It doesn’t make sense to pick up a Xperia X over the Xperia Z5 right now

by XB on 9th June 2016

in Xperia X series, Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 versus Xperia XSony Mobile’s Xperia X series of phones look great. They have further developed the OmniBalance design with the use of curved glass, which looks incredibly striking. They are also probably one of the most ergonomic phones that Sony has produce. Whilst there isn’t one overall standout feature that the phones offer – as a package, they can’t be faulted. However, one area of constant criticism that Sony has faced on the Xperia X is pricing.

See that graphic below? That shows what it would cost right now to purchase the Xperia X (£499.99) versus the Xperia Z5 (£406.25) from Amazon UK. You can dress it up as you like, but we can’t envisage any scenario where we’d pick up the Xperia X over the Xperia Z5 at the same price point, let alone having to pay over £90 for the privilege. Now Amazon seems to be overcharging for the Xperia X here, as the handset is available on the Sony Mobile Store for £459. Either way, you would still be paying a premium for the Xperia X over the Z5.

Simply put, Sony’s biggest issue right now is that they’ve overpriced the Xperia X so much that when placed against the company’s flagship from last September it becomes an extremely difficult sell.

The Xperia Z5 offers numerous features over the Xperia X including:
– Dust and water resistance (IP65/IP68 rating)
– 4K video recording
– A slightly bigger screen (5.2-inches vs. 5.0-inches for the Xperia X)
– A bigger battery (2900mAh vs. 2620mAh for the Xperia X)
– The Snapdragon 810 chipset that will more than hold its own against the Snapdragon 650 of the Xperia X
– A lanyard hole
– An all-glass design

The Xperia X advantages, on the other hand, include:
– A 13MP front camera (the Xperia Z5 has a 5MP camera)
– Predictive Hybrid Autofocus
– Qnovo Adaptive Charging technology

Again, right now, there is at least a £50 difference between these phones. Whichever you look at this, the Xperia Z5 offers much better value over the Xperia X at current prices. Given the age of the Xperia Z5, this price differential is likely to be in place in other regions around the world. Hopefully, Sony will come to its sense on Xperia X pricing soon and adjust accordingly. But right now if you’re thinking of picking up the Xperia X, we’d suggest seriously looking at the Xperia Z5 instead. If you think we are wrong, let us know why in the comments below.

Amazon UK price difference on Xperia X vs. Xperia Z5

Xperia X pricing versus Xperia Z5

  • CyNoob


  • Johan

    Are you (Xperiablog) in all seriousness still measuring the quality of the camera based on MP?

    Please, just stop.
    It is just embarrassing at this point…

  • XperiaBlog

    Of course not, but these are the facts. We are trying to hard to think of which ways the Xperia X outperforms the Z5 and there aren’t many reasons…

  • Johan

    Yes, but it is also clearly listed under “The Xperia X advantages”.

    So in what way do you mean that the extra MP would be an “advantage” then?

  • ZerothGlacius

    The Xperia X will eventually take the place of the M5 and become a 300-350 pound smartphone, but at the current time, it’s not a really bad deal versus the Z5:

    – The cameras are vastly improved; better image processing and very little corner blur as compared to past models (except M5).
    – It is *unofficially* water resistant….
    – 4K video recording isn’t a huge deal yet, and it’s probably disabled to account for heat issues.
    – better battery charging technology (Qnovo)
    – Supports more GSM/LTE bands as per white paper (might be important for some people)

    Well, it doesn’t cost that much more than the Z5, and will probably get more software support in future being the first of a brand new range.

    The problem, however: Is that a “mid-range” focused guy cannot think the X offers anything extra over the M5:

    – The M5 produces almost as good images (only a bit soft, but NO corner blurring whatsoever).
    – The M5 has expandable storage and 3GB RAM, the same as the Z5 and X.
    – Who’s really seeing a significant difference between 21.5 MP and 23 MP?
    – DSEE HX is the ONLY very significant thing I notice that is improved over the M5, as my music does sound notably better (but not SIGNIFICANTLY so).
    – M5 is built like a tank, heavy and I swear if I threw that thing at someone they’d start getting bumps. In comparison, X feels almost like a toy, being lightweight and all…
    – M5’s single speaker is as loud, or slightly louder than the dual speakers of the X.

