Sony releases new promo videos for Xperia X series, including new advert for Xperia XA

by XB on 3rd May 2016

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Xperia XA promo videoSony Mobile has released a number of promotional videos for the Xperia X series today. Some of these we had already seen before, but there are some new ones too, including an advert for the Xperia XA.

There are design videos for each of the Xperia X, XA and X Performance . The Xperia X camera is also highlighted in one video, showing off the predictive hybrid autofocus, the 0.6 second quick launch to capture image and predictive shutter speed. The last two videos cover the 2-day battery life of the Xperia X range. Check them all out below.

Sony Xperia XA advert

Sony Xperia XA: Design

Sony Xperia X Performance: Design

Sony Xperia X: Camera

Sony Xperia X: Battery

Sony Xperia X: Design

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  • Sweggity

    Doesn’t matter most people will buy Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5, OnePlus 3 or the 2016 Nexus as their next flagship device. Sony is a gone case now.

  • Still like the Sony design more than any other. Meh, my M4 Aqua is serving me well anyways.

  • SONY only

    Off topic …

    Please Check out my new video of xperia z3 tablet compact running with official android marshemallow 6.0

  • ruba

    good phones but not the best… very expensive… I think… I will buy another brand this time… maybe… :S

  • Ambitious Man
  • jxPerience

    Cant wait for Sony Xperia X, bye bye Z2 hello X

  • kewldoode

    No premium, and why so late releas ?

  • Aiden Pearce

    damn those metal brushed back takes away the premium feel, we had with Z series, i am starting to miss my Z2,Z3 and Z5 dual

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I will buy the x performance :) really impressive phone, the only difference between that one and the Galaxy s7 is that the s7 has 1 gb ram more and 3 gb ram is enough for me ;)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea 1GB ram isn’t gonna do anything. Will have to see about how the battery life would be cause they are reducing battery always. Which is bit worrying TBH.

  • el_sur

    I hate that the XA looks wayyyy bryyrr than the X

  • ryq24

    Sony ads are boring. They should look at Samsung and Apple ads.

  • inspire

    Sounds like you’re away from subtlety!
    Apple ads, yeah “well, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone”. How provoking and stupid is that to make your phone looks inferior. Very nice ad from Apple, isn’t it?

  • RockStar2005

    Don’t worry……. it will be fast! I have the Galaxy S7 and my parents have the Xperia Z1s. Although the S7 downloads faster, when jumping from app to app on it, I noticed that the Z1s actually loads up FASTER with regards to that than the S7.

  • RockStar2005

    What you want is 360 Hibernation Master. I had it on my Z3 and it’s amazing! Works BETTER than Stamina Mode (which actually caused me a bunch of problems, so I will NEVER use SM again). SM takes 15 min to kick in after screen goes off, but 360 starts instantly. Lets all IMs/texts/calls etc come through with no problem (unlike SM). You can have screen off for like 6-9 hours and it will only go down 0-1%!!!!! (I have the S7 now but can’t wait to get rid of it. Great but overrated phone. Screen brightness sucks, sound quality of speaker is awful, listening to music via Micro USB port sux cuz it constantly skips, etc. And I hate physical home buttons too. lol)

    I asked some ppl on XDA who own the Z5 to try out 360 and they had the same results I did. Doesn’t work on Samsung phones, but it does on Sony.

    I advise ANYONE who has an Xperia phone to turn and keep SM off and get the 360 app today! (Only $1.95 for full version. WELL worth it!)

  • Matt

    get your ass and your shitty app away

    even people in xda and google copying stamina mode concept
    almost all battery saver app on playstore are garbage

  • ryq24

    Yes. It is a nice ad and very effective. Sony ads are still boring and not effective.

  • RockStar2005

    Maybe you should try the app out before making unfounded comments like that.

    I have no affiliation with the developers of 360. I tried other apps out too and they sucked. This one doesn’t. It works, and VERY well too.

