Sony shipped 3.4 million units in Q4 FY15; the last time it was this low was Summer 2010

by XB on 28th April 2016

in News

Sony BuildingSony has released its full year results for the 12 months to 31 March 2016. There aren’t too many surprises on the mobile front, as the company has delivered on its revised expectations set back in January.

The results do, however confirm that Sony Xperia shipments plunged 57 percent in Q4 FY15 to 3.4 million units. You have to go back five-and-a-half years to the summer of 2010 when it delivered the same volumes. For the full year, Sony delivered 24.9 million units, representing a year-on-year decline of 36 percent.

A small positive is that Sony’s product mix has improved as it focuses on “high value-added models”. This is reflected in a more muted revenue growth than the above volume numbers suggest. Fourth quarter mobile revenues were down by 38 percent (vs shipments down 57%) and full year mobile revenues down by 20 percent (vs shipments down 36%) to 1,127.5 billion yen.

Sony Xperia Units Shipped_Q4 FY15

We know that Sony’s strategic moves on the smartphone side is to focus on profitability at the expense of driving scale. This is what we see in the numbers above. The problem is that Sony needs a certain amount of critical mass to ensure its smartphone operations are viable.

It will be interesting to see what growth Sony is forecasting into FY16. The company has not given an outlook forecast at this time due to the recent earthquake on 14 April 2016. The earthquake affected Sony’s operations in the Kumamoto region, with the manufacturing site currently suspended.

Sony Mobile Q4 FY15 performance

Via Sony.

  • hansip

    Sad to see Sony is still struggling in mobile division. But underwhelming specs of Xperia X (with smaller than ever battery size) and the 810 bad name plus no major refresh in design is why Sony goes down like this.

    If Sony really have confidence with Xperia X battery life, they SHOULD demonstrate it from the get go, that it can achieve 2 full days of battery life. otherwise people will be pulled more into S7 Edge with ever increasing Battery size this gen. Sure it doesn’t mean more than what Sony can achieve with smaller battery, but the number differences alone is killing them at that.

    What is suggest for Sony to do is to:
    1. slap that Z5 Premium battery size into the X body. That would bode well with the customers, and they will be convinced more with 2 days battery life, just like the old Z2.
    2. Do a retro dance, create the upgraded version of the old but gold Xperia Arc & Ray design. off screen button is preferred, but on screen with that familiar Arc of Home button of Xperia Ray would drive people to get it. That would create new following again.

  • Battel
  • jxPerience

    SAD BUT TRUE :( But i still have high hope for Sony Xperia Phones.

    Z5 Series we’re all praised by geeks but unfortunately it was late to hit the shelves, eyeing same fortune for X series.

    HTC A9 was announced and released same month and it’s a big contribution for HTC sales.
    HTC 10 was launched mid of apr and will be available on first to 2nd week of may.

    X series was launched Feb 2016 and until now it’s nowhere sight in the market.

    If sony will continue doing this things, even i dont want to but sony xperia will slowly leaving the market.


  • Ye Olde Vadge

    This is what happens when you announce new better models MONTHS before they are available. That announcement basically said “don’t buy our current phones, the next one will be better, we don’t care about Z-series anymore”. The problematic thing is that while X will be better indeed, they are going to be terrifyingly expensive and Performance model is not even announced at all for many countries. Also putting only 3 GB RAM into Performance is laughable. My next smartphone will not be a Sony, sad as I am about it – Z3 Compact was perfect.

    I think they have a dedicated division to ensure sales drop as low as possible.

    Edit: oh yeah, and releasing Z5 series with buggy software and taking months to fix it. Yeah Sony, that was a great idea.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    I think Sony Mobile should let its (remaining) loyalists decide what kind of phones to make. Persisting with this lack of focus and portfolio efficiency and poor response to feedback for so long is just sad.

  • jxPerience

    a venture with BlackBerry, Sony Blackberry

  • +1 +1 +1 +1 +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Sony Xperia shipments plunged 57 percent in Q4 FY15 ”

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  • MrM3

    Well since I am no expert I could be wrong of course. But I really don’t see how Sony can change the numbers when they focus on an outdated handset like Xperia X and price it higher then the other new flagships. It is just stupid imo. Better pricing and give us at least one phone which can compare to the other flagships already. if Sony release six months after the others that will obviously affect sales badly. Sony should have released Xperia X Performance at 600 euro when Samsungs SGS7 was released so people had a chocie at least.

