Xperia X owners – How happy are you with the handset?

by XB on 4th July 2016

in Xperia X series

Xperia XThe Sony Xperia X has been out for a number of weeks now, so we wanted to ask new owners of their initial impressions. Has it lived up to your expectations? If so, what do you love about the handset – is it the vibrant display, design or camera? If there are parts that are not up to scratch, let us know what has disappointed. Maybe it is poor battery life, or equally, maybe you’re not actually happy with the camera. Either way, let us hear your honest views below.

  • ramuk

    I would like to see xperiablog do the review on X series phone. You people proved several times now that you are not some mindless biased ass people. Sammobile do it so why can’t you? Please consider doing it. And also consider comparing it with previous Z series.

  • Dominic81

    Many of my comments, that weren’t favorable to the Xperia X series have been removed in the past from this blog moderators… Just saying.

  • xperia__z

    I bought the phone yesterday. Everything is good but the battery down quickly.

  • CerberusSco

    I bought one and I must say I’m impressed.

    The rear camera performs well, even in low light conditions and the front camera works really good too. I would like some more time to spend on going through more of the camera settings, but I’m really impressed with the camera. The handset itself doesn’t overheat, is quite zippy and the display is bright and sharp.

    The brushed aluminium rear isn’t a magnet for fingerprints, the chassis as a whole is actually quite nice. The fingerprint scanner works really well and quickly. The glass seems tough enough and whilst people would of expected a design overhaul, myself included, there’s an old saying. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s a stylish form factor.

    Battery life is really decent, I haven’t tested this to the max, but I was playing some music the other day and only seemed to of lost 2% of battery whilst playing music for 3 hours and connected to a Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been getting more than a day of moderate/heavy use with no issue at all.

    Few niggles though, which I expect are software related. On 2 occasions now I’ve tried to unlock the handset via my fingerprint only to be told the fingerprint scanner hardware isn’t working. The camera has crashed the phone on 2 occasions and all I was doing was moving between Manual & video modes. However, other than that I am impressed. Lack of waterproofing doesn’t bother me too much and there is a debate (as featured on XperiaBlog) whether Waterproofing is actually included.

  • DBS

    It’s not the blog moderators. It’s the childish fanboys around here that flag the comments and the Discus system automatically hides/removes them.

  • Frank Leone

    It doesn’t matter what your model phone is. Sony will stop supporting the X. If Sony kept giving updates like Google does the Nexis with always getting the latest Android and all the security updates, I will buy an X.

  • Battel

    Quote: “is it the vibrant display”
    Are you asking or answering !

  • jamie evans

    What do you guys think about this review “A beautiful disappointment” Is he right?

  • razor7s

    The comments from not Xperia X owner should be hidden

  • Junior Rider

    Now that it’s out for a number of weeks now, have you had any numbers on sales unit or how does it perform in the market now? I’m just wondering…

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Have u seen Xperia fan battery test the. X performance and x killed tge z5 series in Battery test

  • Omarion07

    On point fam.. if you write any sort of criticism you’re immediately branded a Samsung fanboy and your comments get flagged!

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Another bias reviewers look at manilla camera test vs the s7 and stuff the x performance killed the s7 in the overall image even in low light the picture was really vibrant and bright the s7 beats it in noise reduction in zooming in but the x performance was much more pleasing to the eyes the battery test on Xperia fan he got 4hrs on screen time on both x and xperformance the x had 39 % battery the xperformance had 40%

  • Val

    Great phone. Better than Samsung S7 and longer battery life than Z5. Qnovo works. No longer restricted to battery capacity measured in mAH.
    Design is beautiful and color selection is beautiful especially the Rose Gold. Been using my Rose Gold for over a week and many people ask me when they see my phone on the table.
    Good ice breaker and unique because Samsung and Iphone is becoming too common. Even the waiters and cleaners have a Samsung or iphone.
    Specifications does not tell the story. It is a well put together device. Seemless, beautiful and unique.

  • Lucas Furushio

    I saw some reviews on the Xperia X performance, which tell that it has poor battery life and the camera is not the best that Sony could place in the phone. That isn’t said in every review I’ve read, though.

    I see how Sony is trying to do something different. Qnovo technology and the new camera focus systems show that they still have potential to impress us all.

    Also, my sister and I own, each, a Z1, and we are currently very happy with the phone.

    That’s why I’m buying the X Performance.

