New Concept Marshmallow update (MMB29M.Z1.3555) adds Camera 2.0.0 app

by XB on 24th March 2016

in Firmware, Imaging, Xperia Z3 series

Sony Concept MMB29M.Z1.3555_3_WMSony Mobile is rolling a new firmware build for the Concept for Android Marshmallow that brings the camera app in line with the Xperia Z5 series. Sony has confirmed that only the app is updated and not the API2. The developers have also suggested that they plan to focus more on the camera in the future. The other main change is a fix for the Wi-Fi battery statistics.

From our quick initial test, there appear to be no changes in the camera app versus what we have on the Xperia Z5 range. It also carries the same 2.0.0 build number. The latest camera UI is also expected to hit Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z2 users in the upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

Sony Concept MMB29M.Z1.3555_1_WM Sony Concept MMB29M.Z1.3555_2_WM

Sony Concept MMB29M.Z1.3555_3_WM Sony Concept MMB29M.Z1.3555_4_WM

  • fluxx

    The more I see of the Marshmallow concept, the more I wish there would be a compelling Z6. Yes, I’m still not over it :(

  • why release a new build version just for camera? They can release it just updating the camera version ¬¬

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Waited and got it :D
    Cheers, how is the quality? Some examples of 5.1.1 and of the newest MM Concept?

  • Tanel Aavistu

    Hasn’t arrived in Baltic yet sadly. :(

  • PieBash
  • PieBash

    What about the fix for Wi-Fi battery statistics and the latest security patch? Plus, they didn’t put the Camera app on the Play Store.

  • Deki

    I guess there is no luck for Z1 users. I like the new camera interface and would like to try it someday.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Screw that. where’s my Z6 Ultra?!

  • hansip

    still no shutter speed, Sony dammit!

  • Ambitious Man

    Full manual mode, when?

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Considering the warranty is already gone, u can root the phone and get these in

  • Paul L

    Pardon my ignorance, but what’s the bug in the WiFi battery statistics?

  • Genta Aditya

    the camera on Z5 running 6.0 isn’t v2.0 actually…..
    it was 2.0 back on 5.1.1, idk why this one turns out a random 1.0.c blah blah blah

  • Vlado

    Hi everybody!
    New skins in Xperia keyboard!

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    How long it takes for sony to release proper manual control more usefull camera apps option. Sick with AR bla bla bla bla…

  • ????? ????????

    Can somebody point me to some compatible icon packs?

  • Patrick

    can someone extract new camera app from concept?

  • MarkG54321

    Tablet z3 is the forgotten device, still stuck on 5.1.1

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I’m rolling back to lollipop. Marshmallow is one of the worst version from me.

  • Wolf0491

    lol nothing wrong with 5.1 and i would not call that forgotten lol. All Z3’s are on same firmware as you still

  • Stefanus Paulus

    Seems that Marhmallow Concept is better than the stable release. Why?

  • illstplaya .

    Can someone explain what the concept marshmallow updates are? Is this what Sony plans on adding to the real OS update for everyone? I don’t understand why they are focusing so much on concept marshmallow instead of the real marshmallow update

  • Rat

    Bitch where?

  • Stefan

    why do you say marshmallow is one of the worst versions? it is similar to lollipop plus it has some improvements. i think it’s better than lollipop

  • Roberto Cotena

    I hope the beta testers can make Sony developers understand that is not just a matter of UI, in superior auto I would like to choose the resolution as well, but most of all the algorithm of compression needs some serious improvement! There is clearly too much oversharpening going on that makes the shots poorly detailed for the camera sensor potential, so keep up with the work on the camera app and bring it to everyone please Sony!

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I can’t hide all notifications completely, every single app ask for permissions, some apps I used are useless even if they say they are compatible, WiFi is completely broken with my home network, my SD card was encrypted after the update and had to format it, my XB950BT are useless in aptX and even in connection priority, my smartband doesn’t receive the notifications on time.
    Even AR Effect is broken!

    I had non of this issues before I updated to marshmallow and it seems I’m the only one.

  • kazuki

    whats the point? by the time this is ready android 7.0 is already out

  • Axcel ctw

    all are forgotten

  • Alixandah

    I rolled back three months ago merely because I missed the screen record feature. The only thing that makes me itch to go back to marshmallow is the way I can move everything to the SD card, and they said even that won’t be in the stable release

  • Shorinryu

    The Concept program is independent of the main OS development team. The Concept team works off stock Android and adds user experience features and enhancements in stages. If something gains a lot of traction and positive feedback then they look to incorporate that in the stable release roms like they did with the new Home launcher. There is no need for the Concept software to be certified by carriers or anyone else and because it is only available to a small number of handsets that are testing there are quicker patch releases and it can be maintained by a smaller development team.