  • KarFar

    Nokia all over again

  • as already said: robust long-lasting products, and i still have my Z1c and not really the pressure to upgrade :)

  • Maciek Stokfisz

    There is still no better phone than Z1C on the market actually. Perfect design and awesome performance. Z3c and Z5c are not that pretty and actually perfofrmance is not really better in daily usage.

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  • Ye Olde Vadge

    1. Don’t drop the Compact line which is what makes Sony special

    That’s pretty much my advice to whoever came up with X series.

  • iia3ezu

    Please sell the Sony mobile division to someone else.

    Someone who has a plan, isn’t rising on past glory and isn’t clueless.

    If you aren’t serious, get out.

  • Alvin

    I’m preparing right now, to be honest, I’m preparing to feel good about switching to other brands if they’ll bankrupt or got acquired by another manufacturer. They still have their hope, but if they continue to be like this overtime, it will not be good at all, for them.

  • Sadman Khan

    That’s actually what happens when the division is in the hands of some amazingly clueless people. It’s really not that difficult to understand customer demand. I’m glad I bought the Z5c. Atleast it’s running well now. But if they are gonna price their phones like that, I might have to switch to other brands in the future. I really don’t want to do that :(

  • Gästen med gesten

    This make me sad :-( it’s a good brand I don’t know so bad sell report:-S

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I think Hiroki Totoki should feel ashamed right now for what he has done. Crap… Japanese old man make the company fucked up.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    That is not good news there.
    One correction though: q42015 states 7.6 mill shipped, q12016 states 3.4 mill shipped.
    Although X series are good products, I dont see sales much improving with it, without properly financing marketing. Its not even about the pricing, its about lousy marketing decisions.
    And yes, announcements 3 months prior to release is bad marketing managment.
    Hope they stay strong and kicking through this restructuring thing.
    But change the marketing politics already.

  • XperiaBlog

    No there is no mistake – the graph is calendar year, whilst the text is referring to fiscal year.

  • kaostheory

    Not sure what you’re talking about, Sony had profits increase over 600%, and I’m pretty sure even their smartphone division made profits.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Im a bbit lost there I must admit.
    In previous forecast article they forecasted 3.5 mill shipment in their fiscal q4 2015. Their new article reports shipment of 3.4 mill in fiscal q4 2015.
    Their fiscal q4 is timeframe of december 31 2015- march 31 2016, in which they shipped 3.4 mill.
    In their fiscal q3 2015, timeframed september 31 2015 – december 31 2015 they shipped 7.6 mill devices.
    I hope I got that right.

  • MoYeung

    This is really bad …

  • Madis Otenurm

    Don’t drop other sizes either, I want 5,2″ instead of 5″…

  • jokensy

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny :-)

  • ryq24

    I don’t think anything can be done to save Sony mobile. Their phones are low spec high price. Quality is not good as it is touted to be. Just ask M5 owners. I think the biggest problem of Sony is they are in denial and they think their products are at par with iPhone and Samsung galaxy or lg which they are definitely not.

  • Khush

    They need to bring back the Walkman series phones. Sony Ericsson were huge with that series, it was the cash cow but they’ve discontinued the Walkman trademark.
    Why do they release phones every 6 months? it’s clearly not working especially taking into account the incremental upgrades in hardware, which is funny because I remember reading a statement saying that they do it because technology is fast evolving. Well it doesn’t match up with your bloody release schedule Sony. The z3+ and Z5 are virtually the same phone.
    They need to listen to their loyal fans or they will lose them too. I have a Z5 and I will switch brands with my next upgrade if this is how they continue.
    Their business strategy is B.S and they need to sort it out

  • jokensy

    If Sony stops making phones, Samsung will be really worried since they won’t be able to copy Xperia phones like water resistance, front and back glass etc…

  • RockStar2005

    I SECOND that Madis!

    F phablets!!!!!!!!!!

  • RockStar2005

    Sony Mobile only made profits because they laid off a bunch of people last year. They make THE BEST phones overall IMO, but their marketing and sales strategy is f’ing awful!

  • RockStar2005

    Hahaha yeah! For real.

  • adibuyono

    Xperia X strategy will surely enough to bring this company to death..

