Xperia XA Ultra unveiled with 6-inch display and 16MP OIS front camera

by XB on 17th May 2016

in Featured Content, Xperia XA series

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_9Who would have thought that the first Sony Xperia device to feature optical image stabilisation would be a mid-ranger? Well that’s what we have with Sony’s unexpected announcement of the Xperia XA Ultra (F3211, F3213, F3215) and Xperia XA Ultra Dual (F3212, F3216).

The Xperia XA Ultra is similar to the Xperia XA, but sports a larger 6-inch display FHD (1080p) display, 16MP Exmor R front-facing camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS) and a front-facing flash. The Xperia XA Ultra also has the highest screen-to-phone ratio of any Xperia device (76.60%), taking the crown from the Xperia C5 Ultra. The display and resolution gives the handset a 367 PPI pixel density.

This is the same device that we saw leaked numerous times as a possible Xperia ‘C’ series successor, potentially the Xperia C6 Ultra. However, more recently, it was rumoured that the device would be named as an Xperia X series model, which made more sense given how similar it was in design to the Xperia XA. In that respect, the naming is very apt. It also confirms recent reports that the Xperia ‘C’ and ‘M’ names are being binned for future devices.

Other specifications include the MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755) chipset, 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage (11GB usable), a 2700mAh battery and a 1/2.4-inch 21.5MP Exmor RS rear camera (no OIS). The Xperia XA Ultra has dimensions of 164.2 x 79.4 x 8.4mm and weighs 190g. The handset will launch in select markets in July 2016 in three colours (White, Black and Lime Gold).

Xperia XA Ultra (F3211, F3213 and F3215) white paper
Xperia XA Ultra Dual (F3212 and F3216) white paper

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_1

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_2

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_3

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_4

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_5

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_6

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_7

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_8

Sony Xperia XA Ultra_9

Via Sony Mobile Press.

Thanks Ben, Marinko, Muhammad, Svnjay and Viniazzolin!

  • hansip

    2700 mah battery for 6 inch screen? What?? Is Sony getting insane these days?

  • Gema Buana Putra Kurniawan

    Xperia Z series is the best than other series that Sony ever made!!

  • Ukiya

    Why Sony?????? getting wild every week, anyways can anyone port Xperia X Camera to Z5 and OIS :)

  • ryq24

    Why does the front camera have ois while the back doesn’t?

  • Timel

    I guess every user will use the front cam to take regular pictures..Sony does think from the wrong end..if you know what I mean

  • hansip

    Well i guess Sony thinks that when people use the back camera, they usually handle it with 2 hands so more stable in the process. The Selfie on the other hand almost always being handled with a single hand to make it farther, (or tongsis for that matter) so OIS is more justified for the front camera than the back. to be honest, it’s a bit half hearted progress by Sony.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I read it as X Ultra with 16MP with OIS then I was like oh XA with OIS on the front.

    I mean why can’t they deliver us a 5.5 QHD display with all these high-end features.
    Why does it lack something? whyy whyy whyy I mean whyyyyyyyyyyyy

    P.S: And they went with 16gb internal storage with 11gb accessible.

  • zymo

    6″ device with a 2700mAh battery, while all other OEMs squeezes 4000-5000mAh in a such device. And OIS just for Selfies?!

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Rear Camera EIS+OIS Steady-Shot….

  • roeshak

    Hooray ois at last on a Sony device. Shame it’s just the front facer. Maybe x premium will finally have it on the main camera. Samsung and lg are already petty well advanced with their ois modules so Sony needs to get going

  • Matt

    like the burnt end of the toast . . .

  • Ben Ling
  • Ambitious Man

    Because of the Qnovo’s technology. Sony was mad. :(

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    What’s brand new night portrait flash mode? Is it new?

  • Ambitious Man

    2700mAh – 6″. Sony is going crazy because of the Qnovo’s tech.

  • xpz3

    Stagefright xperia z3 Android M

  • CerberusSco

    That actually look quite stunning. Shame it’s a mid ranger though. Still a lovely looking handset and I love the colours.

  • Gästen med gesten

    Gorgeous hope Sweden and water resistant :-)

  • CerberusSco

    No water resistance

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Did I’m the only one person who think this is funny on how SONY finally put OIS on the xperia product but instead of put it on flagship they put it on the mid range model instead. Not just that… they put it on front camera instead of main camera.

    OMG I want to jump off the building !