    I want to leave a message for Sony, though. I believe that the battery size isn’t going to be a big downside, as long as the Qnovo technology and software work fine and camera overheating, according to a video I saw (which measures the smartphone temperature) may be a software problem, which needs to be fixed in futures updates. Those are two big must do for Sony.

    If the company lets me down, unfortunately it may be my last Xperia =. And I really don’t want it to happen.

    Written by a still loyal fan

  • Vinny Conforto

    yes Sony should make a flagship that looks exactly like XA. I actually pre-ordered white XA :)

  • Vinny Conforto

    His review sounds pretty compelling to me.

  • iia3ezu

    Blind fandom is the reason why Sony has deteriorated.

    Credit to Samsung, at least it had treated criticism seriously and improved: software bloat, camera performance.

    Sony: more kaizen, less smug navel-gazing.

  • Alvin

    You can download screen recorder from the app store.

    Hmm… Engadget thought X Performance is “$700 worth of disappointment”, may I ask X and X Performance user if they’re true, based on your opinion? Because I’ve seen users are indeed hsppy with the phone (including you. CerberusSco) and some reviewers were disappointed with the phone (or did those reviewers are biased towards spple and samsung ****?)

  • redX

    Its really worth to upgrade from Z5,
    First thing you will notice (and then u will keep noticing) is the screen..simply gorgeous and the curved glass now no more makes envy of iphone, and the screen shows deeper black than ever before on z lineup.

    There is not much difference im battery life (compared to z5)

    Phone is very much comfortable to handle even with one hand, this is perfect size.

    Camera…awesome awesome awesome. Both cameras are wonderful. Front camera captures wider frame. If you really want to know the screen and camera difference, just compare it with Z5 side by i did.

  • hmmm

    Fuck curved screen!how can you put a glass screen protector om a curved screen,or does somy wants to break you’re phine fast? Where the fuck is the old stamina mode?why sony ruined stamina mode?????????? The new version is crap,my phone last only ine day now,just like a craphone!

  • Alvin

    You can, actually, even S6 edge, note edge, and S7 Edge could be equipped with a tempered glass screen protector. Yes, they ruined stamina, badly.

  • hmmm

    Those have a real curved screen,and the screen protextor is crap!no,I want the screen just like before,or else it will be a pointless screen protecror that will protect just the midle of the screen…and that is shit,so somy is now going on shit road…I can wait for more rounded corners,just want to feel like having a ishit phone,now with the fucking curved screen!

  • Denis Deny Jamny
    This is the best and unbiased review of the Xperia X Performance camera. This guy is pretty good ;)

  • Marybjones2


  • Denis Deny Jamny
    XP beating everyone else in the gaming battery test ;)

  • jxPerience

    The best Xperia so far, but not satisfied. Sony removed most of the xperia feel features, Calendar,Keyboard,Small Apps,Motion gestures. A Sony sans original Xperia Features its sony generic android phone. I miss Xperia UI and features when they were in Kit Kat. I guess i will end up buying Xperia Z3 or Z3 compact and i will not update in latest android version. I will stay with Kitkat because that time Sony is the real king in battery life.

  • razor7s

    Did XP uses same camera wth X?

  • DonRox

    Could you please post some pictures of your phone? I’m unable to find real life pictures of the rose gold version, only press renders. I’m planning to order it online but i still don’t know what the pink shade actually looks like. Thanks

  • Alvin

    Yes! I’ve watched that before. I only trust them for reviews, actually.

  • marcyff2

    I don’t agree. I think he had a pretty good review.He explain the good and the bad. And he only mentioned 2 things that he really dislikes Camera and Batery…

  • TheSith LordViridis
  • deekbee

    Screen is pretty much the same as the Z5, although having phones with a slightly curved glass, that would be welcome.

    Main camera is as good (or bad) as the Z5. Which means that it doesn’t compare that favourably against competitors – there is no way that the Z5 camera could ever be described as awesome, as it is at best average – JPG compression sucks, the Sony camera application interface is one of the worst I’ve ever used (its the same app on the X series).

    Overall its pretty clear that the X range is a sideways move from the Z5, it definitely is not an upgrade.

  • ludimilojko

    So, you bought a phone with a curved screen, and now you bitchin’, cos it have a curved screen? Ever thought about thinking before buying? No? maybe you should try that. It’s not so scary.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    I love this phone, battery life is incredible as is the camera, build quality and the audio too. Here is a screen shot of my average charge cycle and I’m getting the advertised 2 battery life.

