jag

    Well, you got a point. Maybe the walkman name is taking a hit with the quality the xperia produces.
    But don’t get me wrong. The xperia produces good enough audio quality but the walkmans really outperforms them. It is so different when you listen with a walkman digital player. IF only they will make an android walkman again then it will be a joy listening to spotify music and other music streaming services haha!


    songs details and images missing please check, xperia C6602,

  • Khillo81

    Just a clarification: SensMe is not gone, it’s under ‘Playlists’. At least it is for me…

  • Ashroft

    With the latest update,how to thow songs to PC? HELLPP

  • Lee Jia Hui

    You are welcome =)

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