Xperia X Performance heading to UK in limited numbers?

by XB on 6th May 2016

in Xperia X series

Xperia X PerformanceWe have known for a while that Sony Mobile had no plans to bring the top-tier model in the Xperia X range – the Xperia X Performance – to the UK. This was confirmed earlier in the week, when pre-orders started through the Sony Mobile Store. The only two regions where the Xperia X Performance will not be available are Germany and the UK.

However, there might be a silver lining. Recombu has received a statement from Sony Mobile UK that whilst the Xperia X Performance will not be available through its online store, it might be available “in limited numbers via select distribution partners.”

So there is a chance that we could see the handset being picked up by a third-party such as Carphone Warehouse, or other. Judging from the statement, it seems like discussions are still on-going and it’s not an assured thing. It would be great news if true, as soon as we hear anything either way, we’ll let you know.

Sony Mobile UK statement on Xperia X Performance

“The Xperia X Performance was published on the Sony Mobile GB website in error and will not be available to buy SIM free from our Sony E-Shop. It may however be available in the UK in limited numbers via select distribution partners.”

Via Recombu.

Thanks Steve!

  • Chee Siong Lee

    Sony is like DC comics & other brands are like Marvel comics. hahahhhahh

  • roeshak

    Hard to keep up with all the nonsense coming out of Sony mobile these days.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • Ambitious Man

    So sad!

  • Mi

    -Sales Manager: “let’s sell the new X series later than the others, so Samsung & co. can sell more phones before we come on the market!”
    -Pricing Manager: “hmm why don’t we sell these new phones over priced!? Let’s sell them at double price! Double price, double profit, right!??”
    -Marketing Manager: “hey we are in too many markets!! Let’s cut selling some of the phones here and there!! So we can focus on our super poor marketing campaigns in other markets!”

    Well, of course this is a joke, but as a Sony fan I’m really worried. What are they doing to our beloved Sony!? :(

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Duuuuuuuuude I was thinking about this like few days back, even though we love DC when they’re trying to bring it to bring screen they’re so stubborn. Guess we gotta blame WB.

  • Mariano Golluscio

    It’s so ridiculous… Bah!

  • Chee Siong Lee

    Maybe… But I still love Batman V Superman. Its a nice movie. It just struck me that these 2 different entities are similar in some ways.

    It took 1 – 1 1/2 years of marketing for Batman V Superman to be released.
    Sony is following this similar path but shorter duration

  • fluxx

    Completely agree. I love Sony, I don’t want to go to another brand, I don’t want to flame or rant. But Sonys mistakes especially in sales and marketing are numberless.

  • ramuk

    You get that right. Marketing and Distribution are Sony Mobile’s biggest problem.

  • I really can’t wait for IFA to, at least, try to understand this new “strategy”

  • vctrdnl

    I don’t know, it’s like Sony are deliberately trying to fail. After pricing their, no better word about it, outdated models more steeply than the competition, they refuse to sell the device targeted to be their flagship on two of their biggest European markets. And it’s not like they don’t need markets, as they are virtually non existent in the Americas, and they have not penetrated Asian markets on a large scale either. Instead, they limit the availability of their top model throughout Europe. They either have something better up their sleeve that would be introduced later on, or they have seriously lost their bearings. The pricing of the current X series suggests the second one is much more likely.

  • RockStar2005

    I couldn’t agree more fluxx and ramuk.

    I just sent this e-mail to the U.S. Sony Mobile yesterday. I think you’ll agree (but will they DO anything about it? lol):


    I’ve already registered for the Xperia X Performance.

    I just don’t understand why you would take so long to release a phone that was announced 3-4 months ago? Your last flagship was the Z5 Premium and that was released 8-9 months ago, so you are due for a flagship in MAY, not July. Why would Sony release the Xperia X and the XA before the X Performance? It makes no sense to me at all. They are just mid-range phones.