    Having used both the M5 and X, well, X has a significantly brighter display. But otherwise, I am hard pressed to tell differences except when shooting videos and listening to music.

  • TracerBullitt

    I’ve always felt the true comparison would be between the X Professional and Z5, but haven’t seen too many comparisons yet…

  • iia3ezu

    Trying to get a media buzz going to clear the unsold Z5 phones collecting dust on the shelves?

    Sony has always charged a premium for its new phones.

    Even if you were to buy something one generation earlier, there are better options than the Z5.

  • ryq24

    tell us something we don’t know. I am one of many Sony fans who are disillusioned with the way Sony market their phones. Sony alway came out with low specs high price phones. Their quality is not that good either. My Z5 premium just died after only almost a month of use. My old C4 suffer hardware problem after just two weeks of use. Sony might just as well close their mobile phone unit.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    It’s not strictly forbidden to compare cameras by the megapixel count. The front camera on the X has an aperture of f/2.0 and the Z5 has a f/2.4. That means the camera on the X can let more light in the sensor which is better than the Z5.

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  • Dominic81

    It doesn’t even make sense to pick a Xperia X Performance over a Xperia Z5..!

  • This might be minor for some people but I moan the loss of the lanyard hold. I have used that since the Z1 through to my Z5P and it’s a killer feature if you take advantage of it. Because of it my phone has never dropped while in my hand.

    It’s also sad to see that the “regular” model is essentially a midrange model. I liked how the “premium” letter use to mean the best that they made. Now it’s pretty meaningless which their current marketing. Seriously the worst product strategy.

  • Johan

    Well, you kind of proved my point.

    With the information you added (aperture), there is now reason to assume that one MIGHT be better than the other.

    But MP alone does not tell us anything.

    Actually, if no other information is provided, then should one not rightfully assume that everything other than the information provided is the same, or with a neglectful difference at worst?
    With the presumption that everything else is the same, then a higher MP can actually be detrimental, if anything.

    So it makes no sense to only mention MP as a presumed advantage.

    Thank you for the much needed information (that Xperiablog should have added) by the way.

  • Maurice Phoenix

    I Agree

  • Maurice Phoenix

    This I Also Agree…Here In Indonesia…Sony Service Centre Sucks Big Time. X_x My Z5P Had Problem At A Time I Submerge To Water To Take Pictures Of My Baby Swimming. After That screen become unresposive. Restart, Turning Off And On Again Doesnt Solve The Problem…The Speaker Also Got It Own Problem. Restore To Factory Default Doesnt Solve The Problem…Let It Sit There Like Several Hour It Fixed Itself…Now Its Normal. No Problem Until Now…But Still…Not Really Good Experience (FYI The Flap Closed Tightly That Time And Im Using Rinke Case Even…)

  • Can’t really say if a slightly bigger screen size (by 0.2″) is an advantage…

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    But higher resolution (megapixels) can mean sharper detail. So megapixels are comparable at some degree unless the sensor is bad; then you don’t get sharp detail because of the bad sensor quality. In this case both sensors are Sony (I assume?) so megapixel count is comparable because it’s a ~2.5x higher resolution combined with f/2.0 on the Xperia X will give more detail. But then you have software processing as well and it get even more complicated to compare.


    more advantages for X:

    sRBG140% vs sRGB 130% – better colors
    higher nits for direct sunlight
    Gorilla glass 4 vs Gorilla glass 3
    Metal back
    Finally if the X screen will crack it will keep working unlike the Z5
    The battery performance (from my own use) is much much better with the X

  • Eduardo Otero

    Wait a minute bro!!
    Sony does not use Gorilla Glass protection.

