Music Beta update (9.1.9.A.1.0) allows you to edit genres; manually fetch album art

by XB on 2nd May 2016

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Music Beta 9.1.9.A.1.0_1Sony Mobile has updated the Music Beta to build number 9.1.9.A.1.0 to include a couple of neat features. The first change is that Sony now allows you to manually fetch album art for your music tracks. Prior to this, the main option was to “update while you play”. To do this, simply long press on a track item (or click the three dots) and press “Edit music info”. Then click “Download” underneath the section entitled “Download music info”.

The second change is that Genre support has been improved in that you are now able to edit the genre for a particular track. You can change this under the “Edit music info” setting as described above. At the moment, there is no way to change the genre of a whole album. Music Beta users can download the update from the Google Play Store or you can use the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.1.9.A.1.0)

Music Beta 9.1.9.A.1.0_1 Music Beta 9.1.9.A.1.0_2

Music Beta 9.1.9.A.1.0_3 Music Beta 9.1.9.A.1.0_4

Thanks Ben!

  • Sergio

    Yet another update where they don’t have balls to fix the automatic music pauses, in phones with low ram, when the phone is locked. I mean, really Sony, why you do this to us?

  • Marinko Agic

    Give me one dicent update with no bug of album or song cover photo!
    Do some in Sony read this?Always same bug with album or song photo!

  • Bashar Shehab

    Remove any photo from your music’s folder. It’ll be fixed

  • Joe Black

    Anyone else noticing more fluent animations, specifically when minimising/maximising Now Playing screen?

  • Nav

    And here waiting for the marshmallow update! Still no roadmaps…Has been a year m4 still on 5.0 wdf!!

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony makes the best Music App, Weather App, and Home Launcher (before 10.0) now. They have really stepped the software game up. Keep up the great work!

  • coach

    The z3 series got the wide release of the update last week, and the z3 is/was a flagship. Stop complaining please, if you want early access to new software next time go for a flagship, and be pleased that Sony is even going to update the midrage phones, not like other OEMs

  • Nav

    Yes, i know the device is a mid range but you dont know living on an unstable version for a year.The 5.0 version for it is not stable and as most of your declared “flagships” already got M then it should not even sound complaining… anyone! t has been a year now no 5.1 no 6.0(okay, if it is little late)…

  • coach

    Well it is kinda complaining :-P I haven’t yet received my update either (z3c) but I’m not complaining. But I don’t blame you, I would be complaining too if my fw wasn’t stable (I don’t use a m4 but I take your word for that). All I’m saying is that people need to be a bit more patient with this updates. You will get it, it’s not the end of world if it’s a bit late. Better late than never

  • coach

    I think that D stands for the MM update. If I’m not mistaken, and please correct me if I am, Lollipop was C and Kitkat was B

  • Nav

    Yes, friend time! One thing which makes me frustrated is why sony has not rolled 5.1 update (more stable UI)..and i really appreciate sony that it is giving M to mid ranges like few others because it should not continue to be like that only a flagship will get a new fw….if a device is able to hold a fw it should get it and sony seems to understand this…! It would be good if M appear faster on our phones,it is already quite late.

  • coach

    Well other that LG (which worked with Google for the 5X and got early access to the software) and HTC (which is stripping its skin down to stock), I am not aware of any other OEM releasing an update for 2014 models. With that said, yes, faster updates would have been better, but knowing that you will get it someday is better than nothing. The thing I like most about Sony is their developer-friendly approach which give us the option to extend the life of our devices, not many OEMs take that approach

  • Nav

    Motorola has been the one! I dont know if it worked with google or not but yeah it pushed out the update

  • coach

    Yeah, forgot about them. Motorola were owned by Google and a stripped down skin is a good way to push out updates fast

  • Anonymous

    Every one doesn’t want to go through every tracks and edit info.I still need an option to Download music info for all tracks in one go, as before.

  • HAWX

    *True If they didn’t made the Z and Z1 series almost UNASABLE with battery drain bug for the last 2 updates and not fixing them or saying anything about them. Sony supports their devices longer on paper but kills them mostly in the end. Go check Z and Z1 pages on official Sony forum. I’m sad to say that but your opinon will probably change after the latest update gets your phone.

  • coach

    No, my opinion will not change. If I have a problem with the next update my go-to place would be the xda forums. There people that actually know how the device works and how to tinker with it to fix the problem will find a way around it. Don’t be afraid to play around with your device, it’s yours. I don’t see a reason why not to play around with it to extend its lifespan if it’s already out of warranty. And most probably, battery drain after an update should be fix with a simple factory reset

  • Camilo

    I had an Xperia Z3 and I loved it! Too bad it was robbed on february. I bought an S7 Edge two weeks ago since Sony lacks of manual camera controls and I don’t really like the new 23 Mpx sensor. However, I LOVE the Sony music app and managed to Install it. The only feature I miss is the increased playback speed. Out of the camera, Sony has the best software.

  • SONY only

    Please check out this video

    Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact with official android marshemallow

  • DarkMaster

    those people need new battery since those are old phones ! I have family members with those devices and battery draining bug or however you call it does not exist. btw what is ”UNASBLE” , you meant ”UNUSABLE” ?