  • ramuk

    I suggest you somehow land a job in the Sony mobile management then you can dictate what kind of spec you what. Since Sony don’t listen and failed to produce a phone you people wish it’s the only way. BTW, I’m not joking or being sarcastic.

    On the other hand, I think this phone looks fantastic. My only complain is they went with smaller battery. They should have put at least 3000mAh but knowing Sony’s battery management I think it will be fine.

  • tele

    No update

  • Vuyo Ncube

    I guess all we can do is hope for a Note 6 rival with the same front cam and SD823 or something in September.

  • HAWX


  • HAWX

    If Sony put just a little better specs it would be a big success. .. Typicial Sony short commings :/

  • SONY only

    Sexy design !!!

  • laci_csk

    Not bad.

  • Malih

    I guess I’m alright overall with this device, especially because it has 3GB of RAM, but the battery and storage could be improved, because this big of a display would be great for gaming, and AAA gaming requires large (32GB+) internal storage for game installation.

    Of course in the end it depends highly on the pricing.

  • Malih

    I suppose it’s a continuation of the C5 Ultra, which some reviewers say have better camera on the front.

  • Omarion07

    I think the specs are ok for midrange phone.. The battery is extremely small though for a 6 inch FHD display, so it might have a similar below average battery performance to the C5 ultra!
    Let’s just hope they release a proper flagship by september with top secs and OIS in the rear and front cameras!

  • Omarion07

    Lets hope there’ll be no short comings in whatever they’ll anounce at IFA

  • Omarion07

    Haha nice one!

  • Malih

    exactly, although I never have any intention to buy any Galaxies, I have to praise Samsung with the improvements to the S7, they simply listen to the important things people concerned about when specs are mentioned, bigger battery, SD card slot, waterproofing and some more

  • hansip

    Yeah but seeing XDA posts of S7, seems like the software quality isn’t consistent yet to manage the battery life, i.e. people need to install Package Disabler or some sort to solve it.

    I do believe Sony still has the upper hand when handling software side for battery but 2700mah is just ridiculous. It seems like Qnovo only limits the battery to 2700mah and no more, due to their tech implemented. The only hope for Sony is to create very efficient screen to solve the battery life issue but i doubt it is improved, seeing no advertisement for such technological innovation on the X.

  • sri

    will this available for reasonable price and in market before they come up with another phone? whenever sony release a phone. I only see them in digital media. Usually they won’t find physically in market. When i enquire , sellers tell that i can sell sony phones as they are very expensive and people prefer buying other phones. selling rate is 10:2 or 10:3.

    Second, 16gb internal memory is in 2016 phone models is degrade
    design is same as my xperia z.

  • Gästen med gesten

    That’s was shame:-(

  • roeshak

    None of that makes any sense but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s sony’s thinking indeed lol

  • Ana Heluši?

    Beautiful phone

  • C5’s battery life is not below par as the reviews suggest. In one test, I saw it beat Xperia Z3 compact. As a matter of fact, all sony phones have a battery life that allow users to use the phone for a full day and more.

    Most of the reviews criticise M5 for having poor battery life, I use M5 myself and the battery life is pretty much the same as Z2’s

  • ramuk

    Very Good comment. You explained your comment nicely. And I fully agree with you, it depends on the pricing. But I think this phone targeted a different group of people – selfie crazy people. But having bigger battery and internal storage plus front facing speaker would make this phone appealing to other group of people ( mobile gamer) too.

  • jxPerience

    Hey why are most of you are crying? Don’t you forget that Sony is yet to announce the real flagship for 2016? If Sony’s midrange offerings are spectacular, what more we can expect for the brand’s flagship device? Keep your tears after IFA!!!!

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  • Railwayman

    After 36 months (!) of waiting for a successor to the Xperia Z Ultra…. users can be a bit grumpy. We are one month short of the third anniversery of the device and an update is long overdue but Sony seems to be stuck to a MediaTek based recipe with the C5 Ultra and XA Ultra, paired with updated cameras but similar or worse hardware otherwise.

    Sony needs more of “a” flagship. They need to do this in order to reverse the development:

    1. A flagship series with “Xperia X Premium” (5.5 inches) and “Xperia X Premium Ultra” (6.44 inches).
    2. Two new tablets: Xperia X Tablet Compact (8 inches) and X Tablet (10 inches).
    3. Commitment to the big screen – i.e. 12-18 months release cycles and some product refreshes (such as accessory bundles in order to make a mid-life refresh if they decide to go for 24 months cycle on the big screen line). Provide supply until the successor is out rather than stopping production of products despite the lack of a replacement (Xperia Z Ultra and Z3 TC is two examples of abandoned products without successors, i.e. no upgrade path for the customer so new device means brand switching).

