FM Radio added to latest Concept Marshmallow firmware (MMB29V.Z1.3568)

by XB on 14th April 2016

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Concept_FM Radio_3_WMSony Mobile has added FM radio to the latest version of the Android Concept for Marshmallow. The new build, which moves to firmware number MMB29V.Z1.3568, has also fixed some camera bugs and updates the Android security patches to 2 April 2016. However, be aware that there is a known problem with Google Now not working with the FM radio. Sony says that they are working on the issue.

Xperia Concept_FM Radio_1_WM Xperia Concept_FM Radio_2_WM

Xperia Concept_FM Radio_3_WM Xperia Concept_FM Radio_4_WM

  • theskig

    Thanks for supporting good old FM radio!

  • Unknown

    We have some Feedback for Sony :

    1- PS3 Dualshock controller support ( It was removed from Z5 series and in Android MM 6.0 )
    Some people they have only PS3 !

    3- Font Style Support ( Important, Some people they Rooted the phone to change font style )
    Now ( Samsung, LG, HTC, and Huawei ) They support font style & Sony Still !!! Why Sony ?

    3- Emoji’s :
    Google emoji it look very bad and not nice for some people, We hope Sony to add a choice to change it ( Hope to be like WhatsApp or Appel IOS )

    Xperia Blog, Please send this 3 feedback to Sony or Sony Beta Community in G+ ( Google Plus )

  • ????? ????????
  • Unknown

    It show me :

    You must join this community to comment

  • ????? ????????

    Do you have the concept rom installed? Then you have an app called InTouch (I think) that gives you access to the community.

  • Unknown


  • WardenX

    Why kernel still is v3.4.0?
    Latest is v310 or v4.0.

  • Arch9

    Then why you request all that kind of useless stuff if you didn’t install it?

  • Dion

    In hope that someone else will request it?

  • Matt

    now this is just a spam

    you want it, you do it.

  • Akhil Joseph

    Aney one Know when Xperia Z2 D6502 get Marshmallow update, Plz reply

  • dimz

    Latest is v4.5 actually, but Sony and the other manufacturers prefer to patch the old kernel to death before they upgrade it, if ever.

  • andrewia

    The goal of the Concept Firmware is to be close to AOSP with small additions to keep support for the phone. I assume that Dualshock support will probably not come because it’s part of Sony’s skin. Front Style support is already there – the screen turns on when you open the cover. Sony has said they might not add any extra features for the cover (I’m guessing that is because that’s also part of Sony’s skin. I can say with certainty that emojis will always be Google Noto. There is no functional reason for Sony to change a functional set of emojis to other ones they would have to pay to license and spend development effort adding a switcher.

  • andrewia

    Why would any of us know and not say already? Dozens of people ask this every day and if there is news, a blog will post about it. Please use Google to find the information yourself.

  • WardenX


  • Unknown

    WTF ?

    IF not important for you, It’s important for some people

    So, We dey rooted the phones ?

  • Amimanot

    Seeing as how camera bugfixes is listed there, I’ve got 2 questions:

    Did they fix the bug where the last few seconds of a video recorded has their audio cut off prematurely?
    Did they fix the bug in timeshift burst where only a single picture is saved instead of the whole burst?

    Also related:
    Did they fix the bug in album where previous timeshift bursts made in official Sony roms (kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow) aren’t grouped together into one picture with a button to pick which picture in the burst to choose?

    I know I could post it to the community group but I need the intouch app to be able to join it and I’ve already downgraded back to kitkat official after using build 3027 (the last build for 2015 before they went on a break) for a few months. If some of these issues still aren’t fixed, could someone mention them in the group?

  • Arch9

    Concept firmware is mean to be light, fast and as stock AOSP as possible to maintain the faster update, not to add stuff that can make more bloat.

  • smartuser8

    Is there a FTF UP TO DATE ? Please

  • Jessiecdirks3

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  • Roh_Mish

    Feels like don’t is actually going backwards in both hardware and software dept. Biggest and most obvious comparison is how current iPhone lineup and Samsung’s lineup (after note and the strongly rumored S7 Mini) for flagship looks similar to that of Sony’s Z5 series. Plus this year S7 more or less added things Sony had for years and it quickly became the best smartphone. Meanwhile, every announcement Sony makes this year is not too detached from shooting one self in the foot.

  • Roh_Mish

    Wait or Google it yourself.

  • Will Komba

    will the concept rom work for the z3c d5883?

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  • Akhil Joseph

    Atlast got ipdate

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