New update (23.5.A.0.575) hits the Xperia Z2 and Z3 series

by XB on 19th May 2016

in Firmware, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia firmware 23.5.A.0.575_1Sony Mobile is pushing a new small firmware update to the Xperia Z2 and Z3 family, which moves the build number from 23.5.A.0.570 to version 23.5.A.0.575. This appears to be a marginal update, with no noticeable changes – we don’t get STAMINA mode for example, which was recently released on Beta Marshmallow firmware. The update is out on most devices in the Xperia Z2 and Z3 series, we will shortly include FTF firmware files below. In the meantime, let us know of any changes that you’ve noticed below.

DOWNLOAD FTF Firmware Files

Xperia Z2 (D6502) 23.5.A.0.575 India Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z2 (D6503) 23.5.A.0.575 Nordic Generic (Android 6.0.1)

Xperia Z3 (D6603) 23.5.A.0.575 Russia Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z3 (D6646) 23.5.A.0.575 US Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z3 (D6653) 23.5.A.0.575 India Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633) 23.5.A.0.575 Middle East and Africa (MEA) Generic (Android 6.0.1)

Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) 23.5.A.0.575 Nordic Generic (Android 6.0.1)

Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi (SGP511) 23.5.A.0.575 Singapore Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi (SGP512) 23.5.A.0.575 Taiwan Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE (SGP521) 23.5.A.0.575 Hong Kong Generic (Android 6.0.1)

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Wi-Fi (SGP611) 23.5.A.0.575 Latin America Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Wi-Fi (SGP612) 23.5.A.0.575 Singapore Generic (Android 6.0.1)
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact LTE (SGP621) 23.5.A.0.575 Germany Generic (Android 6.0.1)

Xperia firmware 23.5.A.0.575_1 Xperia firmware 23.5.A.0.575_2

Thanks Anton, Abdulghani and all others that sent this in!

  • razorg

    It seems it consists of under the hood bug fixes and March Security Patches only…

  • Mariano Golluscio

    What a mess o.O

  • Constantine

    My Z2 is still 23.4.A.1.264, lol.

  • Will Komba

    still don’t even have marshmallow on my z3c…

  • Makiz

    Noise suppression switch is back and they can hear me on the other end when I talk now! Finally!

  • why?

  • Same here! Can’t understand why locked phones are receiving first -.-

  • Kabuto Kouji

    my HK Z2 still tocked at 23.4.A.1.264 too

  • Kabuto Kouji

    my HK Z2 still tocked at 23.4.A.1.264 too

  • Timothy Phan

    This makes it an instant update for me tonight! Thanks.

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  • Michael Koerth

    Guys manually flash your specific tft file via Flashtool, stop whining if you dont have marshmallow

  • Mariano Golluscio

    Because seven days ago Sony has released the 23.5.A.1.151 in beta program, but today we receive only a less bugged 23.5.A.0.575!
    The 23.5.A.0.575 has never existed instead in the beta program.
    Why Sony didn’t give us from beginning a MM firmware more complete and performing?! It would have been enough to wait a little bit!
    So simple, right?

  • Constantine

    we will never know

  • LiterofCola

    point is you shouldn’t have to

  • Rammstone

    Z2 before Z5? Is it because of the beta thing?

  • Tim

    Neither do I – D5803 in the US (tho’ phone was made in or for Ireland apparently). You?

  • PH3N0M

    Mine is unlocked and I recieved this update at early hours
    Worked fine in 570
    Try connecting your phone to your pc, and it informs you of the update.
    I couldnt get marshmallow for along time and this act, helped me

  • The small jump in the version number could mean that it fixes problems specific to the Z2 and Z3.

  • John Walker

    In five seconds anoying people coming with stupid questions like; has camera2 api has been added. God you are boring as shit

  • Benjamin Levy

    Weird, I have a D5803 (Z3C) in the US and it’s been updated to Marshmallow via the PC Companion.