  • BigOne

    I disagree, Sony has it all wrong. I own one Z3, and we will never change it for any X, because it does not bring any innovation. The camera is still the same with openness 2.0 …. (S7 has 1.7 aperture) the battery is smaller, no water resistance …. and the worst thing was an absurd introductory price. I love my Z3, and Sony products for quality, but are committing suicide.

  • Denis Deny Jamny

    Yes. But there may be better predictive AF due to the sd820. But that’s only my guess.

  • Simon Giesen

    Very satisfied owner of the X. Numbers and Benchmarks don’t tell the whole story. Everything is put well together, everything runs utterly butterly smooth, real world performance is on par with the latest flagships from competitors, say S7 or the IPhone 6s. Have a look at some unbiased You Tube videos and convince yourself. For me here in Germany, it was obvious to take the X and not the Performance. The Performance is the phone which just not make sense. My X has the most beautiful screen so far, a remarkable battery life and an astonishing audio quality via headphones. I am really puzzled why on earth Sony has no chance for marketing and selling their phones properly. Here are few things left which should be still improved :
    – Tweak the camera software, please Sony, come on. Your competitors have the same sensors but achieve better results
    – Give us RAW support
    – Bring back the small apps
    – Bring back MCS support for mounting the SD card

  • P9

    Stamina is back for awhile, bro.

  • P9

    Sony supports my original Z for somehow long time
    since 4.1 > 4.4 > 5.0 > 5.1

  • CerberusSco

    I wasn’t aware screen recorder was available for download, so thanks for that. I wish I could compare the X to the XP.

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    “bring back the small apps”
    but Google Android developer doesn’t allow the small apps in Android 6.0 Marsmallow

  • Biancoceleste

    Marshmallow on the Z2 allows small apps.

  • Biancoceleste

    Almost 2.5 year old Z2 running 6.0.1since early may.
    Sony is excelle for updates, it’s the carriers which delay it.

  • Simon Giesen

    yep. So on the Z3 or Z5 series, they run on Android 6.0.1 and they still have the small apps as well. I appreciate Sony’s efforts to provide a “near stock android experience”, but it should mean to keep the best of sony on top.

  • CerberusSco

    You are entitled to your opinion and I respect what you have said there.

    I owned the Z5, but was so disappointed with the blurring issue on the camera and Sony’s insistence that the camera was fine, I ended up getting a S7 and giving the Z5 to my son. I ran Antutu on both the Z5 and X and tbh there wasn’t that much difference in scores. It performed well when stacked up against Sony’s current flagship. I’ll try and post some screenshots later on, but you can watch a video here: (not my video, I must add).

    The photos taken with my S7 and Xperia X are on a par with each other, may be the S7 just edging it, but the camera on the X is no slouch. Both the front (13 MP, f/2.0, 22mm, 1/3″ sensor) and rear (23 MP, f/2.0, 24mm, 1/2.3″ sensor) camera wipes the floor with the camera on the Z5, again in my opinion. Sure there is a smaller battery, but it actually performs well when compared to the battery on the Z5. I would say it actually performs better. The waterproofing is not an issue with myself, but may be for others. It would of been nice to have, but having said that, I’ve never been in a position to take any smartphone I’ve owned, waterproofed or not, near or in water. Again, there is a debate as to whether the Xperia X is actually waterproofed, as discussed here:

    Overall, I’m impressed with the Xperia X and to date, I haven’t found any major disappointments with it, just niggling issues as highlighted above. If I do find a major disappointment, then I’ll be sure to post. Also, I do not work for Sony

  • Biancoceleste

    I don’t own an Xperia X series so don’t know why they left out small apps. Shame if they have as they’re handy at times and take up next to no space.

  • Haiodao

    Just a suck phone. Sony Mobile will die soon.

  • Haiodao

    But they did not support mid range.

  • Because you will have multi window with Android N

  • ryq24

    all reviews I have read have one main complaint against this phone and that is the price. The XA will perform better than the X and X performance not only because it is cheaper but also because it is the best looking phone among the three.


