Sony Xperia X released – in stock across Europe

by XB on 1st June 2016

in Xperia X series

Xperia X available_4Today marks Sony Xperia X launch day. The handset is now available to buy across the Sony Mobile Store in Europe. In the UK, the Xperia X has three colours available (Black, White and Rose Gold) for £459.00 – no Lime Gold option is present right now. In Germany, the handset will cost €599 with all four colour options available. So then, who plans to pick one of these up?

Xperia X available_2

Xperia X available_1

Xperia X available_3

  • Kunorishi

    Oh gosh. Is seriously expensive for this level of smartphone

  • iia3ezu

    Pay a premium for the Sony brand. Sony CEO thinks this is a good idea.

  • Rangga Moslem

    maybe what makes it super-expensive is the hybrid predictive AF as innovation they announce due it’s the first mobile phone capable of… correct me if i’m wrong, is there any phone have that feature before?

  • Wolfgang Schwach

    The X is too expensive for it’s specs and the X performance is not available in Germany. So I said “see you later” to Sony for the time being.

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  • ryq24

    Sony should have named them Xperia Y. Y are they so expensive!!!

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  • Constantine

    Meanwhile Z2(Customized UK and 20 more) is still on Lollipop.

  • jxPerience

    No, it should be Xperia YX (whY eXpensive) :)

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  • I’ll start to think about it when the street price hits 400 Euro.

  • Dominic81

    Too expensive for a phone that is already obsolete compared to what Samsung, HTC, LG or OnePlus offer at the moment. That phone is late to the party.

    Sorry Sony, you lost me as a customer for this year. See you in 2017 maybe, or maybe not.

  • dragonsneeze

    It’s a flagship phone which means it will be supported for 2+ years. If they released it cheap and didn’t give many updates people would complain. It’s not about the specs. Still an expensive phone though.

  • Paul L

    An average phone with a flagship price tag. I bought my Z5 sim-free for less than £400. Sony is insane to think that they can dump the Z5 range for this overpriced mediocrity. It’s starting to become apparent that they know nothing about their consumers or the market. This will die a quiet death. Consumers are smarter than Sony believes they are.

  • metai

    In Germany, street prices almost immediately dropped to €569, which is a noteworthy 5%.

    Yup, I’d be in the market for a new Sony, my XS is slowly going down the drain. Nope, not going for the X. The XA is a much more compelling package to me. So I’m hoping the XA will drop to the €250-260 mark equally fast.

  • Wolfgang Schwach

    In Germany the Z2 is on Marshmallow. That would have been one of the reasons why I would have gone for the X Performance. I really wonder about the reason behind the decision to skip Germany and the UK with the X Perf.

  • Snorky112

    xperia E5 is 199€ so I don’t think XA will dro to 250

  • Alvin

    I’m always saying the same everytime they announced new phones: “see you next year” and that went on and on every year.

  • Alvin

    No. Xperia X is perfect: Xperia Xpensive

  • Alvin

    But what if the series’ fate goes like Xperia S? Lol jk

  • Madis Otenurm

    Pretty. That’s about it.

  • The current offer for 569 € is a branded model, that’s common. I guess it will take a few weeks until we see price drops for the non-branded version. Usually it takes ~8 weeks and then the prices go down continuously.

  • Yeah, me too. It’s a very strange decision. You can already order the X Performance in Switzerland, thanks to lower taxes it’s already available for under 650 EUR (713 CHF).

  • Silvijo Šeri?

    350E should be now at lunch

  • dragonsneeze

    Not likely unless Sony Mobile actually dies. S had an old gen cpu and it was the transition years. Even the Snap 410 is still supported by qualcomm afaik so cpu won’t be a problem. Can’t predict the future but given the support they gave to Z line X series should be fine.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    my heart keep telling me this, x will have similar fate as S

  • Bashar Shehab

    It’s expensive that’s true, it’s mediocre is not.
    The x is performing better then IPhone 6s, HTC 10, LG G5, Nexus 6P, and on par with Galaxy S7, and it’s not even the SD820 ver Xperia X Performance.

  • Deads

    Do you have a link for that? Cause in the reviews that i have read it actually scores poorly performance and battery wise compaired to the other top phones.

    They do say that it works smooth but when you do something that requires power you run into problems damn fast.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    yes tracking AF on samsung s6 ))

  • Yeah, it’s more competing with Samsungs current Galaxy A5 than with other flagships. Don’t get me wrong, great phone and it has everything you need (even the cpu is OK for me). But the price just ain’t right.