    This is the reason why Sony Mobile is not selling as many phones in the U.S. as you are in other countries, because although you make a clearly fantastic phone, your marketing and selling of the phone is nothing but a series of frustrations for your customers to endure. You guys should really rethink your strategy because it is clearly NOT working.

    Sony Mobile should also reconsider the kinds of ads it puts out and how it puts them out too. Think about it, why would you make commercials for your Sony smartphones and put them on JUST YouTube? The point of making those ads is not only to reach existing customers, but to make new ones. Only existing customers will seek out those ads. Potentially “new” customers won’t even know about them because you don’t really advertise on TV AT ALL. How do you expect to ever grow and make Sony Mobile more profitable with decisions like this? And the ads are usually not really all that appealing at all, except for that new one with Rafael Mantesso ( ), which is great! You should do more ads like this, or better yet, get some celebrities like George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, or Bradley Cooper to do your ads! Sony already has a working relationship with the last 2, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get them. Just make sure to make the ads fun but focused. Don’t make them ridiculous like the new LG G5 one with Jason Statham ( ). This ad is an example of what NOT to do in my opinion. Nothing about it makes me want to buy an LG G5.

    You’re Sony! You guys can do SO much better than how you’re doing, but you have to think things through a little better. Releasing your flagship phone (which is essentially what the X Performance is since the Z series is now done with) so late in the game is really just poor decision-making. All your competition will have released their flagship phones months before then, and that equates to money out of Sony’s pocket. It’s bad enough that you guys are removing the fingerprint sensor option on the U.S. version of the X Performance, but releasing it in July may cost you more than you know.

    I request & hope you pass this on to your superiors, and that they take it seriously. I am not the only one who’s frustrated by your many poor marketing and sales decisions, but I am one of the few who will take the time to write to you and let you know that you need to change, or else don’t be surprised if your sales continue to drop. I am a fan though, and don’t want to see Sony Mobile go down.

    Best Wishes.

  • RockStar2005

    Always glad to help XB!

  • Omarion07

    As if Sony’s going to sell much of these anyway!

  • oliverrá

    I totally agree.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Agreed with long period of waiting after revealed.

  • RockStar2005

    I can’t believe I have to wait another 2 minutes. Seriously. I have the S7 and CAN’T WAIT to sell it off for the XP. I WISH I liked other phones this much, cuz I’d go buy one of them in a heartbeat. But unfortunately I don’t like any of them. HTC was the only one really but when they moved one of their 2 front speakers to the bottom and added on a lame physical home button, I wrote them off for good. Only way I’d go back to them is if they reverse the changes just mentioned (like M8 or M9), or if Sony Mobile goes out of business, which some could argue they’re actually TRYING to do with this idiotic late release. lol

  • jokensy

    Where the f*ck does Sony find its marketing staff?

  • roeshak

    Look Sony Ericsson wad poor. We hoped for improvement with Sony taking over but that was just a false dawn. My guess is they’ll ultimately pull out of mobile. They’re not really that keen on it. Certainly not as far as competing goes. They’ve given up the ghost so to speak.

  • Ambitious Man
  • lolop

    That was my first thought. “Won’t make a difference anyway”.

  • MrM3

    Wow I really don’t understand what Sony is doing right now with their mobile division. If they wan’t out just shut it down already. First late release, second, over price, third no release at all in big markets like Germany and UK. Seriously, wtf is going on?!

  • RockStar2005

    Mi, please see my reply post below.

  • iia3ezu

    This is not a mistake, Sony knows exactly what it is doing.

    X Performance will be a ‘niche’ phone, similar to the Z5 Premium. Limited quantities, limited market availability worldwide.

    There’s no point bringing in a large quantity for a market if not a lot is going to be sold.

    Meanwhile, other brands are flaunting their Snapdragon 820 flagships, available in all markets, for all carriers. And at highly competitive prices.

    Just admit that Sony Mobile isn’t a core part of Sony’s business. It makes much more money from movies, even the (soon to be a flop) all-girls Ghostbusters remake.

