Xperia Concept release adds landscape mode and darker brightness setting (MOB30G.Z1.3616)

by XB on 1st July 2016

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Android Concept_MOB30G.Z1.3616_1We’re a bit late on this, but thought it was worth a quick post anyway. Sony started to roll a new update for Concept for Android Marshmallow, moving it to build number MOB30G.Z1.3616. The key new features in this update is the addition of landscape mode in the Home launcher and brightness setting that now goes even darker. The update should be with all of those on Concept firmware – you can go to Settings > About phone to download the new firmware.

Android Concept_MOB30G.Z1.3616_1 Android Concept_MOB30G.Z1.3616_2

  • Juan Algar

    How about less concepts but MM for actual devices like the M5… it’s getting ridiculous…

  • CerberusSco

    Agreed. Tired of reading about updates to Concept software. How about Sony pull their finger out of their backside and start rolling this out to others users of other handsets of Sony. Oh and for the record Sony, the software on the Xperia X is safe geriatric coffee table dogshit.

  • Where is the update for M4?? Is there any ETA??

  • Please guys please ask Sony developers for font style support – please we need it

    Samsung – LG – HTC – huawei – lenovo – Asus – oppo – xiaomi
    ( All of these 8 companies ) They support font style support without Root and Sony still !!!

    This is very bad thing !
    Please guys speck to Sony about this thing because very important thing

  • Bashar Shehab

    How about stop complaining about updates because all Z series that are supposed to be updated are updated and there is only 4 devices left.
    And how about stop complaining about Concept updates because Concept Software developers team are totally different from the official software developers team.

  • Juan Algar

    if it would be only 4 devices. But as you mention the Z seriers. How about the ignored Z and Z1, even the buggy Z3? It’s easy to see a bright future ignoring the mess left behind. Consumers give a dump on different developer teams and concepts. They better unite forces to do bloody one release right

  • Chee Siong Lee

    Marshmallow is released in my Z3. So whats this “Xperia Concept for Marshmallow” about? I don’t get it.

  • Nav

    Sony has gone mad and insensitive towards other models! Pathetic

  • Nav

    No doesnt look like sadly

  • Jonny

    When Android MM come around Mid range (c4;m4;c5;M5)? waiting is so tired. Sony is joking consumers. We are consumers and we should do a revolution to regain consumers’ benefits or we will warn every people around the world before buying Sony devices. Very very disappointed

  • Pamelaemaxwell1


  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Let me explain:
    If there are no concept it would takes long month fix and adds due to consumer is unhappy.
    “Concept” Sony wants to sumbit your report bugs and can fix work fast progress than no concept, and consumer is continue happy. (I’m not good explain also my poor english lol)

  • Chee Siong Lee

    So is the current software on Z3, 6.0.1 a “concept’ or final? If its final, then this ‘concept’ software is for which phone, etc?

  • DarkMaster

    ”ignored Z and Z1” OMG are you serious ?

  • Irfan Sumaro

    what is the name of launcher or icon pack?

  • The Concept is different form the final release. Sometimes what happens is that some stuff from the Concept is introduced in the final and public released. For the official version you have the Beta Program. This concept is a way that Sony have to test new software and is more similar to pure android.

  • HAWX

    Don’t you know the famous radio active bug which drains 70% of your battery and there is no literally NO fix for that except using older or custom rom for Z and Z1. It’s easy to talk from only the news heading “Xperia z got 5.1.1” In reality Sony killed those devices go check official Sony forums sleeping beauty.

  • Matt

    Buggy z3? Funny

  • Orkhan Asadov

    Z3 with Android 6.0.1 (23.5.A.0.575) has no STAMINA MODE!!!
    Fed up with everyday charging!
    Sony, make something!!!!!

  • EQ

    How about you calm down with the gibberish talk and..

  • Bashar Shehab

    Z and Z1 are already outdated and 3 years old. The Z3 has Marshmallow, plus it has Concept ROM. Please don’t say something you have no idea about, you think uniting the teams will do a better SW? you’re wrong.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Oh and the Z3 has Android N Developer preview supported by Google. So don’t say that Sony is bad at updating.

  • fried_egg

    I think these concept announcements are what show off Sony’s problem the best. They have a firmware & software arm that really does care about the phone’s abilities… BUT because of networks controlling most handsets firmware how many of these things actually make it to any of their handsets?

  • fried_egg

    Well said… The Z should be on it’s last legs… the Z1 (because a year after its launch it will still be available but heavlily discounted) will have users coming to the end of their likely 2 year contracts… People who buy discounted old model flagships are not buying cutting edge and so should not expect “every update” going forward.. and at 3 years old with internal batteries starting to show their age the phones are entering their EOL. My Z1 is a streaming tv for the shower… my launch day Z5 on the other hand has a few things that need EE to push out a tweaked version of their 2 month old 6.0 build asap.

  • Juan Algar

    One of 20 models. Wow, well done Sony, top

  • Matt

    yes lets put unstable preview software on every phone, and lets see the praise youll be spouting in comment section

  • Jonny

    Android 6 is now available for C4; M4; M5; C5. Check it now.

  • Konrad Dybcio

    You liar.

  • cristopher gomez mora

    1 june 2016 level security,says my level security Z3 March 1, 2016, passing sony?

  • rosaeproctor


  • Relax, the Stamina mode on the Z5 is not the actual Stamina mode we used to have back then. Its just the disguised version of the Battery Optimizer of Android branded as Stamina which is very dumb.

  • Orkhan Asadov

    How many days Z5 works with “new” Stamina Mode? They promise 2 days for every phone…

  • Z5 on current build, works around 16-18 hrs of normal to heavy usage without activating the new Stamina Mode for me as im a heavy user and use 4G LTE all the time on my phone but i believe if i turn the new Stamina on from 100% to 0 then it’d easily give me 1.5 days of heavy usage. People who use their phones lightly could run their phones for 2 to 2.5 days.

  • Sony started to roll a fresh out of the box new swap for Concept for Android Marshmallow, moving it to build amount MOB30G.Z1.3616. The imperative thing new alternatives on this supplant is the expansion of scene mode. ..

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    How many Samsung, HTC or LG devices have Android N Developer preview software? None!
    Are you serious man? Sony it´s really good providing updates to their phones.

  • Marybjones2


  • bookworth

    I think, the concept is a test platform for new programmers so that they could learn the devices. What they are doing, is discovering the endless/useless possibilities of the hardware.

  • Madis

    Really, they are not outdated at all.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Which company has Android N Developer Preview for their device? Don’t mention nexus because it’s Google support.

    I’ll say it for you. NO ONE. So don’t say such things about Sony updates when it’s the best

  • Jasper Chua

    So when they gonna release for the m4? In abt 3month it will be 1 year that ive held for this phone and its still very hot and drains battery faster then my broken xperia v

  • Nav

    Marshmallow to come real soon

  • KzX

    It’s coming bro.
    Japanese Sony firmware have font selector.
    If you have root & recovery you can install modded version of font selector from Xda.

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