  • harsh patel

    z3 d6653 will get the update

  • Rock Lady

    Well… I didn’t receive any of these updates…still on lollipop :/

  • Alex

    Link ? …or a website for firmware..thx

  • ayub407

    I received the update for Z3 Dual :3


    got it yesterday still miss those kitkat days

  • Stefan

    What a charming person you are. Did you forget to take your medicine this morning? Nobody said anything about camera2api and you’re already hating around. Calm down, idiot!

  • John Walker

    I dont know who is more annoying. You camera2 api people or xperia SP kitkat people :D

  • Stefan

    What are xperia SP kitkat people?

  • John Walker

    Most annoying and boring people on the earth. Even today there are posts about SP and KitKat. They never give up.

  • Stefan

    Nobody was talking abou Xperia SP or camera2api in this thread. So why don’t you shut your mouth and go see a doctor? You really should!

  • John Walker

    You have a stupid name.

  • Stefan

    This is a typical name in Germany.

  • Vijay Yash

    What about Z3+. Is it included in Z3 Series or is it Z4.

  • Robcartoon

    Any new improvements or changes on this update on Z2?

  • Jose Jaén

    Today i connected my z3 to pc and pc companion updated me to 23.5.A.0.575! i can’t see any change, i hope improvement of battery but maybe it doesn’t change

  • guz ?

    I got the update today. And I found something!

    In the contacts, google syncs contact but backup data gives us only thumbnail photos. so if anyone calls who with a contact picture, looks like a little thumbnail pic. now it is full screen photo.which that I prefer!

    even I open some contact with a tiny thumbnail pic. It immediately got bigger in the front of me!

    maybe it is a google update. I donno. I like it :)

    Xperia Z3 Compact.

  • Prncz Yul

    Report from Malaysia, had been prompt for update :)

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Just received about 2 hours ago…

  • Jani Perkiä

    Well immediately after the update my bluetooth autoconnect seems to work. Didn’t work after marshmallow update. Only time will tell if it works with my car now properly.

  • Gästen med gesten

    My mom got it this morning ota
    Sweden unlocked :-)

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    March security updates. .570 had February patches.

  • Andy Wardell

    On the Z2, this update definitely contains the fix for the poor Wi-Fi signal. I’m back to full bars of Wi-Fi I the corner of my house once again.

  • Fadi Obaya

    Wi-Fi signal
    Audio stuttering
    Memory management
    Translation fixes

  • John Walker

    So is Adolf. You are very agressive. Just like Hitler. Bye

  • John Walker

    Thums up

  • Kosacka

    Still no .570 for Z3c in Central Europe…ffs

  • Constantine

    It depends on a region. If you’ll download XperiaFirm, you’ll see that 30-40 regions are still on 23.4.A.1.264.

  • Stefan

    you must be an American cause you’ve got no fucking clue. Adolf is no typical name in Germany. Widen your horizon and go see a doctor, stupid American.

  • jonoave

    Z2 or Z3? Haven’t received it yet.

  • Wouter van Vliet

    That seems to be quite a noticeable change indeed. Well spotted!

    Let the speculations about monthly (or even more frequent) security updates begin ;-).

  • Adrian G.

    Excellent news, got my update today in Slovenia (OTA variant), finally. Turns out that my previous system Lollipop had an unexpected communication bug which prevented me from being prompted for an upgrade to Marshmallow, that’s gone for good, I’m very happy with Marshmallow and will stay happy in the future thanks to our service and repairs center in LJ.

