Sony confirms why it removed SensMe from the Music app

by XB on 21st March 2016

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MusicWe recently reported that SensMe was removed from the beta versions of Sony’s Music application. Whilst the feature still exists in the stable release of the app, it may not stay for too much longer. Sony has confirmed that with the upgrade to Android Marshmallow, SensMe doesn’t work as it should and has therefore been removed.

For those wondering, SensMe is Sony’s proprietary music mood and tempo detection system that has appeared in various Sony products. It has been a feature of the Sony Music app for a while, but apparently not many people used the feature (3% of beta users according to Sony). Sony sees the new ‘genres’ functionality in the latest beta as the natural successor to SensMe, the first beta release with genres rolled earlier today. Will you miss SensMe? Sound out in the comments below.

Sony statement on SensMe

Due to technical reasons we had to remove the old “Edit Music Info”, since it wouldn’t work on Android M (as it used legacy API’s that no longer worked and had lost all support).

Since we are quite fond of SensMe™, and it is – as some of you have pointed out – a “Sony uniqueness” we wanted to recreate a similar logic. The first (new) version was released in 9.1.5.A.1.0beta, but we quickly saw that the new version didn’t really work as well as we liked. We could also see from our usage statistics that very few of you regularly use SensMe™, actually less than three percentage.

Despite us just having rewritten the feature and its underlying logic – we made the difficult decision to “kill our darling”. Instead, we are planning to implement a genre-selection (as requested by you in the community), which hopefully will, to some degree, fill the void left by SensMe™. You in the beta community will of course be the first ones to try it out.

  • Desu!

    Just bring back Gracenote (edit music info).

  • Mario

    Like they are shooting themselves in the foot. Yes beta community is helpful, but don’t listen to geeks when it comes to music. The only genre they have is Metallica Nothing else matters.. Sure they don’t need SenseMe. Come on Sony, have some guidelines what you want to do with your software. Have a bigger picture. Really.

  • Raj Singh

    I wish Sony implemented integration with a streaming service, not a redirect.

  • Malih

    I actually enjoy using SensMe, add to that the Camera API lockup and several others, this is how you start losing interest in a company you (used to really) love.

    Hopefully they realise that before the second half of this year, and start giving us more good news instead of more sad news.

  • reventon

    Love the concept behind SensMe, but it never supported flac, that was the deal breaker for me

  • Wolf0491

    I only use Pandora and play music lol. To lazy add my own music to device. All on cloud

  • tgey sold Gracenote :(

  • GregLu

    So, basically, they can’t update their software and decided ditch it. Nice move, Sony ! Try this to your camera API … Oh wait.

  • Liam Hethershaw

    You could always join the beta, im pretty sure it is still an open community.

  • iia3ezu

    That’s why Sony should stop coming up with more proprietary crap and embrace whatever Google offers.

  • iia3ezu

    Hey who cares about software? Stay tuned for the next Disney Xperia theme!

  • jamie evans

    What’s “beta” version?

  • I wish Sony would bring back that beautiful animation from PSP SensMe

  • 3_nity

    Hahaha. Themes for idiots

  • ShanghaiWall

    No wonder people didn’t use SensMe – it’s buried in the Playlists section, which I never used. But that’s the half of the problem – another thing is that it’s simply doesn’t work as it should. If understand this correctly, SensMe analyzes tracks for BPM and categorizes it accordingly, instead of using music database. Well, good luck analyzing technical death metal and mathcore, lol. Necrophagist is suddenly uplifting and happy music, while True Widow is Extreme. To put it shortly – SensMe is just another broken piece of s…. software, just like Gracenote. So, good riddance, you will not be missed.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Never used this feature. I listen to music when I travel and when in desk on my mw1. So hardly had the need to use. And I turned off d phone as soon as d music starts.
    Should see what it looks like.

  • hansip

    I don’t miss SenseMe to be honest, but i do miss Gracenote auto tagging feature to all song. Please bring it back Sony.

  • Nguyen Eazy

    I use newly added a lot, the only good thing in Playlists

  • Matt

    3% usage is not big enough

  • Matt

    yes, cut whats not needed and add better ones.

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  • Alicejthomas1

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  • joe

    Lyrics Extension is not working too on Marshmallow.

  • Matt

    That is exactly. Why it is outdated and need to be cut out

  • echomrg

    i didn’t even ever notice it was there…

  • Chuck

    I hate seeing features removed, but yeah, I didn’t even know this one existed.