  • RockStar2005

    I dunno if I agree iia3ezu. The Z5 Premium and the X Performance may both appear to be flagships, but one in its time (Z5 P) was MUCH more “niche” than anyone else’s phone was. It was the first smartphone to have a 4K screen…… now THAT’S niche. There’s nothing niche about the XP, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still AWESOME! It only has 3 GBs of RAM (everyone else has 4 now), it’s got a 1080p screen (not even sure if it has 4K recording……. getting mixed info on that) where everyone else has 2K (I don’t mind this much though)……etc. If the X Performance is a “niche” phone, then ALL of the flagships out right now are niche too. Does that mean it’s ok to release them as late as F? Or to remove the fingerprint sensor off the U.S. versions?! No. The X and XA are MID-RANGE phones…….so they should get second billing, and be released later, not EARLIER than the XP.

    There most certainly WOULD BE a point to bring in a large quantity of XPs if Sony ACTUALLY marketed these phones correctly. Not by using generic ads that are only seen online by people who seek them out, but on TV ads that really get the word out. And billboards too……..Apple doesn’t advertise on TV, but even THEY use billboard ads. Why can’t Sony?!! Other parts of the Sony company could chip in to make these happen since the Sony name is on the line here really. It would be in the overall Sony’s best interests to have a real presence in the smartphone market.

    Yes, Sony does need to bring prices down, offer more for less (not the opposite), maybe offer a PROMOTION OR TWO IN THE U.S. LIKE SAMSUNG, HTC AND LG DOES, release their phones on time, market them properly (see my longer post above), etc. There is simply NO excuse for this poor behavior by Sony. NONE.

    Yeah exactly, the other Sony businesses make more. So they should chip in if Sony Mobile is truly struggling and doesn’t have enough money to PROPERLY promote its phone. No one else does the super moronic stuff that Sony does, so they have no excuse. I am sick and tried of their non-stop BS. It needs to come to an end, and I DON’T mean by going out of business.

  • Glad to see I’m not the only one who is appalled by HTC’s latest with the speakers and buttons. One of the reasons the Z-series was such an easy switch was that it has FF speakers and the long time Android-style navigation bar.

  • RockStar2005

    Well it’s not just Sony, Samsung and other companies are named too. So hopefully it doesn’t last long or gets settled out of court.

  • RockStar2005


    Yeah man, it’s such a shame that they went down that path. The new HTC 10 is great in a lot of ways (LOVE that they FINALLY put a great camera on it……….funny that it happened after Sony bought out Toshiba’s camera sensor business and so HTC had to switch to Sony’s sensors lol :-D ), but to me they’re trying too hard to be Samsung and Apple.

    Yeah those FF stereo speakers are the best, and both HTC and Sony still have that great EASY TO USE but not boring-looking UI and Settings menu layout. Samsung’s TouchWiz is better than before, but it still lags. The menu is less complex but still not as easy to navigate through as Sony and HTC’s Settings menus are.

    So the only phone that doesn’t annoy me that’s left is the XP, but July man. F’ing July. It’s gonna be a long HOT summer lol………………I should e-mail them daily (like I did, see above post) until it’s released. See how they like being tortured. lol

  • I love that they went the way of Googorola and ACTUALLY drew back their changes to Android. That, again, was yet another reason that made it so easy to switch to Sony with the barely noticeable changes.

    It’s like there’s a limit to how much “Nexus” a phone can have. Be it they had the best speakers and the navigation bar, but then they pulled away the best speakers on the market in exchange for better software—but losing the FF speakers and navigation bar/iStyle of buttons.

    Now that I bought the Z5 unlocked—I think I’ll be able to hold onto it for a while. At least I know I’ll get some software updates until something other than the XP comes out. I’m just not a fan of the metal phone. At least with glass I could hope Sony would include Qi wireless charging until they got USB C; but neither seems to be happening. I don’t know why I would even bother getting an XP since it doesn’t have any critical features.

    I’d say buy a Z5 now and then wait. That became my plan once I saw this whole “X-series” was announced.