  • Marinko Agic

    And now with Android 6.0, my Xperia Z3 have two times better photo!

  • Camilo

    Really? You should show me some pics to compare. I was always congratulated because of my photos with my Z3, even with the lack of manual controls. I couldn’t make it to marshmallow.

  • HAWX

    Wuah. You seem like clever.
    1st Most people don’t buy electronics to just use it while it has warranty. Using another ROM might brick my device and I don’t have money to buy flagship every 2 year. I bought FLAGSHIP model to last more than average phones on the market.
    2nd I have already flashed my phone back to 4.2.2 because It was the only good software for my phone. People are already agreed on that on XDA.

    3rd All resetting options and all the other software versions for diffrent country had tried by me and various people on Sony forum. Since Lollipop, all software released by Sony had the radio active vattery issue, and you’ll get about 35 minutes of screen on time with LTE lol. You can check the forum for yourself. Phones charge about 5.5 hours lol.

    5th Sony not even acknowledged the problem. And they didn’t offer an option to return to older software. I had to do my own but there are a lot of people who doesn’t have time for reading and searching all these studf.

    6th If I had money to risk my phone, I would have already changed to other OEM. Don’t worry, I’m not stupid.

  • HAWX

    Nope, I tried the older softwares and problem is gone. The software is the problem :/ Battery is fine.

  • coach

    Yes I know most people don’t buy the phone to use it for 2 years, what I am saying is that after 2 years, with no fear of voiding the warranty, why don’t you tinker a bit with the device? Yes most people don’t have the time to root and stuff, but just disabling/uninstalling apps that you don’t use/need will most likely unlock a lot of perfomance and battery life.
    I check a bit the forums of the Z and some people appeared to be saying that 4.2.2 had some issues with battery drain which were fixed on 4.3 (not sure about that because I only looked for a bit). As for 35m SOT I find it a bit ridiculous, some app must be using your cpu to the full to get that (check with CPUZ). A friend of mine had the same problem on his note 4 (an app or something was stressing the cpu to 100% and a simple factory reset fixed it).
    You don’t risk your phone if you uninstall some bloatware, most of the time that’s where the problem lies

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  • HAWX

    Look mate, thank you for positive recommendation I appreciate that.

    But I have been following Xperia blog from 2012. And I WAS a big fan of Sony from Xperia Z to Z2.

    I have used every software released for Xperia Z and Z1. Every software version from 4.1.1 to 5.1.1. Every single one, by using them 1st hand. I had A LOT of time for looking for solutions from Sony forum, XDA, android authority and many. And unfortunately the problem with Sony isn’t in an app, or updating process or something easy as you think. I’m an advanced user. I still use greeny for many apps which automatically kills the background apps. I wrote many good long feedbacks for Sony but Sony never gave us any fck. 0.

    4.1.1. and 4.1.2 were like beta softwares, so I’m skipping them.

    -4.2.2. still has some bugs and a battery drain issue IF you don’t reboot your phone once in a day. Yeah it’s a bit funny. But it still has the best performance and battery life, IF you restart your phone once in day. BTW If you don’t restary it it will proably reoot itself after like 4 or 5 days.

    -Long waited 4.3 update has Google services bug, which can be overcomed by disabling them, but they will start again some time. And you get random error massges for stopping it which is sick.

    4.4.2 update, which was still long waited, was a disaster. Phone’s own e mail aplication tend to crash, Xperia Z heavily lagging while in it’s own settings app, notification bar was lagging immensily.. It was like a port from Z1 so everyhing including stock apps were severly lagging.

    4.4.4 – It was a port from Z2.. So yeah overheating, meh battery youtube starts after 4 seconds. Camera starts after 3.5 seconds. So yeah, very bad peformance.

    5.0 – 5.1, radio active battery bug. And there is simpy, no, solution. You don’t beleive me? Just look at the other poeples comments whcih I will provide.

    At this point I stop writing to you becuase I want you to see the problem with your eyes. Please look at the links, and how I tried to help, please.

    I have the same nick in official Sony forum as well.: — Look at how hard I tried to Show the things which lacks or wrong, in a scientific way…

    And please look at the last page of the topic where people are still raging about why Sony doesn’t fix it immediatley.:
    Sorry mate, but I have tried A LOT than you think, I mean really, A LOT. And it’s unfortunately, hopeless. And I still like the exterior design of Sony phones, but I won’t select them for a long time for what they have done to me, my friends and various people around the World. And most of them even doesn’t have English to searh or understand the problem and technical terms like rooting, flashing, Kernels etc etc..
    As you see I’m not a person who says OK this doens’t work and not do anything about it. I try quite hard as you’ll see when you read the links. But Sony is just hopeless. Have you seen how Sony responded to Z5’s camera blur problem? (Another issue but Sony is acting the same.) Anyway you might a newcommer, but I assure you, Sony is doing many things wrong. I will try to root my phone and maybe install some cutom rom or cynogen mod If I have time but I will still feel batreyed for the people who doesn’t have much Money nor technical knowledge and trusting on Sony.


    music art and info not showing,see screen shot please fix,



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