  • Timel

    X is too expensive for its specs, yes I agree

    But overall it’s a great mid range smartphone that can kill some flagships on the market at this moment

  • Matt

    so you are not staying speechless after all huh ?

  • SonyMan

    You’re always the first person to mock Sony whenever they decide to make a device, even when it’s a dope device, and now that is the only time Sony fell behind competition you’re the one to almost praise them…It’s the first time Sony lacks in everything, including a better price, in midrange specs. Even the galaxy A9 2016 that’s a direct competitor is a way better device. Soon to come, the galaxy A9 pro 2016 is going to be an even better device and will be cheaper as well, since the A9 is already 100 euros cheaper than xperia X. First time that if I had to choose between Samsung and Sony I would go for Samsung, although I know that xperia x will definitely be receiving much more Android updates. I think Sony went too low on specs this time around, and produced 2 more pricier than it should devices that are not gonna sell at all, just like Z3+’s situation.

  • Timel

    This is not the only time that Sony fell behind competition, Sony smartphones suck for long but just this is the worst because Sony show

  • dragonsneeze

    go to youtube and search xperia x vs “whatever phone you want”
    there are a bunch of comparisons

  • SonyMan

    Watching your videos comparing Xperia X with htc and lg flagships I can really tell you that… Sony’s only mistake these past years was that they’re always late in delivering the devices in stores. If they manage to be more direct, and not releasing the phones 3-4 months after their announcement they’d be higher on the share market chain. If they can optimise a lower grade chipset in a level where it competes with other oem’s flagship grade chipsets then we all know why Xperias where always performing better in real life benchmarks. They never sucked really before(except on 1-2 devices), they are just playing ignorant for an unknown reason… Let’s hope Xperia X performance fairs the same amount of software optimization as Xperia X on these videos.

  • Timel

    Actually, This is not the only time that Sony fell behind competition, Sony smartphones suck for so long , Sony smartphones can’t compete with Samsung and Apple in terms of innovation, wow factor , camera, software and useful features and especially business marketing strategy for years

    but just this time the situation is getting worse than ever because Sony mobile reveals how much greedy it is, yeah as we know Sony set an exorbitant price for Xperia X, Sony want to get too much profit but less investment, Xperia X come up with this price most people will rather buy S7 and Note 6 or cool Chinese phones like Mi5 instead

    Whatever I see a huge improvement in Xperia X, Sony optimize the great software and i see the very good sign about camera quality

  • Timel

    Absolutely agree

    Another big mistake is camera
    Sony is making kick ass camera sensors which power all high end phones, but camera from Xperia’s are always noisy yes It’s improving, but it’s not nowhere near the competition even now especially when compare to what Samsung have done with their smartphone cameras

  • QBerto

    and all those say what the dude says, is good, but font in front at performance sucks so hard

  • QBerto

    that “new” thing doesn’t matter because looks cool on paper but in practice no real change for what we have now, as the other dude says… and they’re cutting some key features like waterproof, so price is not justified

    ironically sony claims better tech for cameras when is really so behind all competitors, always lacking at some feature (the worst always shutter speed), making a camera with the greatest potential, a total fAil

  • Lucas

    I think it’s still great that we all have faith that Sony will deliver better next time. And I definitely think they have potential for that. I probably won’t buy the S7 because I’ve already bought a few products from Samsung, including the S1, that I wasn’t happy with. On the other hand, me and my sister have a Z, which is working fine till today.

    Then I’ll have to decide between Sony and The rest, which, as far as my knowledge of smartphone go, will lead me to buying the X Performance.

  • Matt

    we both know who needs shutting up more :D

  • Jaissal S

    I won’t be getting the Xperia X. Simply because I love my Z5 and have owned it for about 7 months or so now. Perhaps late next year I’ll upgrade. I want my next Xperia phone to have USB C. Seem to have an issue with the charging port on my phone when it’s plugged in…sometimes it stops charging if the cable moves a little. I want to have a feel of the Xperia X though. I wonder if people will expect the X to be waterproof since most Xperia phones are?

  • Jahan Khan Ward-Rashid

    Sold my z5 premium. Got an s7 edge now for £500. Why the heck would I pay £460 for a phone with a mid range processor. Low resolution dull screen. Slow gimmicky camera. No wireless charging. Come on Sony I’m one of your biggest fans.

