New Marshmallow update (32.1.A.1.185) hits the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z3 Plus models

by XB on 7th April 2016

in Firmware, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series, Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 Compact_32.1.A.1.185_WMSony Mobile has pushed a new Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware update for its premium handsets including the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Xperia Z3+ (plus the relevant dual-SIM variants). The new update moves the build number from 32.1.A.1.163 to version number 32.1.A.1.185. It is not live for the Xperia Z5 Premium or Xperia Z4 Tablet at the time of writing, but we’ll let you know once it does. From the looks of things, very little has changed, so we suspect this is a big-fix update. If you’ve downloaded the update, let us know if you’ve found anything new in the comments below.

Update: The update is now also live on the Xperia Z5 Premium and Xperia Z4 Tablet.

DOWNLOAD FTF Firmware Files – Android 6.0 Marshmallow (32.1.A.1.185)

Xperia Z3+ (E6553) 32.1.A.1.185 Russia Generic
Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533) 32.1.A.1.185 Malaysia Generic

Xperia Z4 Tablet Wi-Fi (SGP712) 32.1.A.1.185 Central Europe 1 Generic
Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE (SGP771) 32.1.A.1.185 Germany Generic

Xperia Z5 (E6603) 32.1.A.1.185 Latin America Generic
Xperia Z5 (E6653) 32.1.A.1.185 Russia Generic
Xperia Z5 Dual (E6633) 32.1.A.1.185 Central Europe 1 Generic
Xperia Z5 Dual (E6683) 2.1.A.1.185 India Generic

Xperia Z5 Compact (E5803) 32.1.A.1.185 Singapore Generic
Xperia Z5 Compact (E5823) 32.1.A.1.18 Nordic Generic

Xperia Z5 Premium (E6853) 32.1.A.1.185 Central Europe 1 Generic
Xperia Z5 Premium Dual (E6833) 32.1.A.1.185 MENA Arabic Generic
Xperia Z5 Premium Dual (E6883) 32.1.A.1.185 India Generic

Xperia Z5 Compact_32.1.A.1.185_WM

Thanks Dan, Haziq, Henry and manimal!

  • Sweggity

    And here Z3/Z2 users waiting and waiting….

  • djfapples

    Maybe we waiting for 6.0.1

  • RHBH

    Everybody knows that Sony only give fast updates to the latest two or three flagships.

    This is old news, it’s been that way since Sony merged with Ericsson, since Xperia S times.

    People who keep buying Sony smartphones over and over can’t complain about delayed or late updates.

  • cowanh00

    Small app bug with Accessibility on has been fixed. :-)

  • Dhanushka Ruwan Dissanayake

    Why not marshmallow xperia m4 aqua? When release date?

  • Asu

    They fix the fingerprint problem with Nova launcher or third app lock ?

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    As long as they do release updates, the complaints are not just.

  • Ambitious Man

    u are right!

  • Ambitious Man

    t think this May

  • Mathias

    The Small Apps bar is now accessible again…

  • Ambitious Man

    Z23 no get N

  • bckp

    What problem? I have NOVA and use fingerprint without any issue… I have issue with fingerprint itself, sometimes, i want to turn off phone on lockscreen, it turn off and then back on unlocked… not very usefull

  • Dominic81

    Still hope they’ll deliver and bring us 6.0.1 in April. 6.0.1 has better VolumePanel/Do Not Disturb options, amongst others.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Couldn’t agree more. Oh wait they’re still beta-testing.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I will keep dreaming then :P

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    But when they do, it rolls everywhere unlike Samsung. I have asked many S6 users from different regions(my friends) and they are using international model and they still haven’t received M update, At least Sony released the update for Z5 and Z3+ series.

  • And here I’m still waiting for my Z5P SG variant (E6853) Marshmallow update. COME ON SONY

  • hansip

    Anybody has the link for website that can check xperia latest firmware?

  • Dominic81
  • muhkuhap

  • Kayla O’Hanegan

    No, I must enter the PIN with the new firmware, too.

  • Peter

    Me, too.
    Just don’t know why…it’s been more than a month….still no update. SONY oh SONY…

  • Sepehr Estaki
  • Itchy

    Z3C Customized BE didn’t received Marshmallow either.
    Why is it taking so long? -_-

  • Daniel Johanzon

    I just got the update no in Sweden, but I notice now no distinction and see no new …

  • Midleo

    Just updated on my SXZ5c.
    Attaching the change list, take a look.