    It would be excellent if Sony really make a flagship line of 2016 at IFA with Premium devices from 5.5 to 10 inches but their deteriorating track record (no replacements for the ZU, Z3 TC and Z4T is a bad sign) cause a lot of skepticism.

    The situation is similar to their track record of UIQ3.x where they failed to introduce a true flagship after the P990i. The XA Ultra is like the G900 of our time compared to the original Z Ultra. It is fascinating to see that they keep 16 GB of storage etc when competitors such as Xiaomi offer up to 128 GB in the Mi Max.

    Sony could at least make a statement that we are “committed to the big screen” and that “we have exiting new products above 6 inches in development”. Such a message would indicate a proper strategy. Silence about those products and introduction of such a let down as the XA Ultra doesn’t indicate a bright Sony future for those of us who want a Xperia with a bigger screen than 6 inches with flagship hardware.

  • DBS

    The rear camera doesn’t have OIS at all. Again.

  • Timel

    6 inch phone is too big for me (-_-)

  • Flythe

    What’s with the battery size, Sony?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Another crazy move

  • Battel

    They should release a 32GB model with SD 652 & 3000 Battery .

  • azzido

    Ois only on the frobt, mediatek, 16GB storage and then 2700mAh battery for 6″ device = hahaha!

  • azzido

    How would you pick management position at Sony Mobile while all their jobs are currently “at risk” especially after announcing X series mid rangers which are overpriced and late to the party???

  • ludimilojko

    Usually, only a small percent of people wants a 6 inch screen, or bigger. And usually, nobody cares about them, cos they are just a small percent, and they doesn’t bring a profit.

  • DarkMaster

    simply more hardware and smaller device footprint leaves less space for battery…but anyway you should have XP instead of Xperia X on your image comparison .

  • KarFar

    If there’s any X Ultra it should have S652 (knowing sony won’t put S820), 2k screen, 4GB ram, atleast 3000mah Qnovo

  • ramuk

    1)Why do you care what happen to Sony mobile/mobile division in general?
    2) Didn’t you already say your goodbye to Sony and move on to Samsung products?
    3) Are you unhappy with Samsung products?
    4) Is Samsung’s phone too rubbish for you?
    5) Are you too frustrated with Samsung phone? Is this why you come here (a blog dedicated to Sony products and its fanboys) everyday despite having a galaxy phone?
    6) Or you come here only to bash Sony products?

  • Flythe

    That’s the whole point. The Z3, Z3+, Z5 and both the X and X Performance are actually quite similar in terms of chassis volume, since the X compensates for its smaller footprint with a thicker body. Nevertheless, while volume has been the same (<2% difference) the battery capacity declined drastically over the generations. I cannot believe that the other components need that much more space, since the X sports the same camera, the same amount of RAM and storage as the Z5 but probably doesn't use its dual heat pipe cooling solution. Regarding your other point, I couldn't find the X Performance's exact dimensions but since it only has 80 mAh more than the X, it doesn't matter that much anyways (88.0% instead of 85.3% in comparison with the Z3).

  • Railwayman

    I guess iPad and other tablets are made by companies with loss making as their mission then.;) It would be interesting with an explanation of the tablet and 2-in-1 sales if only a small percent want bigger than 6 inches.

    Another thing you could elaborate is the development costs of bigger devices, why they are expensive and unprofitable to make and so forth.

  • ludimilojko

    So much talking, but nothing said.
    1. We’re talking about phones, not tablets, iPads and similar fancy shit.
    2. There is no additional development cost for bigger display units, only the regular development cost. But they are selling in low quantities, compared to normal phones, and the profit on them is far less than on normal phones. It’s not the same when you sell 1 million units for 400 bucks, and when you sell 10000 units for 400 bucks. And yes, i would love to see the quantity of 6 inchers sold, compared to normal phones.
    3. Displays over 6 inches are not impossible to sell, they’re just selling in low quantities.
    4. Yes, if you want something bigger than 5 or 5.5 inch, buy a tablet or laptop. That’s what Sony is telling you, too.