  • Ashroft

    Still rocking Xperia Z2 !!!

    until Android N released,at most :’/

  • Ercann Y?ld?z

    M4 aqua marswallow please answer

  • Christian Barkhausen

    Sony is late to the party with this midrange device. For less money you can get a new Galaxy S7.

  • Makiz

    In Greece white and black are available for €629…..

  • Primož Rojko

    Is anyone here even thinking about buying one?

  • NorTiaN

    Dont really think so… Sony mobile will just sink even faster…

  • Lucas

    Also not defending Sony, but their software optimization is really awesome. The X has beaten the G5!!! Wow

  • Rangga Moslem

    isn’t it different?

  • Gayle Humphreys

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  • DarkMaster

    WOW ! It seams that TIM has taken his medication today…. you act normal for once…it would be wonderful if you continue to use your pills that psychiatric prescribes you every day from now on…. I think whole XB would be rejoiced !

    P.S. for the first time I didn’t flagged your comment as inappropriate .

  • DarkMaster

    A5 ! ? shit runs same SD615 chipset as M4 aqua which is 200 euros now and have waterproofing and similar set of camera … M5 is in the same price range as the A5 or even little cheaper and it’s specs are almost flagship grade in comparison to A5 …

  • DarkMaster

    predictive and tracking is not the same ;)

  • DarkMaster

    in weak or two should be there …

  • DarkMaster

    and where did you read that ? even gsmarena praised Xperia X battery life …so do you have link for what you are saying ? every speed comparison on YT shows that Xperia X launches apps faster than every other flagship >7 out of 10 times app launching speed is faster on Xperia X than on S7 .

    benchmarks are also awesome and on the same level of the SD808 even close in raw CPU power to SD810 but not in graphics adreno 510 can’t beat adreno 430 :( ….

  • Rangga Moslem

    in other words, can we say that XX is good (less the price-tag factor)?

  • Rangga Moslem

    i’m considering it… well if the price already drop…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I’m actually impressed by the Xperia x, not the price but how it performs with that mid range soc. Really looking forward to the x performance which will be my next phone replacing my old Xperia z :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Apple fell behind every Android manufacturer back in 2011 då don’t say that Apple has a wow factor. They are even more overpriced then any other device out there… And the camera is way better in a Sony device :)

  • Matt

    Nope, camera camera camera.

    Always the same old reasons. Boring.

    It’s a shame for Samsung having its fan badmouthing other brands.

    At pest Xperia does not have a shitty copycat ui. Oh Apple do transparent, let’s do that. Let’s install duplicate of every app ever in our phones.

  • Makiz

    same here..

  • Bashar Shehab

    Check XEETECHCARE channel and watch the comparisons he has done.

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  • Amir

    the x is low-mid range phone, the x performance is upper mid range phone, not a flag sppeced by 2016 standards. Both are Xpensive (suits!), both are Xed (suits!) before even released. Camera still suffers laughable noise. Nothing meaningful has changed in sony mobile land. It is a pathetic insulrt to consumers from sony mobile.

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  • Timel

    “Apple fell behind every Android manufacturer back in 2011”

    Like what?

    All I see is Apple a leader innovator in term of hardware and software and a turly trend-setter electronics company that all Android manufacturers try to follow up in last 10 years

  • Timel

    Same old boring reason?
    Yeah definitely because Sony still stuck with the shitty camera for years , even it’s improving, but it’s not nowhere near the competition even now

    S7 has a much better camera than Z5 and Xperia X , the fact that a Sony fanboy like you don’t want to accept it, what a shame

  • Timel

    You may have to say it forever

  • Timel

    Absolutely agree

    Xperia X camera still can’t beat S7 camera , shame on you Sony!

    Z5 camera is extremely disappointed and X is just a little bit improved

    X camera good at producing overexpose photos and very bad low light shots and noisy

    X camera also quite slow when saving pictures

    The big improvement I see is selfie camera which is so amazing this round

  • Matt

    did i said xperia x camera is the best ever ? no

    im buying a phone , not a camera. Shitty UI wont justify better camera on s7. Keep calling me a fanboy while praising samsung on xperiablog

  • Timel

    Unfortunately nowadays we didn’t live in the world that phone is just a phone , we live in SMARTphone era , era that when our phone can do anything to make our life better and easier and camera on the smartphone is one of the most important thing that we care about

    PS. There’re many people love TouchWiz , Im not a big fan of TouchWiz especially the latest version , it’s I incredible smooth and fast , you should try yourself before split bullshite w

  • Alvin


  • Battel

    There’s a greater mid rangers with better specs and more than 50% less cost !
    What is great about this device over other devices ?