  • fluxx

    Android M for my wifes Samsung S6 hasn’t arrived either and it is a much newer Flagship device than my Xperia Z2. You have no choice but to either get used to these release cycles or buy a Nexus.

    And hey, we Z2 owners get a new camera interface and a well tested major update more than 2 years after the product release. That’s more than most Android users are used to!

  • fluxx

    Nobody knows, my best guess is late April, Mai.

  • Azzy

    Why is the status bar black?
    Also, I’m wondering why Sony has still kept the kitkat icons on status bar even being on a fucking marshmallow.
    Furthermore, they even failed to properly align the icons vertically and the wifi icon looks completely out of place as well as battery. What a failure. Where’s the fucking concept then?! What was the fucking point? No wonders why Sony is considered in the list of “others” when it comes to measuring their market share and user base!

  • muhkuhap

    But you do realize that this is the same changelog as from the main MM update with no changes/additions? ;-)

  • muhkuhap

    Did they fix e.g. on Z5c compact at least the missing icons in battery stats? for display etc.

  • Asu

    When you lock your phone with a third app, like Nova (with a gesture for exemple) you can’t unlock with the fingerprint. You still need to type this fckin pin :(
    And yes, the fingerprint is shit sometimes :/

  • Asu

    And you use Nova and lock system from Nova right ? ill go back to the main UI i think :( because i hate when i can’t my fingerprint…

  • Lorenzo

    Finally someone said it!

  • Kayla O’Hanegan

    You can flash and use the CE1 variant safely.

  • Itchy

    Thanks for the hint, maybe I’ll do that if I find the time for it

  • Kayla O’Hanegan

    I use Nova, but don’t use the software lock feature. I always lock with the button, and unlock with fingerprint.

  • Asu

    Ok^^ Nova is perfect anyway

  • cristian06yxtl

    yes its exactly same changelog from main MM So someone who have instaled update can tell what its new in this one? Much appreciate aswers

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  • fried_egg

    Hopefully this one will be EE pushed as Z5 5.1.1 is getting boring now

  • Stanley Lu

    Does it include the Stamina Mode they mentioned before? April update.

  • Ambitious Man

    It can’t be… ~~ Z, Z1: 13-15 => Z23: 14-16.

  • bubimir13

    No, still missing

  • bubimir13

    No STAMINA, we’ll have to wait longer.

  • Solano89

    Maybe in the summer end of July or August?! Sad thing…

  • Solano89

    Maybe in the summer (end of July or August)?! Sad thing…

  • Alvin

    i knew it, but be ambitious lol jk :D

  • Sadman Khan

    Last week of April or First week of May. Saw it in a roadmap that got the 6.0 release dates right

  • Kabuto Kouji

    …waiting for my 6.0 xperia Z2 update…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Im pretty sure the z2 and z3 series will get android 6.0.1 when it comes out :)

  • Sadman Khan

    Firstly, the status bar icons are the stock marshmallow ones except for the battery icon. Secondly, the colour of the status bar can still change according to the theme. So chill out bro.

  • Mikko Tenhunen

    I had bluetooth issues and this update fixed that problem. Didint sync whell with any devices

  • muhkuhap

    Yeah… that would’ve really been asking for too much…

  • John Walker

    Shut up

  • Asu

    Have a look to beta forum or something, MM use beta before right ?

  • Azzy

    I’m afraid to tell you: you have never used stock, but I have.

  • Azzy

    Suggesting you the same unless you got something to counter argue

  • John Walker

    Marshmallow for Z3 will be different. Im beta tester so you shut up. You are ignorant. Adio amigo

  • Bujar Nimani

    I have sony z5 and not updated to android 6.0 why

  • Azzy

    The marshnallow you’re using is a concept and will not make it to the final release. If it was to, Z5 would be pure stock right now

  • Alain Leed

    :) it could be, but no more Z model in future… ;)

  • Alain Leed

    marshmallow concept in progress, so hope ;) ;)

  • Rick777

    on z5c i have more free RAM

  • sebastianer

    Auto brightness still not working. Now it affects gamma 5 seconds after turning on the screen. I hope they fix it before I change my phone.