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  • TheSith LordViridis

    Why all the need for OIS on the back? I thought it was common knowledge that sonys digital Stabilization has destroyed OIS in its latest generations of Z.

  • Raj Singh

    Not that Sony knows how to market their phones but here’s the hands on video from a third party:

  • ZerothGlacius

    Not only Z….I’ve been looking at the old C-series and M-series and they too hold up well. I have used HTC M9, M9+ for photography, and though it has a good camera, the lack of OIS is particularly visible. Not so with any Xperia C, M or Z series of 2015 onwards.

  • azzido

    1) to tell them what they are doing wrong? As thousands of other visitors doing the same as they wish them best and want the company to survive but to achieve this they need to make a product that all these people will want to buy instead of the failure like the one presented here?
    2) Goodbye means that as they continue to do what they are doing they will need to close this division?
    3) Who told you I already bought Samsung products? I can only indicate what Shamesung is doing better and why is selling so many ohones each year and on the other side what is doing worse, like the soft?
    4) 5) 6) Are you an idiot?

  • ZerothGlacius

    3GB of RAM with Helio P10 implies that this phone will receive a fair level of update support. This gets me excited somewhat.

    Does anyone know if this is an Arima ODM device like previous C-series phones?

  • Raj Singh

    The least they can do is provide the Z Ultra with a Marshmallow upgrade if they’re not going to put out a successor. This XA Ultra is not it, way too many compromises.

  • azzido

    Exactly, there are too many low end (X, XA, X ulrta) and mid range devices (X poorformance) announced this year, but so far no any flagship on the horizon. Fingers crossed this will be delivered later this year.

    Also, the one above is just another phone that looks exactly the same as the rest presented this year, they are really copying Shamesung with doing it (releasing almost identicall phones in terms of design) :)

  • ZerothGlacius

    MediaTek isn’t so bad, and it appears they have a “special relationship” with Sony:

    This year is probably the last time you’ll see 16GB internal storage though. I think good things are coming in 2017. :)

  • azzido

    I would like to see if they are still using dual heat pipe solution, we will see it after release of devices :D
    Somehow I’ve got a feeling that this is another feature that was depreciated…

  • ZerothGlacius

    M5 IMO has amazing standby time but pretty average screen-on time in terms of battery. I also observed this particular phone drains it’s battery faster when it heats up (heck, all it took for me to notice this was to transfer files via bluetooth while listening to music on a hot 42C day in a bus). I really don’t know what’s up with that.

  • ZerothGlacius

    Cutting costs, what else? Perhaps the new battery technology allows them to get more out of the lower capacity.

    In real-world, I have been more than satisfied with most Xperias in terms of battery life (from E-series to Z-series). You need to use a Galaxy A-series or a 2K-display toting HTC to really appreciate that though :P

  • azzido

    1) are u a total SONY fanboy that will lick its ass and buy totally every crap they will produce?
    2) Are you wishing them so bad that you do not want the company will improve considering their results are so bad?
    3) Are u pretending you do not understand what is the topic and instead of commenting over the correct topic you are showing your frustration for all the people that can see easily what Sony Mobile is doing wrong?

  • ZerothGlacius

    It’s a port of the feature from Cyber-shot cameras wherein multiple images are taken at the same time and composited together to get clear and sharp images with high colour definition for night shots. This feature combined with the flash should greatly help night selfies.

  • ramuk

    1) I’m totally a Sony fanboy but unlike Samsung faggot like you and omarion07 you I don’t lick Samsung ass nither do I buy every phone Sony produce. LOL. Your dumb comment really make me laugh. You should really try to be a Joker instead of wasting your time here. You have massive potential.

    2) LOL, can you even post a decent English sentence? I’m not very good at it but even I can say you suck at it just like your dumb trolling here.

    3) Again, LOL, I perfectly understand the topic its you who don’t understand anything while pretending to be a tech and business magnet.

    Dumb trolls like you have zero credibility to criticize what they are doing wrong. Especially that dumb trolls is a faggot samsung user.

  • Flythe

    It should if it isn’t needed. I don’t think a SD650 (and hopefully neither a SD820) needs the same extensive cooling the 810 needed. In fact, I had actually hoped for the Z5’s successor to have a larger battery, because it didn’t need the space for a heat pipe.

  • Flythe

    At least we finally saw OIS on an Xperia device. Let’s hope it’ll be on the rear (or even both sides) alongside that new 22.5MP sensor for Sony’s fall offering.