  • adibuyono

    I am looking for a sony phone as my next phone..
    But if price is not competitive enough, I have no reason to choose sony..

  • ludimilojko

    Of course they shipment plunged 57 percent. They announced the X series in february, or when, and of course noone will buy the old phones, when the new one is announced. And then we get the 600 euro price tag for the new phone, and of course nobody will pay 600 euros for a midranger offering nothing new.
    I love you, Sony, but this is stupid, no matter how hard Vjekoslav is trying to convince us in the opposite.

  • Solano89

    Sad story this article and I’m not happy at all to hear such news. I was going to rethink my options after the good update to 6.0.1 and the news about reintroducing Stamina mode into this OS but everything was back to “normal” with the Xperia X(pensive) price list and now this… sad thing! SONY clearly needs to rethink their strategy and to focus only on three phones a year – a Compact (one of a kind in it’s class), a 5,2″ and a 5,5″ or maybe a 5,7″ for those who want a phablet. All this with very good spec sheet and an awesome design (here SONY is unbeatable) combined with waterproofing and a 3 day battery life! :) (PS – don’t leave out stuff like FM Radio, SD Card support or IR Blaster) And marketing it with the big carriers all over the world and introduce it in special offers! Come on SONY!

  • Bashar Shehab

    Not surprised. At all. That’s what they get when they announce a device and don’t deliver it to market even after almost 3 months, and price them awfully high.

    P.S : This SS, LOL, Just when Sony Mobile started to get worse and worse…

  • jmaxim917

    This is what happens when you change the name of the Walkman app to Music. Just kidding, kinda.

  • KarFar

    I think the X should’ve been the X Performance (with 4k video obviously) and the XA should be what the ZL was to the original Z, same internals as the X but with less premium build and sans the fp scanner and the waterproofing to keep the price down. I think this way the X series would really earn much less criticism.

  • Omarion07

    Not sure what you’re talking about.. Sony had profits increase over 600% due to the continued demand for PS4. Their smartphone division reported an operating loss of $544 million. Get your facts right!

  • Omarion07

    I reckon that Sony’s decision ”not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability” is pure utter bullshit. Anyway with their 2016 selection of handsets a.k.a X series they will achieve neither scale nor profitability. I speculate that their units shipped and revenue will drop down even less for the next two quarters. It’s about time Sony listened to their customers feedback and release proper flagship phones with absolutely no compromises. And please no more of this ”smarter than your average smartphone’ bullshit!

  • Aiden Pearce

    if you price it like blind Apple, it is what tend to happen.

  • Aiden Pearce


  • roeshak

    The wiring has been on the wall for sometime. When you start losing customers who’ve been with you for 7yrs you know things are bad. Judging from the x series the road ahead is even bleaker!

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  • Geese Howard

    Time for Kaz Hirai to step down and appoint a new CEO for a CHANGE. CHANGE is GOOD. Even Ken Kutaragi can do better than this just look at the Playstation!

    I mean come on, how many down stride does it take for the directors to understand that it is hurting us to see them fucking up our baby Xperia here?? You poor thing Xperia!

  • Timel

    I got you man, I feel the same, for many years past since Sony Mobile was established it looks like Sony didn’t work hard or highly dedicated to their Mobile division enough, like bad marketing, struggling with bad camera quality for years

  • r3mboy

    Few things Sony needs to do in order to survive:

    1. Price – why price higher than other flagships?
    2. Software updates – once a year update is very unethical. Do what Apple does. They fix their shit quick!
    3. Announce and Release – new flagship comes out in January, won’t be available until late March, then you announce a new flagship phone in early June…really? (me buying a Z5 on X-series announcement)
    4. Design updates – same design for 4 generations? Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3+/Z4, Ultra Z, etc…

    Well you guys are welcome to add more…

  • InFlames03

    Tfw their highest profit was in Q4 14, which was after he became the CEO of Sony. Things started getting worse after they got overconfident after their sales of the Xperia Z series phones up until the Z3 line.

    The Z4 was what started driving Sony into oblivion thanks to the number of issues the SD 810 brought it. And the Z5 was perfection in terms of hardware, but their software team started slacking off big time.

  • Raphael

    Kazuo Hirai is doing a great job to turn Sony around.