  • DIsChaos

    I never saw this feature i just checked what its was actually and it feel like its was awsome thing

  • Maziar

    Senseme is the only reason I use Music app! And the Music app is one of the main reasons I choose xperia phones!! Don’t do this!!!

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    already done

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    all hail google *cough sarcasm cough*

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    senseme exist since sony erricson day, i still use my w705. looking under walkman playlist, it has this feature too

  • iia3ezu

    In other words, poor UI design and poor software testing. Brought to you by Sony Mobile Communications of Lund, Sweden. But I’m sure it is easier to believe that Xperia phones aren’t selling well because of a ‘lack of marketing’.

  • Mario

    Yes, but music apps just by themselves today have no real future. Music subscription services and their players are gonna go on looking forward. I even disabled mine music app as i dont use it. I think Sony should invest more in enhanching apps like deezer/spotify/etc with their music apps. I see they are doing something in that direction with spotify, but since spotify is not available in my country i cant see what they are doing and therefore cant comment on that.

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  • Alicejcarter

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  • marcyff2

    it would be better if you could opt to look within your music folder or via online streaming (spotify…) and do the sense me to find new songs on either or both fields as a person wishes. Spotify does something similar really well

  • Zayed Kotayba

    SONY slowly getting worse first they changed Walkman app to Music then they removed find music info feature and the visualizer and now SenseMe what’s next Equaliser!!!

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Yes and it was even more innovative than the one on Xperia phones

  • azzido

    I would use it if I knew it exissts… Basically, too many features / options are too hidden in this beautifull app.

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  • Roh_Mish

    Sony is just bad news this year it seems.

  • Bob

    Does anyone know an easy way edit music tags. Now all my album art is lost!!

  • Syed muneeb

    Sensme was really good..miss it…never found any flaw in it

  • Steven Spencer

    The real travesty here is the loss of “Edit Music Info” – No cover art, no editing genres, artists and album names. For someone who is a total perfectionist in organising their music collection this is a HUGE loss.

  • David Stanford Jonathan Meissn

    I want SensMe back! It’s awesome and I used it almost every day! Please bring it back. :D

  • Barba

    After having lost my sony mp3 walkman in 2014, the walkman app and its SensMe functionality were the reason for me to buy a Sony Xperia. I liked SensMe a lot, a pity that it’s gone now. If it isn’ coming back, I’ll change the mobile brand for sure.

  • Derek Wright

    Yes please bring back gracenote. Using android m and it’s fine but I need gracenote. I used sense me and would enjoy it’s return.

  • Serbanescu Mihai

    Bring it back! I loved sense me! It was always there to give me a boost when i was lazy af or just to put together a really good playlist according to my mood. So pretty please, bring it back!

  • Jan Hartman

    i used sensme for years an years, but what the fuck its gone. i am very pissed of this ….

  • Skye

    I miss it alot… It great with fm radio amd walkman should bring it back with new themes

  • Rainer Geretshauser

    I sincerely miss the SensMe. Cause I couldn’t find it any more on my phone I searched online and found this page. And to my sadness I found out it won’t be nomore.

  • 张子豪

    SensMe is great! I use it a lot on my walkman F806. It’s for those who truly appreciate every song and try to use them to adjust their mood. I feel sorry for the removing of SensMe.

  • Ramona de Roij

    I loved to use SenseMe. Genre isn’t the same. It was the mood thing and the morning and afternoon and evening stuff I miss with genre.

  • SYG

    i actually liked Senseme. I have over 700 music in my phone and I do not make a specific playlist out of them. as much as I listen to wide variety of genres, It was nice to have senseme to play a certain mood of songs in a row although it wasn’t 100% accurate. specially during the night, if I had to play songs when I’m going to sleep, the nighttime senseme playlist worked quite well for me. I didn’t have to listen to loud music going to sleep. now I have to manually make a playlist because I cant just tap shuffle all

  • Patjuh Dutch

    Really, really bad decision to kill the SenseMe application! SenseMe was the main reason I choose the Sony Xperia phone. So much music on my Xperia and with the SenseMe play list, the different genres came by and suprises me often that I had that song to in my collection. Sense me is an suprising application, cause you never know what song is coming.
    So dear Sony: when will it start again, cause I missing it.

  • Anya Kinsella

    I really love SenseMe and use it most days. I now have a new walkman, with SenseMe on it, but no way to analyse new songs. I went to the Media Go help page only to be told that that was now obsolete and to use Music Center, which I’m not keen on at all…so that’s that then? No more SenseMe??

  • Marcus Schulz

    would like to have it back.

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