    I’ll tell you what’s shitty. Stamina Mode……. that’s shitty! I went through THREE different models of the Z3 and activated SM on all of them. Stupid buggy SM caused my battery power to randomly free-fall and MMS messages got blocked constantly. I’d have to ask people to resend all the time and it sucked. But when I finally got WISE and turned it off, factory reset my phone to get its buggy crap out of it, and used THIS app, ALL my problems went away, and FINALLY I had the phone I expected to have when I first bought it 15 mos prior. Not only were all MMS messages coming through, but they were getting sent out FASTER too than before. SM is the worst, but hey, keep using it if it makes you happy. Funny that Sony REMOVED IT from the Z5. Wonder why?

    Now it’s coming back so maybe they fixed it, but I’m not taking any chances. Why wait 15 minutes for it to kick in when screen goes off when I can get power saving instantly with 360?

    Anyway, people on here can read the following testimonials and judge for themselves. Get a clue dude.

  • Raj Singh

    Given that Sony is in the motion picture business, I would expect them tell a better story but these ads are terrible and leave no impression. The good thing is hardly anyone will see them…
    These commercials are proof that Sony Mobile sucks at marketing their phones properly.

  • Matt

    ugh because of doze ? sure mms is faster, is the phone also faster? and i bet it can also heal my scratched bezel , i wont buy if it cant heal that.

    all i see in xda post is that youre rambeling about the app just like you do here.

  • RockStar2005

    Doze is a joke, kinda like your mindless posts.

    Yeah, if you were to JUST read my posts, I guess you would see that. But that’s not why I posted those links. If you don’t want to, fine, but then stop whining and go do something else.

  • RMA

    It is not worth it,Z2 is same as X.

  • Timel

    Samsung uses the lastest ram technology which makes S7 is much faster than X performance fyi

  • Timel

    for me s7 has many cooler things than X performance , for example the best display and outperform camera and TouchWiz now very fast and smooth

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Xperia X performance is not even out and the S7 is faster than it? Trolls everywhere. If you don’t know samsung has a poor ram management that’s why they need higher numbers. Xperia Z5 with 3gb has more ram leftover than the galaxy S7 it’s proven am not trolling.

  • Timel

    X performance supposed to come up with XA’s design and 5.2 – 5.5 inch screen display

  • Timel

    Because it is Sony

  • Matt

    yea, doze is a joke even google the maker of android created it so that we user can laugh at vaporware such like that power saving app , and i think its pretty funny :D

    look, if you want to promote that app, fine by me, but don’t spout lie like its faster ! but you dont use battery when screen of but mms goes in faster when screen off(but not everything else , since the sync is off ).

    Clocking down cpu on sleep is one of the oldest trick in the book ,since gingerbread maybe, and i am well aware of all battery saving modification (i used samsung before).

    what i found is clean software , bloatware free software is the best thing to do , and if you are deep enough, for example you have exposed framework modded into your rom you can use greenify because it actually uses the framework to play with the idle state of every single app on your phone.

  • Timel

    it’s so funny that you still stick wilth the same old news, update please!!!

    S7 has a good ram management , it is much faster than Z5 , musch faster than Z5 in every single way

  • RockStar2005

    Matt it’s not a lie. But you may have misunderstood part of what I said too.

    Stamina Mode was causing not only MMS issues, but even my texts would take much longer to send too. Once I factory reset my phone to get rid of its bugginess and installed 360, I noticed texts were sending out super fast. And also again, 360 doesn’t wait 15 min after screen turns off to start like SM…’s instant. By “start” I mean power saving.

    I modded my HTC One M8. It was cool at first, but I’ll NEVER root a phone again. lol

  • RockStar2005


    Touchwiz is not that great. Yeah the S7 is very fast for downloads, but I compared the speed of jumping around from app to app on the homescreen vs doing the same thing on my parents’ Xperia Z1s (released January 2014), and THEIR phone was loading things up faster. For real. lol That lag is all Touchwiz.

  • joseph carmine nero

    Check youtube for S7 vs Z5. Even Z5 beats S7 in app opening you are dead wrong.

  • joseph carmine nero

    They are both same tech DDR4.he is a fool.

  • mUSICA

    wish X performance had screen like xa

  • mUSICA

    so u saw what the X performance RAM? While The Phone Is Not Yet Out. Why Do U Pretend U Know Everything When U Actually Know Nothing

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Old man Kaz and Hiroki make a horrible mistake on the pricing again.

