Xperia X receives first price cut in United States, just days after launch

by XB on 6th July 2016

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Xperia X WhiteSony Mobile has cut the price of the Xperia X by $50 in the United States just 10 days after launch. The handset launched on 26 June for $549.99, but you can now pick it up for $499.99 across a number of retailers including, Best Buy and B&H. Sony has been criticised for the high pricing of the Xperia X, so the price cut does not come as a surprise. It will be interesting to see whether we see similar cuts in other markets too.

Xperia X United States Sale

Thanks Patrick!

  • Dominic81

    It was insanely overpriced. Now it’s just overpriced :P

  • MoYeung

    This is a temporary weekly promo sales, not a permanent price reduction.

  • Raj Singh

    This is why Sony Mobile needs to fire their executives. The market will adjust the price accordingly but it should have been priced correctly from the very beginning. Now it becomes more attractive to Sony fans but the general public will see the price drop as a sign of weakness for the Xperia brand. They botched the release. The phone will not sell because they don’t know how to sell it.

  • ryq24

    It’s still not enough. Should at least be $100!

  • Omarion07

    It just shows that the phone is selling like hot cupcakes and not gathering dust on stores shelves as the haters like to think!! ;-p

  • iia3ezu

    It’ll reach bargain bin prices before Christmas.

    Any option is better than uncleared stock inventory, phones collecting dust on the shelves.

  • jamie evans

    Let us know when the price of the XP drops

  • illstplaya .

    I would like to know when they will cut the price on the z5. I want to buy one before they stop making them but the $475.00 price for the international is still too high

  • Alvin

    I thought the phone is really overpriced. When I convert it to my country’s currency, it is far cheaper than s7 lol. But yeah, still a bit overpriced

  • Alvin

    Or $250

  • Junior Rider

    yeah i think that should be a $100 less, $449.99 is a better deal…

  • rzero21

    Right now, you could buy an Apple Ipad Air 2 way cheaper than Xperia Z2 Tablet… they should lower prices for almost anything from Sony to make it competitive enough. The same happens with handsets.

  • Geese Howard

    That was FAST, You see that Sony Mobile Division and executives? Even you Kaz Hirai, time for a change on your pricing thinking. Stupid mofo’s screwing up our beloved Xperia.

  • fried_egg

    When has Sony not launched a phone this way in the USA… Price cuts within days seems to be some technical issue they have to do because they would have learnt by now surely? On that subject..

  • Junior Rider

    They should also do it in all countries, Xperia phones are way too overpriced to attract more consumers…

  • Aswin
  • Talos the Robot

    The prices in US are always lower than Europe because the E.U puts higher tariffs to non-European products as a tactic of protectionism.

  • marcyff2

    yes and no. Reality is that the majority of smartphone owners barely know anything about smartphones. So seeing a “flagship” at a certain price will only lead them to buy it because they are not aware that it was more expensive before. I totally agree that sony should fire half their teams (marketing and executives) and trully see the market to explore it (which at this point is quiet hard if you are not apple, samsung or a chinese brand [OPO, huawei, Xiaomi] ).

  • Sridu

    With the same Omni balance design, Cost of Designing becomes Zero. SONY should be passing this benefit to the consumer. Greedy and Japanese were Antonyms once but times are changing probably :) Wakeup SONY. Nothing other than XA is affordable.

  • Raj Singh

    I think people that want to buy a “flagship” do care about the price but I think they care more about the brand power. They want something that other people will think is cool. This is where Sony Mobile fails. They have no idea how to appeal to the masses because they’re marketing sucks… so bad. That’s why they’ve tarnished the brand. It exists but people don’t care about it, even if it is an awesome phone.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    this is Japanese mentality, they always overprice, if Panasonic, sharp, Toshiba selling phone right now in around globe, they also will have same price tag.

  • Brian De Guzman

    It’s like since Sony earned a profit with their premium pricing last year, they thought they can do it again this year and profit even further by cutting down costs through lower specs.

    I love Sony but this year I jumped from Z3 to S7 Edge. I am just sad as I really wanted to get a Sony for my overdue upgrade but I just cant find their X range justifiable with that price tag. And trust me nothing beats the feeling of opening a new Xperia vs Galaxy. Android just flows and works with Xperias. I know they’ll comeback strong and I am more than happy to go back but right now I’ll stick with my S7 Edge, everything else at home stays Sony.

  • Jonny

    Hey Sony. Mother of you tell you about selling phone and support phone are together?

  • Andy Wardell

    Nope, I spent $700 on my Xperia z2 a month after it came out. I had to buy international because the United States hadn’t received a release date at the time. I felt it was completely worth it because spec wise it was top dog. 3GB of ram at a time where 2 wasn’t even common yet plus a 4K camera.

