Sony launches “Kooky Kow” and “Under The Surface” Xperia Themes

by XB on 30th March 2016

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Kooky Kow Xperia Theme_1_resultSony Mobile has released two new premium Xperia Themes in the form of “Kooky Kow” and “Under The Surface”. As the names suggest, these are light-hearted colourful apps and the latter in particular aimed at kids with its smiley shark. Both are premium apps and will set you back a dollar, if you’re interested, you’ll find the Google Play Store links below.

Kooky Kow Xperia Theme

– Cost: £0.79/€1.01/$0.99

Kooky Kow Xperia Theme_2_result

Kooky Kow Xperia Theme_3_result Kooky Kow Xperia Theme_4_result

Kooky Kow Xperia Theme_5_result

Kooky Kow Xperia Theme_6_result

Under The Surface Xperia Theme

– Cost: £0.90/€1.00/$1.00

Under The Surface Xperia Theme_2_result

Under The Surface Xperia Theme_3_result Under The Surface Xperia Theme_4_result

Under The Surface Xperia Theme_5_result

Under The Surface Xperia Theme_6_result

Under The Surface Xperia Theme_7_result

  • Dominic81

    Sooo… I guess you finally fixed your horrid Camera app Sony, so you have extra staff and resources to develop themes?

  • impasse

    that cow is creepy, i keep thinking it has four eyes

  • Adrian M


  • Ailan Hidaz


  • Edward Lopez Cobo

    another garbage theme!!, i want my z3 to get marshmallow

  • ramuk

    These two are horrible looking themes. Horrible. Especially that cow theme. That cow really looks creepy.

  • Bashar Shehab

    You know themes doesn’t need any work more than 1 day right? Even I can develop themes, so this absolutely can’t affect thier work on other stuff…

  • Asu

    Its not free… ?:) Seriously lol.

  • Oldtimer42

    When is MM coming to the Z3C. Every time a new app, theme, or feature is posted I suspect Sony is further abandoning previous phones.

    Give us a timeline / update so we can manage our expectations and know if we should NOT be shopping or considering another phone.

  • Brick

    Those themes are beyond awful. Wtf were they thinking?

  • mUSICA

    themes just keeps on getn uglyer day by day

  • QBerto

    yeah, well done Sony, keep making creepy and ugly themes instead of work in all bugs your phones have

  • Omarion07

    I doubt this’ll ever happen as i think Sony mobile really believe that their camera app and camera software are perfect and don’t need any fixing!

  • Omarion07

    I wouldn’t bother dowbloading these themes even if sony paid me a euro for each theme!

  • Utsav Shah

    As long as sony is getting money out of it. I don’t mind.

  • iia3ezu

    What a joke… these are ‘premium’ themes? Get over yourself, Sony Mobile Communications.

  • iia3ezu

    With the Swedes you can’t be sure it’s just a 1-day work.

  • iia3ezu

    Then you’ll encourage them to make more crappy themes.

  • iia3ezu

    Let’s have a bet: which will be the first thing to be done by Sony Mobile.

    1) Rolling out Android N.
    2) Releasing new Xperia phones (5.5 inch and Compact).

  • mountain

    I bet Sony won the red dot awards with these themes

  • Dinu I

    “Premium” lost his significance.

  • DarkMaster

    what bugs ? and do you really think that same people work on this silly themes and on the main Xperia software ?

  • theskig

    Where is the network signal icon?

  • Florin Costin

    I think is 3) Sell the Mobile Division !!!!!

  • Mohit Verma

    Not again sony..!!

  • HR

    :DDDD Please, puncture my eyes with something.

  • rsnidjik

    Must be a slow news day on the Xperia front.

  • Geese Howard

    That is one demented looking cow…. it looks like it has mad cow disease.

  • Omarion07

    ok you either know about the bugs that infested Sony phones after the MM update and pretend they don’t exist or you live under rock and never heard about these bugs.. I’m sorry but the way you defend Sony phones as if there were perfect is just ridiculous!

  • John Mcbride

    “bugs that infested Sony phones after the MM update” what bugs?? .. I’m guessing you mean the play store bug which is a BUG not bugs and only affected a number of users in Canada. If you really want to an infested MM software try to google “Samsung marshmallow bugs” and you will find what you need.

  • John Mcbride

    Supply and demand, there’s a market for this crap and if someone is willing to pay for it who am I to judge? .. I mean it’s not drugs or something like that.

  • DarkMaster

    First of all I just said that people who make those stupid silly fag#ss themes have nothing to do with main xperia software.

    and secondly I asked what kind of bugs he is speaking of since I don’t know about any bugs in MM update..maybe you know about them? so will you be so kind to enlighten me and tell what are those bugs or give some source at least.

    Who is defending SONY? get your facts right ! you need read my post thoroughly.

    Also it seams to me that you are here to bash SONY since there is nothing good you said about it yet you are able to find flaw in everything.

  • Omarion07

    On the contrary mate I’m a big Sony fan and that’s why I’m on this website on daily basis.. I’m just fed up with the fact that Sony isn’t doing enough and always producing good(ish) phones but not on par with Samsung and Apple phones.. What bothers me the most is that Sony makes best mirrorless cameras and sensors, best TV, best headphones and music players, best gaming console, etc. but can’t make great phones!
    As to the bugs that i experienced:
    Bluetooth connection, playstore, spotify, snapchat, fb messenger all not working properly.. And these are apps that I use on daily basis! So you can imagine how frustrating the whole experience is for me

  • In my restless dreams I see that cow …

  • Mokhtar Mouhib


  • John Walker

    Only bugs are in your head

  • John Walker

    What horrid camera app? Its one of the best on the market

  • Dominic81

    Well.. I think you need to educate yourself and take a look at other manufacturers camera app, but thanks for the laugh anyway ;)

  • John Walker

    GTFO you sony hater. Sony is the best and it has best camera on the market

  • Dominic81

    You sound like a fangirl who sold his critical thinking to Sony for $2,50.
    Your mom must be proud :) Too bad the Sony camera app is still a joke lacking many fine tuning settings other manufacturers apps had for years now! Duh

  • John Walker

    Sony is the best. Gtfo

  • Brick


  • Mridul Singh

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