  • Users have said that the glass is much more resistant and, from what I’ve seen on YouTube, the range X is more intelligent in that “learns” as you use the phone and, for example, automatically clear the cache, or clear the cache apps used infrequently. They also give advice on how best to use the phone and there are even better animations in the chamber and a different interface. They are small changes, I know, but really, for new users in the Xperia range, can mean a lot and will be “impressed”.
    I have to say que here in Portugal the presentation of the X line happened yesterday (X, X, XP and XU) and, for the first time in our market, we have all the colors of the devices, and strong bets on marketing. Sony Mobile has EN Also confirmed que they’re not expected new releases for the last quarter of the year.

    I believe que this release was delayed a way to bridge que failed before: the global launch of the range. But now we just need to wait and see what Sony takes with this new experience …

    But given that, I must admit that the prices are exaggerated, and hopefully even Sony download. Here in Portugal prices are:

    Sony Xperia XA: € 332.35
    Sony Xperia X: € 634.71
    Sony Xperia X Performance: € 734.71

    Sony Xperia Z5: € 563.77 (now), € 704.71 (before)
    Sony Xperia Z5 Compact: € 483.77 (now), € 604.71 (before)
    Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: € 643.77 (now), € 804.71 (before)

    As you can see, even the Z5P is more cheaper than the X and XP …

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    I am one step away from getting a z5 premium. The only thing holding me back is weather the z5 premium will get android N or not. What do you think, guys and gals should I get it or wait an official announcement about android n?

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    For me X performance is a no buy due to its lack of fm radio (I really use it daily)

  • ramuk

    “you won’t feel the difference between the 810 and 820”
    And you know this how?

  • Johan

    Like I said:
    Yes, they are comparable. If, and ONLY if there is more information provided (for example the quality of the sensor or lens aperture).
    Xperiablog did not provide any more information, what so ever.
    Which in turn makes their MP comparison useless.

    I did not know about the larger aperture in X
    So I could only assume it was the same as in the Z5
    (since they were listing advantages, one could wonder why they did not list the larger aperture as one).

    Assuming that the aperture was f/2.4, I would actually estimate an increase to 13MP to be detrimental to the quality on such a “small” aperture.
    So a higher MP would in this case only give me reason to assume that it would result in worse quality (even at the f/2.0 aperture I am still sceptical about increasing it beyond 8MP).

    Also I STILL do not know which one actually has the better camera (as there are a lot more factors to consider) and can only now assume based on the extra information that you provided (that Xperiablog should have provided in the first place).

  • dragonsneeze

    It’s a 1/3″ sensor and lens is wider, if I’m not mistaken it also has AF

  • bryan

    Sony use dragontrail glass

  • bryan

    you should say the X has a better sensor compare to Z5

  • kj marway

    Unofficially Water-resistant? I’m intrigued! How do you know?

  • Svnjay

    It’s pretty obvious the the Z5P will get Android N.

  • Svnjay

    More MP in the same size sensor means less light intake.

  • kj marway

    The Xperia Z5 is my current handset, and I made the decision to order the X.

    Little under two days later (one charge, may I add), I’m sending the X back. It’s just too much of a downgrade from the much more premium feeling Z5.

    1) No official water-resistance – I’ve heard it’s Water-resistant regardless.

    2) Plastic Chassis vs Metal on the Z5.

    3) Photographs from the X were consistently outperformed by the Z5, with more detail, and better dynamic range.

    4) The camera (in video mode) most definitely overheats – even Z5 doesn’t suffer from this.

    5) Last, but by no means least, the camera ring/lens assembly is RAISED – prone to scratching.

    All in all, better off waiting for the flagship likely to come in Q3.

    (These are my own observations, and aren’t intended to be presented as factual; keyboard warriors, please be at ease).

  • bckp

    It will get it, 100% sure :)

  • ????? ?????????

    Thats false…

  • Johan

    Thank you!

    This is the kind of information that Xperiablog should have provided in the first place.

    Beyond what they are capable of in theory, it now just remains to be seen which actually produces the better pictures in practice.

  • bryan

    the X has a exmor rs front camera, z5 does not feature exmor rs on front facing camera

  • M110

    add improved ergonomy

  • motleyfeelgood

    The x-performance has radio

  • fried_egg

    And doesnt this just scream a “Z5” replacement is coming at the IFA in Germany this September? The X-performance is missing from a UK release and is mainly aimed where the Z4 was an “important” release… the Z5 remains the flagship in the UK… and the X will be the midrange in the UK when the “Z6” would have been announced and it will be the flagship.