  • Nitish

    nobody cares about missing wireless media transfer feature? I kinda liked it

  • Eason Chan

    For me, SD card is now loadable in 23.5.A.0.575 which cannot be loaded in 23.5.A.0.570

  • fried_egg

    Some Vodafone Z3 handsets are still on Jellybean

  • DavyPaul

    this is very interesting. My Z3 Compact D5803 (unbranded UK) and my Z2 Tablet (SGP511, UK, WiFi only) both seem to be on 23.4.A.1.264 (dates 17.Sep.2015) and no amount of ‘nudging’ for an OTA seems to work. Is UK behind the rest of the world here? (devices unlocked, no network branding)

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  • Tarek Azam

    Wifi range has been substantially improved. Haven’t seen anything else. But I’m on it.

  • JO

    Have a look at XperiFirm application my friend

  • Gardenologist

    xperia companion update failed and i get getphoneinfofailure error

  • Gardenologist

    Do you recommend a built ?

  • Don Smith

    Still have not got .570 on Rogers in Canada (only carrier to not have it). Hopefully now they just skip it and go to .575

  • Ayomex

    fixed the lag when opens contact and sms

  • Primož Rojko

    Which operator?

  • Lee Jia Hui

    My phone is Z2…
    However the new update is available now for Z2 and Z3 in Malaysia…
    U can try to connect it through your PC to check it with PC Companion or Xperia Companion…

  • jonoave

    Thanks, I only checked for OTA.
    I don’t have the cable with me now, so I’ll try that later.

  • Brian De Guzman

    I’ve always noticed this behavior way back in Z3’s first lollipop. Glad that they finally fixed it.

  • Lee Jia Hui

    You are welcome

  • Mo Mo

    I think it is really funny *ironic* that the old devices got 6.0.1 before the z5. It seems Sony cares more about Updates for the 801 devices haha

  • Gardenologist

    thanks for paying attention to this point..I was going to through my Z2 in the trash.

  • Makiz

    me too :P

  • Atanas Vangelov

    me too!!!!

  • Eduardo Otero

    Jelly Bean or Lollipop?
    Vodafone from which country?

  • Kabir

    Hi Iam in USA and brought phone from India Sony Xperia Z2. Not updates for me (unlocked) .. Still in old lolipop.. I tried to use vpn of India and UK still not getting

  • razorg

    I can’t believe there still are trolls such as him on the internet man. Just ignore him. Even reading his comments makes my skin crawl tbh.

  • Reeser

    Some of us never got the 23.5.A.0.570 update, so this *575 is the first Android 6.0 we’re seeing. The last update for my z3 tablet compact was 23.4.A.1.264, updated just a few months ago. My update shows a size of 977.0 MB.

  • Essam Alkazzaz

    OMG this update ruined my wifi :( it makes wifi diconnects repeatedly. I don’t know what to do. I used the pc companion to install it. And when i saw this problem made a factory data recet but it is still the same problem. After that I used the pc companion again to do a fix option, but still the same problem
    Can anyone tell me ehat to do????

  • Stefan

    i do ignore him now, that i know he’s retarded as shit.

  • Stefan Bü

    after 575 update my z3 compact won´t have a GPS Signal! In the 570 it was fully in function!

  • jonoave

    Ok I try to use the Bridge for Mac update and it says it needs 500 mb to install the update. I checked my phone only 12 gigs used out of 16 GB. I try deleting some stuff down to 11 gb but I still can’t click Next.

  • DarkMaster

    LOL up voting your own post? dude that is pathetic ….

  • DarkMaster

    still on Jellybean ? how is that possible ?

    Z3 was launched with 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box !

    Z2 also 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box .
    only Z1 was 4.2.2 JellyBean .

  • Stefanus Paulus

    Indonesia here, and still not yet get any update.

  • Reza

    Indonesia too, sy update manual via flashtool, my z3 already got the latest software.

  • Dos Santos

    I was waiting quite long until the middle of this month before I could get Marshmallow installed on my Z2. After that, I never miss any subsequent update such as this current 575. I mean I didn’t have to wait ling like the first update.

  • Dos Santos

    Just wait for next update. Currently the update that fixes wifi and comes with stamina mode only available to beta testers.

  • Dos Santos

    Please update your PC Companion.