  • Michaux-O

    Hope this fixes the instant death issue I’ve had with my Z5. In the month since updating to M my phone has completely shut down spontaneously two times and became unresponsive. I had to hard restart it. It happened yesterday, and like the other time it came back online with a hard restart, but yesterday there was an issue with location services when it came back. It kept syncing and unsyncing with my Smartband Talk, it struggled to find my mobile signal, and it became super hot. The battery drained from 80% to 2% in one hour. I was away from home and my charger so I just shut the phone down at 2%. Last night I plugged it in, and let it fully charge. It seems to be functioning fine today, but that was a scary episode. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

  • HAWX

    Pleb Sony software team. There are many bugs still present..

  • cristian06yxtl

    No its changelog appeared when update from Lolli to MM

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  • Blusole

    Why didn’t they integrate March or even April security patch level?

  • Sadman Khan

    Yes the wifi icon and the signal bar icon has “divisions” in between. So what? Nothing to rant about dude

  • Azzy

    the problem is that they’re using gingerbread icons in 4.4 and kitkat icons in LP and MM, like wtf? Also, the icons are not even aligned properly, especially when airplane mode is enabled! The wifi icon will be like the sky and airplane icon will be like a tree! Miles apart in heights

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  • gtrab

    Still no Marshmallow love for Latin America and other regions are already receiving a second update? =( Please Sony when will we get Android 6 for Z5 in Latin America?

  • I’m sick of the divided icons and excessive spacing. I would really prefer the cleanliness of the new icons since they’re neater, take up less space/are/should be properly/correctly spaced, less obnoxious without any up and down arrows, and are more accurate. My Z5 seems to have 4 bars instead of 5 and thinks all signal sucks when the signal strength is fine.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    As confirmed by in Sony’s blog there will be no Stamina mode hence forth

  • NTN Labs

    I saw a official ROM for Latin America somewhere… You sure it’s not just your problem?

  • Alberto Marullo

    i had this bug with OTA update from lollipop to marshmallow but once i restored to factory settings it was gone

  • Alberto Marullo

    seems a defective unit.. if i was you i would have returned it

  • firsty

    Fixed the placement of mini apps, so you dont accidentally press the home button instead of the middle small app (Y)

  • Osvaldo

    @gtrab:disqus Instálate ésta ROM, es la oficial de Sony para LA
    Así te evitas esperar a que tu operadora libere la versión homologada
    Saludos desde México

  • Osvaldo

    Posted it above! ;)

  • The WiFi icon has three bars showing instead of the maximum four. If it had full strength it would look aligned. Like the man said, a rant about fuck all.
    You want the concept? Go and buy a Z3 and stop complaining about nothing.

  • Midleo

    Ohhh….i did not recognized it until you told me. Its boring. When i started to update this changelog appeared and yes its the same like the main MM update changelog :D

  • indianmeister

    Just Flash The Generic LATAM and you will receive updates faster, I received today this update and Im with Telcel, only on official Generic LATAM

  • Muhammad Isman Junian Rahman

    I want 240 fps video recording

  • John Mcbride

    “Sony has still kept the kitkat icons on status bar” What are you talking about? .. Take a look at the screenshots below, if I’m not mistaken I believe Sony’s status bar icons had a major change since Z3’s Kitkat while Samsung icons didn’t have any changes since S5’s Kitkat at all, so again what are you talking about? And what does any of this have anything to do with Sony being “others”?

  • Kadek

    I think the screen erratic behavior on my white z5c is fixed as well, never happened since I update yesterday.

  • Darni187

    There is a battery saver option in battery usage in settings, it’s similar to stamina mode..

  • Darni187

    Got this update on Z5 this morning, haven’t seen any visible changes.. Must be bug fixes

  • Andrea

    we want STAMINA!!!

  • zan

    Two tests failed. :(

  • Birk_Borkasson

    Sadly they ditched Stamina because MM has Doze. Doze works well. That is, it works well while lying flat on a table. If the accelerometer sensor registers movement, Doze is not activated. Since I have my phone in my pocket all day, I no longer have power saving and battery life is far worse. I hope google will fix this OR Sony will remove it and bring back Stamina.

  • Tibor Hornyák

    flashtool is your friend

  • Azzy

    Well I own an Xperia tablet as well and I know how the icons look as my wifi icon is always full with airplane mode enabled and those icons looks completely out of place. And anyways, this is a subjective opinion whether someone likes it or not and I am just stating my own opinion.