  • fried_egg

    as a Z1 & Z5 owner and the “difference between them on 5.1.1… while I expect the 820 to be a far far better chip than the 810, Sony have a habit of releasing an android version that works “as fast” over new and old chips.. so perhaps with the 820 it wont feel better than the 810 as that is the track record.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    We wait for actual camera comparison

  • Geese Howard

    Even though my Z5P is using the SD 810, but the dual heat pipes is doing a good job keeping the temp in check. So far so good and I am a proud owner of the Xpera Z5P. I would rather pay for it again over the X – not much of an upgrade if IMO.

    The pricing will always be an issue for Sony because they are still thinking that people are willing to pay for skyrocket prices. While it may be true to a certain extent, that old saying needs to be rectify in this era of ours. I seriously hope Sony changes their Mobile Division and their approach towards their market. It hurts me to see them being in the red all this time.

  • Snorky112

    you wont even see a difference with SD650 to be honest

  • Nowfal.oo

    Sounds aren’t good……!

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    According to the official specs and the white paper it doesn’t

  • azzido

    Of course Z5 is much better than X mid rangers

  • azzido

    Agree, straight to the point.
    I have no idea why they are using this ugly “hump” on the back and plastic lens for the camera… 1080p video recording and confirmed overheating is ridiculous.
    No 4K recording so far.

  • azzido

    for me it is

  • azzido

    Johan I hate X series, but there is 1 thing I need to agree:
    when it comes to front facing camera there are maybe not more details, but the object, typically face is much brighter on X series than on Z5.
    Anyway, megapixel count does not matter at all and is doing no any difference in terms of details.

    Still, consistently, skipping X mid rangers of 2016.
    Waiting for true flagship at IFA.

  • dragonsneeze

    Oh, you’re welcome. GsmArena has some samples and Recombu has a video comparing the two seems like the X has a better front cam. Like the rear cam I expect better results from the X in manual mode.

  • Slow Loris

    In my mind all Sony has done is bring the current Xperia Z5 range into a better price point with the Xperia X now the latest model.
    Plan to buy an Xperia Z5/Z3 Compact as it may be this line of powerful small phone has been dropped.
    And then that would be it for Sony as there Xperia X series offers me nothing.

  • TheSith LordViridis

    X has it so assumption would be Xp has it also

  • raju

    For which models Z1 compact

  • TheSith LordViridis

    I have both these devices, they are almost identical in quality with X producing slightly sharper images but with slightly more noise in edges.

  • David Horvath

    The Xperia X Performance is the real “next version” after Z5 ( a rebranded Z6? ) .
    Check the Sony Japan site… theres no “X” or XA…, just the Performance.
    So the X now sold in the UK is really just a mid range made for “rest of the world” not available in the main territory these phones were initially designed for ( Japan ) .

    Also would seem most of the new features, such as the new camera capability, is software… cant they just release the new look, round icons, and camera software as an update to everyone else with a Z5, z4 and z3?

  • Sola Hoi

    Either the management receive bribes to ruin Sony, or they are stupid enough to price their phones out of competition…

  • KIMI

    Knowing Sony update cycle on their Z lines
    android N is guaranteed to get and O without doubt
    If we’re lucky they might update it till android P

  • ZerothGlacius

    Read on the internet. Sony has performed basic testing for the X series in terms of water resistance. They just didn’t want to pay for IP certification this time around.

  • Anibal Evora

    tbh, i think the new chip will probably provide a great performance increase as i was playing with the X today in a shop and it felt really snappy in comparison to my Z2 with the latest software update.. i was pleasantly surprised :)

  • Kaïxo

    Battery capacity of a pathetic, still no wireless charging, no USB Type C, more lateral charging connector, volume knob truly misplaced, using the snapdragon 820 with 4 months behind the competition and all for an insane price.