  • Mi

    I did the same a few days ago, I wrote to Sony Mobile Italy. Essentialy I wrote “what the hell are those prices compared to equal phones of other brands!? You are even late!” (of course it was more polite haha). I also linked them three websites (xperia blog and italian big tech website) full of hundred of frustrated comments about prices.
    They thanked me for the message and told me they will send the message to the people involved in sales…Is it true? I don’t know…
    But yeah, what they doing is frustrating. They did so well with Xperia Z3 series and now they are stuck again.
    TOO LATE, TOO EXPENSIVE and POOR MARKETING…well the combination seems not promising. :(

    Ah…and we still have to understand what is the real strategy, because from Z5 to X series they are really confusing everything.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah HTC got smart on the camera but stupid on the audio, and I simply won’t stand for that. The physical home button was the final draw for me, though I’m not sure if I hate that more or them moving the one speaker? lol

    If I had the Z5 I prob would just hold onto to it too. You make a lot of sense actually when you suggest I just buy the Z5 now. It’s really very similar to the XP spec-wise. I didn’t think I would be a fan of the metal phone b/c I LOVE the glass/metal look of Sony’s Z-series phones. But once I saw the Graphite Black XP with the brushed aluminum (hairline finish) on the back, I became MUCH more open to it. With them changing from Z to X, a body design change isn’t perhaps the worst idea either.

    But the reason why I won’t do that is not just b/c I’d prefer to have 820 vs. the 810 chip, but it’s more about the screen brightness and color accuracy. This video compares the Z5 with the X (XP has same screen as X I believe). It’s the part from 3:35 – 4:25 that makes me want to (angrily) wait. lol

    I have the S7 and one of the few but annoying things about it is that the screen brightness is AWFUL under heavy sunlight. My Z3 was MUCH better in this regard. As you can see from that video, this shouldn’t be something I’ll have to worry about with the XP.

    I was really into the wireless charging thing 2-3 years ago, but now, I could honestly care less. lol I got a free one with my S7, but I won’t miss it at all come July. lol The QC 2.0 ones are like $80. No thanks. lol Yeah USB-C will be cool but I’m not in a hurry for it either.

    I initially wrote off Sony too when I saw the Z-series was done. That was part of the reason why I got the S7 Edge, then S7 (S7 Edge too big). I thought they were done making great phones, but apparently they aren’t. But they may be done period if this idiocy continues in their marketing & selling of these phones. So I may yet be going back to HTC (M8) or even LG (G2) one day in the future.

  • RockStar2005

    Wow you took it a step further. I just mentioned that I was one of many frustrated customers, but you actually LINKED them to us all! VERY nice Mi! lol

    Yeah who knows how they interpret these letters? I just have to hope that if enough ppl write them that they will finally find a way to get their HEADS out of their ASSES and do things right!

    Oh totally…….. I was fortunate to have the Z3 too. It came to T-Mobile here in the U.S. ONLY 6 weeks after the “global” launch elsewhere. That has to be a record for them. LOL I mean, Samsung had the S7/S7 Edge out like in EARLY MARCH! Sony’s releasing its flagship XP in July, AFTER the lesser midrange X AND EVEN the XA?! Crazy man, crazy.

    No it does not. For all I know, the XP may be the last Sony phone I ever have. Now THAT’S some sad news. I hope it doesn’t go that way, but who knows? But like I told Brian below, they’re makin’ us suffer by having to wait, so I have no problem writing them e-mails and calling them to make them suffer too. lol It sux too that when July comes around, my S7 will be worth a little less when I sell it on eBay, so that’s less money I’ll have to put towards paying for the XP. Man, F U Sony. Seriously.

  • Omarion07

    Exactly my thoughts brother!

  • smartuser8

    ‘flagship’ in limited numbers… LOL

  • cDh

    What kind of sick game is Sony Mobile playing?