  • jadukoralim

    Dumb – Timel
    Dumber – Omarion07
    Dumbest – azzido.

  • Omarion07

    Did I ever comment on your posts or call you names to call me dumber! But I suppose this is the internet and I shouldn’t be surprised it’s full of scumbags and low lifes like yourself!!

  • ramuk

    Yes, shitty troll like you doesn’t have any right to tell anything how they should make their phone.

    #2 really shows how dumb you are even dumber than omarion07 here.
    Oh, look who said goodbye to Sony and said its time to move on to another brand yet he is still here keeps trolling.

    #3 LOL, are you still going to deny that you do not own a S6? I read it that’s why I said it. If you want me to show the proof then I say you unlock you discuss user activity. I will show it to you.

    #4,5,6 really shows your hypocrisy and idiocracy.

    I let you slide here for a while but not anymore. You will see things will go even harder here for you and your dumb trolls buddy like Omarion07. LOL, Poor iia3ezu, Alex Norris and DBS. They same fate are waiting for you and Omarion07.

  • ramuk

    Oh, sooo sad. How come people are calling poor little innocent Omarion dumber? You have my sympathy, Omar. /s.

  • Omarion07

    Kid, please go cry somewhere else and stop bothering me!

  • ramuk

    Not taking advice from a dumb grandpa like you.

  • Omarion07

    you know someone’s a kid when they say shit like ”I let you slide here for a while but not anymore. You will see things will go even harder here…”

  • Omarion07

    cool! Bye now

  • Omarion07

    I’ve noticed that not only this site is filled with the worst type of zealots and fanboys who will bash and call anyone who disagree with them the most horrid names, but even the website moderators demonstrate a scary level of bias and favouritism where they only show comments that are full of praise for Sony while deleting any comments that even slightly criticise Sony mobile! RIP free speech!
    P.S: Admins will obviously delete this comment because they too can’t stand being called biased!

  • DarkMaster

    how is 146×72 is similar to 143×69 ? footprint is smaller . but I agree that is not that much smaller and battery should be considerably bigger.

  • Vincentius Phang

    And $600 price tag

  • I have an average of 7h 15min of screen on time with my M5. I once did individual web browsing and HD video playback endurance

    – Web browsing drains 5% of battery in 32 minutes, which means if I use the battery only for web browsing, I can get 10h 42min.

    – HD video playback drains 5% of battery in 35 minutes, so I can get 11h 20 min of total video playback time.

    Dude, surrounding temperature affects how fast the phone heats up which will lead to battery drain. If you are in hot areas and you use the phone, the phone will heat more quickly which will lead to faster battery drain. Otherwise if you’re in cold areas and you use the phone, then the phone won’t heat quickly and the battery won’t drain quick

  • VRR


  • jamie evans

    It’s time for Sony to create XA Performance!! 5.2″QHD SD820 4GB of RAM USB Type-C etc…with XA’s appealing look!!! Let’s do it

  • Raj Singh

    Lime gold? What the fuck, Sony?

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I don’t like it too =0=

    Gold of M5, Z5, Z5P look good already.

  • BlackMilk

    No gaming with Mali onboard:)

  • iia3ezu

    The specs are okay for a low-tier phone, a successor of the C series, but once again Sony will price it out of range and wonder why sales are poor and most others on a limited budget pick up a similarly or better specced Xiaomi.

    I mean, how dare you not pay a premium for the Sony brand alone!

  • Elizabethjwooley1

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  • Elizabethjwooley1

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  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I wish I’d land a job in Sony Mobile to be honest :D and I am not joking either.
    But you know there are people willing to buy a unique devices and this phone looks absolutely stunning and I am sad it doesn’t have killer specs.
    Why can’t they just install the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device and make the battery bit bigger.

    6″ QHD display with bigger battery with flagship specs, I’ll definitely buy it without questioning it.
    There are so many people out there to buy a phone like that.
    And you’re not the only Sony fan boy bro I am a huge fan boy too.

    P.S: I know this phone is focused on people who bought C5 Ultra and people who want a device like that but don’t you think Sony should risk it and give a flagship device with these specs.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I totally agree, 16GB is soooo old school I mean I literally avoid if the phone’s got 16GB storage. I mean look at XP 32GB model, it only got like 15GB internal storage of free for user. My Z2 ran out of storage within a 6 months and I had to delete and move stuff. It was so annoying.