    Two cancer like them make a SONY fanboy like me feel disappoint.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Touchwiz isn’t fast at all. Not compared to Sonys roms and stock Android. Touchwiz sucks like it always has so what do you want me to say? The reason why I don’t buy the Galaxy s7 is not because the awesome camera software it’s because the horrible software touchwiz. Yeah I do use the UI in a phone more then the camera so…

  • jxPerience

    No, i feel my Z2 is very big now, i want to move to smaller phone. X is my best choice so far because Z5 compact design is awful

  • jxPerience

    i fell something missing on design advertisement. :(

  • Matt

    its not bug, stamina mode packs sync on one package, yes there is a delay because its doing sync together with other app, and it does not effect outgoing sms.

    start what ? explain to me how. if the app description says it disable sync bluetooth wifi , it is exactly like juice defender(other old app). you are using a lot of vague language there.

    if you dont root then your app cannot take control of your processor frequency. and if you root the app have access to system files which is it may compromise data security.

    oh i know, its called placebo effect, that app generates placebo and money for the maker.

  • ????

    ever realized that your sales keep falling?
    you offer more of the same so don’t expect to sell more.

  • sri

    I totally agree. sony’s adds are like spends more and tells less. as an example sony’s xperia water resistant feature just compare with samsung add with sony. samsung add is simple and shows why it actually need a water resistant phone. On the other hand sony shows something like while taking back you watch video or in tub. why the hell i watch movies in the bathroom?

  • HAWX

    I agree on XA’s design is the best thanks to thin bezzels. But I would prefer 5″ with minimal bezzel for one handed usage and max display size :)

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  • rtr titans

    hey..u started ur work.
    good job..
    lick ur tool is better than this..

  • rtr titans

    this is not wright place for u…
    samsung ass hole is good for u…

  • rtr titans

    yeah! bro!

  • rtr titans

    For u…middle finger

  • Achu kumar

    why do u compare z5 with s7? x performance hasnt been released it so hold your horses. when did htc outgrow sony, if i am correct htc m9 was flop.
    timel i guess you are anti sony user than samsung lover.
    xperia x has a new battery tech that either phones mentioned doesn’t
    i am not going to reboot every time, what most will do is switching b/w apps that is what matters than reboot time

  • Sweggity

    Xperia RAM management got awful after marshmallow i had to fix it via root

  • RockStar2005


    It was most definitely a bug. Not everyone had this issue, fortunately, but I did. It might’ve just been on the T-Mobile Z3 (my old phone) for all I know. But again, Stamina Mode is NOT supposed cause random battery drains and block MMS messages if it’s working properly, but it did. Therefore, it was a bug. There is no disputing this. And regarding the delay for SMS & MMS messages being sent out, I’d be ok if that was the ONLY “side effect” of using SM, but as I just clearly mentioned, it wasn’t.

    There’s nothing vague at all about what I said. 360 does ALL the same things SM does…….. disabling data & wi-fi, bluetooth, etc when the screen is off. Yeah there are other apps that do the same thing, but upon testing, several of the apps I tried out failed to do what 360 does in terms of saving battery power when the screen is off.

    I don’t need to root or even unlock my bootloader like I did on my old M8 because 360 DOES NOT require root to work. Just look at my previous link and what the person or people said. They didn’t root their Z5 phones either, and 360 STILL gave them the same results I got on my old Z3.

    There’s nothing “placebo” about it. Without 360, there is battery power loss when the screen is off over SEVERAL hours (at least 6-9 hours). This can vary by phone and time, but it can be at least 5-20%. WITH 360 though, I’ve gone to bed and left phone on but UNCHARGED overnight for like 6-7 hours, and the next morning, my battery power percentage is STILL THE SAME AS WHEN I WENT TO BED. One person on XDA told me he’d even slept NINE hours and it only went down 0-1%. That’s not fiction, it’s fact.

    And this conversation is over.

  • Matt

    Sure ,whatever

  • Robin

    Keep it real instead. Samsung wins every speed test.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah sure the phone is fast, but speedtests doesn’t show you everyday usage. Which mean all the small lags here and there are something you don’t really see during a speedtest which you will notice in everyday usage. Trust me touchwiz have improved but not that much. It’s ugly aswell.

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