New Xperia Beta firmware with “Soft Charging” landing this week (23.5.A.1.238)

by XB on 20th June 2016

in Firmware, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z2 chargingSony Mobile is planning to release a new Beta Marshmallow update later this week with build number 23.5.A.1.238. Sony says the update includes 300 fixes/improvements including the addition of the new Xperia Home launcher with landscape support and fixes for the Calendar and Style Portrait applications.

The company is also releasing a new feature called ‘Soft Charging’, which Sony says will help to maximise your handsets battery lifespan. When switched on, Soft Charging will increase the number of recharging cycles of your battery and prevent degradation over time. You will be to toggle this setting in the following location: Settings > About Phone > Status > Charging Optimisation.

Sony has said that the feature may end up shortening the battery life per charge, but it should increase the overall lifetime of your battery. The new firmware will be available to all on the beta including Xperia Z2 (D6503), Z3 (D6603) and Z3 Compact (D5803) owners.

Some may question why this feature is being introduced for older handsets, considering that most may have owned their devices for a year or longer. Therefore, their batteries may already be degraded to a certain extent. However, this won’t be the case for all owners and it will likely help to see how it can implement similar software across other, more newer handsets. The likes of the Xperia X series already has a similar feature in the form of Qnovo Adaptive Charging. We will let you know once the new update starts to roll.

Thanks Niek and pv18693!

  • raju

    I don’t understand

  • ramuk

    ‘Soft Charging’ is a feature which Sony says will help to maximise your handsets battery lifespan. You will be to toggle this setting in the following location: Settings > About Phone > Status > Charging Optimisation. Sony has said that the feature may end up shortening the battery life per charge, but it should increase the overall lifetime of your battery.

    Sounds like an awesome feature to me.

  • Aelavin

    In short: battery won’t be charged to 100% (probably to 80-90%).
    High voltage (100% charged battery) has tendency to degenerate battery more than voltage of battery charged to approx. 80%. This feature is more often used in notebooks, but it’s nice to see them in phones. I think the biggest con of using it more widely is current battery life of smartphones (you lose like 1/5 of maximum battery life).

  • And will it correct the annoying Z5 compact reboot bug? (more than 10 times a day !!)

  • Amirul Jeffry

    Yup. They already implement it in their old Sony VAIO long times ago. The battery will be charge till 50% or 80% depending on user selection. My VAIO battery still works like charm after 4 years.

  • Abdul Ghani

    awesome so beta users get app2sd this new feature bug fixes yet normal users rip lelelelele

  • LevsMAN

    Personally I think this is really awesome, I’ve never had a problem with my battery in my Z2 but I’ve almost owned it for 2 years and still want it to carry on living so this will be a cool feature. As for the charging on the Xperia X it’s a great feature too as I just recently got the X.

  • Konstantin Ivanov

    Happy to see SONY works for keeping older devices like Z1/2 in shape (:

  • SM

    mine too..any idea when it ‘ll be coming? anytime sooner?

  • Kabuto Kouji

    My Z2 still aliveee!!!! yeahhh!! hold to your last breath dear Z2 u rule over all the xperia devices despite of your age !! so glad i got sucha damm good phone!

  • Hector de Lira

    I don’t know, they said on May :/

  • ????? ?????????

    Its time to visit your nearest Sony service center…Only yours has this issue…

  • I had no problem with 5.1, the problem appeared with the update to 6.0. And I can’t rollback :)

  • David Hvatov


  • David Hvatov

    This update is not for Z1.

  • David Hvatov

    Do clean install.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Agree, Z1 passed away.. from the update world (ToT) …still very good device that keeps up performance on present day.

  • DarkMaster

    ”Sony has said that the feature may end up shortening the battery life per charge, but it should increase the overall lifetime of your battery ” what kind of boosh!t is that !? I can simply replace battery when it dies but I can’t always charge it if it dies before the end of the day …seriously this is stupid feature .

    thank goodness Sony is giving us an option to turn this off .