  • Dos Santos

    Nope for me. Wifi still sucks even putting next to the router.

  • ESniper

    new firmware update done .thanks

    #Sony #MakeBelieve #XZ3TC

  • Tinajwest4

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  • Tinajwest4

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  • Lee Jia Hui

    How is it possible… My phone shows 12GB used of 16GB but I can perform the update…@@
    Does it shows your memory not enough??

    Btw… I always did a factory data reset before perform the “big” update…
    So there’s less problems and less bugs during and after the update…

    Sorry about my English…

  • Mahesh

    Now Sony has learnt from its mistakes. It’s good to see mid-rangers getting updated to at least one major android version. Not only SP, the T3, E3, E4 are also unfortunate to got stuck to the launch version. E3 with 4 gigs memory is understandable but T3 not getting Lollipop is surprising (When T2 getting updated). However, Sony never promised any update for these models. But we (ex) SP users have the right to be aggrieved for not getting KK as Sony promised the update initially only to back out at a later stage. :-(

  • I just received a mail notifying me about the update. I liked that detail from Sony.

  • Stefan

    Not sure what you mean?!

  • Prncz Yul

    Huge update still through companion apps to update on pc will be better than ota, i din do any factory reset before from 1st marshmallow until now haha

  • Ravi

    Not got an ota update in India for z3

  • Kwstakhs

    My z3c is also Customized UK and i’ve got no notification for Marshmallow…still on Lollipop

  • Darthpilsner


  • Darthpilsner

    a troll and an asshole, I will call you asstroll

  • johm malkovich

    I haven’t updated my z3 to MM yet. I’m kinda skeptical because it’s beta. What’s your thoughts guys, should I update it?

  • Aiden Pearce

    D6502 already roalling India. Got email from Sony update

  • ??????? ???????

    trash maybe my next phone will be Sony complete disappointment 10 years and 5 different models of Sony

  • David Hvatov

    Not in this update.

  • NorTiaN

    Still waiting for .570 in Portugal for the Z3 dual… Ohh FFS!!!!

  • fried_egg

    meant lollipop

  • RRT

    I must say, this is very device oriented. I got two Z2 bought together in same day/hour/minute/second from a retail store in Athens, Greece. When I got them I did call support for another phone of mine (Z1Compact) and did let them check the phones if everything is alright (cause you never know with internet shops …). Both devices were alright, the one was from UK market, the other from Germany if I remember right. So my wife’s phone (the UK one I think) got the 6.0 a month ago (basically immediately) where the second device still is on 5.1.1 with no update in sight ….

    Whatever the reason, I think that just the different market if no device’s changes are present, should not be a reason for such delay in update. I am pretty sure UK and Germany got pretty much same devices, so for me such delay between both phones is ridiculous ….

  • Lee Jia Hui

    I will never do it through OTA because I don’t trust it…

    I always update through PC Companion…xD

  • Roy van der Pijl

    stagefright detector : 10 criticial, 10 high on 575, 12 critical and 11 high on 570….. what are they doing????

  • Kabir


    I bought my phone from India from ebay (india) but imported from UK. Presently I am in USA. I used proxy server (Malaysia , India, UK) to update (via OTP and computer) but still not received Marshmallow. I have written mail and they answered of no use to me. Sony is making fool globally… What it achieves i don’t know

  • DarkMaster

    I mean this :

    if you can’t understand than I’m sorry for your IQ .

  • WiFi drops still present in my phone.

    Off-topic: I’m very pleased with my Z3 and Sony in the way they care about updates and improvements. I’ll keep my phone for a while but when the time to change it comes, I’m pretty sure (and want it to be that way) I’ll keep with Sony.