    Oh yeah, a design that gives me more and more like vomiting, farewell serious straight lines, curves toy hello …. Sony, go really make you see in Greek!

    it has been 2 years I expect something to replace my Z2, bah Sony continues still and always to joking me. Z2 with a snap 820 and a wireless charging system, that’s what I ask …

  • Anibal Evora

    I must confess that I am now really tempted to buy a lanyard cord to put on my Z2 since I used one on it a couple of days back.. And I’ve had my Z2 for almost 2 years x)
    It’s really nice to have your phone held by your wrist.. I find it very cool and satisfying for some odd reason, haha

  • mode893

    I can’t live without small apps. It’s very useful and a killer feature which they under publicize just like their other brilliant technologies which they failed to promote and in the end, taken advantage by competitors eg their smartwatch and imaging. And just when they abandon it others will pick it up & make it popular. The sad story of Sony.

  • QBerto

    It doesn’t make sense to pick up a Xperia X or Xperia Z5 over the Xperia Z2/Z3 right now

  • Ritwick Priyadarshi

    Sony gone stupid. When they revealed xperia X line, I assumed midrange devices. With their prices these phones should compete with s7, g5 and htc 10. Xperia x performance does not even have 4k recording!!!!! Is sony full of stupid people or what?

    I have a z5c and enjoying the new update its awesome. Sony you still have time. Ditch the X line and surprise us with xperia z6 at IFA

  • DarkMaster


    since Z3 and onward most models come with Gorilla glass … although they didn’t ditch dragontrail either …

  • DarkMaster

    it does use Gorilla Glass :( ….

  • DarkMaster

    of course it will , I think it’s even possible for Z3 to get android N LOL

  • Eduardo Otero

    Do you have any proof??

  • DarkMaster

    why should I prove anything ? it’s a known thing so there is no need to argue about it .

  • razor7s

    thanks for sharing your experiences, so I can go for Z5 or wait for “flagship” later

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Totally agree with you. I’m also the Z5 owner and will wait for the better one.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Actually it’s a known thing that Sony does not use Gorilla Glass and has its own technology to protect their screens, for example it their white papers the never talk about Gorilla Glass.
    I have to tell I haven’t seen the white paper for Z5 series, that’s my only doubt.
    And yes there’s no need to argue about it.

  • jamie evans

    I’m getting XA whose design is way much better than Z5

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Xperia z5 is so beautiful
    Xperia x should sell itself after all the speed in opening apps, it couldn’t leave them open on multi task
    While d xperia z5 holds both brains n beauty

  • Tania Campos

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  • DarkMaster

    yes they do use Gorilla glass and Dragontrail glass .

    Sony has it’s own technology ? please don’t make me laugh !
    Sony is not that stupid to waste their money on something that costs at $3 apiece …. Z5 have Gorilla on both front and back unfortunately , I would prefer Gorilla only on the front and for the back Dragontrail to make device more durable…

    I have seen white papers for almost all Sony devices and they don’t mention type of glass that is been used … they do it that way probably because you can’t know for sure which one you will get Gorilla or Dragontrail … just like with Samsung you don’t know does it come with Sony camera sensor or with their own britcell .

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    That is one of the main reasons I’ve picked up an xperia, I mean Sony does indeed support is devices for a long time. But you can’t blame me for being a bit cautious with all the stupid decisions they are taking lately, but OK I am convinced I will pick it up

  • I have used Xperia since the very first version came out. Loved the corners wasn’t round, love they have maked it possible to use a “keyhanger” and ofcause – it could be used outside in wet weather…
    Now I’m homeless when my Z5c once will be changed out with a new – the X-serie are too big for me.

  • Damon Adrian

    should i buy z5, z5c or htc 10 for audio and battery?

  • XperiaBlog

    Can’t believe we missed this point. We have been looking to pen an article on the missing lanyard option in the X series for a while now, it is such a useful feature. We’ve updated the list to include it as a Z5 advantage.

  • Primož Rojko

    It doesn’t even make sense to pick Xperia devices these days

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The price of Xperia x listed here is the same amount that I gave for my Xperia X performance xD

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Which screen is better? Brightness and quality wise.