  • Arnold

    waiting for this phone.was contemplating for c5 ultra but gonna wait for it.

  • smartuser8

    Sony already jump…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Maybe this is what happen to them…

  • ramuk

    Well, Chaturanaga, too bad you didn’t get a version of xa ultra that you wanted. But I knew this phone would have mid range specs ( except for camera) before it was officially launched. After all its the successor of C5 ultra.

    Not so sure about how many people are willing to buy a high end 6 inch with a design like this. If there is a huge demand for large screen flagship phones from Sony they would have already out a Z Ultra successor. But not releasing a successor of Z ultra would indicate that few people actually bought it. Anyway, good luck to you. Although chances are very slim I hope Sony bring a flagship phone that you desire.

  • Flythe

    You don’t listen. Yes, the footprint of the X is smaller, but the overall volume is similar to the Z5’s due to a thicker body.

  • iia3ezu

    Official specs sheet: 202g!

    Weight was one of the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Mega flopped, and even that had a 6.3 inch screen, and marginally lighter at 199g. iPhone 6S Plus, a monster, weighs 192g

    5.7 inch is about the sweet spot for a phablet, and preferably around 170g. Above that and it becomes cumbersome.

    I really do hope you know what you’re doing, Sony Mobile… but it seems you’ve gone full retard.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i feel only thing xa ultra are lacking ois on the back a bigger battery like come on its a 6inch phone it should have atleast 3500+ and 32gb internal just my opinion

  • QBerto

    that “lime gold” should be named pee color

  • ymytbb .

    Sony should make XA Performance next, with 5.2″QHD and USB Type-C and 4GB of RAM. That would be PERFECT for me

  • Latoyadhague4

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!ti236urtwo days ago grey MacLaren. P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k Dollars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over hourly. 87 Dollars…Learn. More right Here !ti236u:?:?:.?.?.?.? http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsEarthGetPay-Hour$98…. .????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!ti236u….,..

  • Railwayman

    1. There is a market segment for bigger devices than 6 inches and it is perfectly possible to market a bigger model as a “tablet” (Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact can be used as a phone) if the word “smartphone” put restrictions on size in place.

    Sony can do two things:

    I. A Z Ultra successor.
    II. A Z3 TC successor.

    Both are perfectly OK options but it seems like they did nothing so far.

    2. Since a 6.44 inch version of an existing model (Xperia X Performance for example) is an extension of the portfolio, it could be considered as a way of selling more of the whole series, i.e. 12 millions sold (including the big model) rather than 9 millions (the regular model).

    3. Xiaomi Mi Max got 8 millions of preorders and Samsung managed to sell 10 millions of the original Note N7000, which were considered gigantic at 5.3 inches in a world of 4-4.3 inch phones (i.e. more oversized than 6.44″ v 6″).

    4. Going from 6 inch to 12 inch the Sony way is pretty much backwards but their current portfolio seems to be something like:

    “Buy a different brand if you want high end hardware in a device bigger than 5.5 inches since we decided to cap our screen size for 2016 to 6 inches but only in a low end device.”

    Your argument “nothing said” is typical for fanboys who are very much into a brand and their strategies – they are very similar to those people who defended Sony Ericsson back in 2007/2008… Some fans tried to defend their strategies, which were pretty similar to what we see now (i.e. big gaps in their portfolio).

  • Railwayman

    Fully agreed. If Sony decides to abandon the big screen segment (i.e. no successors to the Ultra, Z3 TC or Z4T), they should introduce MM and also N updates for those devices before dropping support in order to extend their life. The alternative is to clarify their stance on those product lines so people can make an informed decision (i.e. if Sony are going to remain in those segments or not).

  • azzido

    Exactly, all 16gigs phones need to be skipped

  • azzido

    “you let me” ahahhahaa!!!!
    everything you can is “lick it”! if at all :D :D :D

    You made my day! :D :D :D

  • azzido
  • azzido

    I bet you are just 16yo pimpled hamburger ahahaha!!!!

  • azzido

    Can’t be summarized better :)

  • azzido

    6″ device with 2700mAh battery is their final shot in their own foot and kneel from the shotgun!

  • azzido

    Exactly, Sony Mobile has changed the strategy in 2016 to focus more on flops and abandon the flagship devies.

    Strangely it seems they decided not to decrease the number of these flops per year :/

  • olisun

    Does this phone have active noise cancellation?

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