  • Omarion07

    Like it’s really simple, if Sony’s really willing to charge 699-729 Euros for X performance it better comes with
    – new camera sensor (Ultrapixels, dual lense system, or something else that’s revolutionary), improved software algorithm, glass lense, dual or triple flash and 4k video recording
    – 4GB of ram
    – 2k display (FHD is also fine)
    – at least 3000 to 3400 mAH battery
    If Sony’s willing to stick with the same old specs then the price should be 550 to 599 Euros and nothing more!

  • Omarion07

    Ah it just shows that Sony suffers from the lack of planning and the inability to reach conclusive decisions!

  • RockStar2005

    Yes I agree brotha……… as I said earlier, Sony needs to focus on MORE for less, not less for more. Give us better specs if you’re gonna charge as much as you are, and LIKE Samsung and LG and even HTC, throw in some PROMOTIONS to get ppl interested.

    When I got my S7, the promotions were great. Got a year of free Netflix HD streaming (worth $120), a free Samsung VR Headset (worth $100, but sold it on eBay for like $50 cuz too many ppl selling them lol), Samsung messed up and sent me 2 so I got like $90 LOL………Samsung Pay app gave me a $30 Whole Foods gift card just for using Samsung Pay by a certain date on new S7………..and a free wireless charger (not Quick Charge 2.0) worth $59 (though sells for only $10 on eBay b/c too many lol). So that’s like free $250 in promos!

    Sony needs to do something like that if it wants to compete. Once it really HAS people’s attention the way Apple does, it won’t have to do that anymore if it doesn’t want to. I dunno, do ppl who buy iPhones get any perks or promos like Samsung gives away? I don’t think they do BUT……… they care? ;) See where I’m going with that idea?? You think iPhone ppl are not gonna buy the new iPhone because there’s no free year of Netflix included in the purchase? lol

  • coach

    I really can’t understand why Sony won’t be selling the XP in Germany. I study Mechanical Engineering in Germany, and whether you believe me or not, many of the students in my classes use Xperia phones (most of them use iphones/galaxys, but a significant amount use xperias). And I have seen many advertisments and promotions from carriers for the Z5 series, and my understanding is they actually sell well here. I just hope that IFA brings something amazing from Sony

  • Omarion07

    While I strongly agree with the points you mentioned above, I don’t see the current management at Sony mobile capable or willing to bring about such big but totally necessary and reasonable changes.. Sony mobile should play a bigger role in Sony’s bigger picture and Hiroki Totoki needs to be sacked!

  • RockStar2005

    If that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes. lol I got NO love for anyone who is responsible for this mess.

    So who knows what will happen?

  • QBerto

    thats exactly what’s happening since about two-three years, and doing things wrong can’t lead to something good….

    And it will get worst; Z5 is just behind all new pones, and Xperia X looks a step back from Z5 (even Xperia XP), so the “real” flagship maybe will come later on the year, and they will try to sell a flagship phone with a flagship price in Q4 2016 when all competitors’s phones will be far cheaper than Xperia phones, just like what is happening now, u can get a GS7 for the price Sony is trying to sell u Xperia X, and u can’t even get the Xperia X righ now…

    I really love Sony, but last three (flagship) pones I bought where a failure real failure, the last one even diesn’t feel like a flagship with all those heat/performance/bettery life problems and I was tired of that, I bought last week a new flagship of another brand and I miss some features sony phones have but actually I’m pleased with overall I get for a flagship-priced phone, something sony can’t do in a lot of time….

    that said, I hope SM actually start to hear costumers and try to hard work to get a new devices that can actually compete with other brand phones, if not, they will go just deeper and deeper, just look at Q1 2016 phones sales and u be surprised of which brands are actually selling a lot…

  • Mellissa Leiter

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  • I’ll probably never buy a phone with physical buttons iStyle or even visible buttons (non-illuminated), no-front-facing-speakers, and heavy software customization.

    I was this close to getting an M8, but not anymore. I’m sick and tired of seeing Samsung continue to make disappointing phones. They didn’t get better this year and I guarantee they won’t the next. I’m sticking with Sony.