    I own the Z5 and I’m a hardcore sony xperia fan! I bought this phone from Amazon India for rs46990… Was a little worried to pay so much, but when I received the phone and set it up my worries were gone. Such a vivid display, camera that matches the z5’s cam and two day battery life( I’m a moderate user ,mind it) Build quality is very good and the screen is the best LCD out there.. Cellular call quality and signal strength are excellent and overall im VERY MUCH HAPPY to have bought this phone for a high price… “ALL GOOD THINGS COME AT A PREMIUM!!!” Dr RAJA MURUGAN

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    I own xperia z5 and am not sure should I upgrade to x performance.. Coz camera seems to be nearly identical and the only thing i will get is Sd820 while my sd810 performs like a charm.. Never felt any lag. Further I will lose 4k recording, a little smaller screen and the main thing is x series has plastic frame while my z5 has an aluminium one.. I usually use cases and bumbers and this plastic frame will fade or get damaged by these cases… There are many downsides of upgrading with just 1 advantage of faster processor and better selfie camera.

  • Manu

    Manila Shaker is awesome! For me the Xperia X (Performance) is the best.

  • Manu

    I’m also thinking about getting an X-Phone. Why have you chosen against the X Performance?

  • iamshilov

    Got my girlfriend a rose gold Xperia X dual. She loves it. It looks cool, it takes better pictures than her previous Z3 compact. Has a great battery life, snappy fingerprint scanner, sharp and vivid display. Sony did a pretty damn good job with the X, if you ask me.

  • DarkMaster

    He is an idiot….

  • DarkMaster

    and Timel,Omarion07,Alex-noris and such….

  • Simbob

    nobody else does

  • lovebmw

    Too expansive, small, fast, solid and boring.

  • Scooba Mallary

    Hi, I got the dual-sim version of the X Performance last week, but it begins to overheat and stop recording after about 5-6 minutes of video, seems to have some wifi connectivity issues, and the touchscreen reactivity seems to be a bit off (it seems like my presses “miss” the intended spot). I also have a z2 running Marshmallow and haven’t had the wifi or touchscreen issues (the camera and overheating have been issues, though). This is my 4th Xperia device overall, and this doesn’t feel quite right.

    Have others reported these issues and are there any software patches for them in the works? With my window to return this closing in a week, I’d like to find out if this is normal so that I can exchange it for an S7 Edge, if need be.

    I loved the look of my purple Z2. It was distinct and had the “wow” factor. I was very disappointed in the colors this time. Rose gold is tired and I’ve never liked it. Lime Gold is gross looking. I liked the black, but it’s easier to lose my phone. I got the white, but it looks too much like an iPhone from the front. The Z5 Premium was gorgeous. I was looking for something as impressive, but with the latest processor (and preferably a bit smaller).

    The Z2 was so far ahead of it’s time in 2014. A year later, I still felt like my phone was better than the 2015 flagships my friends had. This one is nice for a Sony user who really likes Xperia (like myself), but I think the average user would be happier with the S7 Edge.

  • LiterofCola

    Agreed, I have the Taiwanese X Performance Dual and am enjoying this phone immensely. Finally retired my Z3 and have to say that this is a more than worthy successor. The camera is a vast improvement over the Z3, and the SD 820 makes this puppy nice zippy.

    Minor things i wish they could fix, the persistent NFC icon in the system tray and for reason when I’m swipe texting sometimes the trail breaks mid-way causing a typo. Could honestly just be the way I’m typing.

    Great phone

  • (NinJer)

    no its not, think of it as a different model of the same series.
    It actually is a downgrade, it loses more features than it gains, but i’m upgrading from a Z2, so for me its an upgrade, going to miss FM radio and the LED bar…

  • azzido

    ++ laggy UI as device from time to time is completely unresponsive for few seconds.
    Personally, my best one.

  • azzido

    I like most too small display, overheating camera, no 4K recording and degraded battery size.
    Also, the camera hump on the back is one of my favorites.

  • (NinJer)

    “This one is nice for a Sony user who really likes Xperia (like myself), but I think the average user would be happier with the S7 Edge.”

    You answered your own question, don’t trade it back, wait for update, true sony xperia fan.

  • (NinJer)

    no its not, think of it as a different model of the same series.
    It actually is a downgrade, it loses more features than it gains, but i’m upgrading from a Z2, so for me its an upgrade, going to miss FM radio and the LED bar…

  • hamasaren

    Does the Xperia X Performance has MHL ? Like the Z5 ? GSMarena says yes but some other websites says no, so I am not sure…
    And by the way what about the X also ?

  • chewielewie

    ive had the z3 compact and i havnt been tempted to change since. having a fingerprint sensor would be neat but not if it means losing that magnet charging port on the side. it’s the closest things to ease of use of wireless charging

  • Biancoceleste

    True but I’m not sure that multi window will be useful on small screens.
    On tablets and massive phones definitely. I’ve used it on my old windows tablet for a couple years now and it’s very handy.