    Then this X performance came out and I bought a brand new T mobile Z3 for the Wi-Fi calling because there’s nothing special about the performance. No 4K (that I’ve seen) , no fingerprint scanner and no Wi-Fi calling on my carrier. Sad because I had saved up for the performance too.

  • Haiodao

    Sony should stop making and selling cellphones because they did very bad and they support worst ever. Where is Android 6 for mid range? Mother of promising.

  • azzido

    corners of X series are too rounded to me. + I hate a plastic frape and the camera hump. Z5 is perfection of omni balance for me so far in terms of design and I can see X series a downgrade here. I love that entire back is covered with 1 piece of glass + wonderful matt glass effect that avoids finger prints.

    + bigger screen, bigger battery, 4K recording, NFC in proper location, XP has it on the upper left FRONt corner lol! I just love my Z5 and not going to replace it until some awesome Z6 appear :)

  • Patti Springer

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  • Alvin

    They don’t need to change their executives, because 3 things sony needs to change from their devices, and they could learn it from Samsung, are:
    1. A good customer services and aftersales
    2. Like Samsung, they should be aware of what they’re selling and problems that came with their products. For example, several hours ago, Someone tested Galaxy S7 Active’s failing in a water test as they claim that it is “the most rugged phone to date” and could be dunked in 5 feet water for up to 30 minutes, and after Consumer Reports’ tested the phone, it turns out that two of the phones are showing a sign of water damage, for example drops of Water inside both cameras, water in sim card slot, and screen flickering/blank. They said that some of the phones might be defective, but they’re aware of the problem and started to investigate the problem. But when some users reported phones like Z1, Z2, and Z3 has water damage on some of their devices, they didn’t do anything even though some also reported on online Sony Mobule Talk. That it very fatal in my opinion because some couldn’t claim for warranty because their service centre are bad in some countries. I’m just lucky that I have a working, waterproof phones.
    3. They should push their marketing and also make a phone that is comparable with the competitions out there, X Performance is good, but some people (including me) still want more.

  • Anna Salvaggio

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  • Matt

    this is why people need to shut up.

    you dont know the inner workings of sony mobile and yet sounds like you are part of the exec .

    hufft, why cant people just buy phones and enjoy it . . .

  • Saeed

    The best material Xperia X Very good, thank you very much SONY.

  • Juanita Boren

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  • Stefan Mari?

    Sony, where the hell is mine M5 MM? Everyone rolled out theirs, Nougat global is rolling out soon and were still waiting on MM. Not to mention the M4/C4 that are still on 5.0. It shouldn’t be that hard, except if everyone in Lund went to a 4 weeks vacation curtosy of Swedish labor laws. Outsource the dev to a business friendly country.

  • Raj Singh

    I buy Sony phones because I like them but, unlike you, I want to see them compete with Apple and Samsung but there’s no way they can do that because they have no idea how. Their marketing sucks and they have no cohesion in their execution. They’re all over the place, and not in a good way. You should enjoy your Sony phone and shut the fuck up while you’re at it.

  • Matt

    yes because if you are in sony mobile , they will be the number 1 manufacturer of all time. you just saying that but you dont know the inner workings of sony mobile.

    your words are also can be applied to yourself , i enjoy sony product without the hassle trying to dictate what multi million dollar company like sony should do through individual perspective.

  • Raj Singh

    If I was an executive in Sony Mobile, I would be embarrassed by my lackluster performance. It’s been in the red for several quarters now. If it continues to bleed money, they’ll be forced to re-evaluate their investment in mobile and may even stop making Sony phones altogether.

    I’m looking at Sony Mobile’s performance on macroeconomic level as it relates to revenues, rate of growth, changes in employment and price levels.

    From an individual perspective, I want them to do well so they can keep making phones and tablets. I’m not happy with their strategy and it’s my right to voice that opinion.

    You’re an idiot. Enjoy your Xperia.

  • Raj Singh

    Only executives have the authority and mandate to improve their customer service, address quality control issues and — most importantly here — change market firms to actually have a meaningful presence.

  • Matt

    yes it free speech but not free of consequence spouting empty comments , im sure in your mind complaining will make sony better, in fact it just wont. it will make people who research for sony products find your degrading words and prefer to buy another brand. so yeah logic.

  • Always Infallible

    Xperia X and XA are also in Amazon’s prime day deals in the UK…

  • outie

    X Performance $663 @ amazon

  • shumayal

    Today it sells for $200 which is excellent. I want to pick two of them.

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