  • azzido

    Hope X Premium will have different design than X Performance as it is too rounded at the edges, which looks simply bad, also the camera and its hump, sticking out, it was much better in rgular Z, frosted glass back, camera hidden under 1 piece of glass like entire back, and not plastic lens as we have in Z5 Premium. 4GB of RAM is also a must, otherwise it is not Premium at all… 4K Video recording, Radio, 4K display should be included too. Finally they should include S-Master amplifier with Mega Bass and over 4K mAh battery.

    Then I would buy a green one like the Z :)

  • RRT

    As I get it, it doesn’t use the IP ( I got both phones on my WiFi), it uses the IMEI to estimate what market the phone is from. As I said, I got both at the same time from an online shop (one in white and one in black) and the one is from the German market, the other one is from the UK market. The white one got the update immediately as it was launched, the black one is still on 5.1.1, both on same network.

    Since there is no difference between the two phones (apart from the color) I really see no reason to have such delays between a German market phone and UK one, it just is ridiculous from Sony’s side ….

  • zetoze

    I’m still on lollipop on my z2 tablet. O_o

  • Stefan

    this means you thumbed up my comment. thanks for that!


    Now you can reply to messages in the notification bar without opening the application.

  • I do. By now, I’m using File commander feature to transfer via web browser in your pc, but I hope Sony will include feature again.

  • Adrian G.

    Telekom Slovenije, ni za kaj. Pa ni blo treba ?akat na posodobitev ni?, kljub temu da sm telefon vzel brez vezave do operaterja.

    Držim pesti da tudi ti dobiš posodobitev z mar?evskimi varnostnimi popravki. V?asih je treba res imet sre?o da ne dobiš pokvarjeni center za sistemske posodobitve Sony Mobile, tako kot je bil moj prejšnji na Lollipopu, tam se ne vra?am nikoli ve?.

    Naši fantje iz servisa Toptime so se pa res potrudli in rešli zadevo kar hitro.

  • Aiden Pearce

    there is no X premium as the romour was futed few days ago.

  • dmv76

    a bug fixed was that of the “Close All” button disappearing if you swiped down on open apps. it doesnt now. have tested it.

  • Alex Blake

    I bought my Z2 in Estonian euronics and it was from Greece, every time I factory reset I have Greek language on start.

  • DarkMaster

    nope :D I just moved cursor over it and it shows ”vote up” message if no one voted up a comment yet . If someone voted up than it shows who already voted up for it like this you are among those people , sorry but you have been caught in the act ;)

  • Juliejbristol4

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  • Jonathan Bratanata

    Imo it’s actually very stable
    Doze doesn’t match what stamina mode did though, so there’s a bit of battery life drop for me, not significant, but I used to get ~6 hours SoT in lolipop with 2days of no charging, now I get only 4.5ish SoT with how I use my phone daily unchanged

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Hey i have the US version and its already there probably you have India region its why its taking forever I always flash my Xperia device to USA or the most vulnerable country to get the update fast

  • Stefan

    I don’t know what you mean dude. Furthermore, i’ll definitely not click on your link, who knows what you’re spreading there.

  • Kabir

    I reset my phone to factory resetting. Still no updates for my phone in USA. I bought this phone from ebay india (imported from uk), I strongly believe.

    Your suggestion is to flash. Will it cause any problem.. like camera not working or something else. Will it be in english.. What is procedure

  • John Walker

    Wifi fixed. No more manual conecting. Love sony

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    You should try using xperia companion, try in ota doesn’t help me to.

  • Kabir

    Already used pc-companion to update my sony xperia z2 in USA. Still updated with Android 5.1 (lolipop). My phone is not rooted.

  • MarmiteSoldier

    I’m in the UK and still haven’t received the update to Marshmallow on my unlocked Z3. If I check on the phone for the latest software by clicking the URL at the bottom of the Software Update page it takes me to the Sony Website and shows Marshmallow as the latest.

