Album app update (7.6.A.0.6) brings new icon and dark theme

by XB on 17th March 2016

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Album 7.6.A.0.6_2Sony Mobile has updated the Album application to build number 7.6.A.0.6, which has brought a slightly revamped icon (you can see the difference below). The other change is that Sony now allows you to toggle between a light and dark theme. This update is for the stable build so is now available to all, although beta users have had this option for a while.

Album 7.6.A.0.6_2 Album 7.6.A.0.6_3

Album 7.6.A.0.6_4

Album 7.6.A.0.6_1

Thanks Diogo!

  • asgaro

    Suck on deez nuts, SamShills and CrApples! ayy lmao

  • pi4a7a

    Yup nothing special except black theme and new icon.

  • Omarion07

    Ok i really appreciate what xperiablog team are doing and i love you guys but I’m sick of these lame app and theme/AR effect news!! Like are there no news/leaks of future xperia handsets or new camera sensors or new technology that’s going to be implemented in upcoming xperia handsets??

  • Matt

    calm your mammaries, if there are any new news they will be here soon. =,=

  • Matt

    like thee new icon, as i see it the colour palette are shifting towards more of pastel colour.

  • indianmeister

    I like here cause they´re only publishing facts and not hearsays like the MM update back in February, almost everyblog was saying that it was released and it was only rumors, the way I knew it was fake was because it wasnt published here in XP so dont complain, I rather 2 real posts instead of 10 fake ones

  • No, there aren’t.
    At least no “confirmed” rumors yet.

    Personally I think this is better than sites that posts groundless BS rumors or even fake news. Because if there’s no new updates, there really is no new updates.

    That means XperiaBlog is a reliable source.

    I understand that it’s kinda irritating having only apps/theme updates for now, but when any real updates come up here, you can be 80% sure that it is true so isn’t that nice?

  • Omarion07

    Yeah i suppose.. It’s just I’m feeling a bit let down by sony mobile announcements at MWC , apart from the XA which i think is going to sell really well! I just hope they’ve got something in store for IFA 16 that’s going to be a proper rival to galaxy s7 edge/note 6 and iPhone 7/7plus!

  • Omarion07

    Cool I’ll calm my tits down!

  • shenoy

    I agree with you. Recently no news on handset. But XB will not post any rumors just like that. As per my observations if XB has posted any news on handset then 99% news will come true.

  • shenoy

    I wish Sony should give the user to opt dark UI n light UI for entire experience . I want to see how dark UI looks for entire experience

  • jag

    There are really no leaks this past few months. Even in Esato, the guys there don’t have anything to talk about. Remember the post last time here in XB that Sony is getting strict with their prototypes and any leaks from a person will be banned or what from being a tester. So I think Sony is doing a great job in hiding all the secrets with their future phones.

  • iia3ezu

    Look at that wonderful icon change! Sony Mobile must have spent quite a bit of resources to do that. Brilliant.

  • UfoFaker

    I personally like these updates big and small, being an Xperia freak, any little news is big news

  • iia3ezu

    You can only laugh at them when the Assperia phones are outselling theirs.

  • Sultan Albatati

    How can I do to integrate playmemories app into my album app? Previous version of my album, there’s play memories on top, but when I installed the update apk and uninstall to previous version, I can’t integrated play memories again. Can anybody help me?
    I want album app and play memories app into one app, so I can open my collection in the same app

  • Sadman Khan

    Just because more people buy it, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good.

  • Hellsing Matt

    is that so hard to make a entrence for Camera ?!

  • lpsse

    Please Sony.. Update the Messaging App.. I remember the same icon from my Xperia Ray :-P

  • Ben Ling
  • SM

    This new version of Album app is buggy. The return/back function is not work correctly.

  • SM


  • asgaro

    Sony needs to produce a Nexus. The beautiful Sexus… It would raise the popularity of Sony and the Assperia devices will become known as Sexperia.

  • Matt

    hmmm , for those who like blurred UI galore, samsung has made their music app looks like xperia apple hybrid

  • Jacen23

    Is Video integrated? Will the Video app be dropped for Album to be a lone media app?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Pls add on some security features for hidden files.

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  • MyLive

    About icon, somehow I prefered the old one.. the new one is too flat IMO

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  • Tochi Nwodu

    shiity company

  • Matt

    well they do make extremely excellent SSD and other memory modules i like almost all things samsung as long as it is not design related

  • GregLu

    Do you have any apks ? Thanks :)

  • Matt


  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Samsung ripping something off from Apple, I am shocked, I tell you. SHOCKED.

  • vanguard

    more ugly day by day

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