  • Omarion07

    I defo think such a device exists, but a June release seems a bit unrealistic. Also, If you read the other tweets and replies, a guy asks Sony about the X premium and Sony responds by saying ‘X performance won’t be available in the middle east due to the lack of LTE CAT9 support. If that’s the reason why X performance won’t be available in the middle east then X premium won’t be available either since both have SD820 and support LTE CAT 9. This contradiction just doesn’t make sense!

  • roeshak

    Reading some of the comments from the Sony faithful below I have to say, I feel for u dudes! Sony lovers who’ll wait patiently for Sony to get its act together in mobile. After 7yrs I just had to get off that train! It was going nowhere! Last year they changed the name of their early flagship from z4 to z3+ and then released the z5 which was in reality a z3++. Then we got the z5p probably the only noteworthy Sony device since 2014.
    My guess is they’ll launch the x premium at ifa. The 4k member of the x line. Similar set up to the x performance in terms of design, specs and camera but with the 5.5 inch 4k display.

  • Yes. Sony confirm that it’s real but the rumor about the 4K HDR screen is fake

  • roeshak

    Maybe the reason HTC moved away from the FF speakers was because they did more harm than good. They just make the phones larger than they need to be. Why do something that’ll please only a few which also puts off the majority. Moving on from z2 FF speakers I don’t not miss one bit. Moreover having FF speakers hasn’t given any commercial advantage to manufacturers who’ve done. If anything they see their market share rapidly declining. HTC and Sony case in point. I think HTC have just finally clued up. Ditched the speakers, gave a larger display without on screen stupid buttons and an overall smaller device. Wise choice in my pinion. FF speakers are probably the most overrated feature of a smartphone.

  • Omarion07

    I know its like Sony mobile Taiwan is saying one thing and Sony mobile ME is saying the exact opposite! I suppose we’ll have to wait 3 more weeks to find out who’s right.

  • Omarion07

    Well it might be a similar set up to the Z5 premium! So it runs FHD native and only plays video and photos in 4k HDR.. The rest of the specs is exactly the same to X performance with a bigger display and battery!

  • Omarion07

    I suppose we’ll have to wait for MWC 2017!! Comes MWC 2017 then we’ll have to wait for IFA 2017.. Greatness awaits eh?!! :-P :-P

  • Omarion07

    Dual FF speakers are only useful when you’re watching videos on your phone in order to enjoy a surround sound experience! I have headphones on most of the time so the lack of it isn’t a dealbreaker for me!

  • azzido

    anyone knows why the always put the xperia/sony letters on the back in a color and a way that is hardly to see? Instead of promoting the brand they seem to hide it like being ashamed of it…

  • azzido

    I very like front facing speakers on the other hand. For movies, youtube and gaming as well.

  • azzido

    yes, I noriced too since they cut off european branch / division they are struggling now… Seems like japanese people does not know / understand what people in Europe expects. Not to mention US as they seem to not understand this region at all…

    See, since everything is done by japanese only it is going down….

  • azzido

    seems in japan…

  • azzido

    still 3GB of RAM…

  • azzido

    yes, Sony did something, they’ve taken away noise cancelling headphones from the boxes…

  • roeshak

    In my estimation judging from where they are now with the x performance I’d say
    MWC 2017 is the earliest we can hope to see something refreshing from Sony mobile. Ifa 2017 is most likely though.

  • azzido

    omg when can we expect a camera like this in Xperia???:

  • Omarion07

    I really wonder which will come first.. Sony mobile closing down or our long awaited fully loaded epic flagship announced?! Lol

  • roeshak

    Well that’s the preeminent question isn’t it. TBH at this point it’s looking 50/50 lol

  • Chuck

    They are no longer focused on flagships, killing off the Z line shows that. They are clearly focusing on the midrange with the X and the XA. I’m not sure their pricing is the smartest but that’s another story.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    What’s even more retarded about that tweet is that EVERY flagship released in the Middle east this year have 820 and LTE cat 9….so…

  • RockStar2005

    I dunno if I agree there azzido. I don’t think it looks like they’re hiding it at all. They’re just making it that color to better match the body, etc. I never looked at it (even XP) and thought what you said.