  • kj marway

    You’re most welcome – at the moment, I’d still pick the Z5 over the X (including X Performance).

    Let’s see what happens at IFA.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    It’s more of a preference than an actual advantage.

  • deekbee

    I’ve seen a camera review that included the X. It is sadly really not that good. Well, its as “good” as the Z5, which means that it doesn’t stand good comparison to its competitors.

  • fried_egg

    Sony xperia X “a step ahead” (and 2 steps back)

  • vctrdnl

    It will NEVER make sense to choose the X over the Z5. The same goes for the so called Performance a.k.a Inaccessible unicorn version.

  • Alvin

    I don’t even see any differences between 801 and 820 in day-to-day use..

  • goldenblls

    Had a play with this in work yesterday. It’s a great looking phone, wonderful design, feels solid, looks great and completely different from the Z series. I like where Sony are going with this phone. It’s just a different proposition. Sony are focusing on the optics as a big selling point.

  • Alvin

    Yes, unfortunately. I found myself starting to switch to samsung right now, although i still use a sony phone as my daily driver. But if Sony doesn’t improve their service centre and overall product quality (everytime i bought a sony device, i always got a problem that made my devices unusable for some period of time), i think I’ll switch before anything gets worse.

  • Alvin

    Actually, pixel counts do make differences, I’ve watched somewhere and found a camera review comparing s6 and s7’s cameras side-by-side and s7 had some sharpening going on everywhere while s6 had a bit of natural sharpness (and that is on rear camera)


    Since I work closely with Sony I know that X and X performance are using Gorilla glass 4 while the Z5 family used Gorilla glass 3.


    they do use Gorilla glass…

  • ZerothGlacius

    I can confirm the X has glass that is significantly tougher than any previous Sony phone. They might have standardized on JDI display + tempered glass for the new phones, given that all the X series phones seen so far are made in Sony’s own factories and not any ODM.

  • ZerothGlacius

    I returned my X too. The phone looks great and the performance is wonderful. I appreciated the screen, but I really could not see anything so much better as to command the premium over the M5.

    It’s very perplexing to me – Anyone who wants a decent mid-ranger can go for the M5 (which….umm, feature-by-feature, comes quite close). Someone who wants a high-end/premium phone will stick to Z5.

    So who is the Xperia X for anyway? Are they hoping the Z5 will go out of stock soon so that they will start selling these phones? The M5 is probably around a while longer because it was only recently launched in non-Asian markets….

  • ZerothGlacius

    Battery was more or less comparable to my M5 in the time I used it. I doubt it’s significantly better, given Sony itself cites less talk time for the X compared to the Z5.

    Agree with you about the screen and other things. Ironically, it was the X’s screen that made me really appreciate just how good the M5’s camera is :D

    OTOH, Xperia X is the only Sony phone I have felt confident to use everyday without a tempered glass guard on it (keep in note that in the current time, I travel a lot, between urban environments and far-off rural redevelopments, meaning I experience a range of winds, flying stones, dust, etc. on daily basis). I have had horrible experiences with the C-series in this regard….

  • ZerothGlacius

    Lower-end models use that “Shatter-resistant film” thingy you talk about. Midrangers and highend use either DragonTrail or Gorilla Glass (you will not know which one as it depends on the production lot).

    Source: Some internet information + some marketing guys.

  • ZerothGlacius

    Brightness – X.

    Quality – too close to call.

  • Timel

    Even Xperia X camera still can’t beat S7 camera and definitely, it’s not the best but Xperia X camera is much better than Z5’s camera especially the selfie camera, Sony did a great job with X this time

  • Johan

    Yes, of course. I have never claimed that it doesn’t.
    What I have claimed is that MP says nothing without context (about the sensor or lens for example) and that Xperiablog did not provide any context.
    Thus making their MP comparison useless.