  • Arun Pradeep Joe

    try updating via xperia companion software installed in your pc

  • Kabir

    I try to update 3 to 4 times using xperia companion software on Windows 10 and still not received android 6. Sony is cheating

  • Arun Pradeep Joe

    am on the process of downloading through xperia companion bro

  • That’s weird. It’s got to be related to marshmallow, but for having March security patch, those are lots of holes.

  • Prncz Yul

    I was lazy, still likes ota though, my personal preference :D

  • Rahul Patil

    Hey, take chill pill. I know it can be hard. I’m looking at all your posts.
    And you seem to be a bit paranoid to me.

    Anyway – I was in the same situation with my Indian z3 in the US but I got the update – make sure z2 in India has the update. And then hope that Xperia companion shows it to you – after you attach your phone.

    You will get the update when the time comes – nobody is cheating you, and you’re a nobody.

  • Kabir

    Please mind ur language about my concerns… If sony is cheated I say yes ..I have written a mail to them and they r unable to give proper answer.. What does this infer to… In case u want release based on some scenario they can tell customers .. why to hide..SONY HAS LOST GOOD WILL IN MARKET NO DOUBT IN IT

  • Sarjvela Sarjvela

    I interested does STAMINA mode be this family of phone ? ( z2 and z3 )

  • Rutang

    What the hell?! Central Europe non branded still sits on a…. Those updates are shit…

  • Yes OR No, do you recommend Z2 users to upgrade to Sony’s Marshmallow update?

  • DarkMaster

    E series !? are you kidding ?is there any OEM that updates low end phones ?

  • Kwstakhs

    Agreed man, mine is from UK and I still have no update notification,while my brother’s one is already on 6.0.1…We both have Z3c…His is white mine is black btw

  • Michelledpark2

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  • Michelledpark2

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  • Pierre-Henri PELLETREAU

    Not in France for the moment. I am waiting

  • RahulNath

    Xperia C4 Dual Update Waiting 6.0….Long Time I Waiting….

  • goggo

    When will fix MM for Z5?

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Install Nordic Combined version instead using flashtool.

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Install the Russian Customized version already available with flashtool.

  • Stoffs

    Guys, one very important question, my dual sim Z3 D6633 had major service issues, I live in the bush (because Africa) and commuting to town was fine, I had service. But the moment I got back home (the bush) I wouldn’t have service “no service” on either sim and yet my folks phones work fine (xperia C’s).. So does this .575 build fix this issue???? Please Sony, this issue is killing my love life :”’D

  • RRT

    Ha, I know that is for sure not the reason, but on our Z2 it is the white too that got the update while the black one is still on 5.1.1. Both are absolutely the same hardware (checked it couple of times after I found out one is from UK market the other one from the German one). I can’t think of another reason than the IMEI … I guess the update is going out on stages or so ….Of course 1 month and up delay seems to me a bit too much of a delay …

  • Pierre-Henri PELLETREAU

    No in 570 due to wifi and memory issues

  • Christopher Hill

    Any news on when/if the T-Mobile Z3 will get the Marshmallow updates??

  • Kwstakhs

    I think it’s the SI number of the device is the determinant reason for the update….Mine is 1288-4954…
    Check yours by typing *#*#7378423#*#* to your dialer, then software info then active customization number… Let me know if we’ve got the same…
    I’m a bit bored if waiting for the update but still, there are not huge differences between 5.1 and 6.0.1 so…

  • millhauz

    I still have this issue, even after the update :-/

  • Mihai A

    Something new for z3+?

  • Thariq Mohammed

    I want MM beta ftf for my Xperia Z2.
    but my country is not eligible for beta testing, so I decided to flash, but no ftf file, anyone got?

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Well then u have the Indian region and its probably not out yet hold on or u can manually flash it

  • KIMI

    Is it true that the Z5 is finally getting its 6.0.1 update, Iv’e been waiting for almost 2 days for the update but no news.
    Is it specific region only?
    device is Z5 Dual E6683

  • Primož Rojko

    Jaz sem na simobilu, sicer sem telefon kupil pri podjetju ki telefone kopuje v avstriji oz. nem?iji. Vglavnem posodobitve še ni

  • Monty De

    I had Bluetooth audio stuttering with the 570 build. They seem to have fixed them.