  • Bashar Shehab

    I hope to see SD823 instead of SD820, so they would be 1 step ahead in this game.

  • RockStar2005

    lol…….Yes they did. I mean, the promotions vary by country, but the U.S. NEVER gets any of the extras the other countries do. Granted, I’ve read that the U.S. pricing for the Xperia phones tends to be cheaper than say, the UK’s, but I don’t know if that’s just the case for Sony or for other phone makers’ prices as well?

    I don’t know if Sony would need to do all that stuff forever or just for a few years, but they definitely need to do more to get people’s attention than they have been. I mean, in addition to all the extras, I must give Samsung credit for NOT being stingy……….they even give you a Quick Charge 2.0 charger WITH the phone. No one else does that as far as I know. Certainly not Sony or even HTC. You gotta buy that stuff separately. Sony mentions that QNovo charger, but I’m pretty sure you have to buy it separately.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah. The Note 6 is rumored to be getting the 823 as well. Hopefully Sony doesn’t go cheap there. But they might. lol

  • Battel

    It’s not the advertising, it’s about the features, you don’t see apple, samsung, lg, htc do much efforts to the advertising more than the development, Apple has 3d touch, samsung has edge display, lg has the battery, htc has the sound, What Sony Xperia has ?
    let’s be honest in answering this question, What Sony has as a feature to compete with other brands ?
    more Mega pixels camera?, more kids magic in camera?, more kids themes for UI ?
    That all’s nothing, because there’s many apps provides such fancies in google play “For free”

  • Omarion07

    It’s all still rumors but knowing Sony it’ll probably be best 3gb ram!!

  • Omarion07

    I really hope so! However, knowing Sony from 2014 when they released Z3 series with SD801 when they could’ve easily used SD805, I doubt Sony will go for the latest processor.

  • Omarion07

    Exactly! If we go by this logic LG HTC and Samsung wI’ll never release their flagship handsets in the middle east. I wonder if s7 is shipped to middle east with exynos or snapdragon inside?

  • RockStar2005

    Well for starters, they MAKE the camera sensor for all those other brands. lol I would still say the Xperia flagship’s cameras have been better than HTC’s (even new HTC prob won’t be as good as upcoming XP’s camera) and arguably the iPhone’s as well. Maybe even Samsung’s too (they’re great at taking Sony’s sensor and fine tuning it. Sony could do that, but it’s like the same reason why the XP has 3 GBs of RAM instead of 4………idiot executive decision making.)

    LG has battery? Is that supposed to be a joke Battel? lol I’ve read various reviews saying that due to LG’s UI, the battery life is NOTHING special at all even on the G5. Sony on the other hand is the MASTER of making batteries last. Couple that with the 360 Hibernation Master app I mentioned recently (which ONLY seems to work with Sony phones, not Samsung, and not sure on other phones yet), which beats Stamina Mode at its own game (and for me not buggy at all like super annoying SM was), and you have a battery CHAMP, even if the XP is only 2700 mAH.

    Sound? I love HTC’s sound quality….. I had the M8…….but the Z3 was even better, both speaker-wise and via headphones too. I recall that I had some songs by one band that when I played them on the M8, I had to give them their own “special EQ setup” to make them sound good. On the Z3, that was not necessary. I can’t say the Z3’s speakers were better than the M8’s, but that’s b/c they BOTH sounded great to me really. And now that HTC decided to be a$$-clowns and put one of the speakers on the BOTTOM of the phone like Samsung, I have even less respect for them. (Oh, and adding on a physical home button……… real genius there HTC! Done with them until they reverse both issues.) Sony is the only non-phablet phone left that still offers front-facing STEREO speakers. The Nexus 6P does too, but that’s a mega-phablet. lol

    Not enough? Sony has a very elegant but simple UI & easy to navigate through Settings Menu (like HTC, and unlike Samsung). The new XP (in graphite black and white/silver only) offers a gorgeous brushed aluminum “hairline finish” on the back that I really love.