  • Spontex

    Why 3,4 is Q116 in this grafic and Q415 in the text ?

  • HAWX

    Sony sucks but Xperia blog doesn’t :D Thanks for checking out :)

  • HAWX

    Yeah man, unfortunatelly it really is. But there are way less function and way more bugs in Xperias. Fans ignore this hard unfortunatelly :/ People who likes Sony are mostly light users :/

  • HAWX

    Software team definitelly lacks, but Z5 was not perfection inmo, instead a step back. Ergonomics are worse, phone feels bigger in the hand and it feels harder to reach to top, screen is like 30FPS. You can see light trails in moving scenes. Screen is good for only static images. Camera was S5 quality in Samsung :/ Z3 was the best, except camera..

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    Still waiting for my Z4v.

  • Omarion07

    What of specs? Aren’t they behind the competition in that regard?

  • DarkMaster

    Z5 is awesome and in my opinion still unbeaten phone when it comes to design and performance … I love it . camera quality of S5 ?? you obviously never seen what Z5 can do it’s comparable even to S7….S5 have shitty camera that can’t even beat Z1 LOL

  • johannes chiong

    Anyone here knows how we can contact sony for ideas and recommendations??

  • jamie evans

    I think if Sony makes a premium device which looks exactly like XA, it will save the ass. Sony should ditch Z series design language. Anyways, Xperia needs some breakthrough.

  • jamie evans

    youtube lol

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  • Igy Tech

    Lower prices my Sony…

  • Carmenffriedel1

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  • mrhangover Rox

    why people ditch sony, because sony poor on warranty. my device 3rd time sent to sony centre, and since 1st month i buy the phone got problem, they not replace it instead repair it. bye sony..

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I don’t dare spend a lot of money on Sony phones that may break.
    The Z series are waterproof when new, but very frail and need careful handling.

  • HAWX

    You can see how good was Z5 by looking at the figures, OR checking official Sony Xperia talk forum and looking at the discussion topics. Btw S5 didin’t have the corner blur issue.

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  • Amir

    Sony mobile should quit the mobile industry for not learning from mistakes, doing mistakes over and over again. People who buy sony mobile devices are clueless, paying for overpriced devices while there are other devices like some Chinese devices with half the price and similar or even better quality. If you have unlimited budget you want to choose either samsung, lg, or maybe also htc (with the 10). Sony mobile is dead man walking. They deserve to exit the mobile industry.

  • Shravan SP

    Well, if only sony brings a flagship with no compromises, it would be the best! Like how ktc did with its htc 10 now..
    Don’t has better camera in its C series (selfie cam), lesser bezels in xperia xA etcc…
    But the flagship does not have the two.. Instead only a high end chipset and they call it flagship!!

  • azzido

    Very bad move of resigning from Z series to be honest.
    As a loyal long years fan of the brand I am not interested in X series.

    I can see the following reasons of sales flop:

    1. Bad quality caused by not enough QA, Sony needs to spend more on testing to ensure the quality products the company aspire to deliver. Bad quality (like Z3+ overheating, then blurry camera on potentially best feature of Z5 – its camera) resulted in bad press. Bad press resulted in lower sales.
    2. Bad advertisnment (instead of nice TV shows, billboards and ads on Internet the company spent a lot of money on silly Bond movie ads). To be honest the Bond campaign was one of the ugliest adverts I ever saw to promore Xperia series. A lot of money tossed into garbage…
    3. The company still not delivering what the users expect, examples below:
    – Please change the design!
    – Battery! (each new model after Z2 continue the bad road to deliver smaller and weaker battery over and over again)
    – Camera! (welcome the blur!, and noise, but noise was rather expected). Where’s OIS people ask for, Xenon Flash, better optics, manual control? See, even chinese brands can deliver LEICA, , collaborate with Carl Zeiss and so on. Sony? Just to remind Z5 Premium has a plastic cover for the camera that scratches easily. That is why (and lower brightness screen than regular Z5) I selected normal Z5 as camera is covered by one piece of glass like entire back. And it looks better that any camera hump. Just nice flat back.
    – Change the UI! no matter it is rather sooth and nice the problem is the UI, icons, animations etc are still the same for so many years. People simply get bored with it. Moreover I think Sony is close to the edge with crossing the line of being too much stock. If I would like stok nexus, I would pick it instead…
    – overpriced – especially upcoming X series is a great example of it. Sony is about to deliver weaker specs with X series for much higher price than competition. + doing it months later, like again being late to the country! This is just not acceptable. Whoever wanted to have 2016 flagship just bought it. Imagine someone about to pick S7 or X poorformance. Looking at S7 it has better spect for lower proce (as being already months on the market).