  • R Saraf

    I was gifted Xperia Z2 purchased in UK. I am in India. I have not received Marshmallow (Android 6) update notification. Sony Support says no support for international purchase.

    I see a download link at this website called For for Philippines, should I install this for my model D6503?

    I would be very thankful & grateful for your help.

  • R Saraf

    How does one do it. I have UK purchase purchase, using in India, no notification for Marshmallow. On this website I see Philippines generic for, will this work? Please advise.

  • pytajnik

    RAM management still not fixed

  • pytajnik

    Memory management still shit

  • Stefanus Paulus

    Nggak mau pake flashtool, soalnya semua data terhapus trus harus ulang dari awal lagi (setting, download aplikasi, dll).

  • Stefan Mari?

    They could also release the freaking MM update for M5 already. Super midranger in price only it seems, it’s a joke that they still haven’t rolled out MM update when Android N has reached fully stable beta.

  • Ryuga

    My Asian z3 is still 5.1.1

    Mm update is so far away.. Lol

  • RRT

    I got one UK and one German Z2, can’t be sure atm which one is which one, but the white one got updated at once when the update was launched, the black one is still on the old FW. Both bought at the same moment from the same shop of course. Probably the German one got updated and the UK is still waiting I guess. (Companion shows no Android 6 too of course)

  • Andrea Benelli
  • Bud

    I believe my Xperia Z3 lost the login screen for public WiFi after this update. That automatic screen sliding to click to connect.

  • jonoave

    I don’t get it. I’m using a Mac, so I’m using the Mac version of PC companion for Windows.

  • Andrea Benelli

    I’m using Mac too, there is a version also for Mac, please look in the Web page.

    Il 25 mag 2016 11:51 AM, “Disqus” ha scritto:

  • noorf

    After this update suddenly i got time bug, my clock (online time update) is 4-5 minute slower compared to my pc

  • Muhammad Safdar

    MEGA Download link for D5803 is asking for Decryption Key. What is Decryption Key?

  • hemant Gurjar

    Buddy but I am from India and I received Android m update and this update too

  • hemant Gurjar

    When we start our mobile after Unwrap from first boot it ask for the country that time you should select India.

  • Kabir

    Strange..In same forum one guy bought 2 mobiles , one phone received update other one did’t… God know what this stupid Sony is doing.. I connected to computer and I did everything i should do still get same version.. My phone is not rooted

  • Kabir

    I don’t think so it is going to work.. I used India proxy and I did reset phone in Usa but brought phone from India (ebay) ..imported from UK

  • Anhar Panduwinata

    I bought Z2 D6503 Black Indonesia , got the M series since april OTA . N also got the M little update 3 days ago . I thought the release date depend on the sony ‘s batch n the govern acceptance . Maybe UK govern havent checked up the update yet . They have to make sure the update is out of suspicious thing

  • jonoave

    Yeah, I don’t understand your point. I’m already using Bridge for Mac to update my Xperia Z3 and encountered an error. What’ the purpose of you posting a link to download Windows Companion or Bridge for Mac?

    Anyway, I’ve already successfully updated my phone after restarting both my phone and Bridge for Mac

  • jonoave

    Ah I managed to successfully update after restarting my phone and the update software. I never do a factory reset, too lazy to backup everything and transfer again.

  • JAEqer

    Guys are you having ram management issues with MM ? If I open more than 10 apps and switch between them they re-open.. I don’t have such an issue on LP so I always end up going back.. And the camera looks worse on this last update, so for now LP..