  • Azzy

    Well, the topic here is Sony and not Samsung. Furthermore, even though Samsung has kept them very similar since kitkat, they at least look properly aligned since the S6 (I agree they were plain awful on lollipop for S5) and even better on marshmallow. Anyways, that’s completely subjective as I said before and you may or may not agree and that’s totally up to you. )

  • John Mcbride

    I brought up Samsung comparison only because you wrote something about Sony being “others” and mentioned the market share and user base and BTW, I don’t think that Sony’s problems is a result of the non-aligned icons. Anyways, I hope Sony align the icons soon so you can be a happy customer.

  • Zoltan Hegedus

    You can try the aggressive doze feature from Greenify.

  • Azzy

    My problem with Sony is that they are trying to be like Samsung, as if they HAVE TO change something in the OS otherwise they will get nightmares when they sleep. Either theme it fully like Samsung or keep the frickin OS as it is and give your customers some beautiful pure stock xperiance on a beautiful hardware!

  • siwan05

    Wrong, they are different, read:

    This is how Sony describes it in a Google+ post in the Sony Concept community:
    Xperia Beta Program – Quality beta test of official software
    Concept for Android – Experimental consumer driven software

  • Azzy

    I was talking about the beauty of concept which will still be concept as you mentioned and will be separate from beta.

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  • Loy Bagaoisan

    before this 2nd version of Marsmallow update i had this issues
    1. more apps were not responding but now is better
    2. home screen is stuttering but now its smoother
    3. bluetooth connection in android wear is hard to reconnect but now much better
    4. faster to launch the camera app compared to first version of marsmallow
    5. thirds party camera apps like snap chats is working better without freezing
    and so far that is what i noticed after 2 days of using the 2nd version of MM update
    xperia z5 compact

  • Loy Bagaoisan

    i agree i notice some freezing behavior with the previous version of MM

  • cristian06yxtl

    test failed after update to 32.1.A.1.185.? Anyway if you run *#*#service#*#* both speakers work

  • cristian06yxtl

    what about overheating in sony xperia z3+ in this new update???

  • Vlad

    Z5 is also overheating after this new updadte :(

  • Islis

    Xperia Z4 Tablet receiving it as well…

  • Islis

    Screenshot :)

  • RahulNath

    Xperia c4 dual Marshmallow update… Waiting

  • Zbaeia

    Xperia Z2 Xperia Z2 Tablet Xperia Z3 Tablet Xperia z3 Compact Xperia C5 Xperia M5 Xperia M4 Xperia C4 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow :)

  • James Paul

    Anybody installed Sony Music 9.1.7.A.0.0?
    After updating all the album covers are gone!
    Anybody facing the same problem?

  • bassanova

    Customize scenes in 20-23 mp resolutions still missing in camera app, Still be requested but yet not update? Pls allow to have it! We need fully in manual (-/!-)

  • Sze Wai YU

    I hope they can fix MXTP !!!

  • Ex14

    and here I am still waiting for the marshmallow update to even arrive for my z5

  • Dagma O’Neill

    Do you mean it has been removed? Cannot find proper info about this update and the stamina mode

  • Brick

    If you like stock so much why don’t you buy a nexus? I think stock Android looks like shit, and I hope Sony never even considered your autistic rants about silly little icons.

  • Azzy

    Simply because I prefer touchwiz over stock. But any day, I’d take stock over xperia just because of the shits they’ve done to the stock ui. I understand some of the goodies, however I hate what they do with the icons etc. I am a person who pays a lot of attention to every tiny detail and I simply cannot look at the status bar and think how ugly it is. I do like the themes feature though.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    The color of the statusbar should be blue then, just like the header, but it’s black instead. Sony still can’t get onboard with the proper UI theming even though they came up with RRO engine. A fucking shame, if you ask me

    Looks like I’ll have to use Flat Style Colored Bars again once Xposed is compatible with the firmware

  • Razorbacktrack


  • Neil D’Souza

    Is the SD card support fixed?

  • Alain Leed

    STAMINA is in conflit with doze… be patient ;)

  • Andrea

    But stamina will return or not?

  • Joseph Tan

    dont, u’ll lose VoLTE functions, have not got it back even after using other MM firmwares.

  • Joseph Tan

    anyone knows, which version of 32.1.A.1.185 for Z5 has VoLTE and Wifi Calling enabled?

  • Zayed Kotayba

    It will return this month as SONY promised

  • Paul

    Yes it seems to be Neil. The update arrived today for the Z5 Premium and it went through without any problems. I removed my 32 GB card as it still wasn’t showing up and inserted a 8 GB which was recognized immediately.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for the info!