    Then there’s little but nice features that Sony has, like Smart Call Handling. I love NOT having to swipe my screen everytime I wanna take a call (ok HTC has this too, but no one else does that I know).

  • Timel

    + the shitty camera

  • Timel

    What about camera manager?

    Sony smartphones suck at it too

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Snapdragon in the s7, with cat 9 :P

  • Audrey Landaverde

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  • Ambitious Man

    I hate patent troll

  • Bashar Shehab

    Both are available.

  • Luc

    Really dont know why buying an X Phone. If my Z3 breaks or wont get anymore Performance i wouldn’t buying Sony. No Innovation and Too expencive. What Do You think?

  • steary_eye

    Yes, why the hell is Z5 dual only a little bit cheaper vs S7 over here. It doesn’t make sense since S7 is the next-gen SoC vs the crap on Z5. Sony’s marketing team is very weak. If news about X more expensive than S7 is true on release, then will make me abandon Sony forever. I have enough of this shit. Sony is delusional.

  • Debrahjcurren1

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  • RockStar2005

    I dunno steary. I did JUST see this article though (below), which hopefully means the actual price at the time of release of the XP (as well) will be lower than currently being stated? We’ll see.

    If Sony Mobile does go under, they really do deserve it. But I hope instead of just letting that ship sink, they get WISE FINALLY and sell Sony Mobile to a company or organization that can run it properly and reinvigorate Sony Mobile’s name. If I had the money to, I’D f’ing buy the damn company myself and OMG would Samsung and Apple not know what hit them! lol Even if I couldn’t outdo them, I’d make sure within a few years that Sony Mobile had a PERMANENT place at the big boy table too. lol

  • Khillo81

    That’s true. I see a lot of Xperias at work, on the public transport, etc… I would venture to say, it comes after iPhone, Galaxy in popularity based on the number I see in the wild. Let’s wait and see if it will be available via online stores other than Sony’s.

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  • Battel

    All what you have mentioned is a software features which can be found in google store or being developed by any programmer, my point is on the Hard wares not the software, Sony doesn’t have any Hardware feature that could make it’s flagship compete against other competitors, even chines companies has sense on the important of the hardware features to a flagship, Sony’s barely added the fingerprint sensor and the 32gm storage to it’s flagships after 5th flagship !
    and still lacking the dual tone flash and other sensors and 2k displays etc,

    Ironically Sony provide the camera sensor to these companies and it’s the last one in taking advantage of it’s quality except the more Mega pixels they add on each flagship which didn’t add anything to the quality .

  • RockStar2005

    Software features that can be found on any Google Store or by any developer? Not following. What is so important about 3D Touch anyway? Ok, I’ll give u that Samsung Edge is really cool, but let’s not forget that not even 2 years ago Samsung was STILL releasing flagship phones (S5) with lame plastic bodies when Sony (and HTC) were not. Now Samsung finally CAUGHT UP to Sony, HTC, and Apple on that (I still like Sony’s design more though than Apple’s). But the HTC and LG comparison regarding sound and battery…….. sorry man, I just don’t agree. Sony’s sound is better IMO than HTC’s (though very close) and LG’s battery is by far the weakest point of your other post. I would say from what reviews I’ve read that from those 5 phones, LG has arguably the WEAKEST battery life of the bunch. The new G5’s reviews by pros and forum posts have ppl saying it’s better but still not as great as the competition.

  • Normajspencer2

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  • marcyff2

    except sony is actually spider man, and they messed that up twice. Good thing disney got it now the new kid is incredible

  • Chee Siong Lee

    IMO, Andrew Garfield’s spiderman is nice. I prefer it to Toby’s spiderman

  • marcyff2

    Trust me the new kid makes garfield look like a statue!

  • Chee Siong Lee

    In this case, I really have to check it out…..

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