Sony launches Xperia Home Open Beta; new launcher version (10.0.A.0.40)

by XB on 29th April 2016

in Applications

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_6Sony Mobile has launched a new beta programme for another one of its apps – this time it is for the humble home launcher. By joining the Xperia Home Open Beta you will be able to test the latest launchers from Sony. As part of the launch, Sony is distributing a new Xperia Home with build number 10.0.A.0.40. There is very little change over the last version (10.0.A.0.30) that we’ve noticed.

Sony is testing a new way of distributing updates with this beta. Now, updates will be delivered through the built-in Xperia Software Update software (Settings > About phone > Software update). When you click on this maintenance release, you will notice the circle pane continues to try and load – this is natural and is because there is no release notes attached to this particular update.

The beta is open to all, so if you want to get involved head over and join this Google+ community. You will then need to hit a link to become a tester – this link has to be clicked through your mobile. The beta is only open to those on stock Sony firmware – therefore those of you running Concept builds are out of luck.

DOWNLOAD: Xperia Home (10.0.A.0.40 beta)

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_1 Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_4

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_3 Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_2

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_5 Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_6

Thanks mrninko and Vlado!

  • Beto Carvalho

    would add the option to hide apps

  • Asu

    Gesture feature ? like nova

  • David Hvatov

    Marshmallow sucks hard for me. No horizontal mode while charging in dock like in Lollipop. Harder to get into 4K recording mode (can’t create icon to home launcher, like in previous fw). Poor battery performance.

  • Invar

    You are just joking. MM is the best FW for Xperia – all range. If you have shit apps installed so it’s normal battery would be poor…
    Z3 here, fast as hell.

  • bubimir13
  • Tau45

    It gives Z1 Compact an extra row for widgets and it feels like switching from iPhone 4 to 5 :)
    Stock Lollipop ofc ;)

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  • Raj Singh

    This is a really cool way to integrate your clients’ feedback directly into your services…

  • WilliamTell13

    Works great on my Z1s running 5.0.2. Much better than the outdated launcher I was running before this version.

  • GregLu

    No but there is a double tap to sleep, finally !! :)

  • Aldo Baix


  • hansip

    Please add support for 400dpi! My xperia z 5 premium is begging for it! I mean the best dpi setting for it should be 400 dpi rather than 480 dpi. Since it is technically a wider display than standard z5. Please please please. For now i change to Nova because of that..

  • Sadman Khan

    You could do that since the release of Marshmallow. Even before on the concept firmware

  • Utsav Shah

    i didn’t notice that you can now use normal icon themes with xperia home.

  • Matt

    Just buy nova

  • Helensmurphree4

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  • ayub407

    This looks like the default launcher of the Xperia Z3 running marshmallow.

  • Zbaeia

    Xperia C5 Home Open Beta new launcher version (10.0.A.0.40) :(

  • jxPerience

    i dont like the feel of the new xperia launcher, that search on top of every page is kinda annoying, i prefer KITKAT slide to open menu and swipe down to open apps search menu. Still some native function is not present on xperia phones,

    call and sms blocker
    hide apps option


  • Filip Gonda

    It doesnt work for me
    Whenever i try to open that link
    It doesnt load page

    Sorry for my bad english

  • aman ansari

    If you haven’t noticed, the apps icon in homescreen can now be rearranged! Just hold it and try it.

  • John NouS

    It wouldn’t for me either. Just update the “Sony Software update apk” through apk mirror and then everything’s OK

  • ESniper

    please like & share your comments
    Xperia Home – Open Beta

  • muhkuhap

    But sadly not for the lockscreen.

  • sahil khan

    I don’t like this new beta home launcher.plse tell me how could I will back my previous launcher….please please

  • David Hvatov

    You saved my a$$! Thanks, it worked!

  • sahil khan

    Hey I don’t like this new beta launcher. launcher Can u please tell me.. How can I back my previous launcher.. Xperia home.

  • GregLu

    It works on my side, or do you mean something else ? Double tap to sleep and double tap to wake are working fine on the Z5c

  • Matt


  • MixoMaxoViper


  • Jonathan Bratanata

    It’s the stock launcher for 6.0.1 Z3
    But either way, just follow the instructions in the description

  • muhkuhap

    I can’t make it more clear. Double tap to sleep does sadly not work on the LOCKSCREEN only on home screen. But many people, including me, tend to double tap to wake the phone to check for messages/times without unlocking the phone… and would like to be able to double tap it back to sleep afterwards.

  • GregLu

    I understand correctly then. On my Z5c it works on the lockscreen too, and of course on the homescreen. ;)

  • Azzy

    Sorry for being off topic, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to mention this. I have never ever seen a website as shit as this. Since the August 2015 update, it because so shitty that even looked better on Symbian S40. Scrolling is fucking annoying on mobile. I wanna scroll down to comments but it just skips to the next article, WTF? And I even need to explicitly TAP ON COMMENTS button. FUCK YOU AND YOUR SHITTY WEBSITE!