    The key points to success are:
    1. Quality
    2. Marketing
    3. Listen to the customers
    4. Pricing
    5. Fast delivery (not months after competition)
    6. Innovation

    To be honest I am not interested in X series as I am considering it as a downgrade to Z5.
    And maybe it looks similar to previous Z but it looks great, premium, glass. Its shape I consider much better than any X so far. Aluminium frame (not plastic like X). Frosted glass back. Xperia gravering on a side. It is simply much better. So if I have a chance to chooose I prefer to stay with Z5 as X series looks uglier to me. I wanted better design, not worse like X series.

    Need more space to include better camera inside? Produce bigger screen, like 5.7″ should be sufficient to incorporate bigger matrix, better lens etc. And bigger pixel size > more megapixel count.

    Not everything is bad, there are some good points too as well to be fair.
    But here we are discussing what is / may be wrong that is the reason of the sales, as good points are rather not causing it. Hence read above.

  • azzido

    Is this Godzilla?

  • azzido

    Yes, Z5 to be my last Sony phone until they will deliver new, better Z. Otherwise Z5 is a perfection of Xperia series so far.

  • azzido

    The problem is we want to have only 1 smartphone in the pocket. Not 2 like camera one and music one. Hence we are waiting to get S-Master for new Z series (dreams).

  • azzido

    I have a feeling previous Sony Mobile CEO was doing better than current one and was listening to the people more. I hope Sony will shake hands again with previous CEO after seing how huge flop is X series…

  • azzido

    Yes, especially they need to cooperate with carriers better (Z4 tablet not available), strenghten its occurence in City Centers and finally say hello to US.

  • azzido

    I was paying for their overpriced phones for years because I loved their design, liked their UI, still love their apps (album, Walkman no matter called ugly and simple Music are still my favorite), camera and battery life.

    Unfortunately in time these advantages are gone and the last thing that lasts is price.
    Battery was decreasing in time and reached its apogeum with announced X series. Quality and testing started to be gone with Z3+ (overheating that was fixed by dal heat pipes and Marshmallow in Z5). Camera being impacted by Z5 (blur) and now even design is going to be gone with X series…

    This is too much for me.
    Still waiting before switching and hoping (rather dreaming) that new better Z6 will be announced soon.

  • azzido

    I was stating back to Arc design so many times, or even combine best of omni-balance with Arc design.

    Can you imagine Arc design made totally of glass back?
    OMG I would die for.

    But no, Sony prefers to flop with ugly X + using plastic frames… = sorry but no.

  • RockStar2005

    ALL true! Start advertising using U.S. ad agencies not Japanese ones who don’t know how to make anything but lightweight/generic commercials. Put those ads ON TV not just the internet where only interested parties will seek them out.

    LG’s new G5 ad is an example of why it’s better to use U.S. ad agencies, not the Japanese or Korean ones. lol Could this BE more ridiculous, despite that it has a big star (Jason Statham) in it?? But at least they’re running it ON AMERICAN TV!

    Sony needs to get ppl like Clooney, J-Law, and Bradley Cooper to do their ads. Just don’t make them dumb. lol But they DO have this wonderful ad I actually love online at least. If they were smart, they’d put this on U.S. TV ASAP! Love the music, scenery, etc. A very good ad that tries to make a point and actually succeeds.

  • Amir

    I understand. I had SE w800i in 2005 and sony tv from 90’s and many other products. Huge playstation fan since hte 90’s. The thing is, Sony mobile has almost nothing to do with sony. Sony mobile don’t have anything special anymore since now even other manufacturers with low end devices make premium design. Sony could be successful 10 years ago but even that is not true since their quality end result is average at best when compared to competitors and price is overpriced. Even Chinese flags produce better image processing then sony and include ois, xperia z displays is mostly shit due to way too cold color temperature and now where OLED tech is mature people desire OLED display, IPS is a thing of the past, etc. so called “4k display” – don’t even get me started there. There is nothing special about sony mobile devices anymore. It is what it is. They had their chance to grow but they did not learn from mistakes.