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Congrats~!! xD

  • azzido

    have a link to this message?
    Hence only low/mid rangers for 2016… how pathetic :/

  • Zlutz

    Wifi is fixed, now I have 2-3 bars in my office again (it dropped to 0-1 after first Marshmallow update and it was barely working unless the phone was in the same room as the router)

  • Aashish Bharat

    Getting Marshmallow for the first time. Hope the sound is better!

  • Mahesh

    Of course there are! Look at Moto E and G. Xiaomi phones. Now a question for you. Is there any top tier OEM that doesn’t update phones after promising?

  • DarkMaster

    I don’t remember that Sony promised anything for E series !

  • Paul

    im confused, im in the uk with an unlocked z2 bought new from amazon. when I check with xperia companion it says I have the latest update. when I check with emma app the following 2 updates are available 23.1.a.1.28 and 23.4.a.1.200 but the one on my phone is 23.4.a.1.264

  • Don Smith

    I finally got this version this morning on Rogers in Canada. They skipped the .570 and went right to this.

  • David Gattenberg

    have access errors on my phone , using nova , and the stock launcher .. same errors… camera crashes , phone feels buggy … uk z3c not locked , sim only …

  • Mitchell Atlas

    System UI Tuner (long-press on gear icon in quick-settings) appears to be disabled in 23.5.A.0.575

  • David Gattenberg

    yup.. saw that as well .. :(

  • David Gattenberg

    Phone crashed twice now… i assume 6.01 will be patched soon …

  • rygarto

    Can anyone confirm you have flaky NFC with this upgrade?

    I’ve used NFC extensively on Lollipop to connect various hands-free units, BT speakers and to transfer photos from my A7, however with this new update, I feel lucky if the phone ever registers an NFC tag at all.

    Even worse, it sometimes seems to work with tags encountered for the first time, and then they get ignored.

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    If you know how to flash then you would officially know which country software u have

  • Robcartoon

    I still have no update notification on my Z2(D6503). How is this possible cause a few friends of mine here(in Kenya) have the two marshmallow updates. Or is it becsuse they have Z2(D6502)? How???????

  • David Gattenberg

    my z3c uk unlocked seams stable now…but the battery goes like the clappers …no doze mode etc

  • Chetan

    Does anyone know how to get back to 570 from the newest firmware of 575, I feel that the battery is draining out faster in 575 and so want to go back to 570.


  • ??inSaNe ????

    Still no multi tasking! 5.1.1 is better! Can.t stand not having multi tasking and every time I must reload applications again and again!

  • Kirsty Woodman

    I’m definitely not happy with the update, my battery is lasting literally 5 hours from fully charged. How can they take stamina mode away? Also, battery saver only wants to stay on when the battery hits 15%. How pathetic. I’d rather keep my old software and have STAMINA mode. I have a Z3 btw. Anybody else having the same issue?

  • grzeg8102

    Can anyone confirm heating problem of Z3C with this new update? I got it on Friday and since then the phone gets warm or hot really often. Google Maps drains battery really fast and makes the phone hot very quickly. With 5.1 it wasn’t like this before

  • grzeg8102

    Same here with the battery life :-( . I’ve tried a hint from the Web which is uninstalling Google Play Services update and clearing its data in my phone. I did it in the morning and it seems better now but i will see tomorrow after a full day of using the phone

  • Charlie Brownie

    Nope, It’s integrated to general settings, at the very end of it.

  • Viljar

    Still no updates available for Xperia Z2 (D6503) in Estonia. No 23.5.A.0.570 and 23.5.A.0.575 either. Lollipop is working well, but it would be nice to use latest software (at least the latest which is officially released).

  • UlterBetter

    Me too, Xperia Z2 (D6503) in Czech Republic. It’s anoying

  • Ashok

    decryption key..

  • Jonathan Chavez

    Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) 23.5.A.0.575 Nordic Generic (Android 6.0.1)

    clave de cifrado ????

  • Marta Susana

    funcionara en mi z3 d6643 alguno de esos firmwares?

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