Xperia Weather Beta update (1.1.A.0.30) adds widget transparency

by XB on 3rd May 2016

in Applications

Xperia Weather 1.1.A.0.30_1Sony Mobile has added a new Beta update for the Xperia Weather application, moving the build number to version 1.1.A.0.30. The big new feature in this latest build is the inclusion of a widget transparency option within settings. You will now find a slider that allows you to set the exact level of transparency required.

In addition, the stable release of Xperia Weather moves to build number 1.1.A.0.22, which includes a number of features previously seen in the beta version. This includes new background images for the fog state and additional support for changing weather details such as humidity, UV index and wind speed.

Other additions to the stable release includes style cover support for Android Lollipop, support for correct default temperature units (Celsius/Fahrenheit) and a fix for display issues on the Xperia T2 Ultra.

DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Weather (1.1.A.0.30)

Xperia Weather 1.1.A.0.30_3 Xperia Weather 1.1.A.0.30_4

Xperia Weather 1.1.A.0.30_5 Xperia Weather 1.1.A.0.30_6

Xperia Weather 1.1.A.0.30_1

Thanks Vlado!

  • Timel

    Sony should re-design xperia UI

  • oliverrá

    Xperia UI is beauty. Against the other skins, in my opinion.

  • the whats new ui is perfect and it needs to be a android ui

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    transparent with widget? I love it :D

  • Timel

    I think the new TouchWiz UI is really cool, it’s very useful, beautiful, colorful and really smooth

  • jxPerience

    it’s cool or it’s looked like iOS?

  • Matt

    well , go ahead and buy that shitty ui then, xperias have what we called class

  • mountain

    Why, he is only stating his opinion.

    New touchwiz is much cleaner than before, which is the right step in direction. New xperia ui for xperia x is still better imho.

  • ramuk

    No he is not. As usual Samsuck paid troll Timel is trolling xperia and advertising Samsuck product here.

  • Matt

    Well in my opinion this tizen toaster has better ui then touchwizz look how clean it is!×511.jpg

    It’s really cool, very useful and beautiful, clean and smooth.
    I want Samsung to make all their devices like this, and make all their devices makes toast too because I like toast ;)

  • ramuk

    LMAO. That’s a great way to state “opinion”. Seriously very funny comment.

  • Matt

    I hope your not being sarcastic because despite the sarcasm I used in my toaster comment I do like toast(who doesnt?) .

  • Matt

    Joking aside , yes I know touchwizz is getting better and galaxy devices are proven to be quite good ,people seemed to like it .

    But if your new here , time is our resident troll so don’t take his comment seriously

  • Timel

    You are such a disgusting Sony fanboy ramuk, as always
    Trash people like you should look back to yourself as well , you often show your nazi narrow-minded and the disgusting behaviors while you called that guy , this guy ‘toll’ that’s really funny

  • Timel

    Bullshit asshole , you are just another stupid siny fan here , I’m not trolling at all

    I just wanna show that Samsung is trying to make their own flat UI which is cool
    I just wanna show you that Samsung is seroiusly with software R&D while Sony is not

  • ramuk

    And you are such a disgusting Samsung paid troll Timel. Good thing I’m a fanboy not a loser like you who’s trolling for money. Pitiful Timel and his pitiful job. I hope Samsung is paying you well.

  • ramuk

    I wasn’t being sarcastic. I found your comment funny and witty. I laughed really hard reading your comment.

  • Matt

    Bullshit asshole , you are just another stupid samsung fan here , im so sick with people like you so much and I’m not trolling at all
    I just wanna show that Sony is trying to reimagine googles material uI, Samsung want to make something unique and different for their products, which look cartoony and uncosistant , what do you want transparent or material ? Just copy all of them eh ?

    I just wanna show you that Sony is serious with software R&D now while Samsung is just growing spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks , you know? Change from just a hardware maker become a software company as well , I mean Samsung need to invest in R&D more this especially about software, and get their shit together , not just add more ram to improve their shitty software but also optimising the properly.

    And also the toaster thing , samsung should make all their devices do toast . I mean it’s the best breakfast ever, imagine toast on the go.

  • Matt

    Glad to hear that , time ist just a joke so let’s make fun of him ;)

  • Timel

    LOL you are always the ultimate fantasy and this makes me pity on you more than ever ramuk

  • Saeed S

    Not updated v30
    Updated v22

  • ramuk

    I’m also sick of morons like Timel here. All the do is troll and when people confront them they will tell you they are doing these out of love for Sony. Hilarious.

  • Timel

    You love me bro, I know ^^

  • ramuk

    LMAO. If that idea makes your pitiful life easier then keep believing that .

  • Timel

    Ikr still don’t get these people , what’s wrong with them I just speak my own opinion but look like they are too butthurt or smth?

    If you are conscious, you will be able to discerned that Ramuk and Matt these people are tge Master of troll and so disgusting

  • XperiaBlog

    We’ve deleted a few comments here. This is a polite request for all to keep things civil, we really don’t want have to get the ban hammer out.

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  • ramuk

    Bring the Ban hammer out as soon as possible. Even if it means you guys banned me I’m still in favor of bringing out the ban hammer. Just look at my profile pic I’ve been asking you guys for the longest time. Do it.

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  • iLuka

    Can i use this Weather app in non Sony Phone. I have Lenovo A6010 with Lollipop 5.0.2? Thanks in advance

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