  • Lukas

    What is wrong with these updates? I used to get them before xperia blog even posted about them but now i got the previous one like a week ago and i didn’t get this update yet :-/

  • Brick

    The screen recorder is in the beta marshmallow.

  • Žilvinas

    My Z3 still on 5.1.1…….

  • Inaacabrera

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  • Em

    Same. I figure at this point, the rest of concept will see this come out Tuesday. We’ve got a short beta concept group lag, and Xperiablog must be in the alpha concept group.

  • Alvin

    Yup, they’re doing too much with these beta and concept things. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait any longer for this Marshmallow update to come to Other models. Still waiting for the real mm to come.

    (fyi, galaxy s6 and note 5 series got mm, but they didn’t release it to many countries at the same time, my mum’s s6edge didn’t even get it yet. So this is the opportunity for sony to be the better and faster on updates than most others.

  • Rahul Shankar

    When is Marshmallow for z2 coming can’t wait

  • andy gowrley

    The WiFi patch will be on the same update as the camera and the concept firmware already has the march patch.
    Also the update system seems to be different to what’s used on the z5 c 5.1.1 with what’s new. So they need to use a system update but as they are typically so small they are quite quick to be completed I find so hardly a major issue.

  • Because concept version is naked, does not include bloatware and you can even uninstall stock software.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Same here, it’s atleast 4 days late to arrive on my phone. And yes I think Xperia Blog is in the Alpha test group or something..

  • Probably in the following weeks :) I’m waiting too

  • Amimanot

    One question, does this build fix the problem where pictures taken with the timeshift burst mode would show up as individual pictures instead of grouping them all into one in the stock album app?

  • Jeffnai


  • Bashar Shehab

    5 days later and still no update..

  • Em

    Was just going to say, well, so much for that theory. No update here either.

  • Em

    They keep posting these articles, and nobody else seems to have the release. Kind of annoying for the rest of us.

  • Fabiano

    I just received the new update concerning new camera 2.0. Good enough. Happy so far.

  • Lukas

    No you were right! I just got the update!

  • Em

    Yep. Same here. The following Tuesday seems to be the pattern. Weird.

  • Flo

    Fish eye bug in 4K recording X(X(

  • Tobyjugg Price

    Aww it broke my video. Iv got that error message telling me the camera wont work because its being used by another app. Havent seen that since i was on kk. Anyone else?

  • nalaka ranasinghe
  • Krzysiek Roszkowski

    same history. any solution?

  • Krzysiek Roszkowski

    turn off detecting ok google from every screen

  • zzzillla

    Is the soft skin effect still an issues ?

  • Tobyjugg Price

    Yep your right that did it and if i remember its what i had to do in kitkat. Shame to lose that feature. Hopefuly a fix is on the horison

  • OK… there’s something new with this update. The battery usage has increased significantly. There’s a problem with the mail client I guess. It continuously tries to connect exchange.

  • mobileyog

    Where is ftf files for Z3C(5833)? Can anyone provide link?

  • Akhil Joseph

    In Camera app one more features Urgently need That is permanently Adjustable” Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Shadows, brightness ” Option, Because my Xperia z2 phone capture low Saturation, and brightness snaps it’s quality is pathetically poor (very bad), last month I recognize that during photo editing time a constant valve of brightness is too be applied, pictures become outstanding (very excellent), As we both know every time snap editing is boring, for adding contact value of brightness,

    another manufacturer Lenovo, Motorola etc.. they provide this option

    Plz.. Add this option and give update to my Xperia Z2 D6502


  • Essa Eupeña dela Rosa

    Why is the resolution for Z2 now 8 MP only?

  • Essa Eupeña dela Rosa

    I just notice now after i have updated to marshmallow.

  • Fady Samy

    why camera resolution in auto mode is 8mp it is a very bad update and i want to root to lollipop agaaaaaaain bad update

    i bought this mobile for his wanderful camera what is the hill is this?!!!!!!!!!!

    update used to improve mobile features not to decrease it

  • Matteo Giordanini

    you are totally right, i neither understand this choice from Sony!!!!

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