XperiFirm 4.9.0 adds default download folder option

by XB on 21st April 2016

in Firmware

XperiFIrm4.9.0 v2XperiFirm, along with FlashTool, are two of the best third-party tools for Sony Xperia devices. XperiFirm developer Igor Eisberg has just released a new version (v4.9.0) which adds a new option allowing a user to set a default download folder. Previously, you were asked each time where you wanted to download your firmware files. There are some other small internal changes, you can see the full changelog below. You can download the latest release from XDA.

XperiFirm v4.9.0 changelog

NEW: You can now set a default download folder in XperiFirm’s Settings panel.

FIX: Some internal changes had to be made to support changes made by Sony for old devices: They deleted many of the images, thus I remade all of the device icons manually and stored them on XperiFirm’s server. Moreover, resources (icons) are no longer preloaded from Sony servers (nothing left to preload there), thus launching XperiFirm is now faster.

MINOR: Many old firmware are now being grayed out, which means that they are located on the old (no longer maintained) Sony server. Many of these firmware will warn for missing files as well. There’s nothing that can be done about that.

XperiFIrm4.9.0 v2

  • Sergio

    Great job Igor, as always!

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  • I hope this version fix the problem that I’ve been having… Ir gives me error, saying that I have to check my Internet connection or proxy settings

  • Nice

  • nzone

    I am not able to download any ftf file with this version.

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