  • Sadman Khan

    You can always rollback on sony. Do a software repair via PC Companion or use flashtool to downgrade to an older firmware

  • DarkMaster

    sounds like sh!t feautre to me :D but it’s nice you are not forced to use it …

  • Sony is really trying to give us a perfect version! Let’s hope that people don´t complain when (and if ever), Sony announced that the Z2 will not receive the Android N …

  • Alain Leed

    Xperia Z2 from 2014 still have 6.0.1, that’s already a chance

  • Yes, but i’m comparing with the Z/Z1

  • Alain Leed

    Z and Z1 => Lollipop, no MM

  • asgaro

    Another satisfied Z2/Z3 master race member I see

  • Exactly! So it is very likely that the Z2 will not get …

  • Done 5 times with PC companion and 4 times with the Xperia tool, 5 hardware reset.There is no french TFT file for the Z5c.

  • Have done 5 with PCC, 4 with Xperia tool and 5 hardware resets, same problem.

  • Alain Leed

    yes: Z/Z1 stopped at Lollopop, Z2 at MM, Z3 probably N, and so on… :)

  • Benjamin Levy

    The battery is not user replaceable on the Z3.

  • But Z2 already received 2 major android update. The same happened With Z/Z1

  • Sharp Edge

    I’m sure it works like a ‘charm’ but I’m sure its lost at least 30% of its charge.

  • Talos the Robot

    Z3 Compact owner here!
    I charge it from 30% to 90% and once a month i do a full charge.
    No battery degradation yet.

  • Alain Leed

    Z/Z1: Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop
    Z2: KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow
    So yes, 2 majors updates. MM is the last one for Z2. So Sony annonced that Z2 will not receive N :)

  • Alvin

    Yup, we could change the battery in every phone, replaceable or not replaceable, we could do it

  • Alvin

    They are doing good with softwares, but their sales and products are doing bad.. exactly how nokia went through before they had been bought by microsoft and gone.. i hope that means nothing

    But soft charging will be a great feature!!

  • Alvin

    Sony phones in Z series have a maximum of 2 major updates for each devices. So I don’t think there’s a chance for Z2 and Z3 to get N, even if Sony is very very kind, no. Now We’re going to get only some minor fixes and apps updates (Like album, video, music, etc)

  • Alvin

    Downgrade to 5.1.1

  • Kabuto Kouji


  • Please see above…

  • dragonsneeze

    you don’t really need the ftf to be french you can change the language settings after flashing. Also it could be an app acting up, try safe mode or just uninstall your latest installed apps or updates.

  • Alain Leed

    Non pb for me to have MM, it’s very good for a 2014 phone :)
    Others brands are… late about it ! :)

  • Chacko

    What about Xperia z3 D6633

  • It does it even after a clean install, without any app.
    I don’t want specifically a french FTF, but one for the FR/EU region.

  • (NinJer)

    It’s not shortening it per charge, what they mean is they are charging it to 80-90% instead of 100%, thus in the long run the battery will degrade much much less, but you’re short of 10-20% for that day.

  • And now we have a lot of beta programs, so we always have some kind of update :d

  • Bennder

    Don’t know for z2 but you can officially install android N beta for z3. So android N will definitely come to z3 series

  • Bennder

    Don’t know for z2 but you can officially install android N beta on z3. So android N will definitely come to z3 series

  • DarkMaster

    I already done that many times … now you are saying it’s not possible !? LOL

  • dragonsneeze

    Ok. Maybe it’s a hardware defect, you should get in touch with a service center.

  • Alvin

    Kitkat could also be Installed in my Xperia L back then, but it’s stuck on 4.2

  • Alvin

    Yup, agreed!

  • MoYeung

    What about my Z1?

  • Alvy

    I am still waiting for Marshmallow on my Xperia M5 is Been 8 months already since marshmallow was released :(

  • hansip

    I bet they will get Android N. Heck, even the z3 has Android N dev preview from Sony themselves! Xperia L was a low end device so it’s incomparable. Plus z2 still has the biggest number of devices for Sony so they shouldn’t let them down.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Time for an upgrade buddy

  • Sadman Khan

    Definitely a hardware issue then

  • Jose Mariano

    Nice sony but where’s the update for M Series?

  • Guest

    Stamina come back!