  • aseuss

    Apple has certainly caught up recently and is ahead on some fronts now, but to say that it is always the leader on hardware and software is objectively false. Just a year ago, Tomi Ahonen, a former cell phone exec and electrical engineer that Forbes called the leading mobile analyst, said Apple was 18 months behind Sony in introducing key technologies. Whether it was 4K or screen resolution waterproofing or battery life, Apple was generally behind. Of course, Apple has always used the latest Sony image sensors. Comparing the OLD Sony Xperia Z, released Jan 2013, to the NEW iPhone 6, released Sept 2014, Ahonen said:
    “Come on! Its not even close. The Sony Xperia Z matches or beats the iPhone 6 on all specs except fingerprint scanner, and has tons the iPhone doesn’t such as microSD, Java support, FM radio and its waterproof. Come on. Look at the specs, down the line, Xperia is better on just about everything from bigger screen to better screen resolution to better cameras front and back…”
    And that was in a blog where he puts DOWN Sony:

    Yup, Ahonen is no Sony fan, nor does he care for any brand–he pretty much skewers ’em all. That is what makes him such a valuable analyst–he tells companies what they don’t want to hear, but have to hear. Check out his blog, Communities Dominate Brands, especially posts like
    “Lets Discuss the iPhone 6 Models – Apple now in ‘me-too’ mode only following the leaders”

    I’ll give an olive leaf: being ahead on hardware or software doesn’t necessarily make a better phone. That much is true. But to say that Apple has led on hardware and software is demonstrably false. By the way, the things you mention Apple leading at are software or software-driven. It’s true Apple has been better at that. Hardware? Not so much. Don’t forget: Apple always uses the latest Sony image sensors.
    By the way: I don’t own Apple or Sony phones, and while I welcome the fresh start with the X series, wish they’d done better on the design front. For a whole new line, the design is quite conservative and just not different enough.

  • aseuss

    Don’t forget–both Samsung and Apple use Sony’s very expensive image sensors. And Sony introduced the so-called Stamina mode for stretching out battery life that all brands now use. Sony didn’t fall behind–they were ahead of Apple in introducing 4K, screen resolution, and waterproofing for a long time. It’s just that…a lot of that stuff didn’t add up to what customers wanted. So you could be right on the “exciting” factor. Now, there’s a big difference between innovation and creating a product people want (which also has a lot to do with marketing strategy, and so I agree with you there). But to say they weren’t innovating…well that’s just not true: Sony’s Hey, the first MP3 player was from a company no one knows about now because it went outta business. Innovation, yes. Good product? No.

  • Amir

    Sony mobile is in a slow harakiri mode for a very long time now. It is quite easy for me to see as i follow mobile industry for 15 year more or less. I’m not surprised at all. Ever since they took over ericsson: No strive for perfection, no true competitive mind, overpriced, no lessons from mistakes, laughable quality issues, laughable announcement to release windows. its quit sad. They should just exist the smartphone making already, but no, they want to do it in a proud manner i guess maybe because they think it will less damage the sony brand maybe because of a japanese pride, well, sony brand is damaged enough already by sony mobile laughable poorly executioned attempts. All this is written by me a sony fan. Sony mobile, please stop here, we have seen enough! “Doing the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different result is madness” – einstein.

  • Matt

    yes a SMARTphone not a CAMERAphone.

    well many people love miley cyrus that does not make her songs better.
    ow, a friends phone i lived with samsung phone before. the first 3 months are normal, then it got sluggish , then the update is buggy. they roll out broken update quickly to get media coverage then fix it afterwards.

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  • rdgprime

    I was expecting low prices so Sony could regain some market. The same as they did when relaesed the Xperia S. Unfortunately Sony chose to overprice this awesome phones. RIP Sony

  • LiterofCola

    you know you could buy an x performance on swappa or eBay once they’re released

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  • Wolfgang Schwach

    I’m not that desperate and I get the message when Sony doesn’t want to sell their premium product in Germany. (Apart from the additional hassle in case of warranty.)

  • deekbee

    Beaten the G5 in what?

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