  • sahil khan

    Plse solve the icon size.the small icon size of this beta home launcher is to large .. Please short the some icon.. And give the new update I really don’t like it…. Plse help

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  • muhkuhap

    I do not believe it does. Cause it does not on my Z5c ;-) And not on the other guys phone I was talking with and also the Xperia Home Team ( ) didn’t say anything regarding this.

    I can double tap my Z5c while sleeping to wake up. But on the lockscreen it does nothing. But then on my home screen it works of course..

    Do you have your phone locked using the fingerprint scanner? You are on latest MM build I assume? (So do I)

  • ???????????? ????????

    I love this!!! Good job Sony!!!

  • Robcartoon

    Unread notification badges on apps not working on my Xperia Z2.

  • Robcartoon

    Double tap to sleep screen only works on home screen

  • muhkuhap

    That’s because the lockscreen is not part of the Launcher.

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    There’s a swipe down gesture on the Home Screen that opens the App Drawer. That’s the only gesture I found…

  • Robcartoon

    And what about unread notification badges not showing?

  • mUSICA

    works flawless on xperia zr 5.1.1, also double tap to sleep works

  • muhkuhap

    Limitation in Android, apps need to implement some code to make it work..

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  • Eddy Cen

    notification badge not working on my m2 5.1.

  • Eddy Cen

    uninstall it using es file xplorer

  • Danielle Garcia

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  • Abdullah

    Even though it’s named Beta it works well. But can someone tell what’s the latest stable Home version and where can I download it?

  • Robcartoon

    Same on my Xperia Z2,badge not working

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  • Asu

    Already have it

  • Sadman Khan

    Just Marfeel things or whatever they call it. It’s shit regardless

  • laci_csk

    How can put the old Xperia Home back to my phone?

  • Dorothypdunham

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  • dimz

    Find it in Apps category in Settings, and tap Uninstall Updates.

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  • Makozak

    Mine do work aswell. I can double tap to sleep on the homescreen AND the lockscreen.
    But douple tap to wake up is not working.

  • muhkuhap

    On the Z5c? How could this be possible? It is NOT integrated in stock rom.

  • laci_csk

    Cannot select Uninstall Updates, only Force Stop is selectable.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I don’t like how that search bar has to remain up there and how the status bar goes into fullscreen mode. I would prefer a search button. They need to put options to not hide it when going into the app drawer. Also, the page navigation dots above the home button are too small, they are uncomfortable when trying to skip from more than 1 page, there should be an option to enlarge them independent of icons. Also, I don’t like how I have to touch and hold the dots, I preferred how I could just tap a larger dot on the 9.0 launchers to instantly jump to a page in the app drawer. I also don’t like they swipe down to search apps feature. Locking icons should also be a feature. The 10.0 launcher is a nice approach but Sony should seriously consider what features people want instead of doing what they think is right.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    … and I don’t like that gesture. Sony should add an option to disable that.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    This is a nice idea but since I like the older 9.0 launcher’s design more. As a rooted user, I removed this 10.0 launcher using Titanium Backup from my Z3 and downgraded to the 9.0 launcher.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Root your phone, install Titanium Backup, install google now launcher as backup launcher, force uninstall Xperia Home 10.0 with Titianium Backup, then use google now launcher temporarily and download xperia home apk (latest 9.0 version, do not download 10.0) and install the apk. Set the Xperia home as default launcher and uninstall google now launcher. Done.

  • Shamoy Rahman


  • Abdullah

    Hi, just install ES file explorer
    Go to Library -> APP -> Select Xperia Home and uninstall. It works and reverts back to the factory version :)
    (No need to root)

  • HypeZ

    my z5c with MM have more stutters while switching apps, is reeeeallly slower

  • laci_csk


  • laci_csk


  • Shamoy Rahman


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  • Khalid Khan

    /it this available for Xperia Z2

  • Håkan Andersson

    Where’s the rotate option?

  • Piyush

    Thank You For this post buddy…

  • Gautham Varishtanjali

    I installed new xperia home in my Z1 Compact and the phone is now not switching vibrates 3 times when i press the power button and restarts automatically many a times..what should i do now???pls help

  • Gautham Varishtanjali

    I updated my xperia Z1Compact with the new home screen update..after that the phone does not keeps on restarting..when trying to switch on, I get 3 vibrations in place of the usual 1 vibration..I tried to hard reset but it is of no use..what should I do..pls help..

  • That worked for me! Thanks a lot, you just saved my life!! ^_^

  • Abid Seyam

    I installed it on my Sony xperia z1? But now I can not go back to my previous xperia home that was installed in z1 lolipop

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