  • Helensmurphree4

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  • Timel

    There’re two problems drag Sony Mobile down

    1. The weakness of products
    – same old boring design and the huge bezels for years
    – less software R&D
    – Sony don’t brave enough to combine hi-level technologies from cyber-shot (camera), walkman (audio) and Bravia (display) to their flagship phones , I want to see the serious integration
    – the current Xperia flagship phones have nothing special and no new wow innovation to allure people

    2. Inefficient marketing
    – do less marketing
    – bad supply chain
    – always sell too late
    – don’t care and give up in North America and China market that such a huge mistake, especially USA which is the trend setter country , Sony need to launch, make big events and then sell Xperia phones in America as soon as possible

  • r3mboy

    They can re-release the Z5 premium with SD820, 4GB and be done with it. It will sell. Nexus 6P will be available with SD820 soon.

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  • yuanhui502

    I am always a user of Compact product. I don’t want my cellphone to be too big to fit my pocket.
    But now I moved to Iphone, lefting my sony devices serving as backup devices.
    This year,as my z1c is not supported anymore for any software updates, I decided to change, however considering the compact-size and powerful performance, I have no choice apart from an Iphone.
    Plus, longer software support by apple also pulled me to their system.

  • yuanhui502

    speaking of the Chinese market, I didn’t see a sony device in a subway or bus, or any other public areas.
    Their software experience is a disaster, not valuable for a device selling at this price;(for those who can root it and install a xposed framework, this is not a problem)
    audio experience, mediomaycre(comparing to those with HIFI chips, or an iphone that do not have one, viper4android may improve it, but, still, needit some modification)
    camera, mediocre (when comparing with Samsung, nexus 6p, iphone, etc.)

  • yuanhui502

    sony will destroy this department, if the continue to do so.
    Selling it now would at least get a better price, but years later, this would be hard to predict.

  • yuanhui502

    Maybe, add a team to connect the feedback from users. They need to know what is really needed by their customers.

  • steary_eye

    Yup, expected. Delaying the release of the new X-Performance and releasing two iterations of the crappy processor kills that for them. Good luck Sony if you ever survived this round. If you don’t survive, is ok. I am going iPhone. I will be getting the iPhone 7. So disappointed of Sony.

  • Manuel Maldonado Turcios

    Sony should just quit the business. I LOVE sony. I have owned Xperia Z, Z1, Z3, Tablet Z adn Z2. I buy so many of their gadgets, wireless headphones portable speakers. But Now I own Samsung Note 5 and S5 before that. Sony has such awful marketing and availability here in the US and numbers are not doing so hot elsewhere. Hate to see a great company suffer like this. If they are not willing to make drastic changes to their business strategy they just just fuckin quit.

  • Tommy He

    How did you forget Z5C?

  • Tommy He

    Seems like a lot of people cry for design for the sake of change.

    Yes, the same Omini(?) design language has been carried on since Xperia Z. However, it doesn’t mean it stay still. As an owner of Z, Z1, Z1c, Z3, Z5c and Z5P, I can certainly tell the progressive perfection.
    What’s the problem with Omini, people?

    No, I would rather like to see Sony perfect its mature Omini design in X series than pushing an immature eye-catching but ergonomics disaster design.

  • yuanhui502

    Not a fun of snapdragon 810, to be frank.
    And sony just hurt me by giving up Z1c not even after 18 months.
    Probably would like to buy a nexus device or apple device next time so the system update could be maintained.

  • Tommy He

    Understand your impression of SD810 as it’s first show in HTC M9 is terrible. But I assume that you didn’t know the SD810 v2.1 used in Z5 series **does not** overheat under normal usage. I was skeptical before but tons of reviews support that.

    Of course it becomes hot after taking 4K videos. But which SoC doesn’t?

    Not upgrading to Android 6.0 doesn’t mean it was left cold dead. It still receive the security updates a couple of months ago.

    It’s your money thus only you can decide where it goes. Just a saying you’re not left with no choice.

  • As 2011-2014 were their best years, Sony Mobile needs to go back and look over the phones that were released within those years. There are many reasons why people bought them. While design played a part, it wasn’t the only part or the biggest part in the buyers’ decisions.

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