  • Neil D’Souza

    What if u have a 64 GB card will that work…because I don’t want to unnecessary update any find out later that the 64GB card doesn’t work in my phone

  • Paul

    Unfortunately I don’t own any cards that large. Did you do the initial update that was released on March 23? That updated fine from Sony but then Bell automatically wiped the phone back to factory fresh state. The update from yesterday only took a few minutes and seems to be just bug fixes and small improvements. No changes were made to my settings or apps.

  • Paul

    Sorry no, have you looked on the XDA forums at all?

  • desi indian

    i have a working 64gb card on my z5 premium dual! working flawless even before this update :)

  • desi indian

    EDIT: i am on z5 premium dual

  • HAWX

    I haven’t seen on Z5 Premium. Hope It doesn’t have bugs

  • Neil D’Souza

    So u r saying that the 64GB SD card is read by the phone even after the marshmallow update

  • Neil D’Souza

    So u r saying that the 64 GB SD card is working on your Sony Z5 premium even after the marshmallow update??

  • Oguz White

    Are you Sad bro? get a life and at least use CM for fuck sake then you will know what “STOCK” looks like.

  • Oguz White

    Why not get 1+ instead? its well known in your country, you kno

  • joshc

    Before I install this update I need to know that it’s not going to bug my phone out like the original marshmallow 6.0 update did. I had to perform a factory reset once already…don’t want to do it again

  • Oguz White
  • Dane

    First time I updated to Marshmallow on my Z5 – it completely crashed my phone. I was able to restore it back to Lollipop after much stress. Now, received the latest update for Marshmallow again….has anyone tried it? Does it work this time?

  • Sadman Khan

    People have no chill

  • desi indian

    yes its working fine for me on my Z5 Premium Dual after the latest firmware update i.e. 32.1.A.1.185

  • Dane

    I just asked the same thing…. I did on line chat with Sony, and they said it was all fixed, but after the last screw-up, I really don’t want to go through that again…

  • Brick

    Can I just fap?

  • Zayed Kotayba

    You are welcome my friend

  • Neil D’Souza

    Thank you for your feedback desi indian

  • desi indian

    cheers mate :)

  • goaten

    Bluetooth audio streaming was completely effed up for me before this update. Kept stuttering ALL the time and was worse when probably the processor was under the slightest bit of strain. This seems to have been fixed for me. Got damn Sony are slow with their updates. Not gonna be a Sony phone next time unfortunately. :/ They haven’t even pushed out the new emojis

  • Deon Pretorius

    Volume up/down “beep” sound still silent! Come on Sony!!!

  • Deon Pretorius

    Volume up/down “beep” sound still silent! Come on Sony!!!

  • Drew

    The fingerprint manager isnt under the security settings like its supposed to be, does anyone know if its been moved, or has this problem? Its a z5 dual.

  • Fabio Virgulti

    i have a lot of issues with this update on my z5c, reboots during calling and texting with whatsapp… other people same issues? thanks

  • ????

    This update kills my battery… Z5 premium user here, I wasn’t having this issue until this .185 update…

    Less than 2.5 hours of screen on time and leaving phone overnight (7hours) drains 10% battery…

  • Dulshan Madusanka

    My Z3’s navigation panel doesn’t work after update. Help

  • What erratic behaviour have you had with your white z5c? Ma girlfriend has white z5c and sometimes the screen doesn’t work. It is interesting if she wants to stop alarm clock with index finger it is not responding, but with thumb it is.

  • ramuk

    Hi, Alain do you work for Sony mobile? If you really do work for Sony mobile then I have some really important question to ask you about some recent decision Sony make with their Xperia X line up. Please reply, I’ll be waiting for your reply.

  • Alain Leed

    Hi, no I don’t :) sorry

  • Alain Leed

    It’s in progress ;)

  • ramuk

    Oh, OK. Thanks for the reply.

  • Ali KH

    How can i make the status bar black?

  • goarweam

    We can always choose not to upgrade right? I mean it is wiser not to upgrade to a new OS version if it would only make it faulty, right? That’s why if a new update rolls out, I guess it would be better to postpone your own update and wait for opinions online whether or not it’s safe to go through.

  • Kjell Hernes

    After the uppdate, my z5 have problem with internet conection.

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