  • razorg

    If you ask me a lot of things/features can be and should be implemented that way. The freedom of choice should be given to the user, whether to use it or not, but should be there, ready, nevertheless. This is Android after all right? Glad Sony is giving us that option :)

  • Marilynsmoore3
  • 3_nity

    You self like sh!t, dud. :D

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Agreed, Best phone ever.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    MM stamina isn’t like the stamina like in LP. :(

  • Matt

    nope nokia never been good with software , they are hard headed and forcing symbian on people.

    while sony at least tries to adapt software wise, they are one of the first manufacturer who tired public beta, they give up almost all their own UI look for material design and shifting their focus to their services app like music album etc.

    as in why they did not sell a lot of phones ? well its sad to say but gimmicks usually wins and normally fewer ferraris are sold in comparison to toyotas

  • hmmm

    They have ruined the stamina mode…there’s no point on using stamina mode now,if you’re phone wont vibrate and no image enhancement..also the brightness goes down…stupid my z5 last only a day…I miss lollipop

  • Shady

    I don’t think that Sony will end support for Z2 That quick because Z2 & Z3 they are identical beside the chip is a different version instead of AB Z3 has AC I guess both devices will get N as the last major update
    Only time will tell so let’s wait and see

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I’m glad they did something about the battery lifespan because the battery on my Z1 Compact died completely (worked only for 5 minutes) after a year and a few months and I had to replace it myself to keep using the phone.

  • Georg Sawtschuk

    Same there. I have Z3 and since new update this week, it reboots every 5 minutes. Just GUI seems to be restartet every 5 minutes, because it does not ask for SIM pin and etc. battery-drain seems to be ok. It is annoing because it vibrates every time when re-starts

  • So i’m not the only one :)
    it’s exactly what you said, but I have the Sony/Android restart (asking sim pin sometimes not each time).
    That’s why I’m not upgrading my wife’s Z3c.

  • raju

    But what about Z1 series

  • raju

    Z1 = to z ????????

  • raju

    Z from ice cream sandwich, Z1 from jelly bean

  • raju

    Z ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, kit kat, Lollipop

  • raju

    So Z1 must received marshmallows

  • Jonny

    Stop buying mid-range devices from Sony. I owned C5 and very disappointed. C5 is not cheap but until now, no android 6 for it. I also using Xiaomi Mi4 but they update very frequently and up-to-date 6.0 for long time. Buy Sony for brand? No. I won’t stupid next time.

  • Alain Leed

    I don’t think so…

  • Alain Leed

    I think just Z3 will recieve N and Z2 just MM updates. Wait and see :)

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Bro some of us Z2 users are aware that android M is the last update for us.. still to me thats enough sicne my phone was born with KITKAT then received Lollipop and finally updated to Android M, and still considered to this last update, all i can say is… …… my coment on the top lol.

  • Alvin

    Windows Phone updates on lumia is great, though.. I’m talking about their updates on WP, actually.

  • Jonny

    Don’t expect and don’t be stupid next time :). Enjoy Nexus or Huawei and Xiaomi to have new sense. My Family is using C5, C4 too but I need Android 6 for App permission.

  • Jonny

    Never have Android 6 for C series and M series. They lied you :D. Believe me. They had said: “those devices will straightly updated to Android 6” but they released 5.1 and you should UNDERSTAND. haha. Do not expect and Sony is the mother of promising. They are preparing for new death on Mobile like Microsoft mobile.

  • Matt

    That’s the Keyword , windows phone

  • Jonny

    haha :D congrat

  • Marwa Mohy

    My z2 still have 23.5.A.0.575 version and i update software every day and still the same. How i get that latest version you talk about please?

  • Shreekant Patel

    In z3+ ?

  • Sarjvela Sarjvela

    when comes official this version for all z2 and z3 family ?

  • Roh_Mish

    Wow. Adding feature to older phones! Way to go sony! Now if you could actually make better new flagships I may switch

  • Roh_Mish

    Haha. Xiaomi and software updates. All they can do is update miui version to hide that their last year’s flagship is on 4.4 in most countries. Plus the bugs!

  • Roh_Mish

    I have this on my Vaio. It’s enabled in UEFI and works with Linux too!

  • Roh_Mish

    Lucky you. How is the 6.0 on your mi4 holding up. How’s the bugs holding up?

  • Roh_Mish

    Not their fault. Google locked down OEM from modifying sleep actions.

  • Fiya Ah

    Don’t upgrade to 6. Mobile is over heating like hell

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