    In a phone less than 5.5″ though I’d imagine the small apps are more practical. I hope Sony keeps them.

  • Kenny

    Likewise! I don’t think I’ll upgrade from my Z3 Compact until Sony releases another compact phone with top notch internals and similar levels of battery life.

  • Simon Giesen

    The X is a very capable phone and far too underestimated. On paper you get more processing speed with the Performance and the benchmarks confirm this. With the 650 processor in the X you get – in my opinion – the much more “made for Sony” processor. It has two very capable A72 cores (high speed and high performance cores) and 4 A53 cores (power saving cores). I use Stamina from 30% battery level onwards and I get without any problems two days usage. And that’s really great. Without compromising my workflow (I am a havy user and I use my phone for almost every daily digital task (except programming). So, in my opinion this is the perfect processor. The 820 in the Performance on the other hand is no benefit for the real world. Sony had their plans not to publish it in Germany, and they were right. But reviewers and marketeers, fanboys and bushers made pressure – Sony seems to can’t resist.
    Short and sweet: With the X you
    – save money, the X performance is more expensive. And the price for the X will even go down
    – you get the same performance
    – you get a better Sony Experience (“Stamina” e.g. !!!!)
    – slightly lighter and more beautiful housing (forget the “brushed metal” stuff)

  • ayub407

    I currently own Xperia Z3 Dual for 2 years now. Is it worth it for me to upgrade to Xperia X? My only concern is that does the Snapdragon 650 show any differences against Snapdragon 801?

  • Great Dude

    Did you said that they removed their keyboard and put instead Google keyboard ???!!!
    I use this keyboard and it is much better than Google’s .
    Also ,AFAIK, it has more languages

  • Fadi Obaya

    Sometimes laggy when downloading too many apps.. But hey, that’s normal. Xperia X P is a great phone.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    the downside of XA is it using mediatek p10 which has been report suffering overheat just like last year snapdragon 810

  • cerunnos

    Have the XP Dual (Taiwan), had to get it for my parents since their phone broke down. Picked up for… ~$600. Currently XPs are selling for less than S7Es here. As I have a Z5, it felt familiar, much faster (in opening apps), and though missing some things I do like (small apps), it’s overall pretty good. Other than the Z5, compared to a S6E+ and iP6, I feel that the XP is pretty great. Camera wise, as I usually carry a DSLR, I find most phones to take pretty meh photos and don’t really differ much. To me, the XP/Z5 are great for scenery or group photos, while I would use the S6E or iP6 for portraits. The XP does probably have the best front camera though. The new swipe down motion to change cameras is a nice touch as well.

    New NFC location seems more convenient than hunting for that spot somewhere behind the phone…

    The XP Dual comes with 64GB and the option for expansion with a micro SD if you aren’t using the second SIM slot. This alone makes it a much better buy IMO than the non-dual models. The fingerprint sensor also feels much better than the Z5, which often can’t detect my fingerprints if they are even just the tiniest bit wet (though the iP6 also fails).

    The biggest surprise was the screen. It’s insanely bright, period. Colors are pretty good, perhaps a bit more saturated than the Z5 (all options disabled in settings). The speaker seemed to be slightly better, though I haven’t done much testing between it and the Z5.

    Things I don’t like.

    The standard stuff:
    – Official 4K removal
    – Smallapps removal
    – Lanyard mount gone (I personally don’t use it, but I know some who still do)

    Opinion stuff:
    – I don’t think it looks better than the Z5 (I also prefer the XPERIA engraving on the side not the back)
    – The camera button is extremely… smushy/soft and feels worse than the Z5
    – Crashed 2 times, but early firmwares are always like this (adopted the Z5 early too)
    – “2.5D” glass is extremely stupid as it doesn’t really benefit much but limits the ability to apply full sized screen protectors (same for iP6, S6E, which I hate…)
    – Notification LED is not very visible (not bright, recessed)
    – SIM/SD tray feels more fragile.

  • Manu

    Thanks for the long answer ;)
    With all the comments made / reviews read it really seems like the XP seems “not to be quite right” (like someone said) – I consider going for the X!