  • ZoubIWah

    The z2 is quite old. The x perf is the same as the z5

  • azzido

    It doesn’t make sense to pickup X series at all…

  • QBerto
  • DarkMaster

    hahahaha and what that link is supposed to mean ? like I said Sony did not register their devices using gorilla glass officially because they use both Dragontrail and Gorilla glass it would lead to confusion .

    are you maybe bitter because Sony denied you bragging opportunity that your device uses cheap protection as gorilla glass ? LOL nobody cares about the Gorilla or Dragontrail anyway… it’s a cheap trash .

  • DarkMaster

    I didn’t find even one proper review yet….everything on YT regarding the Xperia X camera so far is only poorly done amateur garbage .. if there is good review pls share a link .

  • Josephinessummers3

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  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Alright then…

  • flocka

    Trust me dude unless ur really a phone fanatic you’ll never see the difference

  • Amir

    It does not make any sense to pick any xperia phone, not just the x, when you look at what the competition offer in terms of quality and/or price. No f brainer. Xperia can only compete against other xperia. Same old sony mobile.

  • En.Pasta.Tack
  • En.Pasta.Tack
  • Gaylerpayne1

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  • goldenblls

    I have always used one. How such a simple, practical feature has been omitted is beyond me. The amount of expensive phones I have seen with cracked screens and chipped chassis is ridiculous. For less than £1 I use a white PSP one which has kept my phones looking perfect. Sony (Ericsson) has nearly always had this feature, going right back to the T610.

  • kj marway

    Ohh, wow – how very odd – thanks for sharing!

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Do you have any proof they don’t?

  • FYLegend21

    But the shutter lag on the Z5 with the latest firmware is still unacceptable while the X is far faster. This is ridiculous considering nearly every other phone camera has practically no shutter lag

  • Dominic81

    I have a S7 and a Z5. The Z5 feels as fast as the S7 most of the time, and feels a little bit faster or slower, depending on what I do.

    I don’t play benchmarks

  • Nayib

    XperiaBlog, please make a post about the “new” (and fake) Stamina Mode on Marshmallow

  • Platinum Golf Labs

    Not even sure why one world order an X Performance over a Z5 at this point. A lateral upgrade?

  • id3alistic

    Agreed. Big fan of the lanyard hole, especially since I dislike bulky cases. What lanyard do you use? I’ve been using the finger ring ones.

  • Armin

    I can not help myself ! On the one hand “love” I MY Sony Z2. Unfortunately, no longer at the level of time and therefore it is time for an upgrade. Only XPERIA Z5 or Xperia X Performance? Odr but Samsung S7? What voice quality, transmission and reception performance and also UNFORTUNATELY camera qualities the S7 moment is my favorite terms. I hope that the Xperia can X Performance of this power tie. I’m still waiting for the test results! I’d love to be able to say: I love MY Sony !!!

  • I use this. The finger loop is perfect and sometimes I connect to a belt loop.

  • Eduardo Zzavala

    Agree with you. Perhaps the question is Xperia Z5 (I´ve got one too) vs. Xperia X Performance. I really doubt that the price justifies the change

  • Cryio

    Arguably, I have no ideea why anyone would pick a Z3+, Z5, Z5 Premium or X Performance over a Z3. They’re all worse compared to the Z3. They are not faster, they’re not prettier, they don’t have better cameras, not really and their battery life is worse. Also hotter.

  • David Bana

    Why couldnt they give you a phone with everything. i sing sonys praises but dont like the fact the xa, xa ultra and z5 have 12-14 bit octa core chips but the x performane and the xz have 7.4 quad core bit chips. I mean come on. They give you everything else but that booming processor speed and size. SMH @ Sony. That is some business trickery there. Apparently the XZ and X performance have a faster processor can any of you enlighten me please as i have a Z1 and want the Z5 but interested in the X peroformance and XZ. Ignoring everything else, is the Z5 processor faster than the XZ or x perforomance processor?

  • shumayal

    I got the Xperia X over the Z5 and M5.

    – Cheaper than Z5, it costs AED1,499 as I post this comment.
    – 810 overheating reports
    -M5 although cheaper has an inferior chipset when compared to the SD650.

    I had already planned to buy the Mi MAX but it was out of stock the day I went so I was already convinced on the cheaper Mi MAX with SD650. The Xperia X was the next best thing for me.

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