    I might be waiting until the ifa in September though; guess Sony has the next flagship out then^^

  • Frank Leone

    And that’s where it will stop. No 6.0 for you or any other future updates

  • Frank Leone

    Depends on the phone. The Z won’t be getting 6.0

  • Junior Rider

    I have been reading reviews from ManilaShaker and I can say that their comparison on smartphones are unbiased unlike other review sites…

  • Biancoceleste

    The Z came out early 2013.
    Do you know of any non nexus device released in early 2013 getting marshmallow?

  • Junior Rider

    and video stabilization for X Performance on that video crashes the other phones, so much better in handling hand shakes…

  • Alvin

    Yes! Digital Video stabilisation on the X is much better than OIS on those other phones!

  • Kiwison

    Drop down the notification bar
    hold on the gear icon/settings for 5 seconds,
    this opens system UI tuner under settings can remove any icon from system tray

  • wildhedgehog

    I got one and I never had such a great phone!

    Battery life is perfect. I’m not too demanding person but with everything that I want turned on (WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, localization, almost full brightness) battery lasts for 2 days. When I do not use mobile data and WiFi from time to time – it lasts for full 3 days.

    Moreover this is first phone that I’m using to take pictures – at last their quality is very decent, almost as good as compact digital cameras.

    Performance – I had no issues for now.

    Reboots – only once since I got it (1 month).

    Speaker quality is also very good.

    Only thing I’m missing from my previous (Z1 Compact) phone is water resistance…

    To sum up – I’m more then happy!

  • wildhedgehog

    I was really impressed when I turned off mobile data and WiFi and used it only when I needed it. It last for 4 days!

    When I had all things on (mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) it lasts 2 days!

    PS: You really should uninstall Facebook – it drains battery so much…

  • jag

    they’ve put the swiftkey instead of the beloved xperia keyboard.

  • Fadi Obaya

    New update x performance

  • LiterofCola

    Thanks! But NFC wasn’t an available option.

  • Junior Rider

    how’s the battery performance?

  • Patti Springer

    <<o. ?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:::::::!bq421p:….,..

  • Great Dude

    It could be something related to Microsoft since I remember they bought it.

  • Great Dude

    Nexus 4 was updated from 4.2 to 5.1 and never received 6.0
    so I can say that Xperia Z was updated similar to the Nexus-4

  • Great Dude

    Xperia-Blog was asking ,so in another meaning :
    Is the vibrant display what you love about the handset ?

  • Juanita Boren

    <<o. ?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:?????:::::::!bw159p:….,…

  • Battel

    No the display is NOT vibrant, correction: it’s “Washed out” displays .
    and i didn’t like it .

  • Sharfeen


  • Kenny

    Depends on what you want. If you need better battery life, Z3. If you want the latest updates, Xperia X.

  • Sharfeen

    Thanks…. I am not that much curious about updates… my main interest is which one would be better all round device, Primarily I use my phone’s Camera a lot for photos and 1080p videos,not a fan of 4K and also don’t do mobile gaming, but use it for Multimedia movies,music and social media (Facebook, Whatsapp)… I am also cosidering Xperia XZ but not at this will buy it after 6 months or more when price of XZ will become stable…. So what should I do in this case….. and the main thing that bothers me about both of then is camera force closes itself due to heat up which is not good thing for me as I live in hotter climate region… your help will much appreciated….

  • Kenny

    Wait for the phone to be officially launched, read the reviews and decide for yourself. The X series have a new camera sensor, so that might be something to consider.

  • Sharfeen

    Thanks ….. But I have watched many reviews on XPERIA X and almost everyone said that it has serious Heating issue while using camera and phone force closes itself due to heating even on 1080p @60fps. while on the other hand I have conversation with some Xperia Z3 owners on different forums and they said that it only heats up on AR EFFECTS ans 4K…. on 1080p it is okay…. as I have said earlier that I use camera a lot so this thing really bothers me especially when I want to record so lectures….. If one of these phone(xperia z3 ans Xperia X) performs good I will postpone the purchase of Xperia XZ,because with the passage of time price of XZ will drop… and I will get it in cheaper price than as of now/….. Thanks for time and help ….. God bless you…. :)

  • shumayal

    $200 today :) I want to buy two Xs now

  • shumayal

    Now this phone is available for only RS13,432

  • shumayal

    Hello from 2017. We have received regular fast updates. You were wrong. xD

  • Frank Leone

    Get back to me in 2019. They only do updates for 3 years the most. My xperia X and M2 do not get updates. The same will happen with this phone

  • shumayal

    Why doesn